The 100K Sales Funnel

Are you ready to supercharge your revenue with a predictable, simple sales strategy that consistently brings in leads and clients? Join me in this conversation as I unravel the secret behind the 100K sales funnel that I used to grow to 6-figures in my first year as a coach and the same sales strategy our students use to expand their impact and accelerate their earnings.

In this conversation, I demystify the marketing funnel, break it down into a step-by-step roadmap for you to follow, and show you what it looks like to install a simple sales system in your business that’s authentic, genuine, and reliable. 

But here’s the magic—I don’t just give you the strategy. I share real-life examples to inspire you and kickstart you into cash-converting momentum.

Get your notepad, clear the distractions, and prepare yourself for action.

Do not miss these highlights: 

02:00 The 100k Sales Funnel process and the myths surrounding funnels and reliable sales strategies.

05:54 The funnel stages to be aware of so you can create a full client journey. 

10:45 Examples of funnels to model depending on where you’re at in your season of growth. 

12:28 Within the Category Queen School, we possess nurturing sequence assets that serve as examples because there is a suitable time and context for their utilization. 

18:20 An example of an advanced funnel and what to consider when implementing more layers in your funnel.  

19:20 How simplifying and optimizing funnels can lead to better results and higher conversion rates.

22:30 How The Category Queen School helps you install your 100K sales funnel with the right coaching, curriculum, and community so you can make more money and help more people with more ease and flow.

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Episode 83: Invisible Clients

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About the Host

Kinsey Machos is the host and founder of The Category Queen, a podcast and community for coaches, consultants, and course creators. 

She left her six-figure corporate salary to pursue her passion for helping women unlock their unique brilliance and achieve success in their businesses. 

Kinsey’s mission is to help entrepreneurs gain recognition, reach more people, and make more money while balancing success with motherhood and marriage.

Kinsey Machos:

I'm Kinsey Machos is your host and founder of the category queen. Welcome to the podcast for coaches, consultants, and course creators who don't just want to dominate their niche, but they desire to play in their own way. My mission is to help you unlock the power of your unique brilliance, and use it as a vehicle to gain recognition, reach more people and make more money. Not too long ago, I took a bold leap, leaving behind a six figure corporate salary, with nothing more than a US MacBook, and a burning desire for more freedom. Today, our brand has become globally recognized helping 1000s of female founders to become industry leading experts join us each week as we go on a journey together to discuss mindset, marketing, and money. More importantly, the real life discussions about balancing success with motherhood and marriage. Because we're a community of women who build and scale impact driven businesses, but do it without sacrificing the things that matter most to us. Welcome to the category Queen show. Hello, my friends, happy to be here with you today, we are at the near end of winter break, it feels like it's been

Kinsey Machos:

a never ending winter break. Maybe it's like that every year, I'm not sure. But I'm just trying to enjoy it. And I had an experience with my 14 year old last night and just realized man, I really don't have much more time with him. And it does go by so fast. And I don't have a lot of time with any of them. And that's not something you know, that's more of a scarce way of looking at it. But also just a good reminder for myself that the time that we do have them, it's important that it's all a tea, and that I enjoy it even when it's hard and cold and dark, and they're bored out of their minds. But we are going to survive winter break. And it's going to be amazing. And what I want to talk to you about today is the 100k sales funnel. Now I think that there's a huge mis understanding of what a funnel is. And so I want to educate you, so that you can make your marketing work. And when I say 100k sales funnel, know that it's also 100k marketing funnel, I really see marketing and sales as a very interchangeable activity. When you think about what your marketing should be doing. It's the promotion of your products or services and goods and sells is really that interaction and that exchange of value. So I really see them so closely aligned. And when it comes to a funnel, when you understand the principles behind it in a way that it actually is defined, you will completely uplevel your marketing, and guess what you will simplify it, which is what I want for you, you'll often hear me say that you can build a multiple six figure business without complicated funnels. But that's because most people think that a funnel is a long drawn out upsell down sell five part nurture sequence type of asset. But that is one iteration of a funnel, what a funnel really is. And actually I looked up the definition of it because again, if we just really aligned to the basics and principles of this, I think that it will clear the clutter for all of you, all of us. And if somebody would have like, helped me understand it in this way, a long time ago, I think it would have created a lot of clarity for me had to figure it out on my own. I don't want you to do that. And so when we look up the marketing funnel definition, it says a marketing funnel is a model of the customer journey. It represents the buying stages people go through after becoming aware of a business product service, okay? So when we think about it through the lens of a customer or client journey, this is going to help you really set up your marketing and your cells structure in such an amplified way. Because it's not about how many email sequences you have how many upsells down cells, or lead magnets you put in that it's about what are you doing to help your potential client grow closer to you so that they can know like and trust you enough to hire you purchase from you. So let's just set the stage with that definition. So that we can really just like clear the confusion and uplevel the overall marketing structure without complicating it. Now, when we think about that client journey, you'll often see this funnel structure or Visual, if you even Google it, you'll see lots of iterations of this, if you haven't seen it before, it really truly is a funnel type of picture with the bigger part of the funnel at the top. And then it narrows as you get to the bottom of the funnel. And you'll often hear these phrases in these concept described, within that you'll hear people say top of funnel or middle of funnel or bottom of funnel. And sometimes that can feel very confusing. But when you know that, it's just where somebody is at in their journey within you and your business, it'll help you really see and also feel, right, put yourself in the shoes of your client or your potential client, and know how they're navigating that journey, and what are even might be blocking them from hiring you or buying from you. And so when you look at this visual, oftentimes, these types of stages as the funnel narrows, is moving from unaware to aware. So that's that first step in the funnel, the top of funnel, and then they move into interest, right? Or they start to know you more, I like to think of it as like a know like and trust. But when they become unaware, too aware, right, and then they move a little bit closer down that funnel and middle of the funnel, they take more interest came. And then