How We Created our First $52K Month

This episode was taken from a Facebook Live recording where Kinsey shares the processes that she has used in order to earn an incredible $52k revenue in just 30 days. These are the lessons that she has learned along the way and the strategies you can implement right away so that you are able to create quantum results for yourself.

Do not miss these highlights:

  • Information alone will not get you results
  • A commitment of your unique brilliance could blow people away 
  • What is “Rinse and Repeat Systems” 
  • How do Sale Conversations outshine a Sales Page
  • Selling is serving, not spamming
  • Lean into the process of sales and lead your prospect to make a great decision
  • You do not need to be on all platforms, just choose one and create strategic quality content 
  • Focus on one premium offer for the premium version of your client

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen, and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying claims using might break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in. Okay, let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:

I want to talk about our record breaking months you guys, if you haven't already heard, we had a record breaking summer, okay, which is so fun to share with you because I worked with, like, what, okay, so I wanted to dive into that. But here's what I want. What I want to do before we kick off, I'm going to be sharing three key takeaways from our record breaking months, including August, which is our biggest month today, which we collected over 50k in revenue in 30 days, like, you guys mind blowing, and I want to share our lessons learned and things that you can consider and implement right away so that you can also create quantum results for yourself, like, would you love that, but here's the thing, here's the thing, if I do this, I want you to promise, I want you to promise that you'll take action, okay? I do not want to give out information. I do not want to share lessons learned. I don't want to spend my time coaching you and training you guys if you don't take action, okay? And so comment action below if you can commit to really taking some quick action, right could be small, could be big. The best kind of action, I think is like the micro action which people overlook, but I really want to instill this idea of taking action, right? I'll always say like information alone will not get you results, right? It's the action you take from the information. Okay, so comment action below if you can commit to that. And let's dive in. So if we haven't already met, my name is Kinsey, I'm a business coach and marketing strategist, I help female entrepreneurs attract and enroll consistent, high paying clients with our breakthrough marketing strategies. Okay. And part of what I want to talk to you about today is three key takeaways from our record breaking months, including our 50k a month in August, and what you can also take away today and implement Okay, and what I'm going to share with you today isn't like it is not groundbreaking.

Kinsey Machos:

And what I want you to know is that I am like an average Jane. There is not really anything super, super cool about me, right? But but with the exception of right, my unique brilliance and the level of commitment that I make to go all in on that unique brilliance. But I say this because I remember there is a time in my business. Even before I started my business, I heard about people having results like this 50k a month 100k months. I'm like hanging around people right now, you guys in masterminds that are making me having million dollar months, okay, these are like people that I'm rubbing elbows with. And I used to be the person that would look at those people and say things like, that could never happen to me. That will never happen to me. Right? Have you guys ever experienced this? Like, have you ever had the feeling that you look at others, and there's a small sliver of you that like feels encouraged and inspired by it, but then you feel that self doubt kick in and you're like, that could never happen to me? Right? Oh, I'm not smart enough. I'm not good enough. My audience isn't big enough, I don't know enough, etc, etc. Like, you can talk yourself out of the things you want so quickly. And it's not you. It's really the ego testicle part of your brain, right? That's keeping you safe. And so what I want you to know is that I'm just like you and I don't really do anything super fancy. You're really cool, right? There's just these micro commitments that I've made and I've been consistent with that for the last two years. Okay, so I just want to give you encouragement because I was the person I didn't really I mean, I got okay grades. I wasn't really super great at any sports, because I was terrible at sports, not athletic. And I, for the longest time I just felt like I don't really like that great at anything. But here's the thing. When you tell into that brilliance of yours and you go all in, in that commitment of like how freaking amazing you are that brilliance that most people to write that you have no idea. You have no idea a lot of clients that come to us, they start talking about what they do and what they know. And we're like, Holy hell, that is so cool. Like you think, really what you think or believe is basic, you guys, you blow people away with, okay? And you have to make a commitment to go all in on your new, unique brilliance. That is when those quantum results happen, okay? It's not about being smarter, working harder. Okay? Definitely not about working harder. It's just about going all in on yourself. So are you ready to go all in like comment all in below, okay, because this is really what it's about. And this is where I really forced myself not forced, I don't like force. But I really lean in to this idea of going all in on the commitment of your unique brilliance.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, so comment all in below, like let's let's dive in. Okay, so first thing that I really want to teach on today when it comes to creating quantum results. And the thing that led to write this 50k plus month, which again, is like crazy, I still haven't wrapped my head around it, but we're gonna go with it. If you're joining me live, say hello, and I know you're on. But the first thing you guys is this, okay? And again, I'm not going to blow your mind here. But I will give you things to be able to take away with K. And if you have questions, just comment them in below. I can answer them as I go work and circle back to them. Okay? Now the first thing, rinse and repeat systems, okay? rinse and repeat system zip. Because we have more than one. Now here's what I want to talk about. So my first year when I hit 100k, in my first year of coaching, I was like doing all these things, okay, and it was cool. Like I don't I don't I wouldn't change anything of that about that. Right? I had really great success and I got to learn a lot by doing all these different things. I tried different launch methods, I tried different client acquisition systems, different sales strategies, etc. But here's the thing last year are like towards the end sorry, end of last year towards the beginning of this year, I don't even know what year it is 2021 September, beginning of this year, there we go.

