The Evolution of Your Signature Program

Creating an irresistible signature program is a journey of refinement, experimentation, and evolution. If you want to build global awareness around a signature program that has the ability to create an effortless flow of top-tier clients coming in, it’s time to remove all the distractions. 

Most people get too distracted before they ever reach the level of mastery and will find themselves underearning and overworking. 

Tune into this episode to discover the phases of creating a sold-out signature program so you know what to focus on to accelerate your results and how to equip yourself for the next season of growth

Key Highlights:

  • How to turn your one-on-one coaching into a one-to-many offer.
  • The evolution of your expertise and how to develop intellectual property so your clients aren’t relying solely on you to get results.
  • What to focus on next in order to get better results for yourself and for your clients.
  • The purpose of a signature program and why it’s so important to build your ecosystem around your best-seller.
  • What to do if you have more than one offer so you aren’t confusing your audience. 

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Do not miss these highlights: 

00:58 Our individual entrepreneurial journeys can be seen as beautiful and ever-evolving creative processes.

01:53 Let’s delve into your distinctive program and examine the creative path it entails. 

02:37 As you expand your range of offerings, you’ll find that it demands additional resources. 

03:40 When you introduce a new offering to the market, it typically takes a substantial 12 to 18 months to refine the marketing and selling aspects effectively. 

04:27 You could have more than one signature offer as you grow and as you have the resources. 

06:00 It’s essential to reserve time for your personal life; maintaining a balance is crucial. 

08:32 A streamlined business model that can scale with you while granting you personal freedom is the ideal scenario. 

09:20 Our aspiration is for your business to serve you optimally while also meeting the needs of your clients effectively. 

10:28 The inception of a signature program often originates from your belief that you can genuinely assist others with your expertise. 

12:18 During the initial phase of creating your signature program, you’ll find yourself in an experimental and testing phase. 

13:43 Building confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome are critical challenges that emerge during this journey. 

14:18 The fundamental starting point for creating your intellectual property is establishing a solid framework. 

15:05 The second phase of this creative journey involves marketing and selling your replicable process, a pivotal step for scaling your offerings. 

16:57 The second iteration revolves around comprehending how to deliver genuine results to your clients. 

18:33 The more adept you become at applying your frameworks, the quicker you and your clients will see results. 

20:07 An offer that can yield positive outcomes for multiple clients simultaneously without overwhelming you is what we refer to as a scalable offer. 

22:54 The third phase, known as ascension, presents new opportunities to serve your clients at an elevated level. 

23:41 However, it also brings the challenge of reaching your capacity, necessitating team expansion and further system enhancement. 

26:02 The introduction of the next-level offer accommodates the volume of clients drawn in by the scalable offering. 

27:00 Focus on one offer at a time to maintain harmony and allow it to guide your next steps. 

31:00 Developing expertise, cultivating a disciplined approach, practicing patience, and exhibiting resilience are vital components of this journey. 

32:20 Our program, Launch Like A Queen, can assist you in creating frameworks and optimizing your intellectual property. 

32:36 If you’re prepared to explore the path of achieving multiple six or seven-figure growth through exceptional scalable offers, click the link in the show notes and apply now. 

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, a Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen, and heard online.

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that.

As a wife and a mom of three, the family takes priority. And having a business that’s run AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos 

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high-paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:

Welcome back, my friends, so good to be here. With you,

Kinsey Machos:

I have a really fun topic today. And it is very layered. And also, I think it's really going to resonate with you, I love to think about our journeys and our entrepreneurship evolution as this really beautiful creative process. And if you are you somebody that is maybe wondering if you have the right offers, or if you're launching the right program, or maybe you are ready to have kind of a signature thing, and you don't know what that is yet, or maybe you're even just doing private coaching, and you really have this desire to launch into more leveraged offer, like a group coaching program, or a mastermind, this is really going to resonate with you. And I hope that you walk away feeling a little bit more clear of what that roadmap looks like for you, in the most simple way. One of the things before I unfold this iteration of your signature program, and what that creative process looks like, is I want to be clear in really making sure what you know, my philosophy is when it comes to building profitability, sustainability, longevity in your business plan. And part of that is really, really ingrained to a signature offer. I see a lot of noise out in the industry right now in relation to lots of different offers and cycling through these different offers through the year and all the variety. And while that's one way you could absolutely do that. What I know to be true, is that the more offers you have, the more resources it requires you to also have, and especially if you aren't, if you don't have a big team or you don't have a like you don't have all this cash flow coming in, maybe you're even strapped for capacity. That business model and having all these different offers isn't likely going to be the best for you. They also know that having a signature offer, whether that's an experience, or a mastermind, or a workshop, or whatever that looks like for you, it's going to give you so much freedom to play in your business, I know that there's this thought and I get I definitely get this to in really being able to have the freedom to create and play. And I think this can be done in various ways outside of feeling like you have to have all these different offers in your offer suite. And I know though, that anytime you introduce a new offer to the market, there, it takes a good 12 to 18 months to really finesse just the marketing and selling piece. And that isn't even including the work and time that goes into really nailing that client experience for that particular program. And so anytime you are switching from one thing to the next, or you're having to manage all these different experiences for your audience and for your clients, you're going to lose out on the depth of quality that I know you really want to provide. And so part of this conversation is around this idea of having a signature offer. Now I do believe you could have more than one as you grow. And as you have the resources. This is really in line with often an ascension plan or a value ladder in an offer suite. Right. So getting clients in the door with that entry level offer and then assembling them up. But too often I see female experts especially trying to have all the offers at once and manage all the things at once with less capacity or less cash flow. And it's really important to do This one at a time. So my philosophy is scaling one offer at a time. And really nailing that until you move into the next. Now, again, no judgment here. If this is not you, if this isn't something you're doing, I get caught in that trap. Also, I get it, there's the shiny objects, right? We get distracted, we're like, Ooh, that sounds fine. Oh, she's doing that I know, I could do it better, right? It really requires a level of discipline that you'll have to build into your thinking and your daily habits. So that is really important to note as we head into this conversation, because it's going to help you see right how this evolution of your signature program evolves, and how it where it starts, where it evolves, and how you can really look at this process as a creative process, that is also going to serve the livelihood of your business, its profitability, and give you that freedom to play in your business and also play in your life. Right? I think that the other thing to note is that I have to save space for my personal life, right? I've learned from a lot of mentors who are men, or mentors who are not moms. And they do all the things and also don't have a lot of personal time. And so that might not be what you see at the surface. But I've been able to peek behind the scenes behind a lot of successful businesses. And you would be surprised to see or learn what actually is happening behind closed doors. And it's important to know that it's not always just what you see. So that's another really important philosophy is building a business model. That is super simple. And also make sure that you have that preservation of your energy and your well being for your life, right. So you'll see a lot of the decisions we make are in relation to that. And now that's all to say that there are seasons of grind, if you will, or there's going to be seasons that are a little bit more fuller than other seasons, we're actually heading into Fall season, I was just meeting with my clients Success Manager, we've got a lot on our plate and in the next few months. But we also knew that we prepared for that we

Kinsey Machos:

