How To Have A Profitable Summer Working 10 Hours A Week (Or Less)

Kinsey highlights how most business owners would truly like to play during the summer but don’t always set themselves up for success to do so. We need to nail down our content strategy so we can have the summer we want. We are invited to take the Poolside Profit Strategy to help us get the results we desire.

Let us help you design a 90-day Content Strategy that attracts and converts high-end clients consistently so you can grow your coaching business this summer working 10 hours per week (or less).

Do not miss these highlights:

02:37 Summer is meant to be a season of play.

03:56 What we see in our clients and our audience is the lack of clarity of their business model, and confusion leaves them in lack of focus.

05:21 The concept of The 90 Day Poolside Profit Plan – Designing your 10 Hour Workweek for the summer.

08:10 90 Day Poolside Profit Plan was condensed to be a foundation to growing 100k to a million dollar business.

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Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to captivate and close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying claims, using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:

Hey, you welcome back to another episode of captivate and close. So good to be here with you today. I am just settling back into my routine ish. We are in our second full week of summer. But last week, we took a family vacation, which was so amazing. We actually went up to northern Idaho, we rented a lake house and went to a theme park up there, which is just so fun. So good to kick off the summer. But of course, it always takes me a little bit of time to readjust and re acclimate after being out of my routine, who's such a creature of habit. But this is this episode is about summer. And I think there's a lot of nuances to summer that we don't talk about enough. And I remember my first summer at home, it was like after a whole decade that I had spent in corporate sending my kids to daycare, you know, from sunup to sundown, and wanting so badly to have summers with them.

Kinsey Machos:

I remember when my last summer where kids had to be in daycare, Tucker was old enough to be like Mom, do I have to go to daycare, you know, by now he was in second grade. Or by that time he was in second grade. So he was older, he's like, I'm too old for daycare, but there was no other option, right? He's not old enough to stay home alone. And you know, my husband and I were both working full time. And it's always so fun to revisit those times, because the life that I have now is exactly everything I wanted done. And also right, we forget, we forget about that sometimes, and we tend to focus on, you know, what's not working or the challenges of our current state. But in every scenario, whether you imagined this to be your life or not, there's always going to be challenges. But what we know about Summers is, it is less if you're working full time, or you're trying to grow your business during summer and you're at home with your kids, you know that there's more distractions, less working time. And just in general, it's a season of play, right, your kids want to go to the pool, it's you're going more, you're traveling more. And so it's meant to be a season of play.

Kinsey Machos:

But what happens is, so many business owners sort of let go of that momentum that they worked so hard to create for quarter one, quarter two, and then come summer, it's sort of like there's no planning in place to be able to grow the business, let alone maintain it, or maintain it, let alone grow it. And so what happens is by quarter four, right, when we hit fall, which is the highest buying season, in the market, people are just trying to play catch up because of stepping away for that from their business during summer. Now, here's the thing, I'm not saying that you need to be working full time on your business during summer. And to be honest, if you are under 100k, you should not have to work more than 10 hours a week for your summer. But what we see in our clients and our audience is there's lack of clarity of their business model, right? They don't know how to market and sell effectively. So they're not marketing and selling or right. They're doing all these things that isn't yielding results. There's lack of focus, right? Because of all the things that are out there these days, like there's you know, well you could go grow on tick tock, you could you know, launch a webinar, you could grow a group coaching program, you could scale an agency, there's all these different ways to grow and build a business online. Which is cool, but it leaves a lot of women very confused of what model is right for me or what specifically should I be doing to gain that consistency and revenue? Gain that consistency and clientele. And so this confusion leaves people in lack of focus, right? So when you sit down to work your business, you're not headed in direction, are just sort of like fumbling around with random things that are not moving you forward. And so all these things together, have you either working harder, especially during the season that you want to play, and also not being able to create momentum momentum for yourself in less time with less effort. And so this is why we created this concept of the 90 day poolside profit plan. Because we want to show you how truly you can build a business working 10 hours or less during the season of play during the summer season.

