Setting Yourself For Success With Proper Planning: Live Launch Secrets #1

Welcome to the Live Launch Secrets series where I break down the exact live launch strategy I’ve used to elevate my message in the market, amplify my reach, and cross the half-million-dollar revenue mark in just three years.

Today, I’m revealing the most important element of the live launch process and where most of the mistakes tend to happen: the planning phase.

In order to create bigger and better results, you have to give yourself the proper time and space to thoroughly think through your strategy. This will allow you to be proactive in your business rather than reactive. 

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Do not miss these highlights: 

01:33 It’s my desire to show up more to my audience, so I’ll never stop creating content on social.

02:00 We know that the podcast portion or the podcast element is an integral part of our customer journey based on the studies that we’ve done.

02:25 So what’s really exciting is we’re actually going to do a five-part series for Live Launching. 

02:59 Our signature offer Launch Like A Queen is really helping you see how we think about Live Launches.  

03:32 Over the next five episodes, I’m going to go deeper into the five core stages of Live Launching. 

05:52 For today we’re going to unpack Stage One, the Groundwork which is the stage that most people skip.  

06:29 One of the components that I will never forget is that you should spend more time planning than you do executing.  

06:44 It was really hard to get people to spend time planning because just like me, you just want to get to it. 

07:22 What happens is we miss important details of the processes. 

07:56 When you have a process that you follow like we do a plug-and-play system, we plug and go, and my team knows exactly what to do. 

08:31 When you have this system, you can use it for anything.  

09:09 I love serving my audience throughout the year and anytime we want. Give them a new flavor or offer, a different way for our audience to experience with us. 

09:28 It’s just important to have a couple of things to decide on before you start executing your Live Launch.  

09:38 First of all, what are you selling?

09:55 We’re going through this series of steps where we have a masterclass or a challenge or workshop.

10:20 You create this pressure-filled container where people have to say yes or no, and you move people through this process all at once. This is marketing and selling in volume. 

11:11 Looking at your offer and deciding this is the thing that we’re going to sell,

12:25 The groundwork is so important because you can use this as an opportunity to feel certain and really confident in your offer and your message. 

14:05 The other thing which is also going to sound obvious but most people don’t do is to calendar some dates and Reverse Engineering. 

15:11 A common misconception is you have to enroll clients right after your Live Launch.

16:05 Reverse Engineering is from your launch event, we back out of that date and start to think about our Launch Runway. 

16:35 It is about gearing up for a very specific Launch Event, much further out like two weeks from that is really just my opinion. 

17:11 But whatever you decide, what’s most important is that we calendar it. I know it sounds so obvious, but most people skip over this. 

17:55 That is not how category leaders launch. This is what we teach you inside Launch Like A Queen. 

18:10 Your Live Launch is your chance to take yourself from that solopreneur coach phase to that Category Queen type of environment.  

19:00 We have a complete launch checklist like swipe files, and then some of our highest-converting launch assets so you can have examples. 

19:50 We want you to complete the majority of your assets ahead of time if possible. 

20:54 This is why we provide such a high-powered space inside of our launch because it can feel a lot. 

21:13 Doing your first true high-powered Live Launch is going to be one of the biggest humps. You have to cross after that, then you get to have fun with it and put layers.  

21:37 This is something we do on our Customer Strategy Call when you come into Launch Like A Queen.  

21:56 Some of our clients have done it so many times, they’re starting to dip into this fun, powerful, advanced type of things you can do, to really enhance the overall journey.

22:17 But if it’s just your first, second, or even third launch, we don’t want you trying to pull in all the things. 

22:53 We want to preserve that energy. Sometimes when you’re just getting going in this process, you don’t really have the capacity for a lot. 

23:30 We lean into you and what you need. And you have to learn yourself and what you need and be able to assess what makes sense. 

24:55 Planning sets the stage for what’s coming and you can really eliminate a lot of stress and burnout.

26:08 When you don’t love your offer, people will also feel that from you. So that’s also time for you to just like get re-engaged with what you’re selling. 

26:35 In the next episode, we’re going to cover the Launch Runway. 

27:17 We’re going to talk about some strategies for that. What’s important about that particular stage? How to fill your Launch Events and also some really common mistakes to avoid? 

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She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that.