took summer as a little bit of a slower season. And there's a lot of things that have shifted in the company that has created some just extra things as far as closing loops and decisions that need to be made. And a little bit of even, I don't want to say catch up, but also just kind of getting ahead of where we want to go. So that come the holidays, we're just easing back into that stability. So there's a lot of shifts that have happened in the company in relation to vision and team and where we're going with our clients and our offers. And so I would rather we decided to kind of just do Sprint's to get us in that stabilization period versus spending all say year to settle into that new vision. So that was a conscious decision we made. So I know that it can be misunderstood around this idea of not working hard. I think that there's this idea that we can just manifest and kind of only do the things that feel good to create success. But that's not what I'm saying here what I mean having a simple business model that can scale with you, that also gives you freedom in your life. So all that to say, I want to talk about the evolution of your signature program. So again, this is going to be really applicable to you whether you have a one to one coaching offer. And that's the only thing you're offering. Maybe you have a one to one coaching offer. And something like a group coaching program, which we call a scalable offer. Maybe you have lots of different offers right now. And you don't even know how to streamline this is absolutely going to apply to you. And also, it's going to help you see where to go next in relation to where you're going to get the most bang for your buck. And also serve your claims in the most optimal way. We really want to keep those things at the forefront, right? We want your business to serve you in the best way and we want your business to also serve your claims in the best way. So I was thinking about this in relation to a creative process. Okay, so your signature program evolution, whether you have one or not. I want you to start thinking about this as a creative process and I broke it down into three core steps. And you'll probably resonate with one of these steps in where you're at right now where where you've been. And so I want you to kind of self identify where you are in that process. And then I'm also going to show you you know where to focus your time have an energy within that step what to expect, and also what to prepare for next, as you head into that next evolution of that creative process. So, the first step in this idea of evolving your signature program is it usually starts and this is not all cases, but for the majority of clients that we work with, and also, my own personal journey with my coaching offers, the first iteration of quote, unquote, a signature program usually comes from you having the idea that you can help somebody with this thing. So, in my case, right, I was able to exit corporate, and I had really great success in building my business, through the lens of marketing and launching. So I got the idea that I could help others do that too, right. In other scenarios, if you're a health coach, right, you probably experienced a transformation for yourself, and you wanted to help others experience that transformation to perhaps you earned your knowledge. So we have claims that, you know, their actual clinicians or practitioners in their field, right, nurse practitioners, therapists, they went to school to get this degree, they have built their private practice, or have even worked within, you know, some sort of clinical setting. And they have worked with patients, claims, etc, within that setting, and they want to scale now online. So from that perspective, right, you're helping people get a result, it came from an idea that you had based on what you did for yourself, or a certain set of knowledge that you earned and learned through schooling, or just literal life circumstances. Now, most people at this stage, when you're just you're forming this idea, and you're starting to help other people create this result for themselves. Most people don't necessarily call this their signature program. But it is oftentimes that first component or that first step, to the clarity and confidence to building that longevity in the future when it comes to your signature programs. So we're gonna talk about that. But in this first iteration, this first step within this overall creative process for your signature program, you're really just experimenting. This is like the testing phase, you're, you're starting to really figure out obviously, how to get clients, but also how to figure out like how to get clients results, right. So we have the marketing component, the marketing and selling, how do I get clients? And then also, how do I fulfill on that offer? How do I fulfill on this result that I told them, I would get? It's really this iterative process from testing and experimenting. And a lot of people, when they're starting in this journey, as a coach or consultant, they want to come with logistics first, right? So we get a lot of clients that come in, and they built out all these things, curriculum and videos and workbooks, and members, portal and ads. And they haven't even had the actual tangible experience in working with those clients yet. And so it really just is all for nothing. And so instead of focusing on logistics, in this step, you're really just leaning into the client and what they need, and mastering those skills in marketing and selling. So you know how to get clients, all of your capacity and your energy is taken up here in a building that confidence and be really overcoming the imposter syndrome that you're going to have. That comes up very, very heavily in this season of like, who

Kinsey Machos:

am I to teach this? I'm not even you know, I'm not good enough. Like there's a lot of capacity taken up just in the mental drama, the mindset drama that happens here. But that first step, when you think of I have this idea, or I want to get somebody this result, based on this knowledge that I've had or have, that I gave myself, this is really the starting point in launching into creating your intellectual property came and this is also I'm going to reference this is also a framework. Okay. So the first step is like, we're just getting clients, we have this idea, we can help more people, we can help people with this idea of this result that I achieved for myself where I helped other people achieve, and I want to do this more. And so we're getting clients and we're helping clients and really discovering what people actually need and from that process and from that season of getting claims and figuring out what they need to actually get results. You will start to notice that you are in luck. Short property is going to come into play your framework. This is the second step or the second phase of this creative process when it comes to this journey of your signature program, okay? So when we think of that framework, I want you to think of the recipe, okay? When you go to cook dinner, and let's say, you are a huge Gordon Ramsay fan, and you want to make one of his recipes, you don't call Gordon Ramsay himself, you go to the internet, or you go to a book that you have, and you follow his recipe. So that is his intellectual property. That's his framework, that's his recipe. This is very similar to how I want you to think about your own intellectual property and your frameworks. Too often, people are not thinking in this way, and really starting to give themselves space to think even ask themselves, like, what is the framework here. So when you think about how to get someone from point A to point B, okay, it's like, there's going to be these things that they have to do, and they have to learn and they have to achieve in order to get that result. And in that first step, that first season, you're really just getting them results through you, you're selling you, you're selling your access, access to you, and they're really heavily reliant on you to get results, okay. But once you move into this secondary phase, you will actually start to learn how to sell the process the frameworks. And when you start to nail this, this is when it doesn't become about you or selling you or your access. It's about selling the repeatable process, the repeatable framework, this is an important step to scaling your offers. Because without this repeatable framework, you won't be able to get many people a result, at the same time, and you will always have clients relying on you to get results, which is not scalable, right, that is the ultimate, the ultimate scenario of corporate right, you have a limited amount of hours in the day, you can only do so much with your time. And if your clients are always relying on you to get results, you're going to cap yourself out and you're going to feel really tired. And so the second iteration is really understanding and studying. How do I get my real clients results? How do I think about this? How do I teach it? Right? And how is this working? So well, this is why I see a lot of women stay stuck as a coach or consultant because they don't spend time in their frameworks. And so without that repeatable process, what's happening is, there's a lot of variety in the different types of claims they have, which then means they're creating offers based on Avatar, and not necessarily that repeatable framework. And we're just kind of like all over the place. So this is really important. And it doesn't just happen overnight, it actually happens with thinking, you have to think about it. It's fascinating, right? And the better you get at seeing your own frameworks, the faster you get results, and the faster your clients get results. And this is what is going to inform that signature program. So let's go back to the instance where your coach, maybe a health coach, right, you know how to help women lose weight, okay, you're working with them privately. And you're starting to notice the theme. It's like you're starting to test sort of this repeatable process, you're seeing a theme here, it's like, what they need, what they don't need, you're starting to see these questions come up pretty consistently amongst your clients. And so you're starting to really see that process come to life, and what that framework might look like. And so that is, that is the thing that becomes your scalable offer. A lot of times what happens is, when women start seeing results in their one to one coaching, they actually launch a separate offer that's a little bit less expensive than their one to one and just call it a group. They just put it in a group format. But in contrast, what we actually want to do is we want to take that framework that you so relentlessly figured out through your one to one coaching and we want to put that into You your signature program, which becomes your group, or your mastermind, or your course, whatever that looks like, it's an offer that can get many clients results at a time without requiring so much of you, this is what we call a scalable offer. That framework is going to stem from that work that you do in that first iteration of your creative process. Okay? So I hope that that really helped you see the difference and creating these different offers based on you know, different avatars or budgets. Rather, what we're doing is, it's an evolution of these lessons learned and these themes and these patterns, which is going to then inform that repeatable process. So in step two, you are starting to really see what the framework is you're testing that repeatable process, maybe this is even when you experiment in launching that group coaching program with that framework and start to test moving people through it at the same time and delivering a really high quality experience through this scalable offer. Again, I'm not gonna go too much into the design of that scalable offer. What's more important here is you're seeing right the evolution of your expertise, and how this is starting to move into that signature experience and scalable offering what that cycle looks like. So once you're starting to put people through this, quote, unquote, framework, right through your scalable offer, and you're starting to really see those wins in the group dynamic or in that scalable dynamic, that's actually really fun to see when you start to really scale your expertise. And it's like, they don't need you all the time to get results, it is so rewarding, and so fulfilling, right, when you have it so locked in and you're starting to really find that iterative process that people need, what they don't need, it is really rewarding to see people get results without you holding their hand every step of their way. Now, again, you're gonna have likely, you know, coaching components and community components within that structure of that program. But this is really about that framework, developing that framework and making sure that it is that seamless experience came. Once you are having that volume come in, what you're going to notice is that through this process of them, getting results with your intellectual property with your unique framework came, you're going to notice that new problems arise, which is then going to feed into what I see as this third phase of this creative process of your signature program. In this ascension K, we're calling this third phase, the ascension. This is when you are going to see new opportunities to serve them at a higher level. Because solving these problems through this initial framework actually created a new problem. So we go back to even our our model and how we serve our clients. Right? If you think about even launching and scaling, a scalable offer, and consistently filling that up, right, that's that first step. But what that opens up to when you think about attracting and enrolling dozens of clients a month, moving them through a successful scalable law firm,

Kinsey Machos:

your revenue grows, your reputation grows, and it's just going to increase demand. That opens up a new problem for you're at capacity, right, you need to hire team, you need to probably streamline your systems even more. And you have to really move into a CEO of your company having the vision being a leader for a team how to manage a high performing team, right, that's it, which is going to move you into a new container within our overall value ladder. So it's normal for new problems to arise. Once you solve those initial problems for your ideal client, this could apply to any niche any industry, right? So let's say you're a health coach, you help women lose weight, right after they lose weight and get off those extra pounds that they've been wanting to get off. You know, maybe it's about maintaining that okay, what does that look like? But this is where if you think about this creative process, opening your eyes to really seen what is happening in your client journey and where the gaps are, where the opportunities are, where the holes are. And that third phase in that ascension is really deciding. Is there a next level experience is here is there sort of a back end continuity that I can offer to really close that loop after they have solved that initial problem. Now, some of you are probably may have heard this before and are familiar with this model. And what we see is, we're doing all the offers at once. So we don't want to get into the business of trying to grow and scale all these offers at a time, okay, so you have your private coaching, right, which then really informed the framework for your scalable offer, you may or may not keep your private coaching, but at that point, you would either increase it or let it go, Okay, you have your scalable offer, that you're really fine tuning and mastering, which then opens up new problems that your clients are having in, they're likely going to ask you what's next. And if that's the time where it's like, when would be a good time to really introduce right, this next level offer that's going to meet the needs of this volume of clients that's coming in through this scalable offer. So that was really high level when you think about what is this iteration of my expertise and how I'm serving clients and what my signature offer looks like. And I say signature offer signature program, because I don't want you to lose sight of sort of the the idea of becoming known for the one thing. So even if you keep your one to one coaching, once you fully sit into your scalable, offer your marketing that you're selling it, you're fulfilling on it, right, you likely will put all your marketing campaign and marketing efforts into that one thing, right, while selling on the back end your one to one, if you keep your one to one. Same thing goes for that ascension, right, the back end, maybe you do have a back end offer that is available to women or to your clients once they go through this scalable offer. But it's there's not a lot of marketing efforts. Now as you grow, and you have the capacity and you have the resources, there might be opportunity to absolutely introduce these different tiers throughout the year with very specific promotional seasons or promotional cycles. But never, I won't say never, it's really hard to be marketing and selling and fulfilling on more than one offer at a time. And this is something that again, people lose sight of it's like well, it's just I'm just going to offer, you know, continuity, it's just a couple 100 a month and we just coach them but what happens is, if you don't have the volume to sustain that, you're going to be putting effort into something that isn't actually profitable. So I want you to get rhythm and harmony in one offer at a time. And let that be the thing that helps you inform what is next. Rather than sort of making decisions from these random ideas or thoughts or opinions about budget or, you know, shiny object I like it's I could serve this avatar over here. This one's really fun. And let that creative process really run through because if you think about it, we're just rinsing and repeating. Right, the one like nailing the one framework, nailing that experience around it, getting your claims bigger and better results, letting that inform what is next. Right. And even if you think multi-millions, even there's potential where you just repeat that process. And you've got two three amazing, really incredible experiences, containers, programs that all feed each other, right, that have really amazing marketing machines around them. So that it doesn't feel so hard to get clients for each of those. And you're not selling them all at once. But that there's rhythm in them and you have the systems and the structure and the support to be able to fulfill on all of those so that the quality doesn't go down. And your capacity isn't friggin through the roof, right. And so when you think about even that creative process, really think about the lever that you want to pull right now. And where you need to double down in just mastering this one step first, before you move into the next it feels hard to say no to these things because you see your brain sees an opportunity, right? You're a visionary, you're an entrepreneur, you see opportunity. And so you see an opportunity to see a serve this pocket of people that's different than maybe who you're serving now, but I just really encourage you to not move to the next thing until you've got the one thing really humming along. And you've given it all of you your due diligence, right you've really discovered or disagree You crack the code on the messaging and the enrollment processes and the fulfillment and what they actually need to get results, like really look at that full journey, and make sure we're not skimping out on any of that by moving on to the next thing too early. So I love this journey, when you think of this creative process of how signature programs really evolve, and how it informs the next thing and what that could look like, in relation to right how you're marketing and selling it, but also how you're serving your clients on the back end. And really, really stain discipline to that process, have fun with it, absolutely give yourself some space. To really think about these things, the more time you have to think the better because this is where your frameworks really come to life. This is where you're going to see those opportunities, even in the most micro way. But if you're just moving, moving, moving all the time, it's really hard to develop this level of expertise. So it's a blend of thinking, right, it's a blend of discipline, it's also lots of patience, and relentlessness. And when you think about that first phase to the second phase, then the third phase, right? It's just like the rinse and repeat over time, helping you make way more money, while also obviously helping way more people. But it's so solid, the machine is around it, it feels like it's humming along, right and you're not sacrificing your life because of it. So I'd love to know if this resonated with you. I know it was really just something that came to me I was sitting there the other day and thinking about how we evolve how our expertise evolves in the market, how it how it evolves in even the program and offer structure. And this hopefully helped you see like where you are now what to focus on next in order to really accelerate your results, which again, might mean slowing down, and where you can see sort of that overall creative process in your own journey and let that really drive you forward. We help you do a lot of this and launch like a clean in developing your frameworks and putting the machine around your intellectual property around your offers so that it can be more harmonious in the rhythm, right of like getting clients fulfilling on those offers. So absolutely. If you are ready to learn more about what that might look like for you to grow the multiple six figures or seven with scalable offers that are amazing. Definitely click the link in the show notes and apply now. But until then, I'll see you next day. Hey, you, thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like minded entrepreneurs all over the world. But my most favorite part is being able to connect with you in real life. If you love what you heard here, head over to the community where thousands of female CEOs, just like you are changing the world one human at a time. We go deeper into the topics you discuss here and giveaway tangible roadmaps to help you crush your revenue goals to join this high-caliber free community head over to I'll see you there

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