Key Takeaways From My $40K Mastermind

Kinsey shares her experience with the mastermind journey that elevated her and completely changed her into a new version of herself. This episode is about the key takeaways she learned from hanging out with those brilliant people who are making a great large impact, making a lot of money and have been able to navigate entrepreneurship gracefully.

“I came into this mastermind experience as somebody that felt small and felt like I don’t belong. And I walked away, feeling empowered, knowing I am in the right room, knowing that my brilliance is very unique.”

Do not miss these highlights:

  • Being comfortable means being stagnant
  • Navigate through your anxieties and fears so it doesn’t consume you
  • There’s a huge Return on Investment in relationships, connections, collaborations, and shared learnings
  • It is not so much about strategy as it is about mindset
  • Entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey and within that spiritual journey is your identity
  • Content is one of your most important assets as an online entrepreneur
  • Immature people let the gap consume them but mature people navigate that gap, lean in it, and let it leverage them 80% of what you know is what most people don’t know. Whatever you think is basic is most likely not basic for other people.

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About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Hey, you welcome back to another episode of Captivate and Close. I am so honored to be here with you today. And I have a fun little journey to take you on. It's been a couple of weeks. But I've also just been a little bit of time to process. And of course, as soon as I got back, we just dove into some of the things that we're working on as a team, and strategic planning and really think about like what's next for us. And so it's been busy. I hate saying that, but it really has. So what I want to share with you today is my experience with my mastermind kind of a journey there and then tell you some of the lessons that I took away some really key takeaways from hanging out with brilliant people, right? Not just brilliant people, that people that are making a very, very large impact, making a lot a lot of money, and have really been able to navigate entrepreneurship, and so gracefully, right. And also, you know, there's the dark side to that as well, which, which was some things that I again, took away from this experience. But I I just want to give you kind of a behind the scenes, it was really fun, actually. Because while I was there. When I went to this mastermind in person event, I had a group thread in my boxer going on with some of my mastermind clients. And I was just like sharing all the behind the scenes and my key takeaways on the spot. So that was super fun. And we had like such a live, like a very lively chat, chat, if you will. Um, but I want to rewind here for a second because, um, this is a again, I think something that you might be able to relate to, or something that I really want to help you see if you don't see it already.

Kinsey Machos:

So I've always had a coach or a mentor. But there had been a couple months that had gone by that it was kind of sort of like in between, like, where do I go like who do i Who do I Who do I rely on or who can I kind of link up with in order to take me to the next level? So one of the things that I experienced was like I know how to market I know how to sell I know how to get clients. Now I'm like a CEO I have a team and Our programs are scaling right how do you scale? How do you scale without burning out? Right, and also, how do I lead a team? But most importantly, how do I do all of that? Right without really working around the clock? And so I needed somebody that had I needed something or somebody, right, that could show me, give me some guidance there. And so I had been kind of shopping around, if you will, like, who like, where do I go, it was kind of an interesting place to be in because I've never been in that place. I've had just kind of, you know, mentors fall in my lap as far as like, if, you know, they came recommended, or I found an ad and like, you know, move through their their funnel. But this time, it was like me, like shopping, right? I was looking for very something very specific, somebody very experienced. And sure enough, I found it.

Kinsey Machos:

I joined this mastermind, which was like the most money I've ever paid $40,000. And I, I think that one of the things I realized is like that alone, completely transformed me home. So what happened was that decision to invest that amount of money into something a sort of like, shifted me into like this is, this is like the real deal. And also, I realized I was placing myself in a room full of people that were doing much bigger things than I was. And that started to resurface some of those old feelings of imposter syndrome. Who am I, I'm a fake, I'm a fraud, like, right, you've probably been there. And so but what I realized is I have gotten comfortable, I've gotten comfortable for a while. And while that's okay, I'm usually at baseline, a little discomfort or uncomfortable, because I'm like constantly leveling up, right, I'm constantly sort of moving are shaping a new version of myself new identity that's more closely aligned with where I'm going, right, and that vision. And so what we know about that experience, that journey of identity shaping, it is a separation from old self, which then causes anxiety and discomfort and fear. And so it's a normal part of the process. It's definitely something I want you to take away from this. So if you're experiencing those things, that's a good thing. And but if you're not, right, why, where do you need to push yourself? Where do you need to place yourself? And so I realized, after even just joining, nothing had happened yet, it was just the experience or the decision to join this mastermind. That alone completely changed me, because I was like, this is like a new version of myself. I mean, Kinsey six months ago, would have you ever invested $40,000 to be in a mastermind, right? And I remember people saying that, and I remember thinking like, there's no way but that alone, it like elevated me, right? And it was like this is real, right? But then new levels of imposter syndrome, new levels of insecurities, definitely surface with that. But I was like, This is good. It was like, I was like, This feels good, uncomfortable. But good. Because I never want to get comfortable, right? Comfortable means we're stagnant. And if you're like me, right, high achiever in the sense that you want to be challenged, you want to be pushing to step into a more powerful version of yourself, right? That does not happen out of stagnancy.