As a wife and a mom of three, the family takes priority. And having a business that’s run AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high-paying clients using my breakthrough online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in. Hey, you welcome back to the podcast. So good to be here with you. Today, I am just driving along here, this is really fun. As you probably have noticed, we are upping our volume of podcast episodes. I will likely talk more about this in some upcoming episodes. But one of the things that I know is that people are really moving or at least controlling their time on social media. But when you think about how people plug into podcasts, or other vehicles for learning, right, you're definitely seeing that massively increase. And so we're just really leaning into you leaning into our audience, and also how I desire to show up more. So I'll never stop creating content on social. But I really love to turn on my mic and talk to you. And so, and we know that our best clients come from our podcast episodes are, you know, they, some of you listen, you binge for a while before you become a client, or you find us through social, then you listen to some episodes and you become a client, we know that the podcast portion, or the podcast element is really a integral part of our customer journey based on some studies we've done. And so this is why we also teach our higher end clients how to do their own podcast strategy, because it is, I believe one of the best ways to enhance that overall client journey once you really find your rhythm and what you're doing. So what's really exciting is we're actually going to do a five part series for live launching, we just came off of launch lab. And this was our second time running it. And both times that I ran this free event, this free virtual event, I just feel so passionate about this topic. This is one of our core methods for marketing, and our core methods, fulfilling our scalable offers. And we're bringing more of that content to life because I realized I don't talk about it enough. And also obviously we have our signature offer a launch like a queen, and really helping you see how we think about live launches, and really helping you understand that it's so much more than just live launching. And so what I'm going to do is do a five part series that goes a little bit deeper. So the launch lab have been inspired. So if you were a part of that live launch event, they would definitely still tune in, you're gonna get even more value from this five part series. And also just read anchor some of the core concepts you might have heard in the first place. But over the next five episodes, I'm going to go deeper in the five core stages of live launching, and also just show you how this fits into your business model, how I think about it, how I see it, and where in your sequence of success. This will come based on where you're at in your business. And so I'm really excited to release this series. And I'm excited to just plug in in this way and talk about one of my favorite topics. So really quick to really set the stage. And there's actually another episode that we'll link up to this that talks about the five core stages to a live launch model that converts like crazy plans. And those five stages are the groundwork right so the groundwork is really setting the stage for success, prepping, really planning. The second stage of live launching is the launch runway. Third stage is the launch event. The fourth stage is the offer invitation and then the fifth stage is the post-launch strategy. So what I'm going to do over each of these days is go deeper into each of these stages and what you need to consider in order to really create that rhythm in your business. We believe that live launching is the best way to fulfill on a lot of this Things that you may be seeking in your business, as you're growing to that next level, it's the best way to create those large cash infusions, it's the best way to fill your group coaching programs, it's the best way to gain notoriety in the industry in a different way, it's the best way to really give your audience a chance to know you and like you and trust you, instead of just reading your content. It's really that element that you can provide your audience members and your potential clients that they can't necessarily get other places. And it really takes that relationship to the next level. And we have done this so successfully for so many years, and our clients are doing it as well. And so a lot of what I'm going to share over the next five days is in accordance to what we know works 100%. So for today, we're going to unpack the stage one, which is the groundwork which is the stage that most people skip, and this is the stage that you're actually really preparing yourself for success. So my background is in project management. And I spent my pretty much my most of my adult hood training as a project leader and got extensive certifications and credentials and education in large scale projects, corporate leadership, etc, super boring. But one of the things that I will never forget, is that one of the components of project management is that you should spend more time planning than you do executing. And I remember when I would lead these large scale initiatives with leadership teams, it was really hard to get people to spend the time planning because just like people like me, and probably people like you, you just want to get to it. It's just like, I wake up with a great idea. And I'm like, Okay, let's do it. Now, there's an element to that, that's really great. And of course, we always want to be nimble, and really ride that creative energy. But when you're thinking about high-converting launches, and really creating those high cash infusions for your business, there has to be a certain level of planning that goes into it. And if we skip over the planning phase, what happens is we miss important details, we might find ourselves out of alignment, we might even really overlook a very important piece to the overall launch strategy, we might even unintentionally find ourselves in a position that we don't want to be in. And so this first stage is setting yourself up for success. And if you have a team, it's also setting your team up for success. Or if you're at a stage like me, your team is going to be able to help you set you up for success. So when you have a process that you follow, like we do a plug-and-play system, we plug and go, and my team knows exactly what to do. And we it's like flipping a switch. Now of course, when we come with new topics or new angles, we obviously have additional work to do like new graphics and new opt in pages and things like that. But we still have the general system that we follow. And it's really become such a nice flow. Because most people will tell you, you need months and months and months of planning for a live launch. But when you have this system, you can use it for anything, you can use it for quick little offers that you offer your audience, you can use it for your signature programs, when you want to come with a new angle on something like there's just so much you can do with this. It doesn't have to be super, super expensive. You know, you see a lot of the leaders in the industry that only launched like twice a year. So they're like these big, ginormous launches, where they're spending hundreds and thousands of dollars of ads. And yeah, right, they're having six or seven-figure launches. But they're only doing it a couple of times a year. So they have to really create, get more out of those few times. That is not something I love. I really love serving my audience throughout the year. And anytime we want to give a new flavor or offer a different way for our audience to experience with us. We'll leverage this live launch model. So when you're setting not stage, it's just important to have a couple things really decided on before you start executing on your live launch. So let's talk about those. First of all, what are you selling?

