Introverts in an Extroverted Industry

Do you believe you are an introvert or an extrovert? We all have our perceptions of what those words mean, some good, some bad. Kinsey shares her thoughts about what it means to be an introvert and extrovert and what it means in developing your business. Even as an introvert you can be successful. 

Do not miss these highlights:

[03:49] Discover the misconception about being an introvert or an extrovert

[04:31] How Kinsey perceives this idea of Introvert versus Extrovert

[07:04] An introvert doesn’t mean you’re unfriendly, unsociable, or unengaging

[08:16] Being shy and quiet is also related to confidence

[08:52] What is needed as an introvert to scale your business

[10:19] How to protect yourself and your energy in a coaching business

[15:04] Bring somebody on, to start delegating the things that drain you the most

[16:19] Introverts lean within – that’s their superpower!

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Guys, good morning. If you are joining me live, say Hello. And if you're catching the replay comment repayable Oh, you guys,it's such a beautiful morning, I'm so, so excited to be here with you. I have a really fun topic for you for our live stream this week. If you haven't already noticed, or if you're new to the group, we do these live trainings weekly, every week, at Thursday 10 o'clock Mountain Standard Time. And I really just love to draw from all my pockets of resources, right. So like, what I'm seeing with our clients, just general trends in the industry. And of course, while we love to talk about marketing and launch strategies for coaches and consultants, like there's all these other layers, right of what it actually takes to build a thriving coaching business. And so I want to make sure to really bring those topics to you, too, every week so that you can really find rhythm and routine and momentum in in a very up and down business model but also really lean into your unique brilliance and find a way that works for you.

Kinsey Machos:

So this is so fun. If you guys are joining me live say hello. I want to know, Do you Do you believe you are an extrovert or an introvert? Okay, this is such a fun topic. And I think there is like such, you know, these are obviously buzzwords generally in the industry, but I think there's a lot of misconceptions when it comes to like, you know, being an introvert as a coach or being an extroverted coach or what it actually takes and I've, I've I've actually had some clients ask me like, how do you coach as an introvert and so this this topic is really stimulated from a lot of behind the scenes comments and questions that I've received in regards to but I'm an introvert, and I'm not very outgoing and etc, etc. And so I want to talk about that today but tell me below Do you believe you are an extrovert or an introvert comment introvert if you're an introvert extrovert is if you're an extrovert and I think it's really important to level set as far as like, what are those key terms? Even me? Okay, so, one of the things I really want to share of course, there's there's definitions of extrovert introvert, but I want to share with you why My definitions are how I perceive this idea of introvert versus extrovert, okay? But, um, my version of introvert versus extrovert is this and I'll first start with this idea. I think most people believe that an extrovert means being outgoing and their social, like their social lights and they're, they're talkative, right? They're enthusiastic, they're, they're friendly. I looked up even the deaf, like one of the definition says, their front extroverts are friendly. So then you would imply what introverts or not anyway, so this is, again, I think, general misconceptions or general thoughts behind what an extrovert versus introvert is. And then when I looked up at introvert that there was this notion of being shy, socially, awkward, quiet, going inward. Okay, so this is so fun. And I think that people will read that and be like, Oh, my gosh, I'm socially awkward. I must be an introvert, or oh my gosh, I'm an introvert. That means I'm not friendly. Like, what this is crazy. So I want to give you an idea of how I perceive extroverted introvert and why it's so important that you really lean into this because it can be a corporate for burnout, especially if you are building a business online serving people. Okay, so how I see extrovert versus introvert versus an extrovert gets energy from people. They literally buzz off of being around people, okay? An introvert gets energy from themselves, like literally going within. Okay, so I see a more of an energy state and where the energy is being pulled from. Okay, is this making sense? And this is so fun. So I want to know, again, comment below what you believe to be true about introvert versus an extrovert, like, I would love to know, but this is how I see this. And this is why if you look at it from an energy perspective, why it's so important to really lean into one or the other, to protect yourself, right? From energy burnout, especially if you're an introvert. Okay, now, people will always mistake me for an extrovert, right? Because I seen again, if you look at the traditional verbiage for an extrovert, it's like, you're outgoing, and you're talkative. And you're, you know, I love to train, I love to be on stages. I love to pour into people. And I'm really good, right? I'm really good in in engaging a room, engaging a group, etc. But the truth is, it is it exhausts me, okay, at the end of the day, I'm way more exhausted than an extrovert might be like, I'm definitely buzzin off of really like it like being in my zone of genius. But at the end of the day, being around other people pulls energy away from me, okay. And so introverts really have to protect themselves and integrate a lifestyle, a design, a business, schedule, schedule, design, that allows you to really, really insert levels of time, pockets of time, that can give you like, like, protect, right? really

