My Company’s Vision for 2022 & Lessons Learned from 2021

The New Year has arrived and that means ensuring that the vision for the upcoming year is clear and easily understood by all. Over the course of this episode, Kinsey shares her vision for her own company as well as gives you some strategies to help you clarify your own. She also dives into the lessons learned over 2021 that are going to help make 2022 even more successful. 

Do not miss these highlights:

02:13 – When you pause and take time to reflect on how far you’ve grown just in the last year, you will be surprised at how far you’ve come

04:28 – We all get to define what success means, the difference is just the consistency and repetition behind that

05:45 – A longer journey is okay; we’re all exactly where we’re meant to be

06:52 – The importance of hitting a revenue goal is not to focus only on money rather it is an objective data point that tells us whether we’re on track or not

09:40 – The intention of setting the goal is to become the person that hits the goal

10:45 – One of the biggest transitions you can make is shifting from a personal brand to more of a company based mission

21:21 – Have a vision for what your year looks like, understand the goals within there, and task yourself to hit those sub-goals

28:47 – When you get super disciplined and focus on growing the one thing, the byproduct of that is exponential. Don’t undervalue the ripple effect.

32:38 – Create more space for yourself to anchor in the possibility of the vision of what’s coming and make sure that it feels right for you.

38:34 – When we don’t get the results we want, we think that there’s something wrong with the strategy, but it’s never about the strategy.

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:

Hey, you all welcome back to another episode of Captivate and Close. This is so fun. Because while you haven't probably noticed, because we've been producing podcast episodes, every week, we had to do some bulk recording at the beginning of the month just to get us through holidays, and really allow ourselves to take a step back. And so it's the first time coming back to the mic in like, I don't know, three or four weeks, which feels crazy, but so fun. We are fresh in the new week in the new year. This is so fun. This is one of my favorite times of the year. And I definitely don't buy into the hype of like, New Year new you. But I do love the intentionality behind a fresh start. Right? I think that if we consistently or if we, if we were to just like continuously roll over into the years without sort of this, like start and stop reflection, we would never take the time to really look back and look forward right and set the intentionality I know everybody's like, well, you know, you fail by February or whatever. And we we actually have a lot of training around around that we talk a lot about what it means to hit goals and what it means to strive towards those goals. But it's never about the goal itself. It's really about who you become in setting those goals. And when you take the time, whether that's you know, heading into the new year or right when the New Year kicks off, to just pause and reflect on how far you've grown just in the last year, you wouldn't be so surprised at how how far you've come. You know, so often people think that Well, I didn't hit my revenue goal, or I didn't get this done, or I didn't leave my job, but isn't. So they see it as as a flop. But if I forced them to, like sit down and like really, really forced themselves to come up with wins, things start flowing, and they look at it. And they're like, oh my gosh, look at everything that I've accomplished. So I love this, I think that I'm a super committed and disciplined person. And so when I set my eye on something, I go for it. And I'm not sort of like a seasonal, you know, like, I'll be in all in for a couple months. And then I'll slide like I'm frickin all in all the time but of course is as far as seasons go, right? There's some Evan ebbing and flowing as far as high octane, low octane and things like that, which I talk about a lot.

Kinsey Machos:

But I really want to take this opportunity to share with you what my company vision is, and what not only what I'm excited about for this year to come. But also give you some insight into what is ahead for you as far as a listener, a member of our audience, a client even. And I want to do this because I want you to feel inspired, right? I know that whenever I get to hear my mentors talk about their their vision and their strategy, like it totally fires me up. I also want you to understand what's possible for you, right? Because I'm no different than you. And there's no like I I have a very unique, unique brilliance just like you do. But I'm where where we think about like what creates success, or what doesn't. And I use success very vaguely here, right? We all get to define what success means. The difference really is just the consistency and repetition behind that. And right committing to the journey of becoming and so I just want you to know that I just want you to feel inspired. I just want you to feel inspired. And I also want you to know if you are especially scaling pass a 10 20k Maybe 50k months this year, you'll really resonate With this episode, because you'll hear a lot about the infrastructure of what we're building now, and some new things that are coming. But if you're under 10k months, this will also be very relevant to you, because you'll be able to just get a, get some insight into what you should or should not be focused on for the year. But ultimately, I just want you to feel so inspired in what's possible for you, right? Because my business is such a baby business, right? We were a little over two years old, which is crazy to think, and we've had such accelerated growth and everything can change for you right, in in a very short period of time, which is exciting. But also, if you've had, say, a longer journey, know that that is okay, too. And we're all exactly where we're meant to be. But we also have to commit to taking four row or commit to taking action that is aligned with where we're wanting to go, right. And I, you've probably heard me talk about this a lot. But where we spin out is when we're taking action from a space of bad thoughts. Meaning this isn't working, or I need to try harder, or this won't work for me, because you know, XYZ, when we take action from that space, that will constantly create spinning. But when you constantly take action, from a space of this, everything is working for me, this is possible and operate from the space that your success is inevitable than 100%. Everything is just a matter of time. Not not, if but when okay. And so I think overall, it's just helpful to see how we think how we strategically plan out our year, what it looks like, and what's coming.

Kinsey Machos:

So the importance of having hitting a revenue goal is not to focus only on that money, right? What we know is we create businesses out of income and impact. But revenue is a very strong, objective data point that tells us whether we're on track or not. Now, again, there's a lot of, or there's a lot of stories that could go into that. Like, what if you don't hit your revenue goal? Does that mean that things aren't working? No, not necessarily. But we have to have something to measure against, and be able to reverse engineer that, right. So when you think of let's say, you want to hit 10k months, right? That's $120,000 a year, right. So if you were to think about how many claims you need to enroll with the current price of your offer, then it's gonna give you a very straightforward number of how many clients you need to enroll for the year. There is no arguing that there is no emotion in that data. It's a math equation. And so this is why it's so important. Like, we could wrap all the motion into what's working, what's not working, and trying to tell ourselves that we need to be doing all these other things. But at the end of the day, we have the data there that shows us if we're on target or not. Now we can make that mean a whole bunch of other things, right? If we're not on target, we could mean it, can we make it mean like we're not worthy enough or this isn't working? Right? That's where we start to spiral. But you really do have to stay in the space of this is working, right. So I won't go too deep into that. I feel like that's an entirely different discussion. But obviously, our first goal is revenue driven. And we plan to 5x, our revenue for 2022. Now, this might sound large or small, I don't even know right? It's all relative. But when we looked at all the numbers, and we looked at our offers, and we looked at our projections from 2021. So it's a very doable goal, although there is some portion of that that stretches us, right. So when I think of setting goals, I don't want to set a goal that I 100% know that I can achieve. Because if I already know that I that I can achieve it, then there's no part of me that has to grow from that. So a lot of times I'll hear this, this from clients, or even friends, or people in our audience is like, I'm afraid to set a goal or a revenue goal with the assumption that I will fail it right. And from the get go, like you're already setting yourself up for success. And so if you're setting goals, just so you can say you checked it off your list, you're missing the whole point, you're missing the whole point, right? The intention of setting the goal is so that you can become the person that hits the goal. And so when I think of that 5x revenue goal, it 100% pushes me outside of who I am today and into the person that that I need to become in order to hit that and that's what I Want to focus on, of course, I have the numbers to back it up, I and I, I have full understanding of the exact numbers behind that, which is, again, a very, very important piece of the puzzle. But most importantly, I understand that it from who I am today, and who am going to be on December 31 of 2022, there's going to be a huge contrast. And that is what I'm focused on, I want to grow, I want to grow into the person that hits those goals. Okay. So that is our first focus is that revenue goal. But within that, right, we have some sub goals, if you will, that will allow us to hit that and we have initiatives coming out that are going to completely elevate our company. Now, I say our company, because this is super huge, one of the biggest transitions that I've been feeling, and sensing and that is also like, really, really pushing me out of my comfort zone is shifting from an entrepreneur, personal brand, to more of a company based mission. Okay, so I have a full team of five. And a lot of times now, it's not like I help my clients, it's like we help our clients, right, we have a mission, we have principles that we operate under, we have an infrastructure, we are a company. Now there's a lot of things that there's obviously advantages to this. And one of the things that you really need to decide is this idea of building a lifestyle business versus a company that's built to scale, right? A lifestyle business is just hey, I want to make enough money to fund my hobbies or make enough just to get me buy or you know, have the impact. But if you're like me, who has big picture, vision, Empire vision, you know, large scale impact, this is when we start to set up the company for infrastructure. Now, I'm in my baby stages of this. But I will say that I have everybody, if I look at my team, I have everybody I need with the exception of maybe a few more support roles, that's going to help me scale to write that end of year revenue goal. And if I were to try to go out as a loan, I would will for when there was no way that I could hit that goal, but also what I would 100% burnout. And so the advantages of really transitioning from lifestyle business to a company that's set up to scale is I get to step more out of the parts of the business that I don't want to be involved in. And I create an infrastructure, a machine that runs without me being in the weeds of it. But also, it allows us to have a greater reach, right? It's not just Kinsey, it's not like just a Kinsey show. It's a company show and eventually, right? i If Heaven forbid anything were to happen to me, right? I could sell my business because it's the processes there. The pathways are there, the methods are there, the intellectual property is there, right? And you don't need me to be able to create results, they don't need me to be able to, you know, attracted enroll clients, they don't need me to create an impact. So that's exciting. That's one of the biggest polls, I've been feeling, you know, ending the year of 2021. And coming into 2022. If we're honest, it's one of the most anxiety inducing elements that I think I'm experiencing right now. Why? Well think about you know, if you think about the your clientele, and the pressures it can feel to, to, you know, help someone get results, or they're relying on you to get results or the responsibility that you have to your clients, like, take that into an exit, right? Because now I have a responsibility to my team. And the constant, you know, doubt, insecurity and fear of I'm not good enough for you know, clients or whatever is 100% coming up for my team as well. You know, a lot of times, like,

