Your Scalable Offer (Part II)

Kinsey helps dial-in the basics to getting you where you want to be with your scalable offer in this second part of the series. You need to know without a doubt where your clients will plateau and be able to navigate them out of there. Once you have worked with your clients one on one and figured out their biggest needs, you can create an offer that works perfectly without you!

Do not miss these highlights:

03:55 When we think of your scalable offer, it’s really something that can grow without you. 

07:47 Who you wanted to serve and how you wanted to serve them will evolve. But as that evolves, you’re also going to learn what people actually need, and what people actually want. 

08:43 The foundation of your scalable offer is your intellectual property, which is your framework, it’s a process that you can rinse and repeat with your clients and customers and they get the same result. 

10:17 A scalable offer can also be a hybrid program, a sort of element of community and curriculum. 

11:43 Coaching content and community is a very robust experience, where you get to deliver a very incredible program to your potential client. 

13:29 It’s the framework that we teach inside of our signature coaching offer, 10k Content Collective.

16:11 When you have that Curriculum, and you’ve defined what that looks like, now you can layer on Coaching. 

18:08 It’s not just about recording videos and slapping some coaching on top, it’s about learning your people and how they move through the process.

19:29 When you think about the scalable offer, make sure that you are curating the community.

20:26 Your community is the place where your ideal client is going to either thrive or not, it makes or breaks your scalable offer. 

26:14 There is couple of ways to scale your offer if you’re a service based entrepreneur.

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to captivate and close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying claims, using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:

Hey, welcome back to another episode of Captivate and Close. I feel like I've got like my night boys. I feel like I'm like coming in with this like somber energy right now. At the time of this recording, it is the Thursday night before Memorial weekend. And if you know us, you know that we are adventurous. And so any chance we get we head to the mountains, we have a we have an RV, and memorial we can like kicks off our big campaign season. All that to say my week is a little disheveled. And I this is my brain, you guys sometimes, you know, sometimes I feel like I go back to my my days long ago when I was just sort of like banned dating my business and some there's still so much of that that comes up for me because my brain can only sometimes function in in that basic capacity. Anyway, I had time carved out to record this podcast episode. And of course, like, looked right over it. And even though I have notes and blocks and all the things to do it, I was like, Oh, my gosh, I totally forgot to record my episode. And now I'm recording it at night. So it's sort of nostalgic, because if you have been with me for a while, if you go all the way back to even my launch girl days, if you scroll all the way back to season one, I actually used to record a lot of my podcast episodes at night. I was also that was the time in season even then I was like still trying to figure out my schedule and also recorded in closets because I couldn't really find that quiet space kids were home. Because of COVID. Like so it's sort of fun to be sitting here in my dark office right now and record because definitely takes a PAC but that is not why you are here you are here because you are sitting at the edge of your seat because part one of your scalable offer was so good that you want more.

Kinsey Machos:

And if you haven't already listened to that episode, definitely go back, you can definitely hang around for this episode, I don't think that it really matters in what order you listen to you. But as part of what really gives you the foundation for what a scalable offer is, and really pulling back the curtain around the principles of what this looks like in an online business. You've probably heard me say several times over I really operate from principles and I really want to teach you the foundations of a business. And too often you are being taught or you are being sold just sort of strategies or tactics without really the understanding of the importance or the sequence or, or really the reasoning, the why or whatever. And so when we think of your scalable offer, just to summarize from part one, it's really something that can grow without you. And so what in the language of your own, this is going to be something like a group coaching program, a course or an offer, right? That you're not in one to one coaching with or one to one consulting with or delivering a service for somebody. And so this is why I start with the humans laying the foundation for you of what a scalable offer is and then allowing you to see a bigger picture of what that might look like for your business. And I mentioned in part one that, again, there is a sequence to things now of course there's always an exception to the rule. And I actually because it is very normal in our industry, especially the coaching industry to adopt the idea of group coaching or courses right out of the gate. I too started in that realm.

