Content that Converts Clients

Just pushing out content is not going to bring you clients. Your content should be creating a process that leads to conversion. In this episode, Kinsey walks you through the process of converting clients with your content. This is the clarity you have been looking for. 

Do not miss these highlights:

03:31 – We get caught in the trap of believing that content itself is just the producer of clients

05:09 – The first step to converting more clients with your content is having an irresistible offer people will buy

08:33 – What makes an Irresistible Offer

12:14 – Giving VALUE through your marketing and the 2 forms of value that you need to know

16:19 – Your offer is the step by step roadmap to convert them to work with you

18:07 – Focus on creating your community, having conversations, and building relationships

25:14 – The last piece to getting clients with your content is the actual act of making an offer inviting people to experience the transformation you are bringing to them

34:17 – Within the 10k Content Collective as a member, you get delivered MONTHLY Content Collectives

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to captivate and close. I'm Kinsey MCIS, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:

Welcome back to another episode of captivating clothes. It's so good to be here with you today. Oh, my gosh, what an incredible start of the year. I cannot believe we're in 2022. And obviously, I shared my biggest lessons learned from 2021. And also what we have eyes on for 2022. If you haven't already listened to that episode, that's a goodie, be sure and go back. It's the episode before this. I think that'll give you a lot of encouragement and inspiration really about, like, what's possible for you how quickly things can change. And also, like, learn from my mistakes. I mean, let's be honest, like, the more that you can shortcut, there's some things that you simply cannot accelerate, there's some things that you cannot create a shortcut for a lot of that inner work and the inner game. And some things will just take longer, no matter what you do. But ultimately, just having the awareness of where you're at and where you're going. And hearing the mistakes of people before you like, that is such a gift. So take that and really let that sink in. And yeah, okay, let's dive in. I want to talk about content that converts clients, because this is what the majority of our clients come to us for this is our ultimate, like what we teach when it comes to marketing, and increasing your visibility and building content, right? What is it all for? Well, it's to grow your business, it's to get clients. Now, what's cool is if you're asking the question, how to convert clients with my content, you're asking a really great question. Because a lot of people don't even have that connection. And it's like, I just need to create content to grow my business, right? I'm just gonna push out more content to grow my business. But it's like, at the end of the day, what do we want our content to do? Right? We want it to convert clients, we want it to be seen and heard by the right people, we want it to initiate action, so that they right reach out to you, they opt in they, you know, pay you whatever. And so I love talking about this. And lately, we've actually been working on

Kinsey Machos:

a very powerful experience for you all that addresses this specific problem. How do I create clients from my content. And I'm going to share it more about that here in a minute. But I want to talk about the process for converting clients with your content, because it's a process. Now, here's the first awareness is, I think we get caught in the trap of believing that like, content itself is just the producer of clients, okay? You look at other influencers or leaders in your space, and you're like, oh, my gosh, they have like all this fancy content and all these fancy reels, and they're doing all these stories. And poof, here comes the clients, right? But here's the biggest takeaway is that there's a process that your content should create. That is the thing that creates clients, okay? And so when I'm going to walk you through that process, and those steps, because this is going to provide massive clarity. Now, you're gonna look at this and be like, well, that's simple, like dive, because when I teach this, people have this like, big breakthrough moment. Because what happens is we make it so much bigger than it really is when we get so much more complicated than it really is. And that complexity or the idea of complexity creates a lot of spinning, a lot of confusion, a lot of overwhelm, and a lot of doing right. It's like, I just need to do more reels, I need to create more content, and oh my gosh, I didn't post today I better like whip up a post and create it and put it out there. That's what I want you to move out of. And what I want you to do is have a really good understanding of what is the thing that actually creates results. holds, so that you can get out of all the spinning, and be super, super focused on the things that will bring you clients. Okay. And so the first step to converting more clients with your content is obviously having an offer people will buy. And some of you might be like, Oh my gosh, duck, and some of you might be like, Oh, okay, I never thought about that right? Now, when, when our clients come to us, right, one of the first things we do is create that irresistible offer. And most people don't. And here's the thing, you guys, most of you are not trained in marketing and or selling, or entrepreneurship, you're just really good at what you do. Right? You're really good at helping people foster relationships with their teenagers, you're really good at helping people pursue their passion, you're really good at helping women, you know, step out of corporate, you're really good at helping people overcome their cravings, like whatever that looks like your brilliance is potent, right? But the problem, right is how does that play out in the marketing and selling of your thing, and nobody really knows how to create an offer out of that, right. And so the first step is to having an offer people will buy, we call this the irresistible offer, right where you give you create something for the perfect someone that can not say no to. Okay, now, where where we get into trouble is when we look at these things separately when we have our offer, or a program or service over here. And then on the other side of that we have our marketing efforts. But it all starts with your offer, because your offer is designed for your dream client, right. And all of your marketing and selling stems from the offer, right from your dream client who wants the thing that you that you provide. They do not operate separately. And that is your first piece when you think about when you create content. And you're, you know, creating, maybe you're building a Facebook group, or you're, you know, you're trying to build over on Instagram, or whatever that looks like. The question I have for you is are you leading is your content leading to your offer? Now, this could be directly or indirectly, right, we could literally talk about our offer in a piece of content, or my favorite way, is