Kinsey Machos:

I have these thoughts, which are crazy, crazy thoughts, but this is how our brain operates, right? I have these thoughts that pop in, like, my team is gonna abandon me, right? I'm crazy. I'm not a good leader, you know, all the things. And so I've really, really had to take time to work through those thoughts and really think about what do I want to think, feel, and do and sad, so that I can continue to elevate my leadership skills and also create the space where my team thrives? Like, I don't want to just be a manager to people that support a business like I want to collectively leverage our genius to create impact, right? I want to elevate my team so that they're doing what they love. And they're performing at a level that they're excited about. And they have the balance in their life that they love. So that's exciting to me. But you know, on the other side of that, that those are some things that the pressure or the responsibility that comes up, so I'm constantly working myself through that, okay. So when we think about this transition, we're thinking about larger scale, when it comes to selling more of our offers, and what it needs to expand the brand vision. And, and, you know, little things like visibility and things like that, but one of our core goals is launching a new offer. Now, depending on when you're listening to this, you may have already heard about it. But we have a new offer coming out. And this is meant to, when we really started to go into quarter four of 2021, we have realized there was a huge gap in the market. And when we created our core signature offer, which is captivating close. It's a premium hybrid one to one group coaching experience that we launched all year long in 2021. And it was designed for coaches that were already having success in their business and ready to really scale their offer, and their launch mechanisms. But what we found was there was like this influx of newer coaches and or coaches that were just feeling stuck, right, they, they didn't even have the fundamentals down when it came to marketing and selling. And I think this is for one due to a lot of things. But it's one due to the influx of the industry itself, right? If you think about 2020, and 2021. Now, if you think about 2020, and 2021, right people lives are changing the industry, the economy is changing, the industry is changing. And there's been a really large increase in the people coming into the online space. And so there's just been an overall influx of newer entrepreneurs entering the industry. And also with that, we have an overabundance amount of strategies that are being sold to all online business owners, right. And so this causes spinning and confusion and doubt and all the things. And so we've just noticed, as we were launching our captivating close offer for this, what we thought at the time, our ideal client, there was all these variations of ideal claims coming in from that, we did our best to serve them and kind of adjust our offer accordingly. But we realized that we have an entire pocket of people a tight entire space in the industry that we could capitalize on, because we want to be those people, right? We didn't, we didn't intend to serve new entrepreneurs, newer entrepreneurs or even think about you know, distilling our content into just basic elements of marketing and selling and mindset. But we we wanted to be the ones to teach them that and so it was a constant evolving over offer, but then it was like no, like this is going to require an entire new offer entirely different delivery and fulfillment behind that offer. And so this is what we've been dreaming and scheming all of quarter for and we're gearing up to launch. So that's our biggest priority for not just quarter one of 2022 but all of the year right really, you know, filling up obviously selling out. No not selling out. That's our priority for 2022 is