Kinsey Machos:

I started my business with group coaching and it was really great, right? But I actually had to go back to the drawing board after some time after I maxed out my warm audience, I couldn't feel my cohorts and I wanted to make more money so that I could walk away from corporate. And I didn't understand the, the elements, and sort of the, the parts of the machine that make a group coaching program work, all I knew, or all I was taught was like, Oh, you can coach one too many. So you can, you know, it's time leverage. So it's super sexy. But there's a lot, you know, hindsight is 2020. And learn from my mistakes. And, you know, I mentioned that this is the sequence is like really learning what is going to make a successful scalable offer by front loading your work, right, really getting in the weeds with your clients, your customers. So all that being said, definitely go back to part one, we go deeper into what is a scalable offer, what's going to make it work, what needs to come first, before you start thinking about a scalable offer, and really busting some misconceptions, misconceptions there. And, you know, it's funny, because I actually went back and wanting to re listen to some elements of that. And I went even a little bit deeper and started to get more advanced around how you can even look at this in the long term in, you should be thinking or have sort of the, the vision around building something so big that you do not need to be the only one delivering on the services. And I know that might feel a little hard right now to even wrap your head around. But at least holding the space for that vision is important. And you This is how we think is like every program product or service should become something that can run without you now you're not going to go out and like sell old school offers, right? But one at a time, you got to think about how can I make this run without me. So I don't want to go too deep there. But the point is, I believe I am like a firm, firm, firm believer that there is a time in your business. That is the best time to introduce your scalable offer. Now it's going to look different for everybody. But when you have that framework really dialed in, right, so we talked about the framework of you work with a client, and you notice or you work with several clients who work with many clients. And what you're noticing is, they're asking the same questions, you're working with them on the same things, you're taking them through the same process. Now at first, this may not be super clear to you. Because if you're like me, my niche evolved, right, I was still really just like figuring out who I wanted to serve and how I wanted to serve them. And so that evolved. But as that evolves, you're also going to learn what people actually need, what people actually want. And while we can do our best to market research and learn all about them, you actually don't know anything until you're working with them.

Kinsey Machos:

And so as you are funneling people towards you, working with them, right, you're gonna start to notice these themes, not only are you gonna get better at working with them, you're gonna get better at your coaching. And like, this is how we create programs and services that deliver high quality results. Because because it comes from that space of putting in the coaching hours. And so if you note the frame work, okay, so you have point A is where your client is now, point B is where your client wants to be. And this is for you, even if you're a service base, right? It's like, point A, is is helping your client or your client coming to you wanting a specific thing from you, right, point B is them getting that specific thing now, everything in between becomes your framework, your system, your process, we call this your intellectual property. And this is the thing that is the foundation to your scalable offer. It is not built off of a lower price. It is not built off of how many coaching calls you have, it is not built off how much access they get to you. The skill the foundation of your scalable offer is your intellectual property. It's a framework. It's a process that you can rinse and repeat with your clients and customers and they get the same result.

Kinsey Machos:

Now of course, everybody I know what you're what you're already thinking is like how do you how do you meet the needs of different people and give them the same result and how do you apply rate with all the different nuances. But the truth is what you'll find in working with enough people, there's a, there's going to be a theme. And you turn that theme into right the framework that people follow. Now, here's what's so cool you guys. Now, I mentioned in part one, that a scalable offer can be something like your reporting program, right one to many coaching, well, it can also be a course, it can also be a hybrid program, right? So it's like, it may not even be group coaching, but there's some sort of element of community, and curriculum. And, you know, maybe some like webinar style coaching, but still, it's very similar to group coaching.

Kinsey Machos:

Either way, what I want you to understand is a course is a traditional course is something that is do it yourself, right, if you have ever bought a course you purchase it off the internet, and then you are responsible to get the result on your own. You watch modules, you take lessons, you watch videos, whatever that looks like, and you do not have access to anybody to help you get that result that is a traditional course, I do not recommend this type of product, especially when you're just trying to get momentum. Because now more than ever, people want coaching, and community. And so if I really just focus this conversation on how do we make something that is going to not only get bigger results for your client, it's going to create a safe environment for them to thrive, but also removes you out of the bottleneck, right? Because you know, you cannot be coaching hundreds of people every day, every week, every month, right? You have big goals, and you should not be spending all the time on Zoom. So in this format, I really want to talk about what a scalable offer could really look like for you, regardless of your niche. And how I break this up is content coaching community, okay, this is applicable to you, if you are delivering a service, a done for you service, maybe you're building a website for people, maybe you are a trainer for somebody, or maybe you train for people, right?

