Selling With Authenticity In Your Launch Event: Live Launch Secrets #4

What if you could sell with authenticity and also see a drastic increase in your launch conversions? In this episode, I dive into one of the most commonly avoided steps in the overall launch process: the offer invitation or “the pitch”. Without a strong call to action, you will have built all of the momentum for nothing. 

Tune in to discover how you can sell from a place of service and create large cash infusions with even the smallest audience sizes. 

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Do not miss these highlights: 

00:49 Our Live Launch Secrets Series in the podcast is in the fourth episode now!   

01:04 I just like to share here what a full weekend we have in my family looks like. 

02:10 I have so many personal breakthroughs and it’s mainly from the positive feeling radiating in my body.  

03:17 I am just feeling so grateful and want to be an example of a woman that can have it all. 

04:19 I’m leaning into every moment in whatever that looks like and making sure I am getting the most out of it, even if it’s not the greatest.  

04:29 Let’s get into today’s episode, we’ve been talking about the five stages of live launches. 

05:27 What’s important to note is to discern your priorities and what your objectives are in each phase. 

06:04 The fourth stage of Live Launching is the Offer Invitation, and this is the transition.

06:30 A lot of negative emotions are connected to the word “pitch”, but I want to change that dynamic for you. 

06:52 We should be doing our role to demonstrate how we can help people through the means of our specific program, product, and or service. 

07:26 That one big thing is the focus of the attention in your offer invitation in its own stage. It will put more priority and importance on it for you.

07:57 If I don’t share my offer, it is all for nothing. I don’t want to just help people in a sort of free container. I want to go deeper with them. 

08:31 I’m going to invite you to the next step which is our Launch Like A Queen. So you see 

            how I do transition? 

09:15 The intent is to make that clean transition. 

09:38 It is important that this is not the first time somebody heard about your offer. 

10:30 You’re not just pitching, you’re not just giving them the invitation. You’re giving them much value.

10:59 We already talked about over-teaching. That bloated feeling by giving your people too much that they’re literally so uncomfortable. 

11:27 I want to shift you into a new dimension, where you’re not just seeing something differently, but you must also see the path. 

11:49 In the five stages, you can implement this on your own at this point and create success.  

12:07 We work together in Launch Like A Queen, where we’re actually designing your Launch Event together. 

12:33 We use our highest converting asset, and it’s so much more robust. 

13:07 You’re all in your offer. Your job now is to give these people all the information they need to make the best decision that’s aligned with their desires.  

13:46 You are moving into a scenario where you are giving them the full details of why your offer is the best thing to help them get what they want. 

15:13 You want to make sure that the problem is being addressed, and the solution is being addressed. You get to show them the best features of your program. 

16:28 The “pitch” should not be the first time they’re hearing your offer. 

16:58 Making clear that it’s not just the “pitch” that is bringing attention to the offer, it’s throughout the entire experience.  

17:58 You leverage your Launch Runway to massively build momentum around you and your offer. 

18:20 It gives your audience a little bit of a new flavor and it’s bringing more of this overall brand awareness. 

18:41 Let’s talk about the “pitch,” or we call this the Offer Invitation.  

19:14 There is something that I would personally recommend to you when you work with us. 

19:57 We will design and build the “pitch” together so that the pitch is a very natural trend position. 

21:04 You and I both know that the biggest transformations happen inside of your paid containers. 

21:43 You completely elevate yourself, you completely show up as the Category Leader because it gives other people permission to step into their most authentic selves. 

22:12 Selling is serving, selling is transferring, and selling is the highest form of serving when you do it.

22:44 Selling is not about making people buy something they don’t want. 

23:36 Your premium buyers are already investing their time, money, and energy to solve the problems that they have. 

22:53 You helping them see your unique pathway is going to create more of that desire and demand towards you and your offer.

24:13 Your highest-level results are going to come from your highest-level thoughts. 

24:49 To create the results they want that it’s just a matter of shifting.

25:25 The worst thing that you could put your potential clients is in the gray and never make decisions. 

26:00 You have to take them to that next step and you have to give them the information.  

26:15 I want you to oversell in context. Putting out and giving out all your cards on the table.  

26:43 Overcoming objections, knowing the biggest limiting factors your ideal clients are coming up against is hitting a wall.  

27:20 We know that one of the biggest objections people have in this stage is they’re focused on all the wrong things. 

28:09 You have to firmly believe in your heart and in your mind that your offer is the best possible solution for them. 

29:11 It’s an objection, and there’s something underneath that’s preventing them from ultimately making the purchase. 

