CATEGORY-OF-ONE PT III: Crafting Your Category Message

Knowing your “niche” isn’t good enough if you want to rise to the top and be recognized as your industry’s Go-To expert. 

In this episode, we talk about the core elements of a well-defined marketing message. how to articulate what you do in a clear and compelling way, and how to align with ready-to-invest clients. 

Basically, if your IG bio isn’t selling for you, this episode is for you.


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Do not miss these highlights: 

02:12 Welcome to the training. 

03:32 Why you need to develop the skill as a business owner and as a marketer. 

06:06 Why is it important to shift marketing and messaging offers towards higher-end clients? 

12:38 It’s your intellectual property that sets you apart. 

14:58 Why you need to have a marketing strategy that is aligned to your target market. 

21:14 Get the most out of Facebook while also building on LinkedIn. 

23:26 Don’t make these mistakes. 

29:36 The three different ways to niche down. 

32:04 Is there an opportunity to get more specific about women in the industry? 

34:46 The second way to narrow your niche down. 

40:21 How 10K Content Collective can work with you in a deeper way. 

44:22 The act of selling is an act of service.

50:33 10K Content Collective is the best community ever. 

53:41 You have to be willing to take the first step. 

01:00:08 Why you need to align your marketing to the buyer. 

01:02:55 How to check in with yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, a Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen, and heard online.

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that.

As a wife and a mom of three, the family takes priority. And having a business that’s run AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos 

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Kinsey Machos:

The next three episodes are snippets from our most recent live launch event we did called category of one. This content was really designed to help you discover your unique niche, drive new demand, hear offers, and really help you understand how to think about your messaging and your marketing from a more strategic lens. What we know is that most women that come to us are very heart-centered, impact-driven, which is really great. But I really encourage you to start to develop and build the skills underneath business strategy, so that you can operate as a true CEO. And I want you to pay attention to how I teach and what I teach over these a couple of different episodes to help you really see what you need to be thinking about in order to cut through the noise in the industry and really, really create some massive traction. The truth is what used to work even just a few years ago doesn't work anymore. And you have to be more strategic about how you position yourself in the industry, and how your marketing is impacting the types of people that are coming in coming out or not even paying attention at all. So I hope you enjoy

Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high-paying claims, using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in. Oh, my friend.

Kinsey Machos:

