Why Your Goal Setting Process Isn’t Working For You

There are many different outlooks and tactical levels of goal setting processes out there. For this week’s episode, let’s not even go there because it’s actually not important what “tactic” you’re using to set goals. Instead, let’s talk about why you are or aren’t setting goals, what process to consider instead and the most important element of creating targets for yourself that will help you build a business far beyond what you ever thought was possible for you. 

Do not miss these highlights: 

01:14 The “right” goal setting process

01:56 True purpose of setting goals and the reason why we even do it.

02:21 Why is your goal setting process not working for you?

02:36 What should the purpose of goals mean to you and your business in order to create bigger than ever things that you could ever imagine for yourself.

02:53 First scenario, you’re not setting goals in a way that are tangible.

04:05 Second scenario, is you’re setting goals and forgetting them.

04:41 Third scenario is that you’re not setting goals big enough.

06:54 Setting a goal is deciding where you want to go.

08:10 The intention is not to hit the goal itself. The intention is to become the version of yourself, you need to become in order to hit the goal.

09:00 what you are committed in doing, and continuing to do the things that align with that result. This is where people miss the mark.

09:52 Evaluation, a benchmark of how to think and operate. It’s not a measurement of are you successful or not.

10:26 Get curious, what should you be? What should you do in order to create that result?

12:09 It’s like a challenge for you to step up to the plate and play bigger rather than play smaller.

12:38 If you stop hitting goals, or if you stop setting goals, you will lose direction.

13:09 Set tangible goals that feel scary for you.

14:23 It’s never about hitting the goal itself. It’s the version of you that you need to become in order to do big.

14:31 So don’t lose sight of this

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers. 


Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to captivate and close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in. Hey, so good to be back here with you today. Welcome back to another episode of captivate and close my friends. Ah, so good. I'm excited about this topic. So I'm going to dive right in it is just so hot and heavy right now in our client community both in Ten K content collective and our Higher Level Mastermind female founders board. And it is also a very buzzy thing to discuss when we think about goals, right, the right goal setting process how to hit goals, yada, yada, yada. And this is a really, really interesting topic, because you're going to get so many different outlooks on this. And you're going to be taught different ways to set goals, what it looks like to do a goal setting process through, you know, yearly quarterly, whatever that looks like. But I just really want to come in here and say that the none of like the, the nuances, or really getting into the tactical level, tactical levels of goal setting, it's just really not important. And what most people understand, or what most people miss is the true true purpose of setting goals. And when it comes down to it, why we even do it, what like what the process or what the process is for and what it is meant to create. And so what I really want to offer you first of all is like, well, you're here because I caught your attention, right? Why your goal setting process isn't working for you. And there's usually about three scenarios in which you'll fall under, maybe there's a blend of a few, but I'm gonna unpack those here for a minute. And then we're gonna go into how I see the purpose of goals, what they should mean, to you and your business and how this is going to look in order to create bigger than ever things that you could ever imagine for yourself. Okay, so couple scenarios here, okay, we actually have three, your goal setting process isn't working for you, because you're not doing it. The majority of you might fall into this in, you're not setting goals, and not in a way that is tangible, right. So you might be thinking about, Oh, it'd be really nice to hit hundred k this year. But that's it. Right? Is that's it, like, that'd be nice, maybe two hundred fifty K, maybe you kind of vacillate between what you really want to make as a coach, what you want to do in your life, and you have a lofty sort of vision of what you want. But you don't really commit to any one thing in a certain timeframe. Right. So by the end of the year, I'm going to hit hundred k As a coach, that would be a really finite goal, right? And this gets into the, again, the tacticals of sorry, the tactics of setting goals, right? SMART goals, measurable, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I don't even want to go there because that is not important. But truly when it comes down to not doing it all is that you haven't committed to something in a finite period of time. Okay, that's number one. Number two is you're setting and forgetting, you are setting a goal. Okay? So again, going back to this scenario of I want to hit hundred k As a coach by the end of twenty twenty two. But then that's it, that's all you do. It's like you set it and you forget it, and you just get to going and working your business, maybe here or there, and you sort of forget that you made the goal altogether, which means you probably didn't really make a plan to get there, which is sort of just wishful thinking, okay, and you might fall under that category and I'm sure the majority of you are probably the blend of the one or the two. Lastly, the other scenario that we find in in why your your goal setting isn't working for you

Kinsey Machos:

is that you're not setting them big enough. If you are setting goals in the context of you knowing that you can achieve it. Then you are missing the premise Have setting goals, it is not cool to hit your goals, which leads me into how I think about this and how I want you to think about your goal setting process, and how this is going to completely change your business and your life. So for context, I have never hit a goal that I've ever created. And I think naturally when it comes down to it, and this is because I have had hundreds of conversations with women, that will say things like, I don't want to set a goal too big, with the idea that I'm going to fail. Or if I just kind of bury my head, head in the sand, and I don't look at the goal, I can just feel like I am busy enough. And I don't have to feel like I'm failing, because I'm not hitting the goal. And it all goes back to this this underlying theme of not enoughness if you haven't experienced this in your business, you probably aren't taking big enough risks. If you haven't experienced this in your life, like, man, you're bulletproof. But the truth is, especially as women, there's always something that's going to lead to us not feeling worthy enough or not feeling enough for our businesses, for our clients, for partners for life. And this is really the underlying theme of goal setting, right? When you think about setting a goal either too small because of the fear of of failure and not being enough to hit that goal. Or you're setting it and forgetting it. Because if I don't have to look at it, I don't have to be reminded that I'm that I'm failing, right. And if I don't do it at all, then I can completely avoid it altogether of feeling like a failure. But this is why it's so important to understand the meaning behind goal setting, and really what it's truly meant to do for you. So in this scenario, for an example, setting a goal is deciding where you want to go on vacation, you make a commitment, you decide where you're going from there from that decision point, you then figure out or decide how you're going to get to that destination. Without that without those two things, right, knowing where you're going and knowing how you're going to get there, you will not go anywhere, you will not make decisions, you will not work towards getting to that vacation, this is no different than deciding that you're going to create a certain result. And then deciding how you're going to create that result, it creates a North Star for you, and then allows you the clarity and the parameters of the plan to get there. Without one you can't have the other. So that's the first thing to really understand is, it's not just sort of this ambiguous process to walk you through because somebody said, you have to hit a call. As a business owner, you have to know where you're driving the ship, more importantly, where you're going. The other thing is that the intention is not to hit the goal itself. The intention is to become the version of yourself, you need to be calm in order to hit the goal. So let's say you have your eye on 100k In one year, that's the goal, then we need to create a plan to get there, right I need X amount of clients, this is the price of my offer. These are the things that I'm going to do to create that result. What's going to happen is if you start to do the things that create 100k business, you become a version of yourself that is 100k. Coach, at the end of the year, whether you not whether or not you hit that 100k goal, what you committed to doing was continuing to do the things that align with that result. This is where people miss the mark, right? It's like oh, well, I missed the goal. So I stopped hitting goals, well, then you stopped becoming the version of you that mean that you need to become in order to step to the next level of your business and life. If you lose that sight, if you lose the vision. If you don't understand the journey of becoming, you're missing the entire point. And you will continue to create the same results that you're always used to creating.

Kinsey Machos:

I think about when you know this idea of you know setting a goal before you're about to go through a launch right and knowing exactly what you want to create and how you're going to create it every day. When you think about hitting that goal and evaluating have I hit that goal or not? It gives you sort of a benchmark of how to think and operate. It's not a measurement of are you successful or not. So for instance, It's like, okay, you're in a launch period, you've got three more days until the quote unquote cart closes, or enrollment closes, and you're 50% at your goal. The question is, okay, what do I need to do in order to create that goal? Again, it gives you that Northstar, of working towards someone that's becoming that version that's thinking like that version that's operating that version. And so you get to be curious. Okay, what would 100k coach do here? What would somebody that closes 10 clients in less than five days do in this scenario? It gives you guideposts. Who are you beating? And what are you doing? It's not meant to send you down a spiral of I'm not good enough. I'm not hitting my goal. I'm failing, this isn't working. On the flip side of that it's about this is possible for you get curious, what should you be? What should you do in order to create that result? And that's the question I get to ask myself every day. Am I on target right now to hit our yearly goal? No, we're not. But we get to be curious about it. What do we need to do to get back on on the path? How do we need to be? How do we need to operate? What are the things that we need to do in order to create the result? These are the questions you have to ask yourself every day, who do I need to become. And so if you're starting to feel that tension within you of like this, I'm failing or this means I'm not successful, or if my goal, if my business doesn't hit this, then it means that I that I am not good enough, then you're interpreting that process very differently than what it's really meant to be. And I know that a lot of people just aren't talking about this. And it really truly is, until you fully immerse yourself in the journey of becoming, and get so obsessed with the game that is entrepreneurship and life. It's kind of it might feel a little ambiguous to you. But really think about what would it look like to get curious with your business? What would it look like to really consider that it is a game, it's like a challenge for you to step up to the plate and play bigger rather than play smaller, and let your goals really challenge you to show up as that bigger version of yourself rather than suppress you and think that you are not good enough. But you have to continue to keep your eye on where you're going and continue. Ask yourself those questions. Who do I need to be today to create that result, and from that space, what do I need to do to create that result, if you stop hitting goals, or if you stop setting goals, you will lose direction. And if you lose direction, you will continue to spend throwing spaghetti at the wall continuing to fill the void of I am not good enough, all to continue down that trend of same, same, same thoughts, same results. So I want you to consider how you can really simplify this for you. When you set a goal. Use that as something that will scare you, if it's too small, it's not going to grow you it's not going to stretch you. And from that space again, you're just going to create same same. So when you set goals I want them to I want them to feel scary for you. Of course they need to be tangible, like Kenny can 80% of you believe in the goal, or 50% of you believe in the goal. And then reverse engineer that we do this all the time you guys it's all about knowing your numbers. The marketing kit we just released in 10k is about knowing your numbers and walking you through the process of hitting your goals. But more importantly, becoming a bigger version of yourself in that process. Do not lose sight of this. This is so important. And I think just for me to share with you right I never hit my goal. But every year we set bigger and bigger goals and we become bigger, bigger versions of ourselves and our company mission becomes bigger, bigger because we we stretch ourselves so far so much that it's inevitable that we'll hit a benchmark bigger than what we did yesterday than what we did last month than what we did last year. It's never about hitting the goal itself right. It's the version of you that you need to become in order to do big thanks my friend.

Kinsey Machos:

So don't lose sight of this. Do not stop goal setting habits scare you reverse engineer that let that give you direction and focus on loving the process so much you become obsessed with it. I hope this resonated with you today and I will see you next time.

Kinsey Machos:

Hey, you, thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like minded entrepreneurs all over the world. But my most favorite part is being able to connect with you in real life. If you love what you heard here, head over to the community where thousands of female CEOs, just like you are changing the world one human at a time. We go deeper into the topics we discuss here and give away tangible roadmaps to help you crush your revenue goals to join this high caliber free community head over to https://kinseymachos.com/community. I'll see you there

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