Launch Like A Queen: The Details Of Our Brand New Program & Why We Decided To Pivot

In this episode, I’m peeling back the curtains and giving you the full scope of why we decided to pivot from our core offerings and bring a brand-new experience to our audience. There’s a lot of depth covered in this episode including how to know when it’s time to introduce a new offer, how to lean into your audience, and how to make better decisions as a business owner. 

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Do not miss these highlights: 

02:55 The birthing of “Launch Like a Queen.”

03:39 The behind-the-scenes, the types of decisions made, why it was created, and more of that holistic viewpoint. 

04:06 Sometimes people are teaching the what and the how only, but there’s a huge foundation missing on the why. 

04:53 Study how people make decisions and why they’re making certain decisions for you to become a better decision-maker and be confident in the decisions you make. 

06:10 So be reminded for all of us to slow down and look at our decisions a little bit more holistically. 

07:06 Now this is definitely the story of “Launch Like a Queen.” 

07:23 Last year, the team spent all year bringing 10K Content Collective to market and really getting that offer converting in all the ways we wanted it to convert live. 

07:59 The results that the clients were getting from 10K Content Collective were just really incredible. But so much time was spent getting that offer off the ground. 

08:27 Having signature offers is very important because it simplifies your marketing and your selling. 

09:10 Bringing brand awareness. Bringing them to the market. Making it a non-negotiable to create rhythm and cadence in your signature offers before you do anything else. 

10:20 But around that, the ways in which people should also hear from you is in variety. 

10:42 With a new message piece, a new offer, or a new launch event, it awakens and hit people differently that used to hear you in the same way.

11:02 Going back to people hearing the same thing from you and the advantages it creates. 

11:46 What if that same personal brand comes out again with a new flavor of something? 

13:35 In our industry, cutting through the same noise has become even more difficult, which needs even a little bit of variety paired. 

14:08 Having a stable foundation can create different kinds of variety around it.

14:25 But if you are just getting started or you’re under 100k, this doesn’t mean that you need a new offer or you need to switch gears now. 

14:58 Have a little bit of room to feel your business around and have your offers converting first before deciding to add some more. 

14:45 We felt that there is a big leap from our audience in 10KCC to her Female Founders Board. 

16:08 The plan was to save it for Female Founders Board and decided to separate it out from 10K Content Collective. 

17:50 We thought about how to deliver the message that this is one of our core and our primary way outside of our organic content. 

18:28 How could we serve this middle tier? To come up with a new fresh, and new way of delivering and serving value to our audience.

19:45 But there was a lot that had happened last year with me that I knew I needed some time to recover from that at the beginning of 2023. 

20:22 Thankfully, my team has built such a great rhythm, that now my business can make money without me being energetically aligned or fully awesome at the moment.

20:54 I had a couple of big breakthroughs and realized that it was irresponsible of me to continue to stall the business when the business isn’t just me anymore. 

21:49 As a CEO, continuing to do the things I need to do and move the business forward and all of its parts that are relying on the CEO. 

22:19 And so the team decided based on a lot of the things we were hearing from our audience to give this launch offer a go. 

23:05 So if this is what the industry is asking for, and we know we can deliver on it, and we feel excited about it. 

23:57 Operationalizing three programs is a lot for our small nimble team, but we’re doing it and we’re doing it so well.

24:25 I thought that maybe the team can do it once a year and can give people that new freshness. 

24:42 So “Launch Like a Queen” is our middle-tier price program because the Female Founders Board is really a jump from 10K Content Collective. So we birthed this new offer.

25:00 Developing and designing a program is one of my zone of genius obviously, and I love to do that with our clients. 

25:48 We want to make sure not to spread ourselves too thin because client delivery and client success is one of our core focus areas. 

26:13 When we did the launch lab, I was like, why did we not do this? It was such a wake-up call. 

26:36 What you’re going to be seeing from us is a little bit of shifting, branding, positioning, messaging, and building under the category of Queen. 

26:56 “Launch Like a Queen,” is thinking about how you want to take your message, your messaging, and your marketing, to that next level. Elevate yourself in the market through your launch experience and your launch container. 

27:45 We treat launching as this core pillar of how we serve women. 

27:59 We realize that in our launch events, we’re bringing more awareness and notoriety around our brand.

28:19 When you do it the way that we do it, it builds this incredible trust and connection with your audience.

28:47 This is the thing that really creates that thought leadership and establishes you as that number one in the industry. 

29:26 Potentially the plan is if it went well, we would just offer it once a year. 

29:40 Fortunately we felt so much alignment in “Launch Like a Queen” and there was no doubt. Now it became a signature offer for us. 

30:57 The way the women in “Launch Like a Queen” are growing and elevating is mind-blowing so we have to keep doing this.  

31:35 If it’s your first time offering something, give yourself enough time to make sure you can. Give people what they want, and also let them create a result for themselves.

