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02:22 I cannot believe this summer is already over and the kids are going back to school next week at the time of this recording. 

02:45 I would like to share more. My husband is a traditional military and enlisted in the Air Force.  

02:58 But then he went full-time into entrepreneurship and started his insurance agency. 

03:15 He still has some obligations during the summer and the potential of being deployed but it’s not as high

03:25 We still get incredible benefits and perks through the military. One of the things that they do once in a while is these family bonds, experiences. 

04:10 They will be hosting another one, this time for the whole family. It was in a limited capacity but we still had made it in basically. 

05:04 This is where we’re going this weekend, Up to the mountains and we’re staying at a legit camp. 

06:05 One of the things on my list in our next big investment is going to be a lake house. 

06:37 When I come back from the mountains or by the waters, I have so much more peace and gain so much more clarity. 

07:45 But now I’m ready, I am ready to grind in the best way and it’s gonna be good! 

08:18 One of my zones of genius is I have a very different way of thinking about group coaching programs and scalable offers. 

09:45 I want to speak from the lens of what I see traditionally in the industry. 

10:50 In today’s conversation, I will highlight what that looks and feels like, and invite you to think differently about this season of helping more people through a scalable offer. 

11:53 I find that the more we challenge our clients to think like a CEO, the higher level the problems that they can solve. 

13:35 Like in a group coaching program, in most cases the reason is valid and fine, but what happens is we lose sight of the idea of the right results. 

14:58 How you structure your programs, the prices, the packaging, and all of that will 100% be infused with your particular desires for your life.  

16:12 You should always be thinking of getting your clients the best and fastest results. When we think about that, it will be an element of figuring things out as you go. 

18:30 Groupthink is a common symptom of corporate where everybody starts thinking alike because you spend so much time together.  

19:37 When we solve the right problems, what happens is we become better decision-makers, we become better critical thinkers, and this is when innovation starts to take place. 

21:02 I invite you to ask yourself the question, how do I get out of that and start thinking differently?

21:33 Think about group coaching programs and scalable offers from the context of helping more clients get bigger and faster results. 

22:48 In our Launch Like A Queen clients and our Female Founders Board clients, know their clients better than their clients know themselves. 

25:07 I would like to invite you to explore this brand new training, how to rethink group coaching programs and create scalable offers your clients will love. 

25:52 I’ve been sitting in this content and finessing it for this masterclass to make it power packed without giving so much because again, it’s a very big topic.  

26:45 This masterclass is totally free. In fact, if you join us live, you will get my bonus six-figure launch playbook.

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Kinsey Machos, a Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen, and heard online.

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that.

As a wife and a mom of three, the family takes priority. And having a business that’s run AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos 