Kinsey Machos:

So I joined SAS mean, literally, nothing happened. I didn't learn anything new. It was just the occurrence of me doing this completely changed me, which then completely changed my business, we had our highest month. And we've since just completely, everything just feels different. So I want that alone is so cool, because you can what happens when we make decisions, right from a future version of ourselves? Or like where we're headed versus decisions out of current circumstances? Like I could have said, like, I don't like 40k. That doesn't make sense for me. Right? Or that it doesn't, I'm not there yet. Right. But I made a decision of like, where I'm going I made a decision from future Kinsey. And that alone opened up right results that were aligned with where I was going. So I want you to first like are you making decisions out of current circumstances? Or are you making decisions of right where you're going? So that's the first piece now, what I want to talk to you about is my first experience going there so they have monthly or sorry, they have every other month, they have gatherings where we come in person to Nashville. So this was my first experience. So a couple weeks ago, I went to Nashville, and the anticipation of going definitely like lots of emotions anxiety, if you will. Now, what you should know about me is I generally there's just a part of me that has that social anxiety Okay, so I don't like put me in a roomful of people and expect me to kind of like, walk the room like I can do it. But it's not my most comfortable state. I'm an introvert put me on a stage to speak to people like, like, Girl, like, that's like, that's my jam. But you place me in a circle of people that I don't know. And like, all the anxiety pops up. So obviously, I'm feeling very nervous to go. I don't know these people yet. Of course, we're in a Facebook community. So I'm starting to see them. I'm watching from behind the scenes. But I haven't met anybody yet. And you know, I'm already having these feelings of like, oh, my gosh, I'm like the smallest, you know, this idea that I'm like, bottom of the totem pole, if you will.

Kinsey Machos:

So, I go there, right, I fly there on what was it a Tuesday night to think. And then the first event was Wednesday. So I'm like, getting ready. I actually had a couple coaching calls that morning, I did coaching calls, I was ready to go. And I'm starting to feel like I'm sweating. And I'm starting to feel like, oh, yeah, the nerves are coming on strong. So I'm staying in the hotel where the event is. And all I have to do is walk downstairs into the conference room. So like, get my stuff I call my husband, I'm like, paid so nervous. He's fine, go do whatever. So I like, go down. I check in. I see my concierge. So in our mastermind, where you know, they are, they're so amazing. They welcomed me and they know who I am. And they make it feel really warm to cool, like go in the room. Because I walk in this room. And everybody's already circled up, right. Everybody started like already in their little clique circles, chatting and having conversations and I'm just standing there in the room, looking around, like what is even going on right now. Instantly, my heart starts going like beating really fast. I could feel my cheeks start to burn a little bit. And like, you know, my chest is tight. Like, I know this sounds so dramatic. But I can't even tell you I was so, so anxious and uncomfortable. This is what I did. I literally, I walked around a couple tables, I pretended like I was on my phone, kind of like texting and walking. And I found a place to put my stuff. And I was hoping that as I walked by, like somebody would kind of like look at me that I could be like hi, but like nobody was really paying attention. And I'm just like that awkward person that the only person that's not in a circle. There's probably like 70 people here. And I legit, I put my stuff down. I walked out of that room and I went back up. I went back up to my room, my hotel room, grab my phone. I'm like, I forgot my water bottle. So I go up, and I really did. But you know, it wasn't really top of mind for me. I go back up to my room and I call my husband and I am crying. I'm like Baby, what am I doing here? I don't belong here. I'm so awkward these people have now this may be so surprising to you because I think I get often I get mistaken for an extrovert, right? Like you watch me train you watch me coach, you watch me on stage. Like I have a full energy. I feel very natural. I feel very comfortable in my skin. But that there are just elements right? That still make me nervous. And thank goodness for that. Right? But I was out I hadn't been placed out of outside of this level of comfort for so long. I forgot what it felt like. And I'm just crying to him. I'm like, Babe, I I feel so uncomfortable. He's like, Kinsey you pay to get there, you walk down you be the like, awesome, amazing woman you are. And don't call me again. You know, he's like, trying to give me some tough love. He's like, you belong there. And I was like, Okay, babe, you know, and that's why I call him because he's like, my little cheerleader. But I realized like, oh my gosh, it had been so long since I got this emotional right from this sense of anxiety of who am I I don't belong here and this is really guys this is where I know you probably might be struggle this struggle with this from time to time.