Kinsey Machos:

We I got so dialed in on one to two core systems that were rinse and repeat. Okay, what does this mean? This means that there's a consistent system, a predictable system that is literally going to work like a machine and spit out a desired results. Okay, desired results. How many of you would love to have a machine in your business that gives you predictability? Right, and claims, indeed, revenue? Okay, rinse and repeat. Now, what I want you to think about is I want you to know these statistics, okay? This is important because this is going to give you further validation that you need some rinse and repeat systems and not just one but a few to cover your bases.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, so the first what I want you to know is that 15% of your buyers have your market buyers. So these are just traditional statistics 15% of your buyers will buy right now. But 61% of buyers Wait, okay, they need more time, which leads us right with 24% of people never buy. Now, do not, I won't spend too much time on the people that never buy. But one of my one of our like one of our zona geniuses and one of the things that we work with our clients is really making sure they're talking to the premium version of their claim. So we're not even bothering with the people that are we're identifying these people that people that will never buy from the get go. So we don't waste time marketing to them, or having sales conversations with them. Okay. The point is, I want you to know that 15% of your buyers are buying now 61% need more time, okay. And so what we need to do is have systems in our business that are nurturing and capturing both of these types of buyers, okay? Because if we only have a few key marketing and sells systems in our business that are only hitting the buyers that right now you're leaving 61% of your profit on the table. Okay, and so what this looks like in our business is we have a rinse and repeat launch system, which is our 100k launch system, which is it's a it's a blend of high touch service. So it's a free experience. It's a very high touch, unique experience. And we have we only, like take a couple like one to 200 people in that boot camp. Okay, and it converts really Well, every time Okay, so that's going to get people that are ready to buy right now. But again, that's only 15%. Now this 61%, right? How are we making sure that we are always nurturing our community and warming the people up and getting ready for these people that are not ready to buy right now, but we'll be okay. Because most people are only capturing these guys right here. Okay, so we run off of two systems, it's a rinse and repeat launch system. And it's our client Acquisition System, which means we have a pipeline full of leads that we're nurturing and converting all month long. You are a business owner, you guys, you should be taking clients all the time. Now, this age is going to look and feel a lot different based on your industry based on your program, design, etc. But we can design that, you know, to cater towards what's best for you, but you should still always be selling. Okay, like Leddy, for instance, she's a health coach. She's one of our clients, she runs these rinse repeat launch systems, but also is always selling her program. And even though it doesn't open up until end of September, she's already pre sold those seats, right? People already paid for those seats, you guys should always be selling. Okay, selling not just being like scamming your audience. But we always have to be walking people through the pipeline, right? Getting people to know us, getting people to like us and getting people to trust us, the quicker you can get people through that right and you have the systems in place to really move people through that quote unquote, funnel, the more that your rhythm in the business will grow and the revenue will grow. Is this good? Are you putting? Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Give me some fire emojis below. So I know that you're with me guys, this is a little bit advanced. But what I want you to get out of this thinking is either maybe you only have one system, maybe you're kind of just like organically selling your programs or services, you know, through your content. Maybe you're just doing some sort of launch system. But here's the thing, guys, you should have both. And what's really cool is that it works like a machine, you literally flip the switch like hey, I want to claim today or I want I want to make you know 30k in revenue today, I'm going to flip the switch that is how our systems are working for us. And it's just like it works like gangbusters. Okay? This is what we help our clients do good million glad you're with me. Okay, so what's cool about this, too, is this is all can be organic marketing. Okay, now how many of you have run ads? Or are running ads and maybe have not had luck? And I'll tell you that I don't want I really if you're joining me live say hey, Bill, I see some new people here.