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high-paying clients using my breakthrough online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in. Hey, welcome back, I am pumped, I am so excited to be here. We've actually had a couple MVP episodes come out over the last couple of weeks, which means I haven't been recording in my usual timeline, which is kind of nice. But to be honest, I could never get burned out from podcasting. And one of my favorite things to do is just sit up here to the mic and really speak into your ears and your hearts. And it's one of my most favorite things to do. But it was kind of nice, not having the deadlines, I will tell you as we grow bigger, and as my team grows, you know, the deadlines become more rigid, and I have a really hard time meeting deadlines. My ADHD brain really only likes to do things when it wants to. It needs a little bit of that urgency and scarcity to actually bring things to fruition. And so these deadlines, absolutely do that. But I also, there's some resistance that comes up. That is not the topic of today, though. And I could probably record a whole episode about my brain, and procrastination, and how I've had to really install new processes and parameters to be able to get things done in a timely manner. Because it's not just beam, other people are relying on me. So all that to say, I'm excited to be recording, and we are on literally the last week of summer, and it's insane. I cannot believe this summer is already over kids go back to school next week at the time of this recording. And we have one last weekend getaway coming up, it's actually kind of funny, I will share more. I would love to actually, depending on the experience, who knows, it could be completely dry or boring and nothing really to share. But I doubt that's the case. But it's really fascinating. You know, my husband is a traditional military. So he, when he enlisted in the Air Force, he went down a path of active duty and did several years active duty. But then when he went full time into entrepreneurship and started his insurance agency, he went to traditional, which means you are still your Air Guard, but you do one weekend, a month and then a couple you know some you have some obligations during the summer. And then you additionally you know, you still have the potential of deploying, but it's not as high. All that to say we still get really incredible, you know, benefits and perks through the military. And one of the things that they do once in a while is these family bonds, experiences. And probably four or five years ago, they did a retreat for couples. And we had so much fun, it was so amazing. They brought in like a psychologist, they brought in these different experts. And we had such an incredible time we learned really amazing things about each other. And this was even when we were in the back, I think like we were in the thick of our careers. This was probably seven or eight years ago, I say four or five. But I think now it's like much. Wow, time flies Anywho. They're hosting another one, but it's for the full family. It was limited capacity. And so when they basically sent out a request for like interest, you put your name in, and it's not guaranteed that you'll get a spot. It's kind of like a random draw or whatever. So he had got this notification that they're hosting this retreat for like this family bonds organization that we really appreciated. They were doing this thing for the full family. And he was like, Should we put our name and I was like, Sure why not. And literally knowing nothing about it other than our just previous experience. And then we had made it in basically. And I still don't know the full details. I my husband sent me a an agenda even just earlier this week, and I barely looked over it. And so I don't really know what we signed up for. But that's what we're doing This weekend, we're going up to the mountains in one of our favorite locations, which is really cool. But we're staying at a legit like, camp. So like where your kids go to camp, like we have several different locations up in the mountains where even my kids like for a week, they go up there. And there's these cabins, right and these huge lodge experiences. And that's where we're staying. And there's like, you know, these bond exercises and things. I don't know, I'm here for it. And I'm looking forward to it. But also kind of just not sure. But that's what we're doing. And that's sort of the wrap up of the summer, we have been traveling like crazy, and it's really amazing. And all of it is really, I've noticed even I was looking at some of my content and planning some of my content coming out. And even like some of the video footage that I've gotten, it's all outdoors in the mountains, and I'm just so or by the water. And I'm realizing I'm so that person, one of the things on my list at like, our next big investment is going to be a lake house 100% My husband would prefer an investment property like in the middle of nowhere. Like, where there's no water where he can hunt. And I'm like, No, we need to get somewhere where there's water, but all that to say, I there's just so much to be said, I've been studying a lot about outdoors and mother nature and just how rejuvenating it is. And when I come back from the mountains, when I'm by water, I just have so much more peace, and I just gained so much more clarity. And so anyway, we are headed back up to the mountains this week. But it's one last final hurrah before the kids go to school. And then we're back into fall, kids started sports. And here we are, it's going to be a really full season for us. And we also have a really big season of business coming and I'm so ready for it. I have had a summer where yeah, I've been working, obviously. But it's been more, it's been really more of like pocket work, just doing what I can do in the pockets of time that I have, and allowing the flexibility to do what we want to do as a family. But also just you know, I'm the go to four, when kids want to ride somewhere. And like, you know, obviously, they're here, they're here in the home. And so and I like it that way that is that is how I've designed it. That's what I want. And it's been a really good season. And now I'm but now I'm ready, I am ready to freakin grind in the best way. And it's gonna be good. But all that to say, I am actually here to talk to you about group coaching programs, we have been working on brand new training. And it's something that I obviously weave in and out of our content. It's something that we have a huge focus on with our clients. But I'm really excited to bring more of this content to the market. It's one of my zone of genius is it I have a very different way of thinking about group coaching programs and scalable offers. And