Kinsey Machos:

This ultimately is what stalls people out. I see it all the time. It's they get caught. They're stuck in indecision. And the Indecision is from I'm not good enough I needed to be doing something different I'm not there yet etc. And it all again, it comes from this belief of I don't belong here I'm not worthy enough whatever. And it surfaces for me right? Definitely not as often and not as intense as it did it in this in this in this scenario, but it did and I just I first I wanted to tell you that because what I've learned even in this mastermind of people who are again, like legit it oh geez in our industries, they to still struggle with the same thing. They to share that their first event, they did the same thing, the social anxiety the nerves like the it's not that it's that we're not going to feel it, it's how are we going to navigate through it so that it doesn't consume us. Right? I could have hid out in my room, I could have like, stayed in the back corner of the conference room and just avoided everybody. But none of those would have been able to get me the result that I was looking for. Right? So I survived, right? I go in, and of course, I go back in with a new energy. I'm I'm not telling myself Oh, my gosh, I'm awkward. Oh, my gosh, there's cliques, right? I'm telling myself like, who can I connect with, right? Who can I talk with? And I want you to also reframe that for yourself. If you're ever stuck with who am I? I'm not going to whatever. Instead, ask yourself this question. Who could I serve today? Who could I connect with today? Right? Who Who can I? Who can I love on today? Okay, so I'm going around. And of course, immediately, I started up a conversation with somebody, and what do you know, it was totally fine, I didn't die. So I just loved that. It was like, I loved it. And I hated it. And all the things and I'm telling you, I walked away, though. So I come in, right come into this mastermind experience with as somebody that feels small, and feels like I don't belong. And I walked away, feeling empowered, knowing I am in the right room, knowing that my brilliance is very unique.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, so I want to talk about that a little bit more here in a second. But this is what can happen for you if you place yourself in, right, those transformational containers. And it's not maybe it's not in the form of a mastermind, but it's like, where are you? Uncomfortable? Right? And what is that uncomfortability rolling in you? What is it growing in you or through you? Right? Because it's growing you? Right? Even just in the in the two days that I was there, I can't even, like tell you how different I felt and looked at myself. Okay, so I wanted to share, also, some key takeaways came we had, the format of the event was really cool. And it was fun to observe, because we're going to be doing more events for our audience and our clients. And so it was that alone, it was super fun. And you guys, if you're, you know, coach, consultant, services entrepreneur, if you're not immersing yourself, in other industries, other formats of things that you're trying to create for yourself, it's going to be really hard. So making sure you're immersing yourself in, in pockets, where you get to learn from those experiences, and then turn around, right and do it and emulate those or take from right and make them your own. So it was super fun just to see their event coordination logistics and really observe it from that piece. But of course, the gold was in the content a gold was in the conversations that we were having. They had two full days, some of which were from the mastermind leaders. And then we had some guest speakers as well. But one of my favorite things, again, the all the training and the coaching was so amazing. But I felt like I walked away, like the conversations that I had in passing, you know, at night when we had like cocktail gatherings. And we're just like socializing the behind the scenes conversations that I had just one to one with people and of these entrepreneurs, like literal gold, right?

Kinsey Machos:

And the connections I made with them, like, like, it transformed me right there. Huge ROI, huge, huge ROI in relationship and connection, you know, potential collaborations, their shared learnings, right? Everybody's so open in what they learned, and how they've accelerated the results, what's working, what's not working, and that alone, like, oh, my gosh, it was just so amazing. And so if you are not in a room, right, that gives you that option to collaborate and have conversations with people that are at your phase, or, more importantly, above you, like what you're just missing out on so much. Okay, now I want to sell again, I share some tangible takeaways for you so that you can kind of get a little bit of glimpse into my experience there. But one of the things that we were, which was so fascinating, so other than some of the guest speakers, like they had some very specific strategies that we talked about, but the general sense when we had conversations and when there was q&a, and there was coaching involved, it was not about strategy. And it's so funny because you think you need strategy, and especially at a certain level you You will think that you have overcome mindset or you have the mindset or you're good there. I'm telling you like, it doesn't not only does it ever, it, not only is it not ever a part of your, your, your, your journey, right, your skill mastery.