as they get further down that funnel, then it's more of creating that desire. Now they have the desire for you. And then the very bottom, it's that action or the conversion came, you can see different types of funnel structures or visuals with several steps, or maybe just three steps. But what you need to know is as that narrow funnels, or sorry, as that funnel narrows, it's really just a matter of somebody getting closer and closer to you and your offer from a decision making process. Right? And how do they make decisions? It's do they know you? Do they like you? Do they trust you? That's as simple as it is. We don't need to overcomplicate this. Now, why is this important. And here in a minute, I'm going to talk about the exact 100k sales funnel and how I grew to six figures in less than a year with this very process. But what I want you to really start to visualize is your own funnel, because you actually have one right now even if you don't think you do. So let's put this into perspective for you and start to think about what your funnel looks like right now, even if even if you haven't really thought this through yet. Let's say you are on Instagram, okay, let's say your primary platform isn't on Instagram, you're creating content over there. And you have a one to one coaching offer that you would like people to book a call with you to or book a free consultation. And if they book that free consultation, that's when you get them on the phone, they learn more about you. And that's the point where they are making a decision as to whether or not they want to hire you. Okay? Now, if you think about that, back to Instagram, you're creating content, someone finds you, okay, they find you on Instagram, they decide to follow you. Okay, this is them moving from unaware to aware. Now they're in your funnel, and they're at the top of the funnel, they just become aware of you. Okay. But as you create more content, creating desire for your offer, creating desire for your expertise, really hitting on pain points and problems, they start to move down the middle of the funnel, because they just became, they've moved from being aware of you to now taking interest because you are creating content that is resonating with them. And it's telling them that you can help them with the problems that they have. So we've just moved from aware to interest. And now maybe you write another piece of content, it forces this person or doesn't force them, it activates them to then book a call. So you write a piece of content, the call to action is if this is you and you want more information of how I can help you XYZ book a free complimentary call to learn more about what that looks like link in bio Okay, and so this person, that's what they do this content really resonated with them, they were able to go to your link on your Instagram profile, and book a call in accordance to the time that works best for them came now. They just went from aware of course they could this could be over a time period of months. They're just following you for months. I want you to know that you have invisible clients in your sphere right now. Hey, I actually did an episode on invisible clients will reference that in the show notes. But this could be also a couple days, okay. We cannot control how somebody moves through it or the time that it takes But we can amplify that journey to potentially accelerate it. But most importantly, just becoming aware of the fact that people are on all different stages in their journey with you, and then ensuring that we're always moving people to our offer closer down the funnel time. So they book a call, you have a consultation slash short sales call with them. Now they're at the decision point, okay. And this is where they say yes or no, you just walk somebody through or somebody just walked through your funnel, this is the client journey from becoming unaware to interest to consideration to conversion came. Now, you might be like, Oh, my gosh, I've had a funnel this whole time. Yes, we all have, okay, we all have a funnel, we all have a client journey. But it's our responsibility to uplevel it, amplify it and really fine tune it so that it really does help our people find us and make it really, really easy to hire us. Now, some of you might have something like this, let's walk through a different scenario of a funnel.