Kinsey Machos:

even in the work that we've been doing in our company behind the scenes to elevate our own experiences and really think about where the market is headed and where the gap is that we want to cover. And especially when it comes to carving out our category of one, like when we think about really dominating and capturing uncontested space, what does that look and feel like? And I just have a very different perspective than most people have in this industry. And I have gained this clarity this summer, right. I know that it's a zone I know that designing and launching and growing, offers coaching offers programs services, streamlining them. I know that's been my zone of genius. But I, I suppose I just had this realization that I don't talk about it enough. And even though it is part of a pillar in our high end mastermind, I still haven't weaved it into more of the educational piece when it comes to really educating you and educating our audience around what this actually means and what you need to be thinking about when it comes to growing and scaling both your income and your impact. Right. So traditionally, and I want to speak from the lens of what I see traditionally in the industry, based on just observing like peripherally what I see other industry leaders doing and or maybe not even leaders just like mass people. Just kind of this copy and paste to business mentality, like, we're just recruiting a lot of the same type of business models when it comes to coaching. And so I want to speak through that lens of like what I'm seeing peripherally peripherally. But also, what I'm hearing from clients, right. And again, these obviously go hand in hand, because there is this mass, mass trend ish, or like the mass media that everybody is kind of like getting wrapped up into. And what it's doing is actually suppressing a lot of the innovation and losing, it's keeping people very, very distracted. And so I want to talk more about that. I want to continue to talk more about it. But in today's conversation, really starting to highlight what that looks and feels like and really inviting you to think differently about this season of helping more people through a scalable offer. So if you haven't heard me talk about a scalable offer, I have a couple episodes where I introduced this concept, I'll link them up into the show notes. But you know, obviously, it's very straightforward. A scalable offer is a program or a service that can help people that you can scale with, they can help more than one person at a time. Right. So it's really that one to many type of container. But it can also I want, and this is where we really want to open it up. It's also not necessarily meaning, again, a group coaching program. And so this is where I invite you to really shift your thinking, and open you up to new ways of operating not just as a coach or consultant, but as CEO. And I find that the more that we challenge our clients to think like a CEO, the more opportunities that come the higher level problems that they solve for, and therefore the higher level results that they're getting. And so when we think of what we see traditionally, in this idea of group coaching program, again, group coaching is a form of a scalable offer, right, just one form of it. But you will generally see more people talk about having a group coaching program, then just a general scalable offer. So I'll circle back to that thought. But what I see traditionally is either people come into the market, and they they catch on to this idea of a group coaching program because it was sold to them. And I hear a lot of like, well, I don't really have time. So I need to start a group coaching program. So I can help more, more than one person at a time, right? I hear this a lot from people that are working.

Kinsey Machos:

They already have a job. And so they decide that, well, in order to grow faster, I'm going to launch a group coaching program, so I can, you know, Coach more people in less time. And then the other thing that I hear the most is, well, nobody can afford my one to one. And so the thinking is I'm going to launch a group coaching program that's less expensive. And then I think the other sort of popular way that we see this is more around the community is like, well, I want people to have community as part of my offer. And so that is why I've chosen a group coaching program. So all of these are in some, in most cases, very valid, and, and fine. But what happens is we lose sight of sort of the idea of right results. So let's not forget, right? When we think of why we do what we do, it's to help somebody get a result. Okay. And sometimes selfishly, we can go into that model through the lens of what's in it for me. And this is not, this is also not even a conscious decision sometimes. And I know most of you just like me, like sometimes we would over deliver or over give to just really serve our clients, right. So this is nothing to say that you're a selfish person or we're selfish people. But it is sort of this subconscious pattern that we see of like designing, design, designing programs or skipping steps with the intention of to serve you first and now again, you should be prioritizing yourself and your desires and your lifestyle and really building your business around that right. And that will come into play. When you think about the type of business you have the type of model you have the type of ascension plan you have for your clients, how you structure your programs, the prices, the packaging, all of that will 100% be infused with your particular desires for your life. However, if we skip the foundation of what's in it for them, and prioritizing the result, we lose that foundation. And it becomes sort of a chase and this rat race of unclear frantic, very hustle II type of action. And so if you're experiencing that, if you feel like you're, it's a constant grabby scenario when we're chasing unqualified leads, and we're taking on misfit clients, this could potentially be the cause of that. So if we go back to this idea of why we do what we do, there is obviously fundamentally the purpose that it serves us and the life style that we desire within that. But when it comes to the client, what we want to think about and not forget is like, how I help them do the thing, right? How do I get my client the best and fastest results, that is always how we want to be thinking. And generally, when we think about that, it will be an element of figuring things out as you go. Right? Especially from the beginning, but also just evolving, and mastering and fine tuning your own skill, set your own knowledge, in conjunction to write the delivery of your program. But when it comes to scalable offers, or say, your group coaching program, instead of asking yourself, How do I help more people? Right, it should be the question of how do I get more of my clients the best and fastest results without working longer hours? Okay. So this is the difference when we think about if we kind of remove this idea of a quote unquote, group coaching program, and we think about a scalable offer. The question comes from how do I get one of my clients? How do I get one person the best and fastest results, and we shift into a scalable model where it comes? Where it becomes the question of how do I get more of my clients the best and fastest results without working longer hours, that is the constraint we build around. And if we really prioritize that question, and we solve for that problem, when we design our scalable offers, you will start to think about your delivery, your curriculum, your community, your coaching, you will think about all of that so much differently, in context of your scalable offer versus coming into this idea. And again, this mainstream mass of creating a quote unquote, group coaching program, because too often, I see people just again, emulating what they see, I'm just going to slap together some videos, throw up a Facebook group and add weekly live coaching. Again, this could potentially be a first iteration of something if you're still growing and really fine tuning that. But I also believe if we continue to have that groupthink type of energy, right, we're just kind of like all if you haven't heard of groupthink, this is such a common symptom of corporate, where everybody starts thinking alike, because you spend so much time together, and everybody's just sort of like in this incest of same ideas, same beliefs, because you spend so much time together, and you all convince each other, that this one thing is the best way or this is the belief. And what you lose is that innovation, you lose the creativity, you lose even the friction, right of disagreement, there is so much beauty and disagreement, because what we're doing is we're looking at things from so many different angles versus just accepting one thing is the truth. And I think that ironically, groupthink is so alive in this sort of group coaching model era of just kind of creating the same same of their own mentors, right, or being told that this is the fastest way to grow, or, again, coming through the lens of like, well, I want to help more people. But we're losing sight of what are the constraints within that. And so I think that when we solve for the right problems, what happens is we become better decision makers, we become better critical thinkers. And this is when the innovation starts to really take place. And I will tell you, there is no better time than now to really think about where's the gap in my market and how can I bring more creativity and innovation to this gap so that I can start to think about a category of one. The industry is so saturated now, that is not to say that it is there's less opportunity, because there's actually way more opportunity. But you have to understand that with saturation becomes market sophistication. And then again, if you layer in some of these other economic layers, or economic factors, right, we have just more complexity when it comes to marketing and selling, not to say you have to work harder, or you are not going to be successful, but it will have absolutely require you to think differently, then your mentor than your neighbor than your friend, right, then the mainstream market. Every buddy is really I shouldn't say everybody that's very general. But it's really this sort of same same thinking, and how do you I invite you to ask yourself the question, how do I get out of that and start thinking differently. And so when it comes to sort of this group coaching era, and this huge lift of, you know, all these group coaching models just being repeated over and over again, I want to invite you to first think of not even the context of a group coaching group, and again, that we love group coaching programs, right in their, the way that they're designed, and, and all of that, it's not that you shouldn't have a group coaching program. But I think when you think not about the group coaching program, and you think about a scalable offer, from the context of how do I help more of my clients get bigger and faster results. Without working longer hours, you build in new constraints, but you open yourself up to way more ideas, way more ideas came. And when you start to solve for new problems with those certain constraints, you will have really healthy parameters to problem solve within. But you will 100% be thinking differently than everybody else.