Good afternoon, we are on our day three and our final day of category of one guys. It's been so fun. So we're going to reflect on that here in a minute. But first, we're gonna make sure Can you hear me? Okay? Give me a yes, you can hear me and as you guys are popping on, say, hey below. Okay, awesome. Hey, Judy, good to see you. If you guys are catching the replay, comment replay below. So good. So as you guys are hopping on, let me know you're here, we are diving into day three of category one. But so let's take ourselves on a quick journey on day one. Hey, guys, as you guys are hopping on say, hey, we'll give people a minute or so to hop on and join us. But we started with day one, and really reflecting on the opportunity. And hopefully you guys were able to see like where you should really be focusing your time and your energy in relation to market opportunity. Right? I was really challenging you guys to think more strategically about your businesses, right? It's really easy to get caught up in the coach hat. Right. Hey, Linda. Hey, Ebony, good to see you. We're talking about we're just recapping here. So hey, Colleen, good to see you. Day one. Really, I hope that you guys got a sense for how I think about business and marketing, right where most of the industry is pushing very bandaid, like approaches to marketing and content, right. It's like do more reels, do better reels, build more funnels, do more launches, build another lead magnet, right, update your LinkedIn bio, and like all those things are great, and they are great tactical level things. But nobody's really teaching you actual business and marketing strategy from a foundational perspective. And so we really lead with that in all things we do not just our free events here, but in our paid programs, right? Because you need to develop that skill, like period, you have to develop the skill as a business owner and really as a marketer, right? And you have to be able to ebb and flow with the industry, right? If you guys haven't noticed, how many of you feel a little overwhelmed by social media? Comment overwhelmed below if you're like, ah, like that feeling that resistance. It's like one day it's like they're prioritizing carousels. And the next day, they're prioritizing reels and and now Facebook is facebook, and now there's Tik Tok and there's all the things right it can feel very overwhelming. And that is only because right? There's a lack of knowledge around actual marketing foundations. Okay, and lucky for you, I have, you know, a decade plus worth have experience not just right as a coach or consultant, but working in million dollar billion dollar businesses that know how to run businesses. And so that's where I really come in. That's my zone of genius is pairing, right? A good business and marketing strategy with what's working right now. Because if you don't understand the foundations, what happens is you get wiped out, right? So it's like, if you're just constantly chasing the next best algorithm hack, or applying these Band Aid solutions to a janky foundation. That's where most of the people get wiped out of the industry, unfortunately, right? I think I saw a stat that said only like 2% of female led businesses ever cross even the 100k mark, which is crazy, right? Getting to 100k is so simple. You guys, can you believe it? Simple? Comment below if you would like it to be simple. making six figures or multiple six figures. It's very simple, common simple below if you like simple. Yeah, it's simple. Yes. Leanna. Hard to keep up with social media. Absolutely. Yes. I would love for it to be simple. So started, yes. And so while we really unfold some of the tactical level things, I hope that what you've noticing here is we're actually leading with foundational strategies and helping you giving you examples to see how this pans out. So Monday, right, we talked about the example of Tesla, and how really, they brought Tesla to the market with the intention for it to be for a very sub micro niche. And it wasn't meant to be for everybody. And in fact, you know, they kept it that way for a long time until they saw, right the longer term vision and where they wanted to take Tesla and have various options for more of the mainstream market. But Tesla is still really known for, you know, very, like environmental type of elements, right? It's still even though it's more of like a mainstream car now. Like, there's luxury components to it. Okay. And so, we also talked about Whole Foods versus Walmart, right? Do you want to be for everybody? And most of you said, I don't want to be Walmart, right? No, but yet, what happens is when we develop our marketing and messaging strategy, it is exactly opposite of that, right? Developing something that is for everybody. And when what this means is, right, we're losing the specificity and the sophistication in that problem, solution connection. Okay. And yesterday, I know that it was a definitely some of you were like, really feeling like the breakthroughs are coming through. And I think a lot of you walked away with some clarity. But I know some of you walked away, maybe feeling more frustrated. And that's totally normal. You guys, today like this, what we're offering you is not necessarily meant to be easy, right? But once you really sit into it, and you digest it, and you dissect it and you implement it, that's what creates the simplicity. Right? Once the foundation is set, everything else is going to be more simple for you. And so yesterday, I really encourage you guys to do things differently, think differently, because it's going to feel very restrictive at