29:35 They don’t trust you. They don’t trust your offer, or they don’t trust themselves. 

30:16 But when you execute this entire Live Launch process in its full entirety and also do it, you’re doing it all at once and that is why it’s so powerful. 

31:16 Now there are several different calls to action. 

31:44 It’s important to understand these elements and how they play into the type of call to action. 

33:16 A lot of you didn’t go into entrepreneurship to become a better marketer or a better seller. But that is what you have learned you need to do. 

34:03 We want to set ourselves up for success when we’re really starting to develop our skills in marketing and selling, and pitching.

34:44 We don’t just take anybody and everybody for clients. 

33:46 Our offer Launch Like A Queen, we have very specific qualifications for that offer. 

35:28 The application lets people know who you’re looking for and who you want to work with. 

37:16 People underestimate the power in the process. 

38:00 Things seem basic to us and we leave them out in that communication process. But you have to over-communicate the details.  

38:20 When we’re telling them, this is what the next steps are. That’s your call to action and the rest of the experience. 

38:35 This same call to action throughout. It doesn’t change. It’s the same and it’s going to feel like you’re redundant, but it’s totally okay. 

39:43 But when you can actually take this as your challenge and this is your responsibility, how great can you be? 

41:27 There are so many benefits to you fine-tuning this skill. It’s more than just an offer invitation and more than just a pitch. 

41:53 It’s such a valuable skill that you have to have in order to disrupt your industry and really climb to that top. 

42:25 Inside of Launch Like A Queen, we have a Pitch Perfect session with our sales expert. 

42:54 It is not just me that creates this experience for our clients. It’s my team, it’s the layers of expertise that we have built within the company. 

43:29 So we have specific training within Launch Like A Queen that helps you transition into that offer invitation and how to deliver that in a more powerful way.  

44:10 In our last episode in the series, we’re talking about the Post-Launch Sequence. And this is ultimately where the conversions come in. 

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, a Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen, and heard online.

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that.

As a wife and a mom of three, the family takes priority. And having a business that’s run AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos 

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in. Welcome back to the podcast. I am so excited to be here with you today to continue our live launch secrets series. It's been so fun. I did the first three episodes the last week. And at the time of this recording, we just got back from a little trip. We actually had a really full weekend, this last weekend, we had my son, my oldest had a basketball tournament, which was we he played more games than they usually do in the tournament. He's in a club, he plays club ball. And so how they do it is tournaments. So instead of playing like one game on the weekend, they play full tournaments, depending on how many tournaments they sign up for. So generally, we're, you know, in the peak season, we're doing tournaments, sometimes every weekend, every other weekend, at least. And then things are starting to taper off. But he had a tournament, my youngest had a soccer game. And then we had blue combs tickets. So we went to the Luke combs concert, which was really amazing. And then we went off into a little getaway trip, my husband is on a board, and he has to meet quarterly with his board and I get to tag along, we love the kids home with the nanny and went for a little overnight trip and celebrate our anniversary. So I feel like I have lived an entire decade over the last couple of days. And it's been so amazing. And I have had so many like personal breakthroughs. And it's obviously contributed to just how I'm feeling in my body, right, it's sort of like, as you evolve in your life in your business, you just start to really settle into your own skin, like who you are, as a woman, as an entrepreneur, as a coach, whatever that looks like, you know, as a wife, as a mom, and I'm just in a really, really beautiful grow season, which is not ironic that it comes right after a super dark season for me. So what I've just been, and dark season by mostly by the means of a lot of just, you know, being