Kinsey Machos:

And so I invite you, again, I think I've said invite probably a handful times through this episode, because I think it's just like, I feel so pulled and called to send you that invitation in thinking differently. And not just creating something because it worked for your friend, we're not just creating something because your mentor told you you should. But nobody knows better than you do when it comes to the results you create for your clients. Now, that wouldn't apply to you obviously, if you're a newer coach, and you've never done that before. But really, if you like I think of my launch, like a queen clients and our female founders were clients, they freaking know their clients better than their clients know themselves. And as much as I come, you know, we just had a really fun call today with her clients and brainstorming some innovative ways to host a masterclass in different topics and how we really marry the art and science of desire, and pain and pleasure. And it was just like, so, so amazing. And I walk them through my own creative process, when I'm thinking about these things, and having them see me do that was really valuable for them and in helping them extract their own best ideas. And that is so powerful, right? I will always have my own mentor for that. And it's so powerful when you have mentors and coaches to help you extract your best ideas and guide you. But at the end of the day, and I think about my own clients, they know their people the best. And so it's constantly checking in with themselves right and saying, Does this make sense for me? Does this make sense for my business model? Does this make sense for my people? Right? And, again, I'll ask yourself the question, Will this get them the fastest best results, right in less time without me working harder. And that's the constraint for scalable offers. Now, if you're just one to one coaching, and you're still kind of getting off the ground, right, you don't necessarily need to worry about working more, because you shouldn't, if you don't have a huge clientele, yet, there shouldn't be a lot that you're doing. And you shouldn't have to worry about working a ton of hours. But there is this threshold when you become at capacity, right? You're filling up your coaching practice, you're filling up your consulting practice, and those one to one clients do take up a lot of time, right? And so the new constraint becomes well, how do I do this? Right? Because you have a new ceiling, right you become is you realize you're kind of at capacity, you have a new ceiling. And so you have a new constraint to build in, which is, well how do I help more people without working harder, right, which becomes sort of the insert of the scalable offer, which in a lot of cases is not a traditional group coaching program that is not necessarily the answer. And so I just invite you to explore what that might look like for you. But here's what's so cool in this brand new training, how to rethink group coaching programs and create scalable offers your clients will love. I will be going over more in depth about what this looks and feels like and how we think about scalable offers, and really how to design and structure a really vibrant and high engaging client community. I again love this topic so much. And as I've been really outlining what I have so much to say on this. And so it's been me like kind of filtering and filtering out some of the fluff maybe or just like hitting the more important parts a little bit harder. So I've been really sitting in this content and finessing it for this masterclass to make it really, really power packed without giving so much because again, it's a very big topic, we spend so many months designing offers with our clients, right when it comes to even launching them the further first time, all the way to fine tuning and scaling and streamlining, putting systems around them to ensure you get yourself out of the weeds. Like there's just so much there. But in this masterclass, I'm gonna go over really the fundamentals of a scalable offer, and how do you get clients lining up to work with you because the truth is, the biggest piece here is you have to have the demand. There's no point in optimizing for volume, if you are struggling to have even, you know, to get clients. And so it is a formula. There's an equation there. And we're going to talk about that on this masterclass, it's totally for free. And in fact, if you join us live, you will get my bonus of the six figure launch playbook. It's like this really juicy, I've never, this is brand new. I've basically taken all of our six figure launch secrets and put them into a playbook. And it's totally for free if you join us live and stay to the end. So I invite you to that masterclass, you can get the link in the show notes. Again, we're going over how to create scalable offers your clients will love because here's the other cool part is I want you to sit in the idea that if you grow because I think this is the other thing. The biggest thing which I'll go deeper in on the masterclass is the belief that the quality of the services you provide your clients goes down when you start to scale or when you start to put scalable offers around it or when you become less available, right. And I cannot wait to show you how that's actually not true. And the bigger you grow the actually the more impact you have. And it's really, really powerful. So we're going to talk about that all in the master class. I'd love to see you there. But in the meantime, I'd love for you to just explore what this looks like for you. And really this idea of innovation, and how you can really create more, let some ideas flow through you and just power yourself to think differently about the industry and ask yourself where you could really bring new innovative solutions to the market that are not there yet. So I hope to see you at the masterclass and I will see you next time. Bye, my friend. Hey, you, thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like-minded entrepreneurs all over the world. But my most favorite part is being able to connect with you in real life. If you love what you heard here, head over to the community where thousands of female CEOs just like you are changing the world one human at a time. We go deeper into the topics we discuss here and giveaway tangible roadmaps to help you crush your revenue goals to join this high-caliber free community head over to I’ll see you there

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