Kinsey Machos:

Um, so I don't believe that you should be doing ads until you have a converting offer, right? And you really know that premium version of your ideal client. My first 100 my first 100k guys, all organic. Okay, but now that we had that really converting system, we throw a little bit of paid ads on the system that's already working for us. And it's just like throwing gas on a fire. It just explodes in a good way. Okay, we spent like 2400 in ADS last month in generate, right? 50k Plus, like, like, Hello, that's a really good return on adspend. Hey, but most people are wasting their money on ads, because they're not quite ready. They don't have their message dialed in, or they don't have the system in place to right generate the claims. Okay. Is this making sense? Yes, please say yes. Yes, yes, yes. Okay. So recently piece system. This includes right, some sort of launch strategy where you get to bring one to many kind of get people into a container where you could sell one to many, but in between your launch systems, you guys you should still be enrolling clients. Okay. Now, let's talk about the second thing here. And what we have really dialed in this summer was really up leveling ourselves game, okay? Now here's what you need to know about marketing and sales, they work hand in hand. And in my like, in my opinion, marketing is selling and selling is marketing. But what we found is you could do all the content building right you can do all the all the dming and all the launching, but if you don't know how to effectively convert a client through a sales conversation, you guys, it's going to be so tough. Okay. Now we teach all high ticket offers, right? So this means that we help you package up your offer into at least a 2k Plus package and we create we help you make it irresistible, like a no brainer offer. And so with that we're doing only sales conversations, right discovery calls strategy sessions. Whatever you want to call them, and this will limit you guys, you have to know something as now more than ever, people love connection where they're being oversold too. And it really does, the conversion is so much higher, and it's in on a phone on the phone, then say like a sales page, okay? If you're sending your people to a sales page, I want to encourage you to stop, okay, sales pages are not in a science, they should be outsourced to an official copywriter. And the cop those costs a lot of money. They're worth it, right? Because if you get them converting, but a sales page converts what two to 3% of buyers? Were sales conversations, right? We're hot we have we're like closing up to 80% of our leads. Okay, so But what we've done is really study the psychology and we've been studying a lot in sales over the last three to four months. And Mark kind of like creating this ground breaking experience by moving up more front more like away from this masculine type of like pushy sales, and really creating a fun experience in our sales conversations. My colleague and his cells that lead I yell at Shipley is like a master in cells. And now she's handling all my cells within the company. But she also supports our clients and helps them up level up level up level their cells because it can speak. So but this is something because right? I focus so much on marketing, and because like I can sell you guys I can sell I can enroll clients off of content all day long, right? I teach you how to create strategic content that literally sells your offer for you. But if you can't close someone on the phone, it's going to be so hard. So it's important to have both and we really gone deep into the psychology of sales and learning like how do we want to do it? Right? Because we've been taught some really weird and masculine do bro type of spammy stuff. And we're like no, and we've created our own pathway for more of that feminine really leaned in energy in sales conversations, right? So I want you to comment below. Sales, okay, sales, sales, sales, it's really important that we up level our sales conversations, okay. And most of you might already feel like you're avoiding, you're avoiding sales. Like how many of you have a little bit of that sales aversion? That's okay. It's okay, it's.