called inward like to really look inside. And, you know, I tried to, you know, do all these different things, and I kept kind of, you know, running, it felt like I was running into a wall. And I know what that means I know that that means that it's all the inner work. So that's for another episode, but I am just feeling so grateful. And I really want to be an example of women that can have it all right, and I feel like literally, I think I just sometimes can't believe it. Like, this is my wife. And I, I love it. I love my business. I love my team. I love my family loved me. And I say this not to brag, but more of encouragement, because the journey is not straight and narrow. And it is not easy. And gosh, I've been through so much pain, you know, and I feel like I'm just kind of, you know, really enjoying the fruits of that labor not to say that it's over. Like, I know that business and life. It's that ebb and flow. And you're gonna have the peaks, you're gonna have the valleys and it's really like leaning into that very moment in whatever that looks like and making sure you are getting the most out of it, even if it's not the greatest. So that's a little life update on my end. Let's get into today's episode, we've been talking about the five stages of live launches. And so far we've covered really the the core stages to gaining that momentum and building up into the peak. I kind of build out this visual as you know, the planning process is sort of that groundwork. You're literally like at the bottom of the mountain looking up. The launch runway is starting to take you up the mountain and the peak of this entire experience is that launch event and at this point There's not a lot you can do to quote-unquote, build momentum. This isn't a momentum phase of your launch process, it's really about the transition, right. So if you think about really climbing the mountain, you're at the peak, you're enjoying sort of what that hike looked like and felt like, and now you get to enjoy, you know, the the fruits of that labor, climbing up that mountain and seeing the view from there. And then you're starting to prepare for that descent. And what's important to note, I say this, to say, it's important to really discern sort of where your priorities are and what your objectives are, for each phase, a lot of people are still trying to build momentum in the, you know, fourth, fifth stages, but it's really starting to close out, and making sure that you are seeing each stage for what it is and what the purpose is, right. So the last episode, we talked about the launch event, and again, you're at the peak of the mountain, this is sort of your time to shine and also serve your audience at the highest level. The fourth stage of live launching is the offer invitation. And this is the transition. So this is when you transition from teaching, giving value to the pitch, if you will, and I don't love to call it the quote unquote pitch, because so many people are very, you know, there's a lot of like conflict, or maybe just a lot of like negative emotions that are connected to that word. But I really want to change that dynamic for you. Because I think when you really see it for what it is, and you start to really lean into this idea of selling, you will forever change the game of your industry, your business. And so when we think about that offer invitation now, what we're doing is our role is to demonstrate how we can help people through the means of our specific program, product or service. Now remember, when we're doing the groundwork, you're already deciding ahead of time, what you're selling. And it sounds so obvious, but a lot of people get to the peak of the mountain, right in the offer invitation, and will either not even mention the offer or kind of skim over it. The other thing that I see is that you're trying to sell more than one thing or give options. And so when we really think about the one big thing and really give attention to the offer invitation in its own stage, it puts more priority and importance in it for you. And this is obviously one of the most important pieces of it all. Because if you did all of this for just teaching, which is so good, right? Again, I love the live launch model, I love teaching my audience new ways of thinking, believing and seeing and doing. But ultimately, if I never share my offer, right, it is all for nothing. I don't want to just help people in sort of free containers, I want to go deeper with them, I want to show them bigger, deeper transformations. And when you think about even our launch lab, you know, three day event, our free