Kinsey Machos:

creating an inner tension with our ideal clients when they read our content. So it's like, you know, hitting on pain points, mistakes, desires, and showing them that you have a unique method, right, you have a way to solve those mistakes, those pain points and help them achieve their desires. That is, the best thing you can do in your marketing is really get your people to think feeling differently. Right? So not only does that create connection between you and them, right, but you're building trust. And again, it's dropping those bread crumbs to your offer. Okay, but it all starts with the offer. So my question is, do you have an aerosoles irresistible offer? Now your irresistible offer is not created from the number of modules, the number of weeks how they have access to you? What the price is like these are not the elements that create an irresistible offer. Those are just logistics and we can help you create, right, what is the make the most sense, from a logistical perspective to deliver on your offer? But the irresistible offer is truly solving a problem that people have. What problem do you solve and this is where people get be most hung up because they're coming from the space of their brilliance or what they know to be true. Like, I'm helping people overcome limiting beliefs or I'm helping people have a dream life where I'm helping people have connection with their kids and like, yeah, people might say they want those things, but people don't purchase that. They're sitting in pain. They're they're having problems, they're getting stuck in something. And that's where we need to meet them. And your offer, right should help them solve the thing that's keeping them stuck and we want to be able to show them that hey, I know your problems. I know the mistakes you're making. This is how I can help you. And that's your offer. Okay, the biggest mistake here again, is your Just sharing your brilliance in a way that's so beautiful, right? But it's not creating that inner tension with your dream client to be like, Oh, okay, it's time for me to make a change, or Yes, she's the person I need, right? Or Yes, I am ready. or Yes, oh my gosh, that is my problem, I never thought about it that way, when you know your dream client better than they know themselves, that's when you create an amount of momentum that is unstoppable. When you know them better than they do, when you can articulate their problems better than they can, that creates an insane amount of momentum for you and your offer in your business. Right. So its first, really getting clear on your his irresistible offer and knowing the problem that you're solving, okay. And knowing that you're not selling your program, your product, your service is not your offer, stop talking about your course or your program or product, your offer is the transformation you provide, right, by the way of solving people's problems. Okay. So that's the first step to getting your content to convert clients came again, content doesn't just

Kinsey Machos:

poof, like deliver clients for you, there's a process behind this. And the first step to that is having an irresistible offer that people buy. Cool. Now, the second thing is what what we think of as really having a marketing strategy, right, and I'm going to talk about that more in layman's terms here. But marketing really is just the promoting and selling of an offer, okay? This is why this is very sequential. Okay? Because again, if you look at your offer over here, and you look at the marketing of your business very separately, then that's where we start to spin out, there's no connection, there's no streamline your marketing does the efforts for you, right, the marketing is doing the promoting of your offer. Now, you're not just showing up and selling your offer all day long, like directly saying, I have this thing do you want it right? We're giving value. Okay, this is the second piece to this, it's giving value, free value through your marketing can, you technically have two forms of value, there's your paid value, which is your offer. And then there's the free value, which is your content. And through your marketing, right, you're getting that free value in front of the right people, the marketing is the vehicle for you to do that. Now free value is is really just what I noted before is helping your ideal client, see the mistakes they're making, you know, be able to see the problems that they're having help them see where they can create results for themselves. And giving value is going back to this idea of i How can I help my ideal client? think, feel or and or behave differently? Okay. And this is, again, going back to your content. When you put things out there, I want you to ask your question, ask the question to yourself. First of all, what's the purpose of this piece of content? Because if you're just creating content, because you forgot today, and you're just whipping something up real quickly, you're posting for vanity, right? You're posting for four metrics, oh, I told myself, I would post every day, therefore I did. That's not going to move the needle where we need to get into the rhythm of creating the space for yourself to create such great value in your free content, that you build that connection with your dream client. They're literally having these mini breakthroughs, just by reading your content, right? There's some sort of connection that's made, you know, maybe it's through a story or they are now thinking about their problems differently. Maybe you even gave some hacks or tips or tricks in your content. And so they just realize like, oh my gosh, I've been, you know, scheduling my workouts, the wrong part of the day.

Kinsey Machos:

And so as soon as they have those breakthroughs, now, there's that attachment of you in their eyes, right? Seeing you as the expert. Right, there's value that's given, the more value you provide, the more money you'll make. Now, I'm not saying go out and do all the free things. That is not what I'm saying. Again, going back to this idea of free value, your paid value, your free value is leading to your paid value, but there's going to be a lot of people that will never take next steps with you. Right They're just gonna hang out in your audience and, and just watch you and or, you know, create results just through your free value we have you know that conversion events are a great example of this. We have conversion events monthly. And obviously the majority of people don't take next steps with us if we look at percentages, but the amount of breakthroughs that occur during those conversion events is literally insane. And so you want to make sure that it's so good, right? That it's like, it's like creating that desire just to be around you. Right, in a virtual sense. And so many people ask me like, Well, how do you determine what's you know, what to give away? And what to keep in your paid experience? Right? Like, what if I'm giving too much? Now, if you're asking yourself that question, you're it's the wrong question to be asking that, and I think that comes from a lack. Thought, of like, well, if I give away too much, right, then I'll never get clients or they won't pay me. But actually, if you kind of remove yourself from that equation, and more just like when you create content, think about what value can I provide today? That's a better question to ask don't worry about paid, you know, saving some things for paid or not. But truly your offer is the step by step roadmap, right? If you think about your offer is creating that result for somebody by getting them from point A to point B, that's the step by step roadmap, if they took all like, I can't even tell you, like, I've been creating content. For years on end, if you took all of my content and mixed it together, you might be able to find some sort of roadmap on on how to create, you know, how to convert more clients with your content. But the truth is, you nobody can, you know, would take the time to do that. And I just look at it as little mini nuggets of just sharing as much value as I can, so that I can serve, and the right people will want more, they're gonna want that roadmap, they're going to want the, the teacher the guide to help them. But a lot of people just hang out. And that's cool. But you have to be providing both both free value and paid value. And we do this right, the free value is your marketing. This is important because this is where you can catch yourself just again, creating content just to create content, like I just said, I just need to be marketing, right? I know I need to be marking, I'm just gonna like put stuff out there. But if you think about it about the free value that leads to the paid value, that will really help you contextualize how to create content. So we've got first step, having an offer, people will buy the second step, creating free value in your marketing efforts getting in front of the right people. Third step, and this might feel a little bit more intangible. So I want to break it down for you. But I like to call it creating community came. This also to me is about having conversations, building relationships, okay? Now, again, this is goes back to this idea of my content is just going to magically give me clients, right. And if we think about, there's actually a process behind this, especially if you're just getting started, if you are, you know, really newer into the entrepreneur space, or even a little bit more seasoned, you might have been taught I you know, just to grow the bit, you know, have a bigger audience and just, you know, continue to give value, maybe you're giving a lot of value, but where we fall flat is like where the conversion happens, like how do we actually move them to a lead and or a client. And there's a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on, right in bigger scale companies as a, you know, coaching and consulting companies that people miss the mark on, and it's the actual relationship piece that comes with having conversations, having connections and having a network, okay. And again, if you're just getting started, you may not have a network of people that are either you know, your dream client, and or people that