first, right? I'm asking you guys to really narrow in on a more specific, sophisticated problem. So you can align to higher end clients. Why is this important? Why is it important to start to shift marketing and messaging offers towards higher end clients? Why is this important? Tell me below. Love that minute says simple Yes. Stephanie says yes. Simple. Yeah, we love simple, right? Simple doesn't necessarily mean easy. Right? Which is why most people stay in more of that overwhelm. And complexity is because they're over complicating it, and also resisting the things that really we need to lean into. Because most often, anytime you guys have a quantum leap, right there, like when you're being called to that next level, you're gonna have signs come up that like that make you feel like you're doing it wrong, or that it doesn't feel good, right? We talked a lot about this idea of like, it's not necessarily meant to feel good, right. As a savvy business owner, what we're doing is we're creating a profit margin by selling to people that will buy something and offering an exceptional product program or service. That's it, right? We cannot get lost in the noise of everything else. So why is it important to align with a higher end client? Colleen says because they can and are ready to invest in themselves. Yes, Lana says to continue to be able to upscale and grow. Yes. Right. If we're constantly marketing to people that can't afford you, it's going to feel like that endless rat race. That's not what I want for you came in. So yesterday, I asked you what we did is we talked more about this idea of a more sophisticated level problem, right and where your unique expertise plays into that. So how many of you got a little bit of clarity of in rigor? adds to the highest level problem you can solve comment below highest level problem. This is something that is so simple and yet it can again, feel a little hard at first, okay? highest level problem, comment below. I'm gonna ask you, we're on final stretch, you guys, it's the last day. So I am going to ask you to like totally go all in. So remove the distractions. We're bringing it all in together. Today. We're bringing it all together today and I want you guys to walk away with so much power. So make that intention right now that even if you don't understand something, or it feels hard, or you're frustrated, you will walk away with at least one golden nugget. And one action step. Okay. I love it. Minda says balls to the walls, baby. I love it. Yes. So I'm going to ask like really asked you to show up in such a big way. This is our last day together? Hopefully not for some of you, right? I want you guys to come in to one of our programs and experience us in a deeper level. I want to work with you more intimately for those of you that are ready. But for this free event, it's our last day and we're going to go strong. Okay. So yesterday, I asked you to identify your highest level problem. And this is a challenge for some of you, did anybody have clarity in regards to that? And highest level also means more specific, right? So when I think I can help a lot of people grow their businesses, right. But that's like when you think about red ocean, blue ocean, how many people kind of fall into that category of helping other people grow their business a lot. It's less specific, it's less clear, it's less sophisticated, right? There will be attract people attracted to that, but not the people that are already on the journey to solving their problem already investing in other solutions, okay. But if I could, if I tell you that I'm gonna help you to grow to six to seven figures with a marketing machine that attracts and enrolls clients at volume, what sophisticated, clear, right? And compelling. So when I think of highest level problem, a lot of you guys are, again, you're watering down your brilliance by not stepping into your full expertise. And so I don't want you guys to, I don't want you guys to even if today you can't quite identify, I want you to at least I encourage you to at least, like step away with something, some level of specificity that you can start to really dissect. Okay, so we talked about your unique expertise, and that anymore, it's not just about even what you know, but it's the values behind it. It's your experiences, and it's your approach. And I loved a lot of you had some really great aha moments with the approach exercise that we did, and starting to walk through that. And what's really cool, you guys is that alone, right? That's your intellectual property. That alone really sets you apart from the rest, it demonstrates that you know what the hell you're doing, right? And what happens is just that in itself gives you more clarity of like, oh, okay, this is where I need to lean in. Right? This is more of the path that I want to do because I could you know, I could help a lot of people do a lot of things I can help people develop their sales team, I could go out and help people do a complete rebrand, I can help people. You know, I can help businesses implement their full scale digital marketing, right? There are so many there's so many things that I am really, really good at. And but when I start to dissect even into my approach and where I really, like thrive in relation to where I know my people need me, that's when we start to narrow in on that. Okay. Are you with me? Give me an emoji if you're with me. Yes, yes, yes, I know that sophisticated problem yesterday really challenged you, but if you had some, if you know what that is, comment below, give me an emoji and comment below what is your sophisticated problem