Kinsey Machos:

But this is where we win, you guys, this is where selling is serving comment below selling is serving, okay, this is not spamming people, you are not doing people a harm at all. In fact, if you keep your gift, right, if you keep this result that you offer someone to yourself, you're being selfish. So it's important to really lean into the process of sales, and learn how to lead your prospect from right unknown. Like, they don't know what the right decision is for them to leading them to making a great decision, whether it's in favor of you or not, that's not what it's about, it's about helping them make the best decision for themselves. Okay. And this has allowed us to have such like so much more meaningful conversations behind the scenes, so that our marketing converts came, I heard once like you don't have a marketing problem, you have a sales problem, right? And part of that is true, because again, you could create all the content, you could have a really great offer. But if you don't know how to have an effective conversation on the phone with somebody and lead somebody to that decision, right? At the end of the day, I have zero revenue. Okay. Is this making sense? Yes, yes. Yes, guys, where my people at? What's really cool too is like you guys, you don't have to have sales pages. Selling premium offers right for your premium person is so simple. It is so simple. Like I can't even handle it. Okay. Now, the third thing, and again, this is I think most guys have probably heard me say this more than once, but less is more. You guys for this summer. I have three kids. Okay, we travel a lot. We do a lot of camping. We took a couple of vacate long, extended vacations. And from the get go I had to decide what things had to go right my team is still growing so we didn't have a ton of rhythm in place yet. And so I had to table a lot and we decided like what are we going to go all in on this summer to really continue to move the needle because I don't want to start over in September because September October November like biggest buying months for businesses came and I wanted to wait I wanted to ride that momentum. So I'm like, I don't want to start over. So we got really clear on what are the few core things but this goes back to the principle that less is more quality over quantity. Okay, and I teach us a lot of stuff If you're shooting for 100k, comment 100k below 100k. If you are reaching for 10k a month 100k, whatever it, you can do it. It's power of one one message, meaning you have you serve one person and you help them solve this specific problem k one offer one offer, you do not need all the offers, because the worst thing you could do for yourself is has had more than one offer, because our one offer is going to take us to seven figures. Like I don't need any more than that. Okay, so one offer one message, one platform, you do not need to be on all the platforms, choose one platform, maybe like my first 100k, I was only on Facebook, I was cross posting the Instagram, but I didn't know its algorithm. I wasn't really dming him. So pick one platform goal in on that and create strategic content quality content, right? You're not just like posting to post K, you're sharing more about your offer and you're having meaningful conversations. You do not need all the things to hit 10 payments or even 20 payments. I mean, Angela came in as a life coach and 30 days working together, right? We all we did was like shift because she was getting How many of you got the the the objection of like, I can't afford it, or it's not in the budget, right? Like the worst thing ever to hear you finally made it to the end of somebody. And you are like they say somebody like that, like cool. Awesome. I spent all this time with somebody that cannot afford me. Okay. So but what we need to do, right? If we just shift we just shift our messaging slightly we sweat we we Angela was hearing that a lot, right? So we didn't change her offer, we didn't change the bat like we changed nothing other than who she was speaking to 30 days in, she hit that 22 came up, okay. It is not about doing more, it's about doing less better getting really dialed in into the premium version of your ideal client, speak to the people that will are like literally excited to invest in you invest in themselves. One great offer, okay, and you don't stray away from that offer, you get known from that offer, okay, and you do not need to be on all the platforms, okay, that is just going to cause you to spin out choose one platform, you guys, I love using Facebook groups to grow my business for the first year, we still leverage, right, the Facebook group strategy, all my clients, that's what I encourage them to use as you're getting that momentum because you get to curate that community, hey, it's really, it's a really, really strong strategy to curate a community full of your ideal plans, right, nurture them, and continue to enroll claims from that group. It's works like gangbusters, we teach this inside of our programs as well. Okay, less is more. So good content, less is more below the base, how many of you are relieved that you do not have to do all the things you do not have to do all the things it really does come down to dialing in? What are the few key things that are going to move the needle for you, okay, because there's probably a lot of fluff that's happening in your business right now. And it's okay, it's normal happens to us all the time. We do a lot of review in the business to say is this? Is this beneficial or not? Like we have to constantly do that.