Kinsey Machos:

you know, peers in your space and or people that can refer you. And so you really have to work to build your network. And this is nobody ever wants to do this work, right? It's like, I'm just going to skip to ads, and I'm just going to like create this evergreen strategy and it's all going to be gangbusters, right? I'm just gonna like sit on the beach and drink by cocktails, while my passive income, you know, comes into my bank and that is so far from the truth, you guys. Even evergreen strategies require a lot of work but you should not be relying on evergreen anything, right? Even if that means like evergreen, I'm just going to post content and clients will appear, there is work that goes on to create an elevated level of relationship and or connection came. And so if you don't have the touch points in your business where people can either engage back with you have your content and or you're literally having conversations with them, there's a huge opportunity there, right, you're leaving money on the table. And when we started to see our conversions, increase in our, in our events, and just like overall right like audience to lead to client, the biggest impact, the biggest driver of that was the systems we put in place to be able to have actual conversations with them. Right during our conversion events are like literally having one to one conversations with people. You know, we put systems in place where like, I used to be the one that was like having one on one conversations with my audience. But now I have a team that can support that initiative. And if you try to skip right to ads, or skip, you know, I don't want to do all the hustle II type of work, you will have a really hard time creating momentum, if you're relying on the marketing itself, or the conversion event itself, or the ad itself to create results for you, you're going to be spending a lot of money, right and wasting a lot of energy for very low yield results. And now more than ever, people are looking for connection, they're oversold to you guys, our industry is so overly saturated, that this is you are not the first coach or consultant that is coming into the purview of your dream client, there is a ton of them that are after them, right, there's a ton of you or like you that are going after the same dream client. So just by you having an irresistible offer, although that will, you know, create a massive, massive impact in your marketing efforts just by having an irresistible offer. But you cannot rely on these elements by themselves to create results. There has to be a relationship that's created. And if you do any study on this, right, this is proving to be true. And again, now more than ever, with the industry being all really packed with a lot of the same same girl like people have been sold this before. Like why you why your offer. And so where can you create community? Where can you build relationships? I think tact like tactically, this has always played out in our Facebook group, we teach you how to create a Facebook group where you can get high ticket clients. So I think tactically, this is the best way to do this by creating community literally in a Facebook group. But conceptually, creating community allows you to think about your audience or your following on social very differently. Instead of thinking about just the followers and masses, or oh, I have 100 followers, I need 500 Look at it as like, well. Do you know the people in your community? Do you know those 100 like 100 people, like It blows my mind when people come to me and they're like, I need I'm trying to go grow my following like it's not working. I'm like, Well, why are you focused on that? You know, how many followers do you have right now? Right? Well, I have about 1000. And like, Do you know the heartbeats of those 1000 people individually? Have you had a conversation with those people, right? Like, if you stopped and optimize it, optimize all the people you already have right now in your audience, in your network in your circle of people, you would realize you have people right now that are ready to buy, you have people right now, that would take you up on your offer. But you're so look, look right, you're so focused on what's ahead what you need, instead of optimizing what you already have. And so creating community can again, conceptually is this idea of that you're actually in it for the long haul. And you're building those relations, and making those connections with your individual humans in your audience and actively creating opportunities for your audience to respond back to right are you creating content that engages them? Are you asking them to engage with you? Are you in the threads responding back to them? So this is such a underlooked

Kinsey Machos:

component of your marketing strategy? And I'm telling you right now, if you went in and figured out how to optimize this right now, your revenue will drastically increase. Okay, so that is the The third piece to this, okay. Now, the last piece to this is the one thing that people avoid the most. And I'm sure you can guess what it is. But it's it's really simple. Okay, last piece to getting clients with your content is the actual act of making an offer inviting people to experience your transformation, okay? So it's really cool if you have an offer people want to buy, awesome. But if you don't let people know, you have an offer to buy. That's where we come in at zero profits, okay? Now you can call it selling, you can call it serving, whatever. But at the end of the day, if you're in this to build a business and create impact, you have to generate a revenue in order to generate revenue, you have to be selling your offer, in order to sell your offer, you have to be making offers, okay? And so many people just rely on again, the surface level, how create more content, and they need more followers with how understanding like, all you have to do today is place your offer in front of somebody and ask them if they want it. It's that simple. You know, and I could totally put myself out of business by telling you, literally you don't need a hold of things to make an offer today. But right, we know that with longevity, and with time and mastery, your content, your marketing will do a lot of that for you. And it creates this rhythm and routine where you're just constantly getting leads through the doors, right? You're constantly getting leads coming into you saying I want your thing without you having to technically make like make offers every day. But you have to build create that momentum for yourself by creating a container where you make an offer where someone has to say yes or no, making an offer does not mean a call to action. Now, I love call to actions. In fact, we just taught this to our clients, we gave them a whole list of powerful call to actions and the different variations of call to actions and why they're so important. But that's not actually making an offer. Right, that's leaving a breadcrumb for them to take next steps with you. But if you're not physically getting a yes or no from somebody, there's no way to know that you even have an irresistible offer or that people will buy what you have. And until you come to me and say that you've made 100 offers and that you got 100 knows that I'm not going to tell you your offers and working. So this goes for you. If you haven't gotten clients, then this month, I'm going to ask you how many offers how many offers? Right? I'm not going to ask you. And of course I'll uncover like I can look at your content, we'll look at your marketing strategy, we'll get your lead generation, like do you have the pathways to move people closer to your offer, so that you can make more offers, we'll do that. But if you want quick cash, and you want to accelerate your revenue, just freakin make more offers. And this is where the rubber hits the road. Right? It's like, oh, my gosh, I have a really great offer. I am you know, creating this really great marketing my content my reels are being seen. But then when it comes to actually making the offers, it's like cool, right? You just like totally clinch at.

Kinsey Machos:

So it really is a complete journey of start to finish having an offer, right giving value to attract more people for people to see a see you as the expert, to create that connection to build that community to build the relationship. But then making the offer asking people do you want this incredible thing. That's where we find the magic. And here's what's cool, you guys, I have such an exciting announcement. I've just been like, we have been working so hard and alluded to this in a couple other episodes. Over the last quarter for of last year, we decided to come out with a brand new experience that was going to be able to reach more people that, you know, we are serving people in our higher ticket programs, which we love, but we turn a lot of people away. And they're really designed for more seasoned coaches. And so we're like, there is a need here. There's a bigger need for just basic mindset marketing and selling. And we see so many people get stuck in the weeds of things that don't matter. And we really want to help accelerate that pathway for more coaches. So we have designed a brand new experience we're so freakin excited about. It's called the 10k content collective. This really is the process that I used to get to 10k months without funnels without ads without a ton of followers. It really is the basic step by step process in marketing and selling your irresistible offer in creating community and creating that irresistible offer and how do we treat the Legion pathways. How does this work for me? How does your marketing work for you? How do you get fully booked without spinning on content creation all day without sitting in self doubt without, without doing more, right. And this experience is literally one of a kind when I create when we when when we decided we needed a new program to meet the needs of our people. The next question was, what type of experience do we want to create? What does the market need, and we really created a one of a kind offer, that there's just nothing else like it, it create, it's the coaching. It's the curriculum, it's the content, it's the community that you need as a coach, if you're running for those 10k months. And to be honest, even if you're beyond that, and like, you need this, I find that so many people skip over the basics, and they reach a certain point and end up having to go right back to square one. And so in, in 10k content collective, what we teach you is how to get fully booked, right, in getting more clients through your content. And we unpack a lot of the things that we've discussed here and so much more depth. And it's really just a we're just, I'm just like so excited, my heart is beating really fast, because I just feel like this is as we continue to roll this out to our audience, we are just so fired up about it, we know that this is going to change so many lives and businesses, but one of the greatest things I think about this offer. And I'll talk about a little bit more in detail. But um, first of all, the curriculum is so good, you guys. It's tangible. It's easy, it's simple. And it's going to create breakthroughs for you that you've never had before to allow you to really adopt the practices that we teach. I think one of the things that's missing is like, Okay, I understand lead generation, or I think I know I need lead gen. But what does that actually mean? Right? I know, I needed an irresistible offer. But how do I do that? Right? I know that I need to create more content, what type of content should I create? I know I need a Facebook group, how do I grow it. And so we start with the why with everything that we teach, we break it down into tangible step by step and we give it to you in a way that's super practical, and super achievable.