Kinsey Machos:

Maybe you even do something in the home with somebody, it's very hands on approach, right? If you there is literally not enough time in the day to be able to deliver on the services or promises if you will, for the amount of people that you need in order to hit your goals. And so this is where your scalable offer comes in into, I want to break this out into these three component components. Okay, so coaching community and content and or curriculum, I love to call it curriculum, but people are like, I'm not like taking a college course. But truly, when you think of an elevated experience, right? It's dialed in curriculum, it's like the one thing, it's like the exact framework you follow to get the result. So when you think about those three, those three things, and you blend, coaching content and community, you get a very, very robust experience, you get to deliver a very, very incredible program to your potential client. Okay, so the curriculum or the content, if you will, is the framework, okay? So if you think about even using me as an example, over the last several years, I've been working privately with clients, and also in higher level masterminds came, they pay us a lot of money. And we work with them very intimately to help them get the result. Now, after working with women for so many years, I understand and again, the variety of women in business, I understand right what you need in order to get to 100k. I also know what you need in order to get to half a million. I also know what you need to get, you know, to 1 million or 3 million.

Kinsey Machos:

And because I have the breadth of knowledge, I now need to break that out into the sequence, right? So if you're under 100k, these are the steps you take now, right it's like a here's how you create an offer that people will actually buy. Here's how you create a marketing strategy that will actually attract leads. Here's how you create content that literally attracts and converts clients. I know exactly how to run a sales call so that you can increase your sales conversions by 50%. Aside from that, I also know the exact sequence you need to follow in order to get to 100k. Right. And that's what we teach you inside of our our 10 are signature coaching offer 10k content collective, it's the framework. It's the intellectual property that I've created over the last several years.

Kinsey Machos:

We've created over the last several years based on the law Nina and teachings of working individually with her clients, and also at scale. And so when you think about that for yourself, and what that framework looks like, that is the content, that's the curriculum, right. And so that's what you get to automate. That's what you can create as an asset. So when people come in at 10k, there's these bite size on demand trainings, that is the exact step by step method, they need the exact principles they need to learn and implement in order to get what they want. Now, that alone is worth gold. And you should understand how valuable your intellectual property is, once you have it really defined.

Kinsey Machos:

And you could go out and you could sell it as a course, right, we could sell 10 kg. Without it, just package it up into a course and sell it without poaching. Easy peasy. But that is not what we desire. And I don't think that's what you desire, either. I think if you're like us, we love to serve our people, we love to be in their worlds when they are accomplishing their goals, we love to be able to coach them. And so when you have that curriculum came, and you've defined what that looks like, now you can layer on coaching. And you can design this in so many different ways. And we have tested and we've experimented with a lot of different methods to apply coaching inside of a scalable offer. But a couple of things for you to consider is allowing the coaching space to be fluid so that it's where people come with questions, right. So it's like, here's your standard curriculum, this is exactly what you'll need, right as a foundation. But we know you have personal desires, we know you're going to have personal hang ups, we know that you're going to have right, these nuances within your life or your business, that you're going to need special, quiet stints answered or special coaching around. And that's what we want to provide the space for. So when you think about your clients, when they are digesting and consuming the core curriculum, right, going through that framework, where are they going to have the most questions? And also, where can you build in the coaching where they make it the most stuck they have, the more they have more likelihood of dropping off? Right? Maybe it's a harder, like, it's a bigger learning curve. It's a it's a harder milestone, whatever that looks like. So I want you to think about your framework and think about, okay, you know, six weeks into a weight loss program, that's when people plateau, right. So I'm going to design specific coaching calls or a specific coaching accountability piece, or even assign an accountability coach to this person at the six week mark, so that they guarantee that, yes, you may plateau, but nothing is wrong with you. This is how dialed in I want you to be with your clients is knowing that this is where they're gonna get hung up.