Kinsey Machos:

But if you don't know, one person, if you don't know what that is, right, it can be a little bit difficult. So you guys, was this helpful? Comment yes below. If you are like I want more, I have an invitation for you. So if you really want to dial in your premium offer, right, you want to dial in that high ticket offer, you want to dial in that premium version of your client, you want to learn how to sell organically, right through your marketing, get more out of your marketing, and experiment with our proprietary launch system that's generating like helping generate this machine. I would love to invite you we have programs that support our clients and we have a support a team of freakin expert, amazing, amazing, amazing people with a community full of amazing amazing coaches. Emily, Monica, Laura, you guys are all in there Sherry and and we want to invite you so if you want to really build your business and your impact, your impact your income, just comment in come and impact below. And we'll reach out to you and we'll just have that conversation about what that looks like. Here's what's cool, is we truly want the best for all of you. And so and we don't accept everybody in the program and if we don't think it's a good fit for you. We have literally deep pockets full of experts that we know and other groups that we know We can connect with you with so comment, wealth, or impact, impact and income below and we will reach out a lot of conversation about next steps. When you select the best you guys, what I know about this industry is people overcomplicate it. Truly, it's over complicated. It's definitely overly saturated full of information that is just fluff, in my opinion. And so I really want to simplify the process for you and show you that it can be simple, okay, now I have to be careful and not say easy because there are some hard moments in entrepreneurship. Like, there's the dips, right? How many of you have had the dips right there. Entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey, guys. And if you haven't had that realization yet, like it's coming, right? It is really a spiritual journey. And you do dip, you have the highs, and you have the lows. Okay, so that was that's what makes it feel hard or easy. But what I want to do is simplify it so you can allow yourself to love the journey and have more fun in the journey. And you're like, yeah, we're gonna get you great outcomes, great results, 10k 20k months, whatever that looks like for you. But you're going to learn to love the process more than the outcome itself. Okay, so comment income impact global reach out, we'll have a conversation what that looks like for you. And I am like, just so freaking jazzed to be here with you guys. Jen rice had asked was, do we do everything through discovery calls? And like I said, when you're selling those higher ticket offers, which you guys if you are not, if you do not have a high ticket offer, like what are you waiting for? ditch the low ticket offers for now that can come later. I want you to focus on the most momentum, I really believe that you can grow so much more in your influence in your impact in your income. If you focus on just that one premium offer for the premium version of your client, then you can down the road once you've got the revenue coming in, you have the team to support you didn't even think about like how can I add a lower ticket offer to support more people, right, but premium buyers are everywhere. They're literally everywhere. They're in your audience right now. Okay, so offer them something, have something to offer them, okay. It does not have to be hard. Like it really can be simple you guys we are really I say I joke like we're kind of boring. We have very simple systems and processes. But we have like our own unique ways of doing it, which I think is where we have the most momentum. Okay guys, I'm gonna hop off because this lawnmower is driving me nuts. I hope that this serves you well. Continue to share your takeaways on comments, impact and income. If you want to learn more and grow your business in a very systemized way if you want that predictability the machine to build. Alright girls, hope you have a great day. I'll talk to you later.

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