32:25 When you have a launch machine that effectively works for you, you also have to have at least scalable systems around your coaching offer. 

33:07 When you start to enroll people in volumes but you don’t have a great enrollment process, your back end is super messy.  

33:47 I will also teach you how to have a fully fleshed-out client success journey and what that looks like. Showing you ours and having you work with our client’s Success Manager.  

34:28 It’s just becoming more and more clear what this program needs to be and how it’s going to look and feel.

34:47 So through this year, we decided to launch two more cohorts. 

35:02 We are going to help you have consistent client acquisition through a live launch model, but it’s also going to help you have a high-converting scalable offer. 

35:44 You’re also going to learn how to leverage your time and expertise through this big transition. 

36:27 As we phase into that, beginning of 2024, we will have that as a final phase. 

37:05 There are definitely advantages to sticking to something and not wavering from it. But the industry is just changing and we are innovators. 

37:55 Where can I give myself permission to adjust or pivot? Am I doing this for the right reasons? 

38:45 If you’re looking for shortcuts, maybe this will be faster, maybe this will be easier. None of that exists. You will have challenges, you will have bumps in the road, no matter what you decide to do. 

39:35 We make decisions in alignment with what we could continue doing. What we’re doing is from last year because what we did had incredible success.

40:07 You have to make sure it’s not a grass is greener on the other side type of mentality. Because the grass is never greener, it’s just green where you water it. 

40:38 So none of this would have unlocked for me if I didn’t have taken that first couple of messy steps. 

41:30 All of a sudden we’re shedding the light little by little, and because we follow that, so much more was unlocked for us. 

42:18 Don’t go making decisions all left and right. Think that there’s just so much there that you can really lean into and listen to. 

43:02 It’s probably similar to where you’re getting the ideas. You’re not really sure how to feel them and how to lean in.

43:20 Although I did feel a little bit more vague before, I had a lot of re-anchoring to do at the beginning of the year. 

44:20 Now that “Launch Like a Queen” is a signature offer, we now know its vision of it and how robust it’s going to be in the market. 

45:36 Making money is one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome as a newer coach. It is getting over that money mindset. 

45:47 So we do have qualifiers in place. It’s an application only. We’ll link up the application in the show notes. 

46:13 This is different from 10KCC where anybody can come in. This is just a different level of intimacy.

46:36 If we feel like you’d be a good fit, then you hop on the call with our team. We will talk about what that looks like next steps. But it is 100% recommended. 

48:10 We’re here for it, we are paving the way and helping our clients become category clean of their unique industry. 

49:35 So I really love to hear feedback from you. Take a moment to send me a DM on Instagram or send me an email. 

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, a Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen, and heard online.

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that.

As a wife and a mom of three, the family takes priority. And having a business that’s run AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos 

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Cptivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high-paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in. Welcome back to another episode. I am recording this at night, which is so nostalgic for me I've probably you've probably heard me say this before. But anytime we were doing an episode at nighttime once in a while here and there, it reminds me of like my first year ish of podcasting. Or maybe it was like my first six months or so when I had launched my podcast, and we were in the middle of the pandemic. And so there was always kids home because they were out of school. And basically, we were all going crazy at that time. And I could never find a quiet time to record. And so it would be often times at night, or I would sometimes definitely record in my closet. And I think actually

Kinsey Machos:

the podcast Yeah, I feel like it was launched right before the pandemic. I don't know, I am not feeling very oriented with my timelines right now. But I am actually recording this at night, because I am getting ahead of the game, we have a couple busy weeks coming ahead, busy as in very full and amazing. both personally and professionally. We're actually going on a trip this week, we're gonna go see one of our favorite favorite bands over in Denver, Colorado, Red Rocks Amphitheater, one of our bucket list items, and so excited. So we're going to be gone half of this week. And then we've got a couple events that we're planning for, for the company and launching and all the things so I'm actually getting ahead, which is not my style, my team is always pushing on me to get the deliverables in ahead of time. And I do my very best. But here I am recording episodes in advance, which is so cool. But what I want to talk to you about is the birthing of launch Like a Queen, I realized that I don't really talk a lot about the decisions we make and how we make them. And sometimes I move so fast, my team will even tell me this, like, I just assume everybody's thinking like everybody already knows what I know, and what I'm thinking. And in fact, they were really good. I felt like they literally read my mind, which is so amazing. But one of the things that I think I don't do enough. And I would be curious to know if this is something you would like to hear more is just more of the like behind the scenes, the types of decisions we're making, and why we're making them and really giving you more of that holistic viewpoint of what we're up to and why. I've always really enjoyed this from other peers in the industry. And so it would only make sense that maybe you would too. And also why wouldn't I talk about it? I think it's important to really understand the why behind things. I think there's a lot of people teaching you the what and the how. But there's a huge foundation missing in the why because sometimes when you are just hearing sort of surface level information, and no sort of like underneath or in between the layers. Without that context, it can be really hard to understand pieces of info or even strategies, tactics, things like that. And so when we can really educate ourselves in making in helping us become better decision-makers, oh my gosh, this is the thing that's going to completely change your life and change your business. And it's really becoming a better decision-maker and being confident in the decisions you make. And so or if you start to study how people make decisions and why they're making certain decisions, I think can really help you and help me help all of us, right? When we become better decision-makers, we're able to actually implement things in our businesses that makes sense for us, right? And also really learn from the mistakes of other people. So I want to talk about our launch, like a queen experience. And it does sometimes I feel like, is this something that's really appropriate for the audience to know? Or which pieces and parts? Do I just keep more in the business? Right, in more of an operational manner? I don't know. But I'm kind of like I have nothing to hide. I think there is that fear of like, are you going to think I am schizophrenic with my decisions, it's possible. And sometimes I feel that way. But again, I think it kind of normalizes some of the feelings that we all have, when it comes to those parts. In our journey, when we do just feel like we're kind of rolling along without being anchored to something. And so it's a reminder for all of us to slow down and look at decisions a little bit more holistically. And also know that not every decision you make is going to be great. And sometimes it's just a little messy. And this is like totally what I feel like right now, sometimes, I feel so clear, and so strong in sort of, like where we're going. And other times, I still have that North Star, but like the journey of the how always gets, you know, a little disheveled, which I've learned is completely the way that it's supposed to be sometimes if you try too hard to know the how you can get lost on the journey. And so could look and feel like letting go a little bit and letting yourself move through these things and kind of let yourself be led. And this is definitely the story of launch like a queen. And so I hope that you will feel encouraged by this just by listening on how we made decisions. And like, this was a total last minute pivot for us. So what happened was even last year, you know, we had spent all year bringing ten k content collective to market and really getting that offer converting in all the ways we wanted it to convert live, we want it to convert just like you know, by sending emails directly through that channel. We wanted it to sell in all the ways and it did. And more importantly, we wanted to make sure that the curriculum, the coaching, and the community was thriving. And it absolutely is. So like the results that our clients were getting and are getting from ten k is just really incredible. But we spent so much time really getting that offer off the ground, which is something that you really have to understand when you're introducing new offers to the market. It takes time. Okay. And so when I'm coaching clients, one of the things that I'm always really trying to hone in on is like, what are your one, maybe two core offerings. And I've been saying this for a very long time. And having signature offers is really, really important, because it does simplify your marketing. And it simplifies your selling, because of that very reason that it takes time to get shit off the ground. And if you move on to another offer too soon, you haven't even given sort of that first offer a chance. And so I see people offer hot, if you will, and I'm totally guilty of this previously, before ten k I think we had an iteration really, but it was just priced too high. So I could have probably brought the price down, call it the same thing. But ultimately, right really thinking about signature offers, bringing brand awareness around them, bringing them to the market, really making it a non negotiable for you to create rhythm and cadence in your signature offers before you do anything else. Now, one of the things though, that I have been shifting a little in is really watching the industry and even my own buying patterns in that people really want to I do think is important for people to be able to experience you differently. And so what I mean by this is, sometimes if we continue to say the same thing or sell the same thing over and over again, it's sort of just like the there's a couple of things here. The repetition and redundancy is So good, okay, so do not get me wrong there, it is so good. And especially if you're under the hundred k two hundred k five hundred k mark, this is your jam, right? We just want to keep really bringing more awareness to our offers, and really solidifying the fact that they work, really showing the testimonials, the social proof and things like that. But around that the ways in which people hear it from you should really be variety. All right. So like with our launch events, you'll see us doing some rinse-and-repeat launch events, but we'll also sprinkle in new experiences, right. And so we're coming at these new experiences with new angles, right? They're hitting people differently. And when you are able to do that with a new offer, or even just a new, like message piece, right, a new launch event, it really awakens people that are just, you know, again, used to hearing you in the same way. Now, I just want to be super clear that the advantage of people hearing about the same thing over and over again, is that it creates that trust and that commitment by other people. And so really, if you continue to show testimonials and social proof around an offer over and over and over again, and you've got somebody that they're interested in, their curiosity is growing, it's kind of like that slow burn, if you will, eventually, they will buy. But imagine that same person kind of following the same offer the same message. And you know, they're feeling like, maybe, maybe later, like, that's something that I definitely think I'll buy. But there's really no urgency or scarcity for me right now. Right? It's kind of just like, this baseline feeling. But then let's say that same sort of brand personal brand comes out with a new flavor of something again, it doesn't even have to be an offer. It's just a new experience a new angle on a new launch event. Perhaps it's a new front end offer, right? That's a little bit cheaper. And so now we've got like, oh, okay, this is new, this is fresh. This is a little different. This hits me a little bit differently, right, this has a slightly different feel to it. So it awakens me. And I have this very exact experience with a leader in our industry, who I had been falling for a really long time. And I knew her signature offer. I was like, oh, maybe yeah, maybe that's for me. I don't know, not super excited about it. It's probably cool. Like, she's cool. I love her messaging. I love her marketing. What she has to offer in the industry is like really compelling. But there was really nothing there yet that really awakened me to her core offering. But then she came out with this super

Kinsey Machos:

this new message around something that did definitely pique my interest. And it was like $150 masterclass. And, of course, I bought I was like, Oh, this sounds very compelling. Again, it was like a two to three hour thing. Her signature offer is a monthly membership.