Kinsey Machos:

This is where this is how I get to design the program. Anyways, offer design is so much fun, like I live for this. And you should have fun with it too. It's not about just, you know, recording videos and slapping some coaching on top, it's really learning your people and how they move through the process and how they best create results. Because once you really test that and you become a student of your own work, what happens is you will get so obsessed with the process. But also your clients are going to get faster results. And they're gonna get them bigger. And it's so, so fun. But it has to start with the studying and the learning. And so you have, right so we have the core curriculum. Now we're going to add on coaching support, wherever you think they need it, or maybe it just means it's ongoing, right? 10k we have at least one coaching call every week. This is like the safety net where people can comment like, this is where I'm getting stuck. And it's streamlined, right? So you submit questions so that people get opportunities to coach but most people don't even submit questions. They just come to listen, and they're changed. And so I want you to kind of remove even this limiting belief of like, well, what if I can't coach everybody? Here's what's cool. Not everybody actually needs coach. A lot of it is just the immersion and the proximity to you and your community. That alone changes people. And so when you think about the scalable offer, make sure that you are curating the community which is the third thing, okay, we've got the curriculum, which is your intellectual property, it's your unique process right which can be streamlined into on demand videos and got the coaching and really thinking about where do where do they need coaching How can I add the coaching right can be just super simple.

Kinsey Machos:

Once a week office hours, here's how to get a hold of me and And also as you scale right, you can bring in coaches underneath you that support you under different niches. Okay, we also have coaches that are, are just coaching on sales we have, you know, me, I'm just coaching on content and marketing, offer design, right. And then Jenny's coming in and really going deep with your mindset. And so we've kind of even sub niched out of where the three core pillars are in the principles. Then, like I said, you have your community, which is the third layer of your scalable offer, this is how we really make it work and make it magical. And your community is actually the place where your ideal client is going to either thrive or not, we believe that the community makes or breaks your scalable offer. And when you have a community that fosters growth, that fosters safety, that fosters trust, and belonging, that alone is going to literally create so much change for your client. Because most people are not around the type of people they need to be around on the daily to be able to experience the change that they desire. If you think about you are the accumulation of five people you spend the most time with, right? And that might be your husband and your kids and maybe the people you work with, and you're like, I love you guys, but I am doing something that I've never done before. And I need to be around people that are doing that too. And your your responsibility as a leader in your sellable offer is to curate that community. And it can add such an incredible layer, right? So community could simply be a Facebook group, right? It could simply be that you are adding elements in the offer that allow people to come together, maybe you add an event, an in person event, maybe you're doing more meetups, maybe you're on Slack together, I don't know, our Higher Level Mastermind we use Slack, right, that's where the community is, but making sure that people are talking to each other. Right? It's not just about you, it's not about just them getting results, it's about building that community. So when you have these three things working together, right, they have the people they need for support, they have the core curriculum, that alone, right will help them get the results and they have the coaching that's going to help them get unstuck, keep the momentum going and really help them in their personal nuances. Like this is what makes a scalable offer grow without you. Because you shouldn't need to be coaching too much beyond that point, right? Because everything else is so dialed in.

Kinsey Machos:

And so for anybody that tells you like, oh, well, I need more access to you, or I need a private coach in order to get results. I really want to challenge that, right? I think that there's so many pros and advantages to private coaching, right, which is exactly what I want you to do is like put in the coaching knows, do the private, one to one work to learn your people. But don't feel like that you're doing private coaching. Because it's what people want. You're doing it to learn right to start to systemize and scale your business so that you can impact more people and get your clients bigger and faster results. Don't feel like as you start to grow in scale, you're gonna lose that integrity. I think a lot of people have this fear of like, well, people need me in order to get results.

Kinsey Machos:

That's only if you design it that way. If your clients rely on you to get results, you're doing not only yourself a disservice, but you're doing them a disservice and you will always feel maxed out, you're gonna feel burnt out. And to be honest, it creates a lot of boundary issues. A lot of sort of people pleasing and things like that. So I think I want you to just really consider and look at your offers or your offer. And think about this as think about this in a sequence. Right? Whether you're doing private coaching or not. Right, and you already have a group coaching program. That's great. Now think about okay, what are what are the missing elements? And how do I fill that hole? So if you have a group coaching program, and it's growing and you're trying to get it to grow, but you feel like it's not growing as fast enough, what is it that needs the growth? Right? Does it need social proof? Right? Does it need results? Okay, let's get your clients in there some results, right? Do we need to solidify the framework? Do we need to solidify the intellectual property so that it works better? Do we need to further curate that community? Do we need to redesign the coaching calls so that they're getting faster results? So

Kinsey Machos:

Don't feel like you have to scratch everything, if things are working, I, again, am a firm believer of the sequence, and also make it work for you where you are.If you feel like you need to offer some private coaching, and, you know, put a nice price on that and take some, take some private clients for a little bit and be like I'm gonna, I'm gonna commit to learning these people in the most depth that I can, then I can go back to the drawing board for my scalable offer. So there's so many things. And I love this topic so much because I love offer design. But I also am so passionate about the sequence that allows you to scale. And right now, it's really hard to think in that regard, right? Because you're just focused on getting clients, which you should be, and you're just focused on getting profitability or getting profitable, which you should be, right. But I have that long term vision for you. And so it's just these little things to really have in the back of your mind that are going to set you up for success. Cool. Now, here's something other some other things to consider. So if you're a service based entrepreneur, you're delivering a service to somebody, what you can do is start thinking about, Okay, what would be, if I am delivering, let's say, you're building full fledged websites for people, and you can only take so many websites, there's a couple of ways to scale that offer, obviously, is to build a team underneath you that can start delivering on that surface itself. But what you'll find is, you're going to have probably a lower tier avatar that maybe can't afford your prices for a beautiful website, but they want to get started. So you can create a starter pack that maybe has some been an element of a quick website,kit.

Kinsey Machos:

And it's like a what, it's just a couple pages, right? Maybe it's a plug and play template, and they get one consultation call with you. And so what I want you guys are thinking about is it doesn't always have to be sort of this elongated thing or coaching program. What would it look like to take a lower tier avatar now remember, we don't create more than one offer for one avatar. So it's not about creating another offer for the same avatar. If somebody's told you, oh, I can't afford that. And then you offer them group coaching, or lower tier service. You're doing it wrong. Okay. Each offer has its own avatar. And so this is how I want you to think in the context of your scalable offer is it's not for the same avatar you're serving now. And or right you move into that scalable offer for being that avatar and then you start to serve a higher tier Avatar came in this is where I'm probably losing you. So I'm just going to pause there and, and I'll come back to that maybe down the road. But going back to this website example, right, it's not about like creating something that's more affordable, necessarily, it's about, okay, I have a seasoned business owner that needs a revamp of their website, this is a premium price. But you're getting a lot of people that are just starting out. And it's like, or they're you know, they're they've maybe had their first 50k a year, and they need some sort of web presence. And they're coming to you and you should not be spending all your time with them, right, because you already have a premium product that you're delivering, should be spending your time there. But you have again, a step down from that because they don't need a fully fleshed out website. So I'm going to give them something

Kinsey Machos:

I'm gonna give them something a little bit more simple that is already right, maybe all the way done just needs a little plug and play on their end or even a team on your or member on your team. Right. And again, even the sweet adage of vacant one consultation with you of like how to leverage their website for increased sales. This is how we start to think about that scalable offer now another service based entrepreneur that would start to think about a scalable offers even somebody that you know, a hairdresser, they're like getting known and getting recognized for doing something really great. And now other people want to learn how she's doing it. Right. I know people that are teaching other hairdressers how to do extensions the way that they do it because they're so booked out with the way that they do extensions. So you start to teach people how to do that. And you teach them in the one to many capacity taking them through your framework, right adding in some level of support. And now you started to scale your business beyond right the the fully booked, you know clients that you have sitting In the chair, at the salon. So even if you're not a hairstylist, even if you're not, you know website designer, these examples can at least show you that there's so many different ways to start scaling your business through your scalable offer. So don't get too stuck, right? But you have to at least fill your one offer, at least create capacity or creak, desire and demand for the one offer, don't introduce another offer, until you've got rhythm in that first offer, then we can start thinking about your scalable offer. So fun, I could jam out on this all day long, all night long, if you will. But I hope this was so good and juicy for you. I feel like I went a little bit off on a tangent. But I'm so passionate about this. And I hope that it at least expanded your mind to see what's possible for you, and get you out of sort of the linear thinking around, you know, group coaching course. You know, you know, whatever that looks like for you just kind of like really starting to trigger that imagination, that creativity, and also really keeping you laser focused because you've got to be profitable, you've got to be making money, and impact right, but not at the sacrifice of your sanity. So this sequence will help you do that. All right, my friend. I hope you enjoyed this, and I will see you next time.

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