Kinsey Machos:

that we got some emojis good, that's good sign. Good. Awesome. So if you guys stay with me till the end, we also have a content kit for you. It's called fastest path to clients. And it has really an overview of the framework that we teach and also some swipe files in there of our highest converting content. Totally free for you guys if you stay with us till the end. And really it's our gift to you for just like really honoring yourselves and showing up in full power this week. So stay till the end and we'll teach you or will tell you how to get that awesome Lana says my highest level I help you develop focus organizational skills, increase strategies that reduce ADHD allowing you being control and embrace the life you always wanted. How long are we going to do one hour I might go a little over but let's slot one hour and 15 Cool. So oh Stacy is that I helped teenage girls break free from restrictive food rules achieve healthy weight and develop positive body image. Okay, cool. So Stacy for you. That's really good. Since you will be marketing tomorrow. AMS, then basically, your primary target becomes moms with teenage girls who struggle with eating disorders is that what it is, is that, but whether it's eating disorders or whatever, I want you to make sure that you are keeping an eye for your actual target market. Even though the end consumer or end client is the teenage girl, you need to make sure you have a marketing strategy that is aligned to the mom. Okay, so think about that. And I would love for you to come into 10k. So we can develop that together. I'm also going to be talking a little bit more about 10k today, right? So we have a fun fast action bonus, how we can take this deeper, get you the support you need coach with me every week and really take your business to the next level. All right. So today, what I want to talk about is really how do we pull this all together and craft that powerful message now, the message really becomes sort of that extension of your brand. It's like it should embody who you are what you do and be very it's that signage, right? Yesterday, we talked to the about the boutique. And really, it's like it's telling people to come in or not that message in from the tactical levels perspective. It's like the bio, right and immediately, you guys, your bio should be selling for you right away. Okay, so we want your bio, whether you're on IG or Facebook or LinkedIn, where are you guys? Where is your primary platform? Secondly, says I hope I helped millennial woman I'm back from heartbreak after divorce by helping them tame the rollercoaster of emotions as all feelings of being stuck, not seen and heard. Okay, so Stephanie, I would love for you to just, yeah, it's like, how could you distill that down a little bit more. So we'll, we'll talk about that here in a minute. But you're on the right track. So it's for the women that have Yeah, they're, they're coming out of a divorce. And I think for you to think about what is it that they want next? What do they desire after divorce, and I want you to think about there probably even, I might even kind of this is kind of a little bit more advanced, but for all of you. And there was a couple people on yesterday, too, that are more targeted towards women that are a little bit more vulnerable, which is okay, but I want you guys to consider potentially targeting people that are on kind of on the other side of that I have a client, again, who works with women like that have come out of abusive relationships, but they've already done most of the healing themselves, or through therapy or whatever, but they just don't know what's next for them. They want to love again, they want to love themselves again, but we're not marketing to the people that that would identify as broken. Okay. So for those of you that are in that relationship space, whether it's relationship with self or relationship with somebody else, and it has that more of that grieving component, I would definitely consider that piece. Okay, so we've got Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, awesome. So here's what's cool, you guys is under 200k 200k, you only need one. So focus on one now, you can repurpose. But they're all very different algorithms. And so if you're trying to make all of these platforms work for you, it's not going to work. So pick one and go all in on that one. In 10k content Collective, we help you pick one, and then we help you build a strategy around that one. But there is no ticket to success. Every platform can be successful, no matter what anybody tells you. Now, however, if you have a more nuanced and target market, obviously, there's going to be some that are more that are more reasonable, right? We have some clients that work with more corporate level executives. So obviously LinkedIn is where it's at. But we also have a client who's a health coach who works with hormones, and she's crushing it on LinkedIn. Okay, because that's and she the the caliber of clients that she's bringing in are like crazy cool. So you get, but you get to make what works for you. There's no like, don't buy into this belief that like, there's any one platform that's dying, or nobody does this or that like it. I promise, it'll be fine. Okay, so what's cool is you just need one you guys up until about my, you know, multiple six figure mark, I was really only on Facebook, I had a Facebook group, but I wasn't paying attention to Instagram, I only had Facebook. And and that's it. So you don't need to be everywhere, I promise. And until you get to even you know, growing to seven figures, that's when I would recommend a more layered marketing strategy, like bringing in either a podcast or YouTube, but that's later when you have your message dialed in, you're ready to elevate and you have the rhythm in your business. Okay, so we're only picking one so I want you guys to walk away with the decision to pick one platform and go all in on that platform. Oh, I love that mentor. Awesome. Okay, so what we're going to do is, is really think about it This will give you guys a good visual to work with Craig. Kay. So as we craft your message today, I want you to imagine this sign this as a signage, right? This is going to be the sign that goes in front of your store that's going to tell people yes to come in or no, like, go away. And guess what marketing? Good messaging and marketing does both. So it's okay to repel people, it's okay to get specific. In fact, if now more than ever, you have to get specific. Sharon, where do you like for you? Where do you have the biggest audience? And where do you like, where do you feel excited? So if you had a bigger audience on so like, tell, why don't you answer that for me? Where do you have the biggest audience? And where do you feel most excited to be? Let me know. So as we got your message, that visual give you a good insight, right. So on Instagram, you know where that bio goes on Facebook, you know where that bio was on LinkedIn, etc. And so what I want you guys to do is consider that, the more specific, the better, okay? But this message is also going to embody really that full expertise, and it's going to be aligned to that sophisticated buyer. Okay, so one of the things that I want you to avoid in this A is resisting. Okay, so Sharon says biggest is Facebook most excited about LinkedIn. Okay, so I want you a couple things. If you want to make money ASAP, getting the most you can out of Facebook, while also building on LinkedIn. So don't abandon your audience on Facebook yet, if that's where you have the most people because you can get clients over there today. You get clients tomorrow, but you guys, you have no idea. You know, your premium clients are in your audience right now. There are premium clients everywhere, people think that they're like, really hard to come by. But it could be sometimes if you don't see yourself as a premium expert. That's what causes people to believe they don't have premium clients. Once you start seeing yourself in that way, the floodgates open up for you. Premium clients are in your audience right now. They just haven't, you don't know they're there, or they don't know you're available to them, because your messaging doesn't resonate with them. So this is the power of a powerful message. Okay, I talked about, you know, the first 7k that I sold in coaching, my first 21k day, this all stemmed from that one powerful message, right, that was really coming like the offer that was feeding that into K my offer, I didn't have a sales page. My offer was not about like, all the bells and whistles, I had no members platform, I had no like I use Google Drive to deliver like to save coaching calls and things like that I didn't have shit.