Kinsey Machos:

That was less than that actually a month and yet, it still wasn't compelling enough for me to buy but this one thing really piqued my interest. And so I got in her funnel, if you will, and eventually bought into her membership. And so I really observed this as a buyer right outsider looking in and studying it from that perspective of that freshness and that variety. And I think even more so in our industry, when you already have a lot of the same same and all the noise, right cutting through that has become even more difficult. But when we come with a little bit of variety paired with that consistency and sort of that trust have like I have my core thing I've got my foundational you know, offer I've got we've got the foundation here my offer has proved this is what we do are my offers right maybe have a couple of signature offers a front end back end, whatever that looks like. And we have the foundation right but around that we can really create that variety. So I just noticed this within myself and also as we've been serving the industry noticing how people are just buying differently. And I really had me take a step back now again, if you are just getting started or you're under hundred k I really want you to just listen and not meet make this mean that you need a new offer or you need to switch gears because really under hundred k you received your repetitions and and really learning how to market and sell and just making more offers around that you can change it up and have fun and be experimental for sure. But as you're growing to multiple six figure seven figures and you're starting to really see where your offers fit, how your signature offers doing and how to create the ecosystem around that. Then that's when we Have a little bit of room to play right when you have your offers converting. So I noticed this in myself, and was also after last year after spending so much time really getting ten k off the ground and having an incredible success around that. Not even selling our mastermind, really, our mastermind female founders board was just more of that back end dissension. And we just left it is sort of, you know, we talk about it, but there was never a big launch event around it. We rarely even mentioned it in our marketing. And so I was feeling especially with a lot of the questions we're getting from my audience, people emailing me, and a lot of what we're even working in with female founders, but it felt like a really big leap from like, where our audience is in ten k, to where audience is and female founders born. And for the longest time, we've always felt like we needed a program around launching specifically. And if you think about it, this is one of our core mechanisms. Now, usually, or the plan was to save it for female founders board. And we only ever really taught our female founders board members how to launch and really create that marketing and selling around it. Now, the reason behind this was that how we really decided to separate it out from ten k content collective, which is just getting your repetition, like your reps in right learning how to market and sell through organic content and selling on the phone, right, and how to handle people DMing you like really foundational things, it's really you cannot skip that. And I used to teach these together. I used to teach organic content and launching together in more of that initial season, you know, if you're an existing business owner or an existing coach, but you know, stretching to that hundred k, maybe multiple, six figures. And what happened though, is I noticed that without having those foundations of having an irresistible offer, learning how to just like simply talk about your offer and serve value and your organic content, and like move people to a phone conversation. Launching was just too much too much work, when you can make it so much more simple. And also master those foundations. And that's why we decided to really separate those things out? Well, I was feeling again, from a lot of the questions we were getting, and with how much are actually really how little I even had launching as part of our messaging and our content in twenty twenty two of last year. I was like, How can I not talk like, this is one of our core, this is like, really our primary way, you know, outside of our organic content, that we fill our group coaching programs. And again, when you're under 100k, if you're trying to fill a group program, without these foundations, that's why we recommend really sticking to one to one private coaching because it's so easy to sell. And so again, just another reason why it makes sense to separate those out. But going back to this idea of like it felt like there was something missing in our offer suite related specifically to launching that we could serve sort of this middle tier, and also come at it with a new fresh and new way of like delivering and serving value to our audience. And so coming into the new year, the plan was to then shift into a female founders board and really create some cadence around that because we you know, at that point had only been ascending clients from ten k. But even looking at