Kinsey Machos:

reaching more people more coaches with that offer. And, and really dialing in that content. We have core curriculum built in there's coaching involved there's really really fun things in the software which we can not wait for you to see it and be able to share it more details around it but it's really meant to give you the the fundamentals to what is the mindset behind a successful you know, coaching business, the marketing principles, right, because what you're being sold most likely is like the newest shiny strategy of Instagram or reels or Tik Tok or whatever. And while that is cool and fun, like nobody's actually teaching the fundamentals to marketing and so we're giving you fundamentals we're also giving you right the just in time strategies to marketing. We're also focusing a lot on content. What we know is Content is king. And so it really truly means that a lot in the online industry, if you don't become a good, you know, not content creator, but copywriter, being able to influence through your copywriting, you will fail. And so we have a whole section in element dedicated to this program that is going to make you become a better copywriter. And then also, of course, how to sell How do you sell your offers without feeling spammy, right. And it's again, the principle based one means behind value based selling, we wanted to make an we wanted to create a program that there was nothing else like it. And I 100% know that there is no other program like this. And at the cost, we wanted to bring something to the market that was more affordable, if you will, then our higher ticket options. And we are like freaking stoked about this. So that's our focus, right? So if we look at the year of 2022, right, we have our core revenue goals. But then we also have these sub focus areas. And what we do is really focus on quarter by quarter. And so one of the things that I really want to encourage you to do is think about chunking, your year out, right? I want you to have a vision for what your year looks like, and your primary goals with it not, but then go to work, just focusing on the first quarter, right, really understanding the goals within there, and then tasks that you need to complete in order to hit those sub goals, right. And this could be as simple as like, if you have 100k goal for the year, that means you need to have right 25k A quarter. So what does that mean for your quarter? What are the marketing and selling activities that you need to do to hit that quarterly goal? Right to assign that many clients like easy peasy, easy peasy. Okay. So launching and scaling this new offer is one of our core focus areas for the entire year, but especially quarter one as we launch it into the to, to all you people and it's going to be so amazing. Now, secondly, one of our core goals is to write and launch a book. This is so fun. I am so excited about this, this has been on my bucket list for a while, but I've had to obviously push it out, I've been so focused on growth mode, like building a team, really solidifying our offers, and that I knew that it couldn't be high priority yet. But I believe for 2022. Especially when we think about increasing brand, visibility and awareness, the book is going to really elevate that. And I have inside of me like the I have a story, I have a story that needs to be shared. And it needs to be out in the world. Because although I share elements of it, the depth, and the potency of that story has never been shared before. And I think that it could really impact a lot of people.

Kinsey Machos:

And I'm really excited about it. Now, our second priority of the year is to really increase brand visibility and awareness, we really want to expand our reach, right? So we're we've gotten really good we've dialed in our warm market, we obviously dialed in organic marketing, we've started to really dial in paid advertising. And we have all these assets, right? We have a podcast, we have our offers, we have the team. So it's like how do we completely 10x app? How do we bring? How do we get in front of more people, leveraging the things that we already have. And so within this initiative of increasing brand awareness and visibility, we have the sub components of that one of them being writing and launching a book. Now, other components of increasing brand awareness and visibility is obviously just some general metrics around podcast growth, our Facebook group membership growth, so this is our free membership, we really want to have metrics in place that gives us some sort of indicator as to are we on the right track, right? Are is our audience growing at the rate that we want it to right if we think about getting in front of more people? And then of course our following now you've heard me say before, right, like, don't focus on vanity metrics really focus on quality over quantity. And that is 100%. Where we are when we think about anything we create content offers, or even conversations. It's like, we prioritize quality over quantity. However, like I said, when we have metrics in place that can tell us give us sort of that black or white indicator as a as to whether or not we're growing. It's super, super beneficial. It's data points and so we collect we want to collect those data points and to give us that story, are we growing or not. And so we really define what that looks like for us. Now, the third really big initiative for the year is client satisfaction. Right now that we have this new offer, we're gonna have essentially three offers now, our female founders board, which is our back end mastermind, which is our, you know, most intimate small group of high clientele. We don't really sell that, right, we don't really, we'll talk about here and there, but it's not who we're trying to attract on the front end, right? We know that anybody that usually like, we'll definitely sell some people into that that are colder to us. But we, most likely anybody that ends up in female founders board is somebody that has already gone through one of our, you know, core offers, right, and they're just gearing up for that. And they're just ready to take their business to the next level. So it really is, but we still have, right, we still have these three offers in which we're delivering services to, and we don't want to lose sight of the most important piece of that, which is our client satisfaction. So we have a client satisfaction goal. And we have measurements in which we're able to pull from in order to determine are we on track, as far as meeting the needs of our clients or not? And then lastly, our big really focus area is Team fulfillment. Right? Team fulfillment for me is like, Is my team fulfilled in the work they do? And this is, again, a very new focus area for me, right? Usually, you know, when you think about just an entrepreneur based company, it's like, Are my clients happy? Am I happy is the revenue growing. But what I know is, if we are solely focused on making our clients happy, then we lose sight of, you know, what's really, really important, which is my team, because my team is also contributing to making my clients happy. They're contributing to making me happy and successful, which allows us to have that holistic approach to a healthy business growth. And so we have a team fulfillment goal as far as our are my team members fulfilled in the work they do, and are they engaged? And do they feel like they can grow with the company? Okay, so those are our four core, four core focus areas for the year, right. So we have the revenue goal. But within that, you know, we have our big initiative of launching the new offer, we have brand visibility, and awareness, really increasing that. And then we have client satisfaction and team fulfillment. Now I spoke to really only focusing on quarter one, right. And this is really what I want you to focus on, when you think of

Kinsey Machos:

where to prioritize your time, you cannot do all those things. Like if you weren't out, if I were to focus on client satisfaction, and making sure my team is fulfilled and launching a new offer and ready to book and increase in our Facebook group members or whatever, all in quarter one, like I would spin out, and also I would burn my team out. And so we've been really diligent about what work our core focus areas are for the first quarter. Now, of course, as a byproduct of those areas, these other elements will enhance themselves, right? This is what I really want you to understand is sometimes, you know, it's so hard, you know, you've heard this idea of like, pick the one thing and you're like, Well, what about all these other things, that seems important too. But what happens is when you get super discipline and focus and growing, the one thing, the byproduct of that is exponential, you really can't undervalue the ripple effect. And so if you have, say, a big year ahead of you, and you, you look at all these initiatives, and you're like this is too much. And then, of course we need to bite, we need to, you know, scale back just a little bit. I mean, if you think about my team, goal, right, that doesn't require a ton of operational work. It just requires a little bit of me to really lean into my team, it requires me to, you know, have the right processes in place to ask the questions and be able to know Are they being fulfilled, right? Are we doing team retreats and having good meetings and things like that? So there's not like this big operational lift that comes from that goal, but there's little things that we could chunk out to really make sure that that's that we meet that target at the end of the year. But if you have bigger items, like writing a book or launching a podcast or you know, launching a new offer are heavy, those are heavy operational lists. And I know I'm so corporately in my language. But this is really important that, you know, my my background is project management. And so I was responsible for managing the resources for large scale projects. And all the time, almost 100% of the time. We were always under resourced somewhere, whether that was people, you know, tack or money, it always happens. Because we always underestimate how long or how much some, you know, much money, something is going to take or cost us. And so it's super important not to overdo it. And I think even though we have a very full quarter, like launching this new offer will keep us busy, we also have a lot of things already in place that are going to support that. So I'm so excited to really be able to share this vision with you today. Because like I said, I want you to feel inspired in as far as like what's possible for you, but also start to get your brain turn, you know, spinning a little bit, as far as like, Are you focused on the right things are you lit up because like, I literally guys, I haven't been able to sleep because like, I'm so excited. I'm so excited about what's coming. And, and I, I feel like I when I sit down to work, I am like so in it. Right. And I think there's times where you know, we could we can notice where you're like really checked out. And you might feel burnt out for like I had so many of those moments in 2021, where I was like, This is dumb, I am I am, I am checking out, I'm clocking out, throwing in the towel, whatever. And of course, those are inevitable. But overall, if you don't have a general feeling of being fired up and feeling inspired, and dreaming bigger, doing bigger, believing bigger, you will burn out, you will want 100% burnout. So, I hope this was fun for you. And you know, just to give you some context, I've been sitting in this vision and have been strategically planning for 2022, basically all of quarter four of last year. And so it feels so clear and real to me by this point. And it's sort of like it's already done, right. And we're just gonna, we're just going to get to work and start being the people we need to be. And I just want to make sure we have fun. Like, if you're not having fun, then then what is it for?