Kinsey Machos:

All I had though, was my expertise and my conviction that I could help people and people felt that they felt it in my message. They felt it in my conviction in my marketing, right. And then when I when we would hop on the phone together, it was so easy to sell. Because I had a sophisticated problem, I could solve for them. And they saw that, okay, so I want you don't know there's premium clients in your audience right now. So Sharon, get the most you can out of Facebook. Wow. Then building up on LinkedIn and you can make your LinkedIn sort of your forever or like your longer term strategy as you're just figuring it out. We have some really fun info for you in 10k to make LinkedIn really work for you. So we would love to see you in there. But I want you to get like get clients every day on Facebook, leverage the audience you have there. Okay. So, going back to this idea of what we want you to avoid, okay, we want you to avoid, comment below. I'm going to avoid these mistakes. I want you to proclaim this for yourself. I'm going to avoid these mistakes. Okay. I think people like hear these things. But then I don't like I don't want you to keep doing it. You guys. How coachable Are you? Okay, I know you didn't pay me to be your coach. But you are paying me in some form or fashion by paying me with your time to be here. So I hope that you value that and you actually really like keep your mind and heart open to be coachable. Okay, so part of that is like don't make these mistakes. Okay, I love it. We have people proclaiming I'm not going I'm going to avoid these mistakes. Okay. So first of all, and we've alluded to it all week long. Okay, but I am not I do not want you you like you are not. You are not willing to be vanilla. Broad, vague. Okay. Broad, vague vanilla. Okay. We've given examples of this broad messaging is like I help people lose weight. Broad messaging is like, you know, I help people grow their business. I help people get confident. broad, very broad. Okay. I'm not Walmart. I love it. Yes. I'm not going not willing to be general. You guys. generalists? No. Do you know how much a general so I was big in the healthcare system, worked with a lot of doctors. And it was ridiculous. The pay difference from a general practitioner to a specialty, okay, like hundreds of thousands dollars a year. Okay. What's cool is your specialty is also is also fed from your unique experiences and values. And so that's how we really create that uniqueness. I love it. I'm not the run of the mill, no, okay, we're going to avoid the big buy. Here's it. Here's the other thing. We're going to avoid being creative, which is so hard, right? So creative, I want you to leverage your creativity, where it's going to help you really, really, like leverage your like, get clients, but your message is not meant to be cute or creative. Right? So yes, and this is hard. This is really, this is a really hard one to accept, because so many of you and I think I resonate with this too, is like, we can get very colorful with our words. We're like it, you know, it's like, I let you I just mission driven women living their best life and like, leverage their full potential like, right? I don't know making money, I'm making fun of myself. But when we get like Q and creative, yes, be clear, not clever. That is when people like not only are they like walking away from your store, but they're telling other people that they're very confused by your marketing. Okay. And we actually want the opposite of that, you guys, I got a lot of my clients that first year, you know, I hit six figures in less than area guys. And I was working full time, six months of those year. So don't tell me you don't have time. Don't tell me it can't be done. I promise when you have the right mentorship and the right hunger and the right strategy, guys, you would go so fast. Okay, but so many people get lost in the weeds. But part of that was my specificity. And my messaging marketing was so good that even people that didn't work with me knew exactly what I did. And so they would tell other people, people would say they have this problem. And because I built that recognition, right people would be Oh, like, you need to talk to Kinsey, okay, this is what's so powerful in that specificity. And when you're redundant and consistent in your content with that, that spreads like wildfire, like I'm so excited about this, my body is shaking right now you have to understand this. Okay? Is that clear? We're not going to be clever, we're going to be clear. Okay. The other thing is, for those of you that are waffling a little bit, I want you to avoid feeling like there's a right or wrong answer came. I tell the story a lot. Say I am like you are right, by making a decision, right? Whatever decision you make is the right decision. But so many people get in indecision. And