Kinsey Machos:

multi day event. We give you the you know high level steps, what the mistakes to avoid really teaching people what this actually means to us and how we use it to create high revenue months and those big cash injections in our business, obviously, right, I'm going to invite you into the next steps which are Launch Like A Queen. And so I transition I transition from Hey, teaching, I'm your you know, your teacher, I'm giving you value here in this context, this is, you know, maybe something to think about differently, do differently. excetera to hey, if you want to go deeper, here's what this looks like, this is what I have for you. And this is my offer. And so, again, I know it sounds pretty fundamental or basic, but you would be surprised to know and this may even be you how many people really just skim over that or try to even skip it all together hoping that, well if I just taught them a bunch of stuff, maybe they'll reach out to me and just ask and don't get me wrong. There's people that will do that. But the intent really, is to make that really clean transition. Now I will say one of the most important things when you think about the offer invitation, whether it's during the masterclass or during the multi day event, right the pitch when we start to talk about our program or paid program, right or paid service if you have more of a service model. It is important that this is not the first time somebody's hearing about your offer. If it is you know generally when you think about a more colder person, right maybe their launch event is the first time they've even heard about you. And so they're not they haven't been following you for a while they haven't been on your Instagram or you know your Facebook group. Whatever. And so this will be the first time I hear about you. However, one of the things that I love to do is I always say from the get go, we will be inviting you to this specific offer that like this is, I'm bringing you here to give value and also invite you to my offer. And we talk about this with our clients all the time. And people will say, why don't want them to just think that I'm bringing here them here to pitch like, well, you Anwar FIDE, you're not you're not just pitching, you're not just giving them the invitation, right? You're giving so much value. So don't give yourself or don't lose that that service heart of the fact that you are giving value just by inviting them in and showing them a new way. In the launch event podcast episode, we talked about the you know, the teaching, the transforming, and really, you know how to avoid the most and biggest common mistake that we see which is over teaching, right? We talk about that sort of bloated feeling, giving your people too much that they're like literally so uncomfortable. I just liken it to, you know, eating too much, versus sort of starving them. And right, they're just like not, it doesn't even create that hunger for what you have. It's really about balance of wanting to give you some really incredible tangibles. But mostly, I want to shift you into a new dimension, where you're not just seeing something differently. But you see the path, and guess what, I have the path and I'm going to help you implement the path. That's how I love to think about is like, in this life launch series, right? I'm giving you the high level, and even a lot of details within the high level, you know, the five stages, you can and probably will go implement this on your own and create success, you should, this is the point, right? I'm like, that's how I want all of my content to be, I want to always be selling at the highest level, I also know that we go deeper together, when we work together and launch like a queen, where we're actually designing your launch event together, we're designing your launch assets, we're creating your, your email sequences together through you know, kabhi clinic, you're getting, you know, specified pitch training with our sales expert, you're getting the exact, you know, templates and scripts that we use for ours for you know, our highest converting asset, like it's so much more robust, right, I don't even have time to give all of that to you. Or even the vehicle to get all that do through an audio experience. And even in an in a launch event. You don't either. And so it's really about showing them the path and then it the offer imitation is like we're going to implement this path together. That's how I really love to think about it. And so when you think about transitioning from teaching, to now, you're inviting them to the offer, it helps you discern, okay, now I'm all in on my offer. And my only job is to now give these people all the information they need to make the best decision that's aligned with their desires. And so how this helps you is that you do need to give the awareness and the intention to your offer in the way that it deserves. So we're not skipping over it. We're not just mentioning it and be like I'm around if you need anything, and then hanging up. We're not saying do you have questions and then ending the call, when you get a little bit of silence. We're not just mentioning the name of the offer, and then telling them to email us for questions and wrap up, we're really moving into a scenario where you are giving them the full details of why your offer is the best thing to help them get what they want. And so one of the things we do with entree queen is just help you bring more awareness to like, what are the offer benefits? What are your program benefits that you should highlight during your pitch in order to really create more of that compelling desire, but here's what's really cool is if you've done the work in the first phases, and you have been consistently, you know, delivering value and building connection with them and highlighting your expertise by the time that they get to your offer, right, it's just closing in on some of those details that are already like super warm. So we don't need to do silly things like you know, a stack, like a stack an offer stack with like slashing prices or like I don't even really assign values to things anymore. I know it's like, there's probably stats there that show that that's effective and I'm sure it is. But this doesn't mean any of that what it is is are you demonstrating your offer and coming indicating your offer in the most compelling way. If you're saying things like we meet every week, and you get, you have 12 modules, and you get access to me like those things are not compelling. We want to make sure that the problem is being addressed, and the solution is being addressed. And you get to show them what the best features are of your program. In addition to filling in the details from their, most people want to talk a lot about their features. When some of that, yes, it counts, and it can be included somewhere it can be mentioned. But we want to really, really double down on the program benefits. And the most exciting quote unquote, features, if you will, it's more of a benefit, I still think that is going to really push people over the edge. So in the offer invitation, were one of the hacks that I'll share with you as I go, I will ask for permission, I ask for permission, I will wrap up. And here's the other thing is that you need to give yourself enough time to pitch, right, we want to give ourselves enough time to invite people. And so 10 minutes, not enough 20 minutes, maybe, but really a full 30 to 40 minutes with additional time to hang on if you have questions. But all that being said, what I really still want to drive home. And I know that I have several times in throughout this series, but the pitch should not be the first time they're hearing your offer. And so what I really want to make clear whether you are doing you know, a shorter form, you know, couple hour masterclass or a multi day event is that we're still consistently weaving in the name of our offer, talking about how we help our clients write even by simply saying that, we go deeper on this particular topic in, you know, insert name of your program. And so really making clear that it's not just the pitch that is bringing attention to the offer, it's throughout the entire experience, right, we even put this in our PS throughout our email sequence that's coming before the launch event

Kinsey Machos:

that's like we are going to be inviting you to this thing or, you know, we will be opening enrollment, it's application only, it's exclusive, you need to apply now. And this is what creates the really, really strong desire because we have people asking us, before we ever get to the pitch, we have people messaging us and be like I just need to know like, How can I join your program? How can I work with you, I want to be the first in line. This is what happens when you don't just leverage the offer invitation stage to share about your offer, but your entire launch sequence, right. So when you think about overall in your content, you're always talking about your offer, right. And then you leverage their launch runway to massively build momentum around you and your offer. And you're going all in on a very specific narrow focus, which is so powerful. That's why we love the launch event sort of angle is because you get to go a little bit more narrow, a little bit deeper on something. And again, it gives your audience a little bit of a new flavor. But it's bringing more of this overall brand awareness. And so it creates that momentum of desire and demand. And so before you ever even get to your pitch event or your your pitch. If done well you should already be getting inquiries about your offer. So but all that being said, let's talk about the quote unquote pitch, if you will, and or you know, we call this the offer invitation, whether you're in a multi day event, or a masterclass, obviously, this specific part comes after you are teaching. Now if you're doing a multi day event, this is really just going to depend on how long it is the sequence of events, the sequence of content, and I'll generally have a recommendation for you on like which day to do the pitch. I don't wait until the last day, generally, no, sometimes I do. It just again, all depends. This is something that I would be able to personally recommend for you when you work with us. But making sure that you give yourself ample time we hear from a lot of clients that they by the time they get to their pitch, they're already sort of you know, through the content for that day or like have used up all their time. So let's say you're doing a multi day event, you're keeping each day's training to about an hour and on pitch day you go 45 minutes and then you're trying to rush through for the last 15 minutes is just not going to be enough time. So what I really strongly recommend is you give yourself enough time and usually when we design this together, we build Then so that the pitch is a very natural trend position, from the content to the pitch, but it's still like you're teaching so that you can absolutely just feel like you have that space to just talk about your offer in the most authentic way. Now, let's talk about that. Because I know that pitching and selling is just something that again, creates a lot of negative emotions for people. And when I ask people what comes up, when I say selling, I get things like nerves achiness, fear, avoidance, literally, these are the words that you guys have given me, I asked you ask you this question in our live events. And I really want to change that trajectory for you. Because ultimately, selling is serving. And if you are not selling, then you are not going to be able to create the transformations at the deepest level that you do desire. Now, again, your content, your free content will create incredible experiences for your audience. But you and I both know that the biggest transformations happen inside of your containers inside of your paid containers. And when you show up in service to your audience, thinking about who you need to be in what you need to be doing in order to create the biggest transformation not only for your audience, your potential clients, but you, you right, because you're not in this just to help other people. Right, selfishly, we're all in it for our own reasons to, when you step into that bold version of you, and you drop all the way into service, and selling which these two are the same in my mind, you completely elevate yourself, you completely

Kinsey Machos:

show up as the category leader because it gives other people permission to step into their most authentic selves to ask for the things that they want to do the things they want to do, and ultimately change their life. Right? This is all what likes that's what selling is. Selling is change management. Selling is serving selling is transferring he like selling is the highest form of serving when you do it. Wow. Now we've all had those really awful experiences of you know, walking onto a car lot and getting totally bombarded by all the salesman, or like being in in even a sales call with somebody else where they're pushing you to buy and you're like I don't, I kind of was thinking about it, then but I am absolutely totally turned off by you. Because you're pushing me, selling is not about making people buy something they don't want. Selling is giving all of the information you possibly can to your potential clients so that they can make the best decision that's an alignment to their future. Now a lot of your people though, the problem is, they haven't gotten the result that they want not because they don't really know how most of your highest quality buyers, if you think about a high end buyer, somebody that is an investor right they invest to solve their problems, their pain, you know, housekeepers clean house, because they value time over over money. They are, you know, seeing a functional practitioner because they want to invest in their hormone health, their brains, you have people that are buying books, because they want to invest in their learning you have, you know, your your premium buyers are already investing their time, money and energy to solve the problems that they have. And it's not necessarily that they don't know how is a lot of times, it's just they don't understand the gap. And they just need help filling that gap. And of course, you helping them see your unique pathway is going to create more of that desire and demand towards you and your offer. But a lot of times, they're just getting in their own way. We're all in our own way. And it's really less about like what you're doing and it's shifting, you know, your highest level results are going to come from your highest level thoughts. And so when you can help your clients really just see the gap and help them see that in order to do things they never done before. Right create the results they've never created before. It's about thinking differently. And this is simply even showing write a new path your pathway to the results you help them get which is which is likely unique then how they're used to seeing or even helping them see that they have everything they already need, right to create the results they want. It's just a matter of shifting, you know a few things here and there but ultimately, really, really going all in on This stage of the launch to give your offer the attention and awareness it deserves. And also giving your people all the information they need to make the best possible decision. And so all even say like, I want you to be a hell yes or a hell no, this isn't about just sort of being indecision I want you to experience and walk away with a firm decision, because the worst thing that you could do that I could do that any of our potential clients could do is be in the gray, and never make decisions. And a lot of people, a lot of our people, a lot of our ideal clients, a lot of your ideal claims. One of the things that they one of the biggest reasons they haven't gotten what they want it as it relates to weight loss, or relationships or business is because they haven't made decisions in alignment to what they want. They keep making decisions in regards to the current circumstances of today. And all they know, is what got them here. And you have to take them to that next step. And you have to give them the information they need to make that next step and help them see that it's time to make new decisions and alignment to your future. And it's important that you, it's gonna feel like overselling. Right, I want you to oversell, we're over selling in context to, again, putting out all the cards, we're giving out all the cards on the table, it's like, I want to give you everything you need to make a decision whether that's a yes or no. And that means we're really, really helping them, see the details of the program, what it's going to help them do, and help them see what might get in the way from them making a really great decision. So we're overcoming objections, knowing the biggest limiting factors that are your ideal clients are coming up against it's hitting a wall, right. So an example of this is we know that in order to grow to multiple six figures, you have to not grow your audience, you just have to go deeper with the audience you already have. And create this marking machine that's going to help you really turn up the dial on your message and start to attract and enroll clients in volume. And we know this because we see it time and time again, we did it and our clients are doing it. And we know that one of the biggest objections people have in this stage is like they're focused on all the wrong things. They think they needed a bigger following in order to grow to multiple six figures. But we're here to say that you don't need any of that. And we show stories that demonstrate, Hey, you don't need a bigger following, you just need a more dialed in message, you just need a more dialed in marketing machine, you just need to write really a dial in your live launch method, you just need to dial in your scale of offer whatever that looks like. But what I'm trying to share is your people have objections about your niche about your industry about you about your particular offer. And as we move into the offer invitation, even to the post launch strategy, which we're going to talk about in the next episode, you have to overcome those objections that is selling. And you have to really, really firmly believe in your heart and in your mind, that your offers the best possible solution for them. Because they're there they came, if you have an aligned launch event with your offer, then you've already pulled out your premium clients. They're all there. And so even if they say like we'll hear a lot of times, I'm not ready for this. Well, that doesn't really match up with the actions, right. And so what we know is that we actually didn't do our job demonstrating the full value because they came to that launch event, we get a lot to like, I'm already in a program, or do you have a coach? And so it's like, well, why did you there's a reason you can lose launch event, there was something that was missing in your life or your business that attracted you to this launch event. And so we actually don't really believe that, again, we believe it. And that's what people will even trick themselves into believing. But it's an objection, there's something underneath that's preventing them from ultimately making the purchase from you has nothing to do with whether or not they have another coach because again, they came to this launch event because they're missing something. And so we have to really dig deep and figure out where there isn't a connection. It's either they don't believe in you, right meaning like they don't trust you. They don't trust your offer or they don't trust themselves. And so we have to really just knock over each of those dominoes so that you can have that ripple effect. And if we can overcome those objections, then the offer really does become a no brainer, especially after you've just spent time with them. Teaching about your methods, your concepts, your philosophy, right giving them that value. So this is why the lie launch process works so well is because all of these things, what normally would take 60 90 even years to move somebody through a sales cycle, right? We're overcoming objections we're going from, from No to like to trust. You know, sometimes that can take a long time. But when you execute this entire live launch process in its full entirety and also do it, well, you're, you're doing it all at once. And that is why it's so powerful. But this offer imitation stage, when you're moving to the pitch, when you're really inviting them to experience deeper level transformations with you. And alongside of you. We are ultimately, it's all here, right? It's like this is my offer, this is who it's for, this is what it does it, this is you if right, this is for you if this is not for you. And we're really dropping into that. So some details that come up a lot inside of launch, like a queen is when people don't know what their call to action should be. And so when we pitch, or close out the pitch, right, we've demonstrated our offer, we're taking questions, etc, you have a call to action. It's a Enroll now, book a call apply. Now there's several different calls to action. And this is really going to depend on the price point of your offer, how skilled you are in your selling.