Kinsey Machos:

Aside from that, we also offer at least once a week coaching can we never ever offered our coaching at this investment price. And you have the opportunity to get coached every week in live form, which is like insane, of course, we weaving in expert coaches, our team that we have in it phenomenal team of coaches that will be continuing to support you. But also within this experience inside the 10k content collective. We also get eyes on your content marketing came, we do something called the copy clinic inside of our other programs, and our clients love this. So we want to think about like, how can we scale that element. And so there within this experience, the best way to learn how to create that potent content that creates clients, and really get seen in an overly saturated market is to learn with that feedback. We teach you how to create the content, we teach you elements of high converting content. But when you can get your eyes on it and you get feedback on it, it's it elevates your learning curve in your experience so much more. Because what we know about creating success in this industry is it comes down to three core things, the mindset, marketing and selling. If you don't know how to market, right, you're gonna flop if you don't know how to sell, you're gonna flop and if you don't have the mindset to align yourself with where you're going, you're going to flop. And so we really thought about those three core pillars and how to weave elements in that will really, really enhance your learning. And you're doing right how do we create faster results for you. Now the other really fun, incredible thing about this is I'm so excited that this is within 10k content collective as a member, you get delivered monthly content collectives came, this is a download, essentially a companion guide to all of our highest converting content for the month prior. We break it out into how we create content, why this works elements of the content, we create a formula alongside of it so you can literally replicate it but then show you how you can use it for your own niche. This is going to include different pieces of content like reels and emails and social posts and promo posts and Facebook But group posts and really give you a hey, plug and play, the more that you can plug and play content, the quicker you'll learn. And this isn't copy and paste, because you should we teach you how to explore your voice on social so that you can really step into your power saw, copy and paste, it's plug and play. And so this creates such a fun dynamic for you to become a really powerful, not just content creator, but copywriter, right, because as a copywriter you influence with your words. And when you can learn that skill, you automatically can create a seven figure business for life, when you know how to influence through your words. That's where the sweet spot is. And so we want to make it easier for you. And so every month we deliver your content collective, and it's going to have a collection of all of our highest converting content, why it worked, how to use it for your own niche. And of course, just just in time strategies that are working right now. And this is how we blend, right the fundamentals of mindset marketing and selling with the tactical just in time strategies. Because you can if you're, you know, right now, like the the prime example of this is like reels are hot right now, right? And so you could go out and do more reels, and you might be able to like increase your following. But if you don't understand the fundamentals of how to move your audience from a cold lead to hot buyer reels don't matter. Hashtags don't matter. Facebook groups don't matter. And so it's blending right, the fundamentals with just in time to create really, really powerful experience. And this, this is literally like I have so the power in this program is so incredible, right? So you get the live coaching, you get the community of coaches, you get the curriculum, the on demand curriculum that you get to implement and learn the fundamentals of you get eyes on your marketing and your content and you get your monthly collection you get your monthly content collectives like what's like mind blown Are you guys not? Like this is insane. So we're offering this right now to you and this is a we're offering a founding members price. If you go to Kinsey, forward slash 10k. You'll find more info over there, you can sign up right away, like what are you waiting for. And you can become a founding member. As a founding member, you can get in as founding founding member price, and you get to really be in it with us from the ground up, which is so fun. But I'm telling you, this is life changing. We've been so excited to announce it and really bring this to life and birth this it's definitely been a labor of love. But you if you know, you know if this is for you. And my question to you is like what are you waiting for? So head over there, get into the collective, it's going to be so much fun, and we're gonna freakin crush it you guys 2022 is gonna be a great year. But I think regardless of you joining 10k or not, here's the thing you now have a proven process and proven step by step that I just delivered in my free value here on the podcast that allows you to comprehensively understand how do I get more clients with my content, which is so powerful. Alright, girl, I hope you have such a great day and I will chat with you next week.

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