Kinsey Machos:

So you may need to create more space for yourself to really anchor in the possibility in the vision of what's coming and make sure that it feels good, right? Don't do something because someone told you you had to or because you think you need to, or because it's standard practice in our industry, there is no standard anything, right? It's just what you believe to be true and what you want to do instead, now with this vision, and really thinking about what I wanted out of 2022 came from a lot of lessons learned in 2021. Now I have like an entire notebook full of wins and losses for the year. But I really wanted to share some of the the key learnings, high level key learnings that I had that I think that at any point in your business you can learn from and these are not just business lessons, but definitely life lessons as well. So one of the biggest testing points for me of 2021 was boundaries. You know, I see a lot of people talk about boundaries, I hear people coach on it, you know, I even coach on it. But I didn't realize how little boundaries I had. And this was specifically for my clients. Now we have parameters in place around, you know, certain delivering fulfillment when it comes to our offers in our programs. But there's this part of me and I realized that this really came from a sense of unworthiness, that I felt like I needed to do more and serve at a higher level than I already had promised in my program. And this is just crazy. I mean, and I know that this is so normal to feel like when somebody isn't getting the results you want or they feel like they're not getting the experience they signed up for. I immediately look at myself and I'm like, Oh, I'm doing something wrong. And I think in general, I just started to I looking back I'm watching myself progress over the year. And as our clientele significantly grew, it was a meal lining to different personalities, different journeys of growth, different you know, business models, etc. And I felt compelled to like really had do more outside of, you know, the the structure of the programs. And we design our programs so that they're high level high touch. Very, like I want to make sure we're always over delivering, but there is a difference between over delivering, and then over delivering from a space of unworthiness. And when you do that, that is a burn out. Game. And I noticed that I just didn't have boundaries in place in this is a huge lesson learned for me. And with that came this this

Kinsey Machos:

Epitome that I don't want to work with everybody. And although we turned down a lot of people for our high ticket programs, I do think there's more opportunity to really be more selective, as far as you know, this won't apply to our new offer, which is what I'm so excited about. Because this is how we're going to reach more people is this is this is program is really designed for any coach at any level, right? And any online entrepreneur to be honest, because because we're giving you the basics of online marketing and selling. But when it comes to our high ticket programs, you know, we're intimate, we're more intimate in the businesses of our clients. And I just don't have with my personality in the way that I'm designed. I just, there's a part of me that I don't want to do that for everybody. And, you know, like I said, we still do turn down the majority of people that come to us, but even within that I really want to be more selective of who comes into our high ticket programs. But regardless, right? It just comes down to her boundaries and the like, do you have them or not. And this is with your team, this is with your family, this is with your friends. And I really learned that I didn't have good boundaries in place. And I was saying yes, too much. And operating from a space of lack, which is not necessarily what I'm used to. Right. I'm very abundantly minded. But I noticed that when I do feel like I'm not giving enough to my people, right, it causes the the scope, creep and the boundaries, or lack of boundaries. And so that's a huge, huge thing I'm carrying into 2022. The other huge lesson learned is there is no right or wrong way to do business. Now I have we have proven methods of marketing and selling online that we 100% will stand behind. And that's what we're going to give you. That's what we give you in our programs, that's what we're going to, you know, be coming out into the new market with this new offer is a proven method for getting clients on line. It's bulletproof, right. But of course, there's several other ways to do business or to market or to get clients. And there's all these, you know, if you get into tactics, there's just all these different ways and when it comes to even how we operate our business and the launch design that we have, and the offers we create. What I noticed last year was that I was always looking to other people to determine if my strategy was working or not, or if it was valid. I was like, Oh, well, it's working for her, it should be working for us, or she had great success with that. I'm going to try it as well. Now, there is definitely something to be said about not reinventing the wheel. And if you know, right, if we know that we have a proven method that works, we're just going to double down on that. But what happens is, when we don't get the results we want, we think that it's there's something wrong with this strategy, but it's never about the strategy. And a dovetail lesson learned for me in this is that everything that I thought was wrong in 2021

Kinsey Machos:

was strategy based but looking back, like I had so many mindset issues, okay, and this is coming from somebody that is deep into mindset work. We we also have mindset elements to all of our programs, like I know how important it is, and I believe it really truly is like 99% mindset when it comes to business. But for some reason, it was like I excused myself from that rule. And I, I chalked it up to like, Oh, my mindset is good. It must be the strategy but Oh, my goodness, that is so far from the truth. Looking back it i The times that I spun out right and 2021 was a very significant year for us, right we we we doubled our revenue I grew you know tripled our team, we had a huge year but I felt like I came up short and it felt like a very very trying year for me as far as it didn't go quote unquote as planned, which is like whenever does it go as plan is and as I coach as I teach, I know it's never about the goal right? It's never about the strategy is really about who you're becoming. And that and I understand that. And I know that everything we went through in 2021, was exactly what we needed to prepare us for next steps. But it was very unanticipated. And I had so many walls. And looking back, I thought it was a strategy, but it wasn't all my brain. And I am so dedicated this year. It's like, I know the strategy. I know it like the back of my friggin hands. I know the strategies work our our strategies, especially work. And it's, I'm not going to blame anything on strategy. Now I'm going to use numbers and data to tell me, right, what's working within that and what's not. But if I don't get the results I want at the end of the day, it's not because of the strategy I'm going to look within. And I'm going to do a lot of serious reflection there. And so that's really something I'm carrying away from 2021. And really starting to implement more in 2022 is giving myself more space to study my brain, right to really do the thought downloads and understand why am I thinking this way? Why am I feeling this way? And why am I operating this way? That's the key to success. 100%.

Kinsey Machos:

The other thing is, I realized, even though one of my things for 2021, was really go deeper with my message. I thought I had do that. But I think there was a lot of me that was still playing small or hiding. You know, I made a comment that I did spin out quite a bit in 2021, I questioned a lot, I doubted myself a lot, which then really have impacted how I showed up. Now, if you if you were to look surface level, you probably wouldn't notice that. But as I've been sitting in reflection, I've just noticed places where I have been hiding parts of myself, and also not really going all in on myself and bringing all of me to the market. And because of fear, right fear of judgment, fear of exposure, fear of what if I lose clients if I, if I have this belief, or what if people don't like me if I have this belief, or think this way, etc. And so that was a really good, that was a really good reflection period for me, because I don't think if I, if I didn't pause to really think about that, I don't think I would have had that conclusion. And I think that's a very important one that for all of us, right. And we see this in our audience and our clients as well, is fear of judgment, right? And so they're kind of just like dabbling, in their message just dabbling in, you know, their marketing dabbling in their offer because of the imposter syndrome, or because of the you know, fear of abandonment, right. Would it be believed what people do, you know, yada, yada, yada. And, you know, again, I think I excused myself from that. But I have so much opportunity there. Now, lastly, one of my biggest lessons learned from 2021 Was I suck at time management. Now, most people, I get compliments a lot like your ninja like you get so much done. But I think where where I have him challenged is my ADHD brain. I'm easily distracted, I underestimate almost everything when it comes to like, time to complete something. And so I'll be like, Oh, this will take me an hour. And then like five weeks later, I've completed it. And so what happened was, it would bleed into my time, right? I really want to honor my time. Now I time block. And time, there's two parts to time blocking, right? You have to block out the time to do the thing. But you but then you have to honor the system of the time blocking. Now it's funny, because you might be thinking like, that sounds crazy. But I'm telling you, I cannot even tell you how many people I've talked to about this, that they're like, that's the issue, right? I'm time blocking, but I don't have the discipline to follow the time. I'm not honoring those time blocks. And so while I'm getting a lot done for wine, it's like my commitment is to end the day at four. But then what I noticed was oh, just bleed into 415 or 420. Right? Or then I'm working at night. Now I'm okay working at night and or in the mornings if it's planned out, if it's communicated to my family or if we have an impending deadline. But it's more to me it's more about honoring this the the time that I allotted for and the time of right, how the week goes and making those commitments to myself to my team to our clients right and to to the calendar. And so I really want to get better I noticed that even when I sit down to complete something before I even complete it, I've already jumped on to something else. And so I've been more intentional, something that has I've already implemented that's working really well is every night, I check, I plan out what my day looks ahead. Now I take 10 minutes just to if sounds kind of

Kinsey Machos:

weird, maybe, but like, I have to take time to plan for the day so that the day is actually more planned. So for instance, we have so like, currently, at the time of this recording, we have heavy, heavy two weeks of full of deliverables that are due, right launching this new program, we have a conversion event going on. And so there's a lot of things going on. And so I I have a lot on my plate especially and so when I look at all the things that I have to do, instead of just going to, you know, before, it was like, well, Tuesdays, I have all day to block out to produce, that's when I'll complete everything. But what would happen is I would be so unclear of like, even the priority of things and or what I wanted to complete first, and so I would just kind of like hop skip around. Now every night, I look at my day ahead, I look at what needs to be done. And I define exactly what I'll be working on and how much time I'm going to spend on that. And then of course following the system the next day, this has been a game changer for me. And so this is something I will be consistent with each week, forever, especially with my ADHD brain because I get so easily distracted, I'm quick to move, right I'm so quick to get bored or change directions. And so it's being so intentional in how I plan my week, how I plan my day and how I plan each hour. I used to say to myself, No, that is too restrictive for me, I can't do that. And you might be thinking the same thing. But I am telling you, my productivity has increased, I can't even I can't even believe how many things I'm actually completing by rate having the intention to plan ahead and be restrictive in my time. And sometimes it feels it's not as fun, right? Because it's like, well, I want to have spontaneity in my day, you can add time in there to be spontaneous. But if you want to increase your production, and really not, you know, have the work life balance, so it's not bleeding into your family time. This is the way like 100%. So those are lessons learned from 2021. And things that 100% have given me clarity on how to not just, you know, move closer to my goal for 2022. But how do I want it to look and feel, right? Because if I could hit what if we 5x our revenue at the end of the year, but I'm pissed, I'm tired. I'm angry, right? And I don't feel good. And so these things are more important, right? It's like, how do I want to look and feel when? Or how do I want it to look and feel when I get to the end of that goal. Or when I'm working towards the goal, right? I want it to feel calm and fun and organized. And so when I think about those feelings, these certain elements will help me do that because I get to take the lessons learned the things that didn't make me feel good in 2021 and create a system around that to flip it on its head. So I hope this was fun. I hope you guys have such an incredible year. I am so excited to serve you this year, it is going to be so fun to grow with you. I'm excited for you to see us completely elevate and really over deliver to you. And I'm just so grateful for you. So I hope you have a wonderful day and we'll chat with you later.

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