Kinsey Machos:

Right? If you know exactly how to market in a way that has people reaching out to you how to sell your offer to get yeses, and how to create a rhythm and cadence in your weekly routine that's going to increase your creativity maximize your productivity, and get more done in less time. And this concept was something that 10 Hour Workweek, right was something that I realized, like, the majority of my business was built, or the majority of the beginning phases of my business were built when I was working full time in corporate with three kids. Right, and my husband's sort of, you know, deployment and, and also building his own business. So we had a lot of moving parts. And I realized, like, I was able to do that because I was super, super disciplined. And I was only focused on a four few core things. And this truly is the foundation of our signature coaching program 10k content collective and showing you the only things you need to master in order to grow 200k Because you don't need all the things. You don't need to be on all the platforms, you don't need to just be creating content to give value. You don't need to be doing random things like building out funnels, or recording videos for a course like none of that we really want to give you the shortest path to clients. But in this 90 day profit plan, we're calling the poolside profit plan. We're going to show you how to design your 10 Hour Workweek for the summer, right, which which is so cool. Because if you can master that, right? Imagine what fall is going to look like yes, kids go back to school, you get back your gear routine, right? Imagine how much more you're going to get done when you learned how to work or operate inside of 10 hours a week. Okay, so we're going to help you design your 10 hour work week, we're also going to help you design your 90 day content strategy.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, this is going to help you map out the rest of your content for 90 days, that's going to attract and pull in high end clients consistently. This is like our bread and butter. This is what we teach our clients. This is how we become like this is how we've done everything that we've been able to do, right, we've become a globally ranked brand. I've gotten several media publications, right, we're pooling crazy, insane, revenue, right. But also our clients are getting big results too. And so all of what we've condensed in this 90 Day poolside profit plan is truly the foundations to growing 100k business. What's cool is, again, if you learn this in the way that we teach you growing to 500k, or a million just become so much more basic and simple. But it starts with this 90 Day content strategy, being able to have a weekly schedule that produces results, and you're not just wasting time, right, you're more focused, and also being able to access your best ideas. Most of you are not even demonstrating your full brilliance in your content. And so it's being overlooked, it's being caught in mainstream, right. It's just sounding like everybody else is it same same, it's vanilla. And so we want to help you access that hyper creativity. So you can demonstrate your full expertise which is going to attract a higher end client. We're doing this all for you in over the course of a three day live workshop. We've already ran this once by the time of this recording. And you guys this is we've never done anything like this before. The amount of value that's included in this workshop is literally insane. And we want you to be at our next one so that you can truly wrap up some are strong and go into fall with crazy amount of momentum because you will have the competitive the competitive edge because not only have you grown your business in less time with less effort, but come fall you're going to be ready to rock and roll right while everybody else is like playing catch up and trying to like fumble their way through lack of results trying to fix problems that should have never been problems in the first place. So I want you to click on this link. We're offering it below low price of $47. Like What is even happening right now.

Kinsey Machos:

Right and you can get that special before we increase price on this offer. In a couple of So, go to the link with the show in the show notes. Register now for our next poll site profit plan so that you can be with us live and design this strategy, while also getting expert coached. Right, we're gonna coach you through what that looks like how it might be nuanced to your specific niche, or your specific business model. Like this is such high value. I can't even handle it just yet. But we'd love to over deliver and we want to make sure more women are really truly unlocking their unique brilliance bringing more of that to market so that they are getting noticed for their full genius, and getting paid you guys no more underneath. We want you to get paid, and make that impact that you desire to make. So go to the link in the show notes register today. You won't want to miss this opportunity. It's going to be so huge. And we'll see you there. 90 day poolside profit plan, three day live workshop, we are going to help you design a 90 day content strategy that's going to attract and convert high end clients on repeat like what alright girl, we'll see you there. Don't have FOMO

Kinsey Machos:

Hey, you, thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like minded entrepreneurs all over the world. But my most favorite part is being able to connect with you in real life. If you love what you heard here, head over to the community where thousands of female CEOs just like you are changing the world one human at a time. We go deeper into the topics you discuss here and give away tangible roadmaps to help you crush your revenue goals to join this high caliber free community head over to I'll see you there

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