Kinsey Machos:

Now, when you think about a live launch, again, the component here that some of you may not be aware of is that there is a launch event. So when we're talking about launching, it's not necessarily that we're just bringing an offer to the market. We're going through this series of steps where we have a masterclass or a challenge or workshop, right? And we're leveraging that to bring people to us. And then you know, give value and then pitch or offer at the end. Okay? So and we're going to unpack all of those steps. But I just wanted to set the stage for what that live launch model looks like. It's a start and a stop. It's sort of a container where it's like, you create this pressure filled container where people have to say yes or no, and you move people through this process all at once. This is like, marketing and selling volume. Okay, so when we are planning for our live launch, it sounds really obvious. But we have to really feel clear and solid about the offer that we're selling. And really think about a where am i Where's their opportunity to get a little bit more specific or niche down, one of the things that we find happens when you're really stretching two hundred k, multiple, six figures is there's some opportunity to elevate your message by way of going deeper in your niche. And so this is a chance to really explore that. And perhaps you're at a stage where you may want to consider this too. And by really looking at your offer, and deciding this is the thing that we're going to sell, it's also going to open that loop in, do I feel clear about my offer? Because if you don't feel clear, your audience will clear. And am I clear about who this is specifically for? So when I was I was just having a one-on-one strategy session with one of my mastermind clients, and she is getting ready to launch a little like feeder offer. And we are talking about what that process looks like. And she is a complete guru expert in her space. She has been doing this for decades, probably, or more. And there's no doubt that she knows her avatars really, really well, she has a couple of different pockets of industries that she serves. But even when she was thinking about this little theater offer, it's easy to just assume that you know who it's for. But when you actually pause and ask yourself like, oh, my gosh, who am I actually thinking about? And is this a beginner person? Is this somebody that a little bit more seasoned? Where are they actually at in their dream? When you're not clear here, what happens is you create marketing and launch assets that are also unclear. And so this is why the groundwork is so important, because if you don't just kind of use this as an opportunity to feel really certain, and really confident in your offer and your message, it's going to bleed into all the other aspects of your launch, which then will impact your overall conversions. And so even inside of launch, like a clean, these are the questions we're asking, and we're really resurfacing, your offer, really asking ourselves what like, Who is this offer for, and then we start designing the launch event in accordance to the highest caliber version of your client. This is a time to really move out of this stage where you're marketing to people that can't afford you. Or it's not that you're not going to get those objections. But most of you are unintentionally actually messaging, like your messaging and marketing is for those people. So we want to move out of that. And so this groundwork really allows you that opportunity in that space, to just make sure you're clear. Okay, so what is it that you're selling? And who is it for most people skip over this and they start just designing this random launch event? Right, putting together a masterclass putting together a challenge. And what happens is there's complete misalignment. And so that's the byproduct when you think of some like completing your launch event. And the end of it, you're having no conversions, right, it's likely due to a couple things that we'll talk about here in the next couple episodes, but all under the umbrella of disconnect or misalignment. And so really getting clear there. The other thing, which is also going to sound obvious, but most people don't do is to Calendar, some dates and reverse engineer. This is the planning que. So when you think about your launch event, and the different steps that you have to move through, the biggest thing is obviously, when is the program start date. Now if you're in one to one coaching, and you're using the live launch model to sell out your one on one coaching, I would imagine you can take clients anytime, so it's less relevant. But if you do have like a cohort style or you want to take on a group at a certain period of time, then we have to use that as sort of that reverse engineer date and decide okay, from that point, when do I want to do a launch event and those are really important dates to mark on your calendar. Then we really design the launch plan around your launch event. So I will have my client It's really decide, okay, I want to get a big boost here or I want to sell this thing here or I want to get, you know, five claims here on this date, then we reverse engineer and everybody's different. There's a common misconception that you have to enroll clients right after you live launch. And while that is typical and normal, it's not always the case, we enroll claims even in launch, I clean how to time months in advance, based on our process right now. But we have a process that keeps them warm, and lets them know that this is sort of this is what to expect, we're selling that process ahead of time. So it's no surprise. But if you are enrolling clients, and then you go some for a month, then you're definitely going to have you know, refund requests and stuff like that. But most of you likely will start your group program or start your coaching clients, right after your launch event, you know, within a week or so. But just know that there's options there. So when we know when we're going to start that then we reverse engineer, you know, your launch event, and then from your launch event, then we back out of that date as well and really start to think about our launch runway. In the next episode, I'm going to go deeper in the launch runway, which is how to fill your launch event and what to really do to get your launch off of the ground. But your launch runway can be anywhere from 10 to 14 days, I've even seen launch runways that depending right months in advance, but in this instance, what we're talking about is really gearing up for a very specific launch event any much further out like two weeks from that is really just in my opinion considered, you know, general lead gen. But when we think about somebody coming to a virtual event, right? Nobody, I don't want to say nobody. Most people are just sort of like last minute people, they're not going to plan in advance three months for an hour, masterclass or a three day virtual event. And so generally we find 10 to 14 days out is plenty for a launch runway to fill your launch event. But whatever you decide, what's most important is that we calendar it, I know it sounds so obvious, but most people skip over this. And by the time they know what their launch event is in a few days, and they haven't gotten the leads in it that they need to. And it's because they didn't give it the due diligence it deserves by marketing it