the what we teach inside of female founders, but it did just still feel so big. And that coupled with me feeling a little bit out of alignment with the vision and meeting a little bit of time to really process some of the negative emotions that I had to experience from twenty twenty two. And just feeling like I needed to pause a little bit. I did sort of just like I had to sit in some shit for a little bit. And I have yet I keep saying that. I'm going to have a podcast episode about sort of why and what that is, but I'm just not quite ready yet. Although I think maybe you know, I'm getting closer. But there was a lot that had happened last year that I knew I had needed some time to recover from in the beginning of the year, but I really underestimated sort of the toll that it took on me. And so every time I would kind of like feel that momentum coming through my body and like, ready, I'm like, Okay, I'm ready, right, January is always a wash for us as far as like a wash for me. As far as energy goes, I know that I'm not creating anything new, like, we have our standing things that come out, which is great that I can rely on that. But I'm not crushing it. And thankfully, what's cool is we built such a great rhythm, that now my business can make money without me being energetically aligned, or really awesome. Because I was just sitting in a dark hole really January, and then into February and into March. But that was really, that was the indicator that I was like, Oh, this is bigger than me, just, you know, transitioning into the new year when I didn't really feel it lift after January, and didn't really feel it lift off for February either. But I had a couple of big breakthroughs and really realized like that it was irresponsible for me to continue to stall the business when it the business isn't just me anymore. And this is a big deal, right? When you're a CEO of a business, you have people relying on you for their paychecks, and the like you, the business has a responsibility to make money. And that was also a huge wake up call for me. Because, yes, as women as humans, we need to process our emotion, we need to give ourselves that space. But I am also a CEO of a company. And so looking back, I could have done a lot of things differently. And I should be able to compartmentalize a little bit better. So that Yes, as a human, you know, as a woman, you know, doing what I need to do to heal, but as a CEO continuing to do the things I need to do to move the business forward, and all of its parts that are relying on the CEO. And so that was a huge wake up call for me, for sure. Huge lesson learned. I definitely took way too long, much longer than I should have licking my wounds. But again, you know, those things come in hindsight. So anyway, as I was feeling like, you know, nothing is freaking feeling exciting to me, I don't you know, I was just kind of filling in this right. We decided, like, based on a lot of the the things we were hearing from our audience, we decided to give this launch offer a go. It had come up a couple times last year. But again, we were so disciplined and focused on ten k that we just parking lot, that conversation, and it kept coming up again, coming in the new year. So we're like, let's do it. I felt like it was one of those things where, you know, I've been so discipline and so good at like narrowing in on a few key things, the business, that it was almost like liberating to make this like big decision. So last minute, and realizing that like, yeah, we can do that. We're still very small and nimble. So if this is what the industry is asking for us, and we know we can deliver on it, and we feel excited about it, like why wouldn't we? And it felt really, as soon as I kind of gave myself permission to just kind of allow that to be a part of a decision. It was so incredible. I just knew I was like, Ooh, this there's something here. But I went back to that idea of like, you know, that means we're managing three offers, right? So we have our front end, you know, our for, you know, coach's green new hundred k ish, ten k content collective. Then we have female founders board, right, which is the multiple six figures to seven. And now we have launched queen, which is right in the middle. Three programs is a lot. And this, again, is probably a conversation for another episode. But operationalizing three programs is a lot for our small nimble team now we're doing it and we're doing it so well. But I just want you to hear that because nobody really talks about that like having more than one offer. Having like more than two offers, when people don't understand is the lift that goes into that. So anyway, what I said was or what I had initially thought was like let's do this one time offer. And maybe we can do it once a year and it gives people that new freshness right this is right after I had observed myself purchasing this thing from this woman and me experiencing her in a new way and kind of like moving up her ascension plan. And also we could come with a middle tier price because female founders board is really a jump from ten k content collective. So we birthed this new offer and it was like no doubt.