Kinsey Machos:

Um, it actually is more important than ever. When you get to these new levels, right? We're talking, you know, 50k months, 100k months, million dollar months, right? People that are at those levels, they're not talking about strategy. They're talking about mindset. And it was so fun to be immersed in this, right? Because we I have been deep into strategy for the last few years. And I have built I built in the practice for mindset. But I've never considered the fact that oh, I need mindset, right? Even somebody the other day I was trained to, there was something that was quote, unquote, broken. I was like, I need some this strategy is feeling weird. Somebody looked at this, and they were like, You need mindset. I'm like, Girl, I don't even mindset. Sure enough, I needed mindset. Right? So it that alone was so cool, because I just looked around the room and these people are, are we're talking about energy, right? Energy conservation, energy levels, sleeping, we're talking about, you know, your subconscious mind. Identity. We're talking about, you know, journaling, right. And, and I'm looking around the room like, Man, I thought I was coming here for strategy. But nobody, you don't, at some point, you just don't need strategy anymore. And it really does become about how are you shaping your mind. Now, of course, like, you know, they're able to give me the things that I need as far as like Brian, my team, and you know, getting our business to the place where you need to, but usually, we have a lot of those answers in us. We just have to build the confidence to trust ourselves enough to go there, right? The guidance, mentorship, obviously, alongside you will stimulate that and accelerate that. But you also have to learn how to trust yourself. So I think that alone was so mind blowing the fact that we spent the majority of time talking about really just, you know, personal development, the mindset piece, how you're taking care of yourself, so you don't burn out. Like I didn't realize it was so common to, for entrepreneurs to burnout. at those levels. I think I've, I've always been super keen to it, because it's what I walked away from my corporate career, right, the hustler, the grindy. Eel stuff. And so I'm hyper aware of when I'm starting to burn out, or when I'm starting to work, you know, like overcompensate for something. But I know a lot of people don't have that awareness. And also, it's still easy to succumb to, right, this idea of like, I need to work harder to get better results. And so, it is so important that you have the skills to build a business in your lifestyle. If you're never like, if if those two things are disjointed, and you're not taking care of yourself, you're not meeting the needs of your yourself, your family, right the lifestyle you want. And you're just like over here building something, it will die. Like you'll either burnout, the business will flop, like you'll right, both will come right like burn to the ground. Not to be morbid or anything but this, this is what's very common. And so the the higher up you get, the more important it becomes. And what we find is if you don't start now, right, it's so much harder later to build in those elements. So that was super fascinating.

Kinsey Machos:

And we talked a lot about this idea of no the identity piece, it really is a spiritual component. If you are trying to build a business and there's no spiritual element to that, rather, it's your connection to universe source God, it's going to feel hard all the time. Entrepreneurship really is a spiritual journey. And within that the spiritual journey is your identity, the shaping of your identity closely aligned to right, who you were created to be where you're going in the vision and the purpose, the mission you're meant to fulfill. And so if you're, if you're again, alongside this idea of like, I have my life here and I have my business here, and you've got disjointed priorities. If you add this element of spirituality, and it's not built, if you don't have this, the practices built into that and have the awareness that this is all just a journey, this is all just a journey of becoming, right? If you have that, oh man, like you're missing out on such a huge opportunity, and to create something that is literally unstoppable. Because it's not about the business you build, right? It's about who you're becoming in the process. And this idea of like identity shaping. And what was cool is one of my mentors, he had said, identity is spiritual, and it will fix itself, you just have to get out of your own way. Right? Like, how powerful is that? Right? Powerful, powerful. I love that.