Kinsey Machos:

consistently several times over the course. And I would say every day, even over the course of those, you know, 10 to 14 days. And when you don't really look holistically at your launch plan. And really intentionally, calendar, these dates, it will happen that all of a sudden, literally you wake up, you're like oh my gosh, my launch event is tomorrow. That is not how category leaders launch. And this is what we teach you inside of launch. Queen, we really want you to elevate yourself in the market, your live launch is an extension of your brilliance, it's an extension of your message. And this is your chance to really take yourself from that solopreneur coach phase to that category Queen type of environment and you are setting yourself up as the leader of your industry because your live launch method when done well does that. But all these little things, again, the most basic things will are are important to helping you achieve that outcome. And so we're planning, we're putting dates on the calendar, and then we're really understanding what goes into that work. Okay, so when we know we have a launch runway, and it's you know, marked on our calendar, we then know what we have to do to work up to that. And so if you have a little bit of a buffer, we want you to start working on your launch assets came. Now instead of launch like a queen, we have a complete launch checklist with like swipe files, and then some of our highest-converting launch assets. So you can have examples. But you're just starting to work through these things. Right. So like your opt in page, because you can not promote for a launch event without some of these things being operated in. And so that laying that groundwork is going to be a part of that process and making sure you have the assets in place to fulfill on this experience. This is why most launchers fail is because we're not giving it that thorough focus and attention that it truly truly needs. And so we have a launch checklist to work through to really say okay, these are things that I can complete ahead of time. These are things that I could get away with completing during. We want you to complete the majority of your assets ahead of time if possible. Because what we find is if you don't have those done, and you're We're trying to create these during the process of launching, but your energy is low, you're feeling discouraged, you're not going to create your best work. So ideally, it's going to be ahead of time. But there are just things that like, if you're like me, there's just some of that right now energy that can really bring some incredible content, and really leaning into the launch energy itself, really leaning into the people that are there, because you're gonna get different vibes from different audiences each time, you know, similar, but still different. And so there's going to be things that you can create ahead of time that you have to write like your opt in pages for your masterclass or your workshop, your challenge, whatever launch event you decide to do, which we'll talk about in a couple episodes. And you know, you have the back end, the confirmation emails, the nurture sequences, and I'm sure as I'm talking right now, you're probably oh my gosh, this is so much to do. And this is why we provide such a high-powered space inside of launch, I go clean, because it can feel a lot, right. But every week, we're coaching, we're reviewing content, you're getting sales coaching, you have tech support, and you have these things to be able to support you in your journey, so that it doesn't feel so hard. Really ripping off the band aid and doing your first really, really true high powered live launch is going to be one of the biggest humps, you have to cross after that, then you get to have fun with it and put layers. So when you're thinking about what your next live launch looks like and laying the groundwork in this stage one, you are going to decide which strategies you want to pull from, for our claims. And this is something we do on our customer strategy call when you come into launch like a queen, I make recommendations on the different types of strategies you should really install for the first phase, because I don't want you going balls to the wall with all these advanced strategies, because we've done it so much. And some of our clients that have done it so many times, they're starting to dip into these fun, powerful, advanced type of things you can do to really enhance the overall journey. But it's because they've done it before they done it several times, they're finding their their feet, their rhythm, their confidence. And so it's easier for them to like build in these extra layers. But if it's just your first, second or even third launch, right, we don't want you trying to pull in all the things I remember, I tried to do this, I learned how to launch from a male mentor. And I it was so techie. And I'm so grateful for that, because I learned how to do a lot of tech, but I would have probably not and and now I'm so thankful that I don't have to do much of it, because my team does it. But I