Kinsey Machos:

So easy to like I love oh my gosh you guys I love it. developing and designing programs, it's one of my zone of genius is obviously and I love to do that with our clients. And we'd love to do it for our selves and how I've been able to really activate that part of me without creating, you know, new offers every month is actually every time we launch, it's basically like a new offer, right? A launch event, like anytime we do a three day event or a five day challenge or whatever, I treat that as a mini offer that I get to design and play with. And so it really feeds that part of my creativity. And so, anyway, we decided to come out with an offer specifically for launching that would really serve as kind of that middle tier, but just a one time thing, where like, we'll just do it once. We don't want to have to manage, you know, three programs ongoing. And we want to make sure not to spread ourselves too thin, because, you know, client delivery, and client success is one of our core focus areas. And so we literally put it together super fast. I already knew what I wanted in it, we priced it. And we came up with the launch lab, the launch lab, four day event at the time, we're actually doing the launch lab again, which seems it was so good. When we did that. I was like this is totally like Why have I not done this? It was just like such a wake up call. Why are we not bringing more launch content to our content, it was just like such a big epiphany for me. But we had so much fun we sold out our first that first cohort with launch, Agha queen. Now the name launch like a queen. What's cool is what you're going to be seeing from us is shifting a little bit of shifting, branding, positioning messaging, really building under the category queen. And again, I feel like I really haven't been talking about this. And I'm just like, why haven't I been talking about I think there is fear there. But I'll save that for another episode. But launch Agha queen is like really thinking about how you want to take your message and your your messaging and your marketing to that next level and elevate yourself in the market through your launch experience and your launch container. What's really cool and different about how I teach it is that launching is not just launching, like there's just so much more about it, it's an extension of your brand, it's an extension of your brilliance. And when you do this, well it becomes a very energetic flow within your overall business. And so while a lot of people think of like, Oh, I'm just launching, like, I'm just putting an offer out there, you know, I'm gonna say that that's launching, that is not how we define launching. And that is not how we execute launching. And we really treat launching as like this core pillar of how we serve women, how we serve our potential clients, not even clients yet, and how we're really creating more momentum in the market. Because we realize that our launch events, we're bringing more awareness and notoriety around the brand. And so yeah, we sell out our programs. And we, you know, we have those higher conversions during our launches, which I know is what all of you want. But what you also don't understand is all the other benefits of launching, when you do it the way that we do it, right, it builds this really incredible trust and connection with your audience. Like really massively highlights your brilliance in a very authentic and genuine way. Right. And it really allows you to lean into you and how you want to show up in how you serve. And so it's just like such a critical component of a really incredible. Like, if you think about a thought leader, right? Like, this is the thing that really creates that thought leadership and establishes you as that number one in the industry. And so that's how we think of, you know, Queens, and really like taking the helm. And so if the name came to me right away, especially as we're like, we're going to be streamlining all of our offer names under the category Queen brand. Because that's essentially what we do. We help women become number one in their industry, and launching as a part of that. So it was just all coming together very fluidly. Well, a couple of weeks into launch, I could clean again, remember the decision was made to make this a one time thing. And to potentially if it went well, we would just offer once a year. Well, a couple of weeks in, I was like oh my gosh, like I'm not going to be able to do this only once a year like this has to be a signature offer for us this like there was no doubt it was just there was so much alignment there. It felt like it was a perfect way to serve our audience at this tier of a woman that we're really trying to bring in. And we just go so deep in that component that you really do need specific and dedicated time for this topic. And for this subject matter expertise, like, it is not just about a couple modules and like, you know, here's a script is so deep, right you go, it's a lot of what we're already doing in ten k. When you think of like your message and your marketing and building your offer, we're doing that again, through launch, I clean, but at a very deeper level, because the women that come in here, right, they've already sold their offer, they have social proof, they know how to sell, they know how to market. And now it's just like, really, they're ready to take it to that next level. And so, a lot of times, these women are also ready to like niche down a little bit more, they're ready to really polish themselves in this new way. And so what I was feeling is like, it's a really big, like quantum leap for these women. And they're all in it, like, the way that they are growing and elevating is just like, mind blowing. And I was like, we have to keep doing this. What are we doing? What have we been, like missing out on. And so we're so jazzed about it, we talked about it with the team. And right away, we'll get again, couple weeks in. So we did this at 10 weeks at first, again, when you're designing your offer,

Kinsey Machos:

when you're not really sure how much time to have like the duration. Definitely give yourself enough time to make sure that you know you if it's your first time offering something, give yourself enough time to make sure you can, you know, give people what they want and also, like create a result for themselves. But don't do it too long, where you're just like feeling like it's dragging out. And I felt like Ten Weeks was enough, we wanted these women to launch with us at least once and also have some extra weeks for a launch debrief, because you learn a lot from the debrief. And so the scope of the program initially was a little bit of message, a little bit of offer, and then really deeply the launching and moving them through that Ten weeks together. And then right the intention was like in female founders board will go deeper with your scalable offer. Well, what we're learning too, is like, these things go hand in hand, when you have a launch machine that really effectively works for you, you also have to have at least scalable systems around your coaching offer. So some of these women are doing one to one still, which is great. And they will be ready to move to their scalable offer like a group coaching program. And some of them are already in a group coaching program. And so what I realized and discovered was that some of them don't have the systems and the processes on the back end to effectively enroll people. So what's going to happen, and by no judgment, or nobody that has bad intentions, but you just don't know what you don't know. And I had to learn this the hard way too. But when you start to enroll people in volumes, but you don't have a really great enrollment process, your back end is like super messy, right? People don't know what they're doing, you're gonna have unhappy clients. And so retention goes way, way down. And so now this all for nothing. And I started thinking about this, and it's like, these things go really hand in hand. And I never want to teach something without that quality attached to it, right. So it's like, I don't want to teach you how to enroll floods of clients at a time with a launch event or Lego launch container. If I'm not also teaching you how to have a fully fleshed out client success journey, and what that looks like and showing you ours and having you work with our clients Success Manager. And so there was just like, so many epiphanies through this that like, I can't just teach you how to launch right, I'm gonna have to teach you how to do that too. And I just want to do all the things with you, but a couple weeks, and we're like, we have to make this an ongoing thing. And so the scope has continued to grow a little bit. And of course, we came in in that first cohort, we came in super low price. And the the vision I have for launch ecoclean is so amazing. And it's just becoming more and more clear, like what this program needs to be and how it's going to look and feel. And this is where I'm like, am I giving away too much? I don't know. I think maybe in another episode I give I'll give away sort of that fully fleshed out vision. But we've kind of phased it out. So through this year, we decided to launch two more cohorts and again, we will steadily increase the price. So we know where we want to end up with this program. We know what the price is going to look like. We know the structure is going to include A event. And it's going to include dynamics within it that are going to help you have a consistent client acquisition through a live launch model. But it's also going to help you really have a high converting scalable offer. So if you are someone that is moving from one to one to group coaching, like we're gonna teach you how to do that, but if you already have a group coaching program, you're gonna actually see what it looks like to have a really robust structure. And so it's really comes down to lead, leverage and launch. So you're really coming out as a leader in your industry, in this more elevated way, right with your skill of offering your live launch model. But you're also learning how to leverage your time and expertise through this, this is really a big transition. And most of this, again, was saved for female founders board. But this is like, that is also when you think about Grant seven figures and beyond, you've got team, you've got a lot of moving parts and pieces. And so it's a little bit more fluid. But I can create, we have a very specific framework for live launching for scalable offers, that is going to be really perfect for you if you're going to multiple six figures gearing up for seven. And so it just is a perfect, amazing duo. And where we want to end up with this is so cool. But as we phase into that, so beginning of twenty twety four will have that will be sort of like that final phase, but gearing up to that will slowly increase the price. And we're going to really test how long we need with these women. So this is where I just want to give you permission to be fluid. So this is something that I struggle with. And I'll just be super, super transparent. In that I sometimes become too discipline in being like, this is the way that we're going to do it. And I you know, we we're not going to change our minds, I think there is value there. And there's definitely advantages to sticking to something and not wavering from it. But what I do know is the industry is just changing. And we are innovators. And we want to be at the cutting edge of the industry. And so we will change and we will adjust and we will really be nimble to what we know we want to do with her clients, but also how we want to really carve out our blue ocean in the industry. And so it was like that permission of like it's okay to change. It's okay to evolve instead of feeling like you have to stick with to the core big decisions and never waver. So really checking yourself there of like, Where can I give myself permission to adjust or pivot? And am I doing this for the right reasons? So one of the things that I'm always gut checking myself is, Am I doing this because I think the grass is greener on the other side. This is a huge one, right? A lot of people will change their offers, or change their message or change platforms because it's better, like it's going to be more successful, right over there is better than over here. But that is never never never the case. Right? And so you really have to check yourself there is like am I doing this because I don't believe my success is I don't believe I can have success over here. And it will be easier over there. And sometimes I do this too. I'm kind of looking for this sort of shortcut of like, maybe this will be faster, maybe this will be easier. None of that exists, you will have challenges you will have bumps in the road, no matter what you decide to do. So you really have to clean up your mind when you're making these decisions and making sure you're doing it for the right reasons. When we thought about making this a long term offer and how we wanted it to evolve in the market, it was really from the space of the vision of the company, where we want to go with the team, how we want to serve with our clients, and again, how we want to really, really narrow in on our particular niche, our particular market when you think about really dominating and like an actually in this case for like really playing in our own league. Like we're making decisions in alignment to that we could continue doing what we're doing from last year and have incredible success. So I'm not really running away from something it's really about, like running towards and knowing that like I have everything I need to be successful already. And this is going to be just more in alignment with where we're going and what we're doing. And so That's something I really want you to walk away with in when you're making decisions, making sure it's not a grass is greener on the other side type of mentality. Because the grass is never greener, it's just green where you water it. So it's really cool to see this vision come to life in such a fast way. And I think this is also something I want you to feel into is that when something is right, like, you'll just know it, and it will continue to unfold in such a beautiful way once you just, again, follow a path. So none of this would have unlocked with me or unlocked for me.

Kinsey Machos:

If I didn't take that, those first couple messy steps of like, okay, like, I don't really know what's going on with my body with my mind. But there's something here I'm feeling the pull to launch this new offer about launching, totally meta, and it feels a little scary, but it feels pretty, right. And we're gonna give it a shot. And, again, so much of it felt a little bit late, like when you're just kind of like floating a little bit, and like, I'm not really sure. But there it was just being pulled. And we took those, you know, couple messy steps of like walking in the dark, you know, because it was never really in our purview before. And all of a sudden, now it was, and so we're just kind of like shedding the light, little by little. And because we follow that so much more unlocked for us, okay. And so I think that's one of the things too, is, I just want you to hear that. It's just as messy, like sometimes when people see these new offers or things that are coming out from other leaders, it's like, oh, like, I don't know, I always imagined it was like this big planning process. And like, all these analytics that went into the decision, and, you know, they handle things, like for this decision, it was really a last minute call. And it was more of just like, intuitively, there's just a pull. Now, don't go making decisions all left and right, right, and wake up tomorrow and decide to close your business. But I think there's just so much there that you can really lean into and listen to. And again, like everybody I know makes these types of decisions. And it's not necessarily always super clear and cut, like clear cut. So I hope this is resonating. And again, this feels a little bit out of character, as I'm just I feel like I'm just kind of like rambling on this process around decision making. But I really think this is going to just give you some insight of like, what the day to day might look like for us. And it's probably similar to what you might be thinking of like you're getting ideas, you're not really sure how to feel them and how to lean in. And sometimes I don't either. And now we have, you know, the vision is so clear, and I know exactly where we're going. And although I did before it felt a little bit more vague, I had a lot of just re anchoring to do at the beginning of the year. And so I gave myself that permission to kind of, again waddle in, you know, the, the unknown, but I feel so excited about it. And as we kind of gear up to end with launch like a queen and like where we're going in the two cohorts in between then and like how this is going to evolve, I would definitely I always write we always price low. Anytime we're coming out with something, I never I really tried to not price too high. And just again to test the market. And initially, it was really only meant to be a one time offer. And so it was like you know, this is going away anyway, let's just right price it really reasonably so we can get people in and have fun. And but now that it's a signature offer, and we know the vision of it and how robust it's going to be I really want it to be a blend of done with you done for you type of style with a very deep, deep focus on that longevity piece and how to really consistently fill your group coaching programs in a very elevated new way in a market or industry that's changing and like everybody's saying the same thing. The masculine heavy ways of, you know, slashing prices and things like that. They just don't work but nobody really knows what else to do. And so except for us and I'm very confident in that. And so if you are somebody that you have an offer that's converting, right, so you're, you're selling, you know, one to one coaching or group coaching or a mastermind, but it's just kind of, it's just trickling, or it's not at the rate that you would like, if this is definitely for you, you're ready to transition, maybe you're ready to transition from one to one, two group, maybe you just want to like, really elevate yourself and sell out your one to one. So you're confident that you can move into group, we do have like a minimum, you have to have made some money. Making money is like one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome as a newer coach is like just getting over that money mindset and getting some cash in the door. And so we do have qualifiers in place. And it's an application only. And so we'll link up the application in the shownotes. And we have it in a lot of our emails, and you know, on Instagram, but this is cohort style. So we only, we're only taking groups of women at 10 at a time. And again, it's application only because it's not for everybody. So this is different to whereas TEN K anybody can come in. This is just a different level of intimacy. I'm like in it with these women. And it's a very high level service isn't so we can't take a lot. And it really has to be for the right woman. And so I don't want to work together if I don't think I can help you, obviously. And so we have an application process, you can apply, and it gives us insight on like where you're at. And if we feel like you'd be a good fit, then you hop on the call with our team. And we talk about what that looks like next steps. But I hundred % recommend, like if this sounds amazing, or you've been following me for a while or you're ready to really take your business to the next step and you love serving your audience, you want to you know, grow to the ten twenty thirty k plus months, you're not really sure what that looks like. And even with, you know, if you don't need a large audience, this is what's so fun. Definitely apply get in now, like by the time twenty twenty four comes, we're going to have such an insane demand for it. But the price is going to be much higher, just because again, we're going to ease up to that really good social proof. So get in now, and we always always incentivize our early adopters like, it's insane. So like, even for like, you guys will have crazy access to myself and my team for such an incredible investment. And so take advantage of that. Now, I'm basically telling you to take advantage of me and my team during this year. So we'll link up to the information or the link to apply in this podcast episode. And you'll obviously continue to see more of this as our core content, and really leaning heavily into this. Because it's in such alignment. And it is no doubt that the market needs this education and this type of training. And we're here for it, we are paving the way we are carving out our blue ocean, we're helping our clients carve out their blue ocean, and really helping everybody become category queen of their unique industry, which is something that we continue to really unlock during launch like a queen. This is where we are again designing, planning implementing your entire launch process alongside of you really thinking about what the positioning is not just for your launch event, but also your offer. Okay, we really assess like, are you ready for group coaching? What does your group coaching program look like? What is that phase look like? How do we fill it? Do we need to stick with one to one? What do you want? Do you want a low end ticket? Do you want to front end? Do you want a back end? Like these are the questions that come up with offer suite and how to create that complete claim journey. There's just so much there. And this is where we're answering those questions. So get in now I hope that this was helpful for you. I want to find a way to get feedback on this. And because this is important, I would love to do more episodes like this where I'm like, I can't even tell you how many beings like how many decisions we make in a week that I'm like, gosh, I feel like I should talk about this. Just to give you a little bit of a peek behind the scenes of the types of decisions we're constantly making. But I don't know sometimes I wonder is it relevant? I'm not sure was this relevant? I'd love to know. So if you wouldn't mind just taking a moment like send me a DM on Instagram. I'm at Kinsey MCIS. If you are in our email, send me an email, send me a DM whatever. I would just love, love. Love that feedback. Was this helpful? Do you want to hear more like this when I'm just like kind of, you know, really uncovering the types of decisions that we're currently making. and why and oh, hey, by the way, right, we totally pivoted, and here's why. So, I would love that feedback. Okay, this is good. Probably the longest solo episode I've done in a while, but definitely definitely deserve the attention. And you could probably hear, despite the time of night right now, you probably hear my voice that I feel super energetic about this, and I hope you do too. Alright, until next time

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