Kinsey Machos:

So the other thing that that was super, super, so more of a strategy level tactical level is the reminder that content is key. So if you ever try to skip content creation, if you ever think that you can build a business, without a content marketing strategy, or without being able to effectively create content content, meaning, maybe it's social media posts, maybe it's content for your coaching programs, maybe it's content for your launches, whatever that looks like content is key. And if you don't learn how to become an effective content creator, rather copywriter, right, that's for another episode, content creator versus copywriter, what's the difference? But if you don't know how to really powerfully craft a compelling copy, as an online entrepreneur, it's over for you. Okay. And I love this because we spend a lot of time teaching our planes how to become better copywriters, because it is a skill that you will continuously have to hone. And one of the most important one of your most important assets as an online entrepreneur is your content. Right? It's how you communicate your value. It's how you reach your people. It's how you have conversations, right to build the relationships, it's how you create results for your clients. It's the content. And most people think that if they're not a great, great content writer, that that's just the way it is for them. But what he said was, it's because somebody had asked him what, because he put he just produces so much of it. And of course, he has a team now. But, um, you know, he still writes most like a lot of his content on his own, just for a social, and somebody asked him, like, how much how do you produce so much. And he's like, I've been creating content. I've been writing content for seven years. It's a muscle now. Right? It's a it's strengthened muscle. So I just like, it just is easy. It flows. But most people think that that's the way it should be right at the get go. And if it's not, then it's not their thing. But you have to make it your thing. You have to get a really, really focus on how to be a better content creator, okay? And it comes from that consistency, right? He's like, I created content. For seven years, I've been writing content for seven years. And every day I write, I write write, write. Okay, so I really think this, I always hear this idea of like, oh, I have to create content, oh, I have to do like, I have to like, well, or you get to write you have, you have the ability to reach millions of people through your message through one push of a button. Like how amazing is is that right? You get to do that. Right? So how are you going to optimize that experience? Not just for your audience, or your clients, but for you? Like how can you make it fun. So making sure you're creating the space for that creative flow to come. And also the consistency, creating content consistently, consistently, will help you win. Okay.

Kinsey Machos:

The other thing we talked about was this idea of like, there's a gap. Okay, so you have you here, right? You're in your reality, this is your current circumstance. And then you have the vision, okay, the vision of where you're going, you're here, you want to be there, in between that there's a gap, there's a gap, right? And that's ultimately the journey, right? which I call the journey of becoming because it's an A shouldn't be the journey of doing It's that constant identity shaping right operating from future self and really acting from that space. But what he said was so fascinating to me. So immature people let that gap consume them. Right? Because if you think about it, so many people are like, oh, I want to get to 10k a month I have to get clients actually this thing you know, it's like this white knuckle hard energy. And that and that starts to consume you because all you do is like don't have, all you're focused on is what you don't have, where you're not. At, right? It's like, I'm not there yet, in all the focus of lack, and that gap will consume you immature, people let that gap consume, consume, you know, mature entrepreneurs mature, quote, unquote, mature people navigate that gap they like lean in, right? They they lean into that as this is the thing, it's not about where I'm going. It's just becoming like being immersed in going there. Right. And that alone, I think we've noticed and you guys probably heard me talk about all the time, right? It's, it's not about where you're going, right? It's about who you're becoming to get there. But I loved how he really shaped these two identities, right? Mature versus immature. So are you letting that gap consume you? Or are you letting it leverage? are you leveraging it to really lean into the process, right? Love the journey, if you can't have fun. And where you're going, it's all for nothing, by the time you get somewhere, you're still not going to be happy. Right? It's going to be an infinite pursuit of chasing something that does not exist. So really loves this idea of like the gap. So the question to you is, what are you doing with that gap?

Kinsey Machos:

Okay. We talked a lot about feminine energy and masculine energy, right. And I love this because, um, we deal with this a lot in sales. And you really do have to pull levers, as needed. So it's like, if you're selling, if you are have and this is not a in relation to male or female, this is the energy that you that you have, right, we know, females that are more masculine, have a more of a masculine energy. And there's, you know, males that have more of a feminine energy. And when you're selling, right, you do have to really lean into that if you're like overly masculine to somebody that's feminine, you're going to push them away. Same goes for the opposite. And this also applies in sort of your cycle of momentum, right? masculine energy is really, really good. When you're trying to kind of like achieve and progress, right? It's like all the doing, right, but that ultimately will burn you out. Right? And more the feminine is like the flow, right? And like that gentleness, right. But if you're always in feminine energy, right, it's gonna be really hard to like, accelerate and get those results. And as I said, if you're always in masculine, you're just going to bring yourself to the ground. So it's like, how can you leverage these energies in your business in your life for yourself, but also looking at it from a sales perspective? really leaning into the other side? Who's Who are you having that conversation with?