you guys indecision kills more doubt and dreams or kills more dreams than ever. Indecision creates inaction, which then feeds into the growing doubt and insecurity. And as like under that six figures, that confidence in that certainty can feel hard to obtain. And so the last thing you need is more of that feeling that you cannot be in indecision. You guys, action takers, action takers are the ones that win. Right? You have to just take faster action. Okay, now, I want to help you shortcut that, like I want you to take, I want to show you more of the better actions today. But none of it matters if you're not even willing to take action. Okay, in 10k, we have a roadmap for you that you can follow so that you can really accelerate your results here. Okay. So really making sure there's no right or wrong answer, what happens is, you get the feedback, you take action. And remember, we talked about on Monday, you get a result, it's either maybe considered a negative or a positive, but it's a result that you get to act on to keep moving forward. Okay, I, you know, I didn't start in the niche that I'm in now. But I started with where I was, what I knew I could be good at right and marketing to that audience. And then I got the feedback loop and my niche evolved and grew, right, and I started to find to more and more my zone of genius, okay, so don't try to skip that part. So many of you are like skipping the where you're at now, if you just got a result for yourself. And that's all you have to go off of you have to you have to be clear in that. Okay. Like don't sell something you've never actually helped people do or help yourself. Okay. So if the only thing that you have to go off of is you lose 20 pounds in six months with a simplified nutrition plan sell that's, that's so good. Okay, so really getting out of indecision, you guys that no decision is the worst. So at least admit to yourself that you're saying no, when you're in indecision, and that will at least close a loop for you. Okay? It's so much expended energy that doesn't need to be there. Okay, so those are the biggest mistakes that I want you to avoid. Now, the other thing and this is going to come more into as we talk about the three different ways to niche down, but don't just go again, going back to the clear, creative, don't call things out that aren't really the way they should be. Okay, so we're not giving things a label that people don't understand. We're not calling people a thing. They don't really call themselves, we're just getting straight to the point the problem the solution and really like who it's for, okay? goes with me. So these are the three different ways you can consider niching down and I put in quotations because I think this idea of niching down is actually really overdone. But it's okay. We could call it that. But what this is, is actually you honing in on a more specific message and a more sophisticated market, comment below sophisticated market, sophisticated market comment below sophisticated market guys learning how to market and message to a sophisticated market, right? It's not just about your message, it's really learning how, like their buying patterns and stuff came. So it's important that you see this as sophisticated message for a sophisticated market. Okay, so three different ways to niche down. Number one, we have by the person, okay, obviously, here I'll pause there, comment below three different ways to niche down. Let me know you're with me. I see lots. Yeah, you we're, we're crushing it, you guys. Jodie says at times my analysis paralysis gets in the way of action. Yes, Jodi, you're not alone. This is very normal. And I but I don't want you to be like most people, where they just stay in that analysis paralysis. So make a commitment to take action. And you guys, you will be called to take actions that feel uncomfortable. People don't win by not taking risks, okay? So you really have to lean into that three ways to niche down first is by the person, okay? So, but an example of this would be like, I don't just help you grow your business. I help coaches grow their business. Okay. That's one example of niching down by person. Now, it's still not quite specific. But what I want to help you see is these three different elements that we can weave in to drive home more of that sophisticated message came? Do you know who your person is, in most cases, you will absolutely niched down here. Now, if the other ways are, are, it's really depending on what you do. There are some scenarios where you wouldn't necessarily need to call out a specific person. But in most cases, you will. Okay. Sharon says women can I think you actually said, I think you work with like, executive leaders right here. And so is there opportunity to get more specific there? If you know your person, comment below, I would love to see it.