spent more time on tech than I did anything else. And so by the time I was launching, and by the time I was delivering the content in the launch event, I was like so depleted. And so we want to preserve that energy. Sometimes when you're just getting going in this process, you don't really have capacity for a lot. And so we really measure that realistically, and make recommendations on what to pull in, and how to simplify it as much as possible from the get go. And so in the groundwork stage, those are decisions we're making, to make sure that you do get the most out of this launch, and really feel excited and confident about what's coming. Again, everybody's different here. Some people can maybe their first time like, do more than others, everybody's different. We lean into you and what you need. And you have to learn you and what you need, and really be able to assess, like what makes sense. But those are the types of decisions that are happening in stage one, you can't skip over this. Because if you roll right in to your launch process without really having those loops closed, and knowing where you're going, you will fall flat. And not just your launch. I mean you it's really fatiguing to roll into a launch process without a plan, trust me, I've done it, and you naturally are going to dip in energy. Because if you're like me, when you pour into others, you will have a decrease a more significant decrease in your energy. When I train, when I coach live, oh my gosh, like I'm like dead laughter. And so you have to honor that you just have to know that that's coming. And that you don't have a ton of capacity for a lot of other things. And so either doing it ahead of time, or just knowing there's certain parts of this, that you're not going to pull in for this particular launch, but you have to make those decisions ahead of time. So that's what's happening in the groundwork. We're planning. We're doing the planning process. And like I said, you should be spending time planning and it sounds counterintuitive because all of us just want to get into action. But this really sets the stage for what's coming and you can really eliminate a lot of stress and burnout. If you at least make these decisions like, even if you don't create anything ahead of time other than, of course, what's most important, but even if you don't do anything, I had time, if you have things marked out, and you know what's coming, and you know what to prepare for, that is the most people do. So you have your dates on the calendar, you know what's coming, you have made decisions, you've given your self that space to really look at your offer, look at your message, potentially, really niche down even further if you can, and really reengage yourself on your offer, sometimes, what I noticed is people go into their live, launch and start selling, and haven't even, like been excited about their offer. And when I write content about my offer, and when we're launching, that is what pulls me. So like that is where my like most potent form of magnetism is coming from is because I spend a lot of time just selling myself on my offer, and really loving it. Because I want people to feel that from me. And when you don't love it, people will also feel that from you. And so that's also time for you to just like get reengaged with what you're selling, and feel excited about it. So that you can go into your live launch feeling that true love for what you do and the excitement of other people experiencing that. So that's what we're doing in the the groundwork of your live launch process. In the next episode, we're going to cover the launch runway, this is how to fill your launch events, even without ads, how to make sure that you have people that are showing up for your masterclass your challenge, etc, how to really get massive momentum before the thing has even started. So as you're really imagining this live launch process, it's like I want you to think of that mountain and you're climbing the mountain right now as you get into the groundwork. The pre launch runway is like going up that mountain and the peak is your launch event. And so the bigger the peak, right, the bigger be launch conversions and so that launch runway is vitally important. And so in the next episode, we're going to talk about some strategies for that what's important about that particular stage, how to fill your launch events and also some really common mistakes to avoid. So I hope you enjoyed this and I cannot wait to dive in into the next episode.

Kinsey Machos:

Hey, you, and thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like-minded entrepreneurs all over the world. But my most favorite part is being able to connect with you in real life. If you love what you heard here, head over to the community where thousands of female CEOs, just like you are changing the world one human at a time. We go deeper into the topics you discuss here and giveaway tangible roadmaps to help you crush your revenue goals to join this high-caliber free community head over to I'll see you there

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