Kinsey Machos:

Let's say you are on LinkedIn. Okay, your that's your primary platform, you have a lead magnet, that is a free resource, or a free checklist of some sort related to your particular niche, or how you put it how you specifically help somebody. So when you create content, your call to action, you're probably weaving in your free resources, free resource and or maybe your one on one coaching offer. So let's say you're leaning a little bit heavier on sharing the free resource, I know this is something that people are taught is like just pointing some one or your people to this free resource, this lead magnet, if you will, and so on your your bio section on LinkedIn, you have that link to your free resource where they have to go click on it, it opens up an opt in page and they have to put in their info, right, including their email address to get that download. So this is great, because you've just captured them as a lead, and you're also growing your email list. Well, what happens is what's next, okay, and so some of you might have a nurture sequence that goes out after that lead magnet came, but some of you may not even have this. And this is what I find a lot is that people will create a free resource, they'll talk about it once in a while. So they'll have little trickle, they're in here. But then nothing happens after that. And people wonder why their potential clients aren't hiring them, okay, because there's a hole in the funnel. But let's say you do have a nurture sequence, maybe it's a three part four apart, we have these examples of these assets in this in the category Queen school because there is a time and a place for it. And we actually have a way to help you amplify this journey because I don't believe that you should automate this process under multiple six figures. What is going to grow, you are not the things that are going to scale. Okay, so I just want to put that there. But let's go back to this three or four part email nurture sequence. This is if you've never heard this term, it's really just a series of emails, that is triggered when somebody opts into your lead magnet, your free resource. And it's likely a series of emails that is giving more value, helping them warm up to you really showing off your philosophy, your teachings, your expertise, and pointing them to again, more resources or valuable content, this might be you if you are a little bit more seasoned. But then at the end of that sequence, perhaps it is a final call to action to book a call or join your program. Okay. And whatever that end of that call to action is, let's say it's book a call, they get on the call with you now they're in the decision point, and they're at the bottom of the funnel where they say yes or no, now that's a little bit more of a extended funnel. And what I want you to see in both iterations are examples of what I've shared of these funnels from the Instagram, right content to book a call to sales call to the LinkedIn example of free resource nurture sequence and then book a call and then have a call. What I want you to see is that anytime you're moving somebody from one stage to another, you have to know that there's little mini decision points within each of those. And it's forcing your potential client your lead through that journey to make a decision. So think about this. When they go down to let's go back to the LinkedIn example. They decide from your piece of content that they're gonna go to your bio and opt into, or they're going to click on your opt in page to just check it out. Okay, they're just checking out it there is no guarantee that they're actually going to download that. And what you're going to see in your stats is typically, this is like a 40 to 50% conversion rate on a page. So somebody's gonna go check it out. And it's not 100%, that they're going to actually decide to put their info in and get that resource. And it's based on the copy on that landing page. But that's one decision point. Okay, so then they get the resource. But another decision point is, are they actually even going to open the email with the resource in it? What I'm serious. So where we find these stats is your email open rates, right? And it is, it is also likely that they're not even going to open the email. This is just general, general knowledge in the online marketing industry, you have to know these things. And what happens is people just don't understand the data behind this. And and really the tracking. I didn't either. So there's no judgment, I think this is why I want to educate you. So you know, what you're actually implementing and what to look for, and really managing those expectations. Okay, so they go to the page, they decide whether or not they're going to put that info in and get that download, let's say they say, yes, they get the download, they do open the email. But what about the other three or four emails, okay, more decisions or decision points, and then working a call another decision point. So what I want you to see is the amount of decision points that you're moving your person through within the journey. And this is why I'm always like, let's simplify it. Because especially if you're under multiple, six figures, or even under six figures, sometimes it means not even get, you don't have the messaging dialed in, and you're not a strong copywriter yet. And all of these things within a little bit more of a advanced funnel require really strong compelling copy, and really, really dialed in messaging, to lead them to your offer, which also has to be really dialed in. But when we have a more simple funnel, those things do not have to be perfected. Because you get to leverage the relational part of your client journey, which is you talking to them, which is you relying on the fact that let's just learn about them, let's have a conversation with them, I'm going to continue to create content, that's just going to create the desire for them to have a conversation with me about how I can help them and I'm going to really master my sales skills through talking to people. A lot of people want to create this, set it and forget it type of funnel with lead magnets and nurture sequence and assume that people are going to move through those, but they're not. And even with mastery of marketing sells like we have, we still are always perfecting those percentages, our open rates really watching how people make decisions throughout our journey that we have really laid out for them in some of our more quote unquote automated funnels. Although I do not have anything that's automated, we have things that are we have sequences and things like that, but we're always perfecting them. I'm always looking at the data. How do I get them to open this email? How do I get them to click on this link? How do I get them to show up for the masterclass? Okay, now let's talk about another iteration of a funnel, which is one of my favorites, but also a little bit more advanced, we have a like a virtual event or conversion event type of funnel, where instead of a lead magnet, you are hosting some sort of masterclass challenge multi day event that's typically free. And this is a way to serve value and then also share your offer share how you can help them at the end of this particular virtual event came. So instead of sending them to a lead magnet, you would send them to an opt in page that is for this free event free, masterclass free challenge free multi day event. They say yes, they put in their info there. And they're now on your email list. And now you have to get them to show up for the event itself. And the event has to continue to take them on that journey of building that know like and trust moving them closer to your offer and to decision point where they then say yes or no. And that's another component right? Are you sending them to a book a call where you have a conversation with them? Are you sending them to a sales page where you're relying solely on the copy on that page, to have them make a decision? There's advantages to both. But what I'm so strongly passionate about is making your potential clients make it really easy for your potential clients to get the information they need to make an informed decision about working with you. And that's really hard to do on a sales page. If you don't again, have that copy and that offer really really dialed Then in are confident that you convert, know that sales calls, consultations, whatever you call them in your business are going to convert much higher 50 To 75 to 90% of the calls you have will convert to a yes, on a sales page that is so much lower a really great sales page converts between one and 3%. And he know that it might sound easier to send someone to a page and have a conversation. But I'm telling you, you are leaving money on the table by putting people through a funnel that is solely relying on copy and lots of stops to get to you.