Kinsey Machos:

And how are they good, like what kind of energy that you have, because that should tailor the type of conversation that you have with them. I love that I there's a book that I bought on this specifically, because I love just I love this idea of energy and learning. Masculine versus feminine. So that was really cool. Now, the the last thing I want to share with you, and again, I always I have so many notes, I have pages and pages of notes. And I'm so good. But I pulled out like what would be so useful for you high level to really walk away with with like, a new, fresh perspective. But one of the other things that I loved was having a conversation with one of the team members there. And you know, as I'm building a team and trying to step more into that leadership role, I asked her I was like, Why, like, what she's been with them since the day she's there. She's head of sales over there. And she's been with them since the, you know, the inception of and I asked her why why, like what's caused her to stick around for so long and be so loyal to the company. And she's like, because they they legit care about me as a human. She's like, at the end of the day, they care about me. She's like they there's high expectations, getting stuff done, you know, and doing these certain things, but at the end of the day, they show me that they care. They asked me how I'm doing right. They they reach they have an all of grant right when when it's needed. And that was such a simple yet big eye opener for me because it's like, I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to do the things right, right. It's like I got to do this the right way or I have to, like not screw this up right or it's like make or break or all or nothing. And as a leader I've been feeling that push and pull. And she when she said that I was like I can't Can't go wrong, right if I just care about my people, like I can't go wrong. And I think that's naturally, my state of being right is Karine. So I just felt like that was so liberating. And I think, ultimately, what pressure? Are you a plane on yourself to do something perfectly? Or to do something right? Or to meet the mold of something that does not exist? Right? How can you simplify that in your brain? Right? At the end of the day? What does that look like for you? Is it caring more about someone? Is it just staying in a place of service? Is it that you just want to, you know, be more like, have more time with your family, like, stop kind of molding to other people's ways of being or doing or expectations and just figure out like, what do you want? What is that? And then what does that look like for you if you've achieved that? Right? And how do you simplify that, like, I know, I'm a good leader, if at the end of the day, I genuinely want the best for my team, right? I care about them. That's going to allow me to kind of like check the box of like, I'm doing an okay job today. So good, right. Okay, guys, I hope this was fun for you. And I left just so on fire, new ideas. The one thing that I will say is, sometimes as an entrepreneur, you get so stuck in your own brain, right? Have you ever felt like you?

Kinsey Machos:

You? Like what, you know, isn't all that great? And this is so common. And I when we even talk about content creation, I find that people are like, Why would I share that? That's so dumb, Mike are so basic, right? Oh, and no, it's not basic 80% of what you know, most people don't know. Right, is whatever you think is basic, most likely is not basic for other people. And we can tend to get in our own heads, especially if we spend a lot of time working alone. Or just, you know, we're in like, serving clients and stuff. And, um, but when I kind of placed myself out of that, and was immersed in this mastermind group, and people were asking me what I did, right. And, and I and I spoke about it and, and it was like I you know, initially was like, oh, like, it's not that cool. And I had so many people when we're talking about our unique strategies. It's so many people be like, Oh, my gosh, I need to know more about that. Oh, my gosh, how do you do that? Like, oh, my gosh, that's so brilliant. Right. And I was like, reminded of like, What I know is brilliant. What we teach is unique, right? And what I have is what people want. And being able to have those conversations with other people outside of the normal people that I talk with was so good. I walked away feeling right. Like it was like the value of myself increased and just the reminder of the value that I provide. And, like really understanding that like, I like the brilliance, right, it's there, I need to share it more, and I need to talk about it more, right get out of my own head. So I want you to get out, shake it up, like get out of your office, start networking, join a mastermind join a group, we have a mastermind as well. And we have really taken it it's really this unique experience where you immerse yourself into our company, right our team supports you and we start to build and develop and scale your unique marketing selling and and scalable strategy. When you think about how do I completely overhaul my business, right? I've got some clients, you know, I've got the I've got the volume, but what does that look like to take it to the next level with team and operations and systems and really start to carve out your unique position in in the market. So we have a mastermind for you if you guys want more info on that just shoot me a DM on Instagram. Shoot us an email at Ultimately, though, at the end of the day, you have to be in rooms of people doing things that you want to do. You have to be in rooms with other like minded people. You got to be pushing yourself to get uncomfortable, because if you get comfortable for too long, that creates stagnancy, and we do not grow out of stagnancy. Okay, so I hope this was fun for you guys, and I will chat with you next time. See you later.

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