Kinsey Machos:

create that sacredness, right so that you can kind of recharge, because if you don't do that, what happens is, by the end of the night, you kind of burn out like this is, this is what happens to me, if I don't design my data correctly. I am like dead to the world by four or five o'clock. And then my family gets Kinsey leftovers. Right? And this was what it was like when I was in corporate, but I was more drained because I hated my job, right? That's a different story. So what we have to do is think about why So, okay, let me take a step back what what I really want to share with you is just because you are an introvert does not mean you are not friendly does not mean you are not socially adept, like does not mean that you are not engaging and like can be the life of a room life of a stage. So really want to empower you to to really believe differently about yourself as an introvert because, right it's not about how shy or not shy you are. So that's the first thing Okay, is really like seeing okay, just because I'm an introvert doesn't mean right, I can't really like engage room, I can't captivate a stage etc. But you will have to work harder to protect your energy. Okay, so this is a couple things that have worked for me. Let me know if this is resonating with you guys below. I think that one of the things again that I really want. I think it's so annoying that people get in this set thought that I'm shy and I'm quiet and that therefore I can't do big things, or I can't build big things, or I can't build a big coaching business. I can't speak on stage or whatever. I don't know that being shy and quiet is directly related to being an introvert. I think that also is confidence, like, are you making the decision to be confident in your skin in your power, right to really stand in that brilliance? Right, but also right, the energy from just like being within allows you to take a step back and protect that energy. So and I don't, again, it's like I don't, I don't think it has anything to do with being shy or not. It's like really starting to step into your truest potential. That's where the gold is, okay.

Kinsey Machos:

But let's really talk about what is needed as an introvert to scale your business, right? Because what happens is, if you're doing one to one coaching, there's a different energy in one to one coaching, versus one to many. Okay, I find that after one to one coaching, I'm very I'm, I'm more depleted than coaching into a group. And I think this is because you're more vulnerable to taking on the one piece of energy. Like if you think about an energy exchange between two people, it's, it's more potent than one group too many. Again, this is just my guesses, and from my experience, in sharing with this with you to see does this resonate. So you can start to really like lean into right, your coaching model and really figuring out okay, this is probably where I'm feeling drained because of this. And this is how I can insert different things to really allow myself to continue to like build momentum, okay? So I don't want you to think that right, you have to shift from one to one coaching from one or one to many, just because you're an introvert, like you got to put in the clocking hours of coaching, like you've heard me talk about this, but there's some things you can do in your day that will allow you to really continue to build that energy in the momentum. Okay, first things first is you have to again, be very intentional about your schedule. Okay? So comment below if you're joining me live, I see some new people here, we're talking about introvert versus extrovert, right?

Kinsey Machos:

And the common misconceptions within each and how if you are truly an introvert, how you need to work harder to protect yourself and your energy in a coaching business. Okay, so number one, we've got to design your day intentionally. Okay, you cannot go hard all day long, and not build in the intentional time. Okay, so you first have to build in pockets of transition time. So one of the things that so again, my background is corporate and like corporate is known for having meetings to have meetings, and it was like this constant back to back of like, just all I was doing is going from meeting to meeting, and I literally would die for debt. Okay, not literally, but you know, what it was so drained. And I know I see this, especially for those of you that are scaling, you're just like going from task to task to coaching call to coaching call, you have to build in those transition time, okay, this means that you have 30 minutes, maybe to an hour to go for a walk, like literally step out of your office change environment, take a breath, go outside, or whatever the transition time is really important. I think that there's a lot of things that are taught that are against this, because we have to like condense time, it's like get the most out of your four to five or six hours of your workday. That's a crock of shit.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, you have to really build in the the breathing time between. Okay, so that's the first thing you do this, then secondly, thinking about where you are highest levels of energy, right? So this is, again, not related to introvert versus extrovert. This is really leaning into your energy levels, where you most creative where your highest levels of energy during the day, and I would design your entire day around that. Okay, so do you want to be coaching during those hours? Do you want to be creating content, creating assets during those hours, and that would be your epicenter for your schedule, right? So I know my most productive times, were mornings, right? And so I would start to design my day, around the morning, okay, I've got to I wanted like high priority, this thing, right in my most creative zone of genius, and then we can schedule out coaching, calls, meetings, etc. Okay, so you have to really design your schedule around the highest levels of energy, because we don't want that to go to waste. Okay? Lastly, when it comes to really protecting your energy and allowing you to carry momentum in the day to day, that leads to month to month, bro is leveraging nature. Okay? Now, again, this is just not talked about enough like, I want you to, like when I think of building a business, I want it to be fun, and I want it to flow. Okay? And I think too often it's like grind, grind, grind. And I'm like, girlfriend, take your socks off and go outside, right? Take your socks off, go outside. Don't walk around in the grass. I'm not crazy, I promise. But I'm telling you, when you leverage nature when you're lugging it going outside at least once a day, hopefully twice a day, I learned I really was able to see this come to life when I did 75 hard, and you have to do at least one exercise a day outside. And I was missing this because I was going to the gym and exercising but I was not outside. Okay. And so I would literally sit in my hole of an office, you know, all day long. Go to the gym. But like I wouldn't spend enough time outside that really recharges you guys, I'm telling you, it's life changing when you can allow the sun, the fresh air, the grass the ground to rejuvenate you. Okay, so are you going outside enough, this will 100% whether your extrovert or injure introvert will allow you to recharge, right because I don't want you to just like fizzle out for the day. Like I want you to like have the ebbs and flows. So you can really capture again, new waves of energy all day long. So good right. Now, the one thing I will say is, as soon as you can, okay, as soon as you can write I want profit margins to make sense for you. But right away, where can you take things off your plate that drain you? I think, and again, this is just my opinion. And from experience, I do think introverts are more vulnerable, sensitive to certain tasks or activities, right? And it's like, you have to if we think of just again, energy protection, right, where you're focusing your time, what are the things that are most draining for you, and start to as soon as profit margins make sense, when you've got cash flow coming in, bringing somebody on contractor, a resource, whatever, bringing somebody on to start delegating the things that drain you the most 100% I've always had it, like I said, when I started, I was buying, I was buying time, because I was working full time and growing a business part time. And I needed help, right? So I've always had a VA and assistant. And that gives me really the ability to just, again, focus my time and energy on the things that give me the most life, right, especially as an introvert because I know that I can easily burn out.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, so I hope this was helpful for you guys. I think most importantly, what I want you to know is just because you're an introvert doesn't mean you can't do big things. Just because you're an introvert doesn't mean you don't, you aren't like I think this idea of like, and to be honest, you guys, I've always considered myself a little socially awkward, right? But I think that was a story because I hadn't grown in my own skin, and build that confidence with myself to even feel comfortable going into a room right or going into a group of people. I don't know that it has anything to do with an introvert. But the truth is, is like you, you actually have a superpower, right? Because introverts lean within. Right, they're able to be more aware of their thoughts, their feelings, which can propel you so much further, right? Like, just because you don't get a buzz off of people doesn't mean right, you can't scale fast, you can't build the big things. So I hope this is encouraging to you. I would love for you to share your biggest takeaways below. And again, just let me know how you're doing as an introvert versus an extrovert, what you've noticed in your own business as it relates to this and even just share some lessons learned for the community here. So I hope you guys have a great day. It was so good to be here with you this morning. I'll chat with you later. Bye.

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