Kinsey Machos:

How long the offer has been in the industry. And really the rhythm around the messaging around it your buyer, like there's so many factors that go into what your call to action should ideally be. Now you can do whatever you want. But if you want to really set yourself up for success, that it's important to understand these elements and how they play into the type of call to action. So I just had a client today on one of our launch Lego Queen calls, and she's gearing up for her masterclass and she was taught she came from, you know, another program and was taught like the traditional webinar style, like super pitchy, also really out of integrity out of alignment, really not her voice. And so this new method for creating her masterclass has been really fun to watch her lean into that. And we are talking about that call to action and like what her process ideally would look like to not only serve her claims at the best possible level, but also to lean into her and fine tuning how she wants to show up. And initially, it was like, apply now. And then if your application is approved, we'll send you a link to join. Now we did that on our first launch like a queen cohort. And at the time, when we first brought this to market, it was a 40 $100 offer. And so for like a 5k offer to do no sales call, that's pretty risky traditionally, right? Traditionally, what we see is anything under 2k, even 3k, you can get away without a sales call. But again, it depends on the maturity of you, as a CEO, not a coach, this has nothing to do with your expertise. It's the marketing and the selling behind it, which is a skill that most of you have to fine tune because again, a lot of you didn't go in to entrepreneurship to become a better marketer, or a better seller. But that is what you have learned you need to do, because that's a part of the process that is a part of the role of a CEO, when it's only you, eventually, you'll have a marketing unit, you'll have a sales unit, you'll have an operations unit. And you don't have to do a lot of that. But right now you wear all the hats, most of them. And so when you are developing that skill, the best way is to get on a call with somebody, a sales page will convert less than 3% cells call will converge, you know, 50 to 70%, you will will see like a much higher, especially after you work with our sales expert. But so we want to set ourselves up for success when we're really starting to develop our skills in marketing and selling and pitching. So it's like remove as many barriers as you can. And what I recommended to our client is since she was really starting to get momentum in her offer and dial up that really dial it up, if you will, or throw volume is to have the application and then immediately book a call. So I love the application if you know who you like who your ideal client is. And also I think that you know, I'm a big promoter of like, we don't just take anybody in everybody for clients. We have like for us, right? For depending on the offer for launch like a queen. We have very specific qualifications for that offer. And so we're looking very closely at the application now for 10k Calm Tank loading that is not designed to only be for you if you have certain qualifications, right? That is like how we want to get you in and just help you as best as possible to get faster results and get you, you know those foundations and moving through, like everything you need to know in a short time as possible. So you can actually get results. And so again, it depends on your offer. But really, the application just lets people know that you're, you know, who you're looking for you're selective and who you want to work with. And also, it helps them just prepare, it's like, there's prep work, you know, when you see a doctor, or when you sign up for a massage, even right, you have to fill out paperwork. And so it's just really helping them see that that's part of your process, you're busy, your business owner, your CEO, and you have processes that are going to create optimal results, not just for you, but your potential clients. So we can go back to this example is like,

Kinsey Machos:

I didn't recommend to her to just have the application and then you know, if your application is approved, send the link to info or send the link to buy. Because right now she doesn't even have a fully fleshed out sales page, because that is not what I wanted for her yet. And again, you're noticing, right, we're just building in the layers based on the season, you're in the maturity you're in. And like if you are spending all this time creating these assets you don't have you're not serving your audience, you're not getting clients. And so I'm very selective of like, what we want to add in as far as the layers of your live launch and the layers of your marketing machine. To get you optimal results as you grow right now her next launch, right, we might add in one of those components or create a more elevated experience on her sales page, if you will. But right now it's application book call. And so her call to action in her offer invitation when she's pitching her offer, right? It's like if you want it or if you want this thing, right if you want to join now, if you want to work with me, your next step is to apply now, right after you apply, you'll get a link to book a call with me. And that is when we go deeper into the details of the offer and whether or not this is a good fit for you. And so we're telling them, we're telling them the process. People underestimate the power in process, when people know what's coming, and they understand what next steps are and they have a clearer picture of like what to do is like the best marketing ever. So a lot of people really leave it's like all in their head and so it makes sense to them. But when you look at say like an opt in page when people are building their masterclass opt in page, and it says like free masterclass do it now and there's like no dates, there's no time, there's really no details of like, is it virtual as an in person, it's like, because we have it all in our head. And most of these things, things seem basic to us, we leave them out in that communication process. But you have to over communicate the details. And this is no different than in your offer imitation. So we're pitching the offer, we're letting them know what it is who it's for what it does, right, the highlights of it, which we can help you extract but then we're telling them this is what next steps are. That's your call to action. And the rest of the experience, right from the offer invitation to the post launch strategy, which we'll talk about in the next episode is giving them all the information they need to make a decision and also continuing to give them that call to action, this same call to action throughout. It doesn't change. It's the same and it's going to feel like you're redundant, but it's totally okay. And so this is speaking, this is selling from stage again, it's virtual. It's like this is the skill that you must master in order to have a six seven figure business for life. I was just telling my clients inside of launch a queen this morning is that you are not just launching you are not just pitching, you are really fine tuning and developing that speaking skill which is going to serve you so well as a coach as a leader as a category disrupter, right. And I know most of you desire to speak on stage most of you desire to have thousands of people in front of you or serve a bigger audience. And when you think about really amplifying that reach, this is the skill you have to master and most people avoid it like the plague just like just general selling and so it keeps people stuck. It keeps people playing small. But when you can actually take this as your this is your challenge. This is your responsibility. In how great can you be at pitching how great can you be at selling right? Because ultimately when you can sell from stage and do it in the most authentic, genuine and powerful way. Oh my gosh, right, everything's going to change for you. I look at my, my evolution of my own skills. And the first time that I did even like a live video. And, again, you know, that's a virtual stage thousands of people watching, I was so awkward. And then I think about my first masterclass, and I had no friggin idea what I was doing. Right. All I knew is what I was seeing other people do. And really like, I could find my voice, I could, you know, speak I could hear it, I could feel it come out, but like, I could not control anything I was saying it was such a nervous wreck. And even you know, rewind all the way back to my corporate days, when I had literal public speaking anxiety, and I had to deliver, you know, presentations in front of boards and in front of big, you know, large scale leadership teams. And I would block out I was like pitting out and black. Like, I could forget everything that I said, my voice was super shaky, I was really unsure of myself. But over time that's developed and grown, and I am such a natural speaker. And what it has given me is the gift of even, you know, becoming a better coach really becoming a better mentor, and be able to really, you know, make faster decisions really filter through sort of the noise and make that come out in a way that's compelling. Like, there's so much there's so many benefits to you really fine tuning this skill, it's, it's more than just an offer invitations more than just a pitch, like, you have no idea when you really lean into this process, although it's going to be the thing that makes you the most uncomfortable likely, if you're like, you know, 99% of our clientele. It is, you know, the first handful of times, or even more than that, right, it's going to feel not very natural, it's going to be feel a little uncomfortable. But it's such a valuable skill that you have to have in order to really disrupt your industry and really climb to that top. So the fermentation is incredible. It's it's the transitional point in the whole life launch experience, it's your opportunity to really show up as that leader for other people, and show them the way and double down on your message and the conviction behind it. And really, really, really help your audience make the best possible decision by giving them everything they need to do that. And so, inside of launch, I get queen, we have Pitch Perfect sessions with our sales expert, and we're getting I mean, she is literally a genius. And every time that our clients have a call with her, they're just like, they walk away. Literally mind blown. I told her the other day, I was like, because they were asking for more sessions with her. And I was telling her that it was like I'm, you know, I'm just chopped liver at this point. But it feels so good that our clients can get served in that way. And ultimately, it's not just me, it is not just me that creates this experience for our clients, right? It's it's my team, it's the layers of expertise that we have built within the company. And I don't want to be the only person. You know, in that process, I want it to be a really comprehensive experience. So that's how we really help you fine tune is these Pitch Perfect sessions. And then you learn the methodology behind it you obviously learning from me is sort of the overall process, but going really, really deeper with her and having that access to her to ask questions is really incredible. So we have specific training within launch like a queen that helps you really transition into that offer invitation and how to deliver that in a more powerful way. But ultimately, the biggest thing you can do for yourself, and you don't have to hire anybody or purchase anything, but it's really just leaning into this as uncomfortable as it might feel and give your offer the attention it deserves. And give your audience the best possible chance to really make write the best decision to align to their future desires. So I hope you enjoy this now. In our last episode, Vipers series last 1/5 We're talking about the post-launch sequence. And this is ultimately where the conversions come in. Right. So all this point up tonight, up the mountain now we're starting to descend and you're going to see obviously the natural curve down, right, people are dropping off people are deciding not to buy etc, etc. But this is where the rubber hits the road. And you allow people to say yes, and you have a process behind it that can bring on people right in in that volume. But mostly, you are wrapping up strong. And unfortunately I see so many people close out way too early, and they have no idea that they're leaving so much money on the table. So the last episode we're going to talk about the post-launch strategy what that look Some deals like and what it does, and also the biggest mistakes to avoid. So we'll see you tomorrow. Hey, you, thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like-minded entrepreneurs all over the world. But my most favorite part is being able to connect with you in real life. If you love what you heard here, head over to the community where thousands of female CEOs, just like you are changing the world one human at a time. We go deeper into the topics you discuss here and give away tangible roadmaps to help you crush your revenue goals to join this high-caliber free community head over to A see you there

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