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Hey, I’m Kinsey!
I am a corporate professional by day and an entrepreneur by night. I am a proud mother of three kiddos and a wife to a hunky husband who will always look much younger than I am (even though he’s precisely 5 months older than me). I am a self-development junky and am obsessed with creating content that inspires others to SHOW UP for life! As a working mom, I’ve learned to embrace our crazy life – also known as the CHAOS, and practice gratitude every.single.day. Lately, I’ve been helping others become more influential on social media in order to attract the right audience and make an impact. With a Master’s in Business Administration and the owner of a Virtual Skincare Business, I’m infatuated by systems, processes, and efficient operations as it applies to businesses AND the family home. Because of this, I’m always sharing life-hacks to make things easier by day and by night. Because honestly, life can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be HARD!
Let me help you grow your influence + grow your business!
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