Kinsey Machos:

So I hope that you can see even the differences between those different funnels, you might even have one of those in your business right now. And I hope that now you can go back and see where the holes in that funnel might be. And where you can a optimize. Right? Maybe it means getting more people to actually put in their information on that page. So they download the resource or they actually sign up for the master class. Or you could optimize through less emails, nurture sequences, right? Or you could even just have a conversation with them. Right? If nobody's booking a call with you. Let's figure out why. Because there's something wrong with you. It may not even be that your contents. Not good, right, we just have to find the holes. Okay. So let's talk about this 100k sales funnel. And I think that typically, people would expect that there's something really complicated or shiny about this, but it's literally everything without the bells and whistles came. And I figured this out because I had no time, I was working full time in corporate, I had three kids, one of which was still a little baby. And I was working so part time on my coaching business. And so I had to really use simple marketing strategies to accelerate my reach and accelerate my revenue. So I didn't I was not building out actual funnels, I was not building out landing pages, I didn't have any nurture sequences built. I didn't have time to do master classes until later on until I walked away from my corporate career came, I was really leaning on my content. And my conversations, this is exactly what this 100k sales funnel is K in a category we in school, we unpack each of these components through the lens of your offer, making sure that's dialed in your sales calls, making sure you know how to create a transformative experience. Because it's not about making people buy something they don't want came. And then your content is your content, creating desire for your offer and getting people to take action. That's as simple as it as it is came. So if you think about even back to our visual of that funnel, top of funnel, somebody finds you on Instagram, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, right, I would recommend a platform that you people can discover you which is most of them. But if you think about Facebook, it's less, it's less discoverable unless you have a Facebook group. But that's for another conversation. Most of you are likely on Instagram or LinkedIn. And so you can get discovered there people can find you right and you're also building your network. So people are referring you you're building relationships, and, and you're growing your audience. And I think that people get are mistaken by quote unquote, growing your audience. It's not about doing things to grow your following. It's just about doing things to grow your network and relationships. But as a byproduct of that, again, people are gonna recommend you people are gonna find you, and they're gonna come into your ecosystem into top of funnel. Okay, so they find you on Instagram, LinkedIn. And then they start to consume your content. And this is why content is so important guys, content is king. It's one of the things I'm most passionate about. Because if you can master content that converts, you can do anything. It applies to a social media post. It applies to a landing page. It applies to your what you say on stage, it applies to your masterclasses. Okay, compelling content, which is really just copywriting. Okay. So they see your content, they consume it, it creates desire within them. Because they're like, oh my gosh, she can help me. I feel like she has the credibility. I feel like she's got that authority like she is speaking my language. I think she can help me. And so what do you have them? Do? You have them book a call with you? Don't send them to a lead magnet. Don't send them to a five part recorded training. Have them book a call with you. Okay, and in an age where people are tired of speaking to robots, they're pressing 00000 to talk to a human and yet they still get a robot. Let peep, they just want to talk to you. Okay? And so that that's what we do, we set up the structure. So it's simple. You create content that creates desire for your offer and moves people to reach out to you and ask how you can help them, and you have a phone conversation with them. This is the 100k sales funnel, and you're probably like, that's it. Yes, that is it. And this is still crushing it are our students, our clients are crushing it with this still to this day, multiple, six figures. This is how you master the steps of marketing and selling and getting an offer that people will pay for. Once you have that dialed in, and you understand what is going to move people and you're ready to start to add in layers, absolutely test other things. That's exactly what I did. Right, I tested other things, and started to play around with additional steps in my quote unquote funnel in the client journey. But know that that's just another layer, another decision point, it doesn't make it easier. It's not about making it easier or, or thinking that it's going to bring you quicker success. It's just really elongating the journey a little bit and it could be amplifying it, it brings people It gives people a way to really come closer to you without feeling like they have to have a phone conversation with you. But that's only if that funnel is actually working. And it's doing what it needs to be doing. And sometimes you don't know yet, because you haven't mastered the simplest funnel, which is right getting people activating people to have a conversation with you through your organic content. My friends, it can be that simple. Okay, so my next steps for you are to go back and do a self audit, we just in Episode 134 We talk about as an outsider and going through your social media platform. So if you haven't heard that episode, absolutely, it's maximizing your online presence. And I want you to as an outsider, go through your own funnel, and audit yourself. How are people moving closer to you? How are you moving closer? Are people closer to you? Okay? And really consider okay, if you think about those decision points, am I giving people the opportunity to even make that decision? Am I even telling people what is next for them? If they want more info in my tweet, even have my profile updated with the right links? Right? If you have a book called link in there, and that's your primary way of getting clients? Are you talking about it enough in your content? Are you making a compelling reason for them to have a conversation with you? I think that the issue with free a free console or free lead magnet or free masterclass people think that, that their people are just going to sign up because it's free, free is harder to sell. Okay, so you have to sell everything, you have to market everything with a compelling reason. Tell them why they would want it, what's in it for them, and how it's going to get them closer to their goals. And that's really about that that's really the crux of our client journey. Okay, so take a look at your own funnel, figure out where the holes are, figure out where you can optimize and simplify if you're not making the money you want to make. It's because your funnel is likely too complicated, or there's just huge gaps. So simplify it in the category clean school, we walk you through each of these steps, helping you really understand what you need to do in order to get people through these decision points and getting more people saying yes to you in a very, very simplified way. So if you want to join us, come on in. We'll be happy to walk alongside of you as you grow to six figures as a coach. But until then, my friend, I will see you next week. Hey, if you're ready to stand out online and get paying clients consistently, without having to fumble your way through tag, run ads or create complicated funnels. I want to invite you to join us in the category clean school where you're going to learn my simple, proven formula for getting clients online. It's risk free, you either make your money back or we'll give you a refund, Just head over to and join today to get instant access. We will see you inside

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