Kinsey Machos:

professional women, okay. So again, we can decide if you need to do that or not. I don't think professional. It's again, you know, I know, professional women. Is it an entrepreneur? Is it corporate level? Is it important? I don't know, maybe it's not but I don't know, I'm not really keen on professional like the word professional. Because a lot of people consider themselves professional, and it feels like it just that it's not really necessary. It's just my personal opinion. And then Lana says adults diagnosed with ADHD perfect do and this is just a question. Do you prefer to work with men or women? Do you feel like you can help one of those get better results? Maybe not. We have a client who also she's crushing it in the ADHD space. It's such a good space. Um, Judy says executive a women or executive women in financial services, okay. Those who want to take the responsibility for their well being and their movement practices. Okay, so Linda, what does that mean? Do they call them are they like, and I know you are like on the yoga Pilates side, I believe you have a studio. So there might be something there high achieving women over the age of 35. Her can ask them like but can get a handle on their health and wellness. Okay, Sarah. So again, high achieving women, I'm still not prone on that. I think we're all considered, we all consider ourselves high achieving. So there might be some more there as we uncover these other ways you might get there so teenage girls with so remember Stacy, your market is actually moms with teenage girls with eating disorders. Yeah. Important distinction. Distinguish meant distinction. There we go. I hope that makes sense. Either but more women so Lana, definitely just say when I would women with ADHD, I think it's an underserved area and more women. I think ADHD is becoming more and more like more people are talking about it and more women, a lot of my friends. I know I have severe ADHD. And even as a byproduct of me talking about it more. I've had many women reach out to me and be like, I was just recently diagnosed. I'm in my mid 30s 40s. I think that you should just I would love for you to lean into women and econ bosses get more sales with social media. Okay. And Whoville Okay, Colleen? I'm still a little hesitant on the former athlete part. But former athletes turn stay at home moms love. I love it. Okay, cool. So, the second way that we can niche down so that's the first way by person the second way is by problem. Okay, so this is hitting more of that problem. Now. Again, sometimes this is weaved into the solution, but what I want To help you distinguish is like, what's what came. So if you think about your woman, what specific problem does she have, and that's a way we can niche down. So we know that like, for our six, seven figure clients, right, they have problems filling their group coaching program. So they're at their, they're at a season of scaling their business, scaling their expertise, pivoting from one to one coaching to one to many. And so within pivoting from one to many, they don't know how to deliver a scalable offer, and they don't know how to fulfill on that. They don't know how to fill that scalable offer consistently. Okay, so that's a problem came. And so that's starting to even narrow in a little bit more on where you're starting to hone in on your market, because you could just, you know, target executive level leaders who struggle with team building, or you can hit executive lovers who struggle with conflict, we have a client who me is niched, down in conflict management. So good right. Now, again, she came in to work with us. And she had this like, big idea and had an idea like, where to go with leadership. But as we started to talk about it, what we discovered is her zone of genius is really actually conflict management. And that is where she really strives. And so we created this whole market for her to double down on, right, and this is where you have the opportunity, you're not just helping them do all the things, you're really starting to narrow in on that problem. Okay. And then thirdly, we have the solution. So sometimes these go hand in hand, but you know, I gave the example yesterday, even for our, for our clients that are going to their first six figures, right, this solute, I'm helping you get clients, right, but I'm doing it through organic content. Other people could help you get clients, you know, but their solution is paid advertising, or their solution is building a funnel. Right? So same problem, different solutions, same person problem. So there's a lot of, you know, consultants, coaches out there that are helping women, coaches, consultants, get clients. Right. But if you think about all the different layers of solutions, that's where we start to get a little bit more fine to mint. Is this making sense? Three different ways to niche down No, ideally, right? We're not just leveraging one of those, we want to leverage all of those to really think about where do we really narrow in? And sometimes you guys, like you guys have to decide where do I need to start here, sometimes it's addressing, like, who you most want to work with, and then assessing like, okay, for that person, I can solve all these problems. But actually, this is the problem that I know a, I can bring the most value and b i can make the most money. This is making sense, okay. And so this is the level of assessment you guys have to do. And it's, again, you're still going to want to resist this, because it's going to be against sort of your natural default is like the broad mainstream, but you guys already committed, you're not going to be there. Okay, so we have the person, we have the problem, and then we have the solution. And when you start to really bring more clarity, this is when we put that sign on the door, and it says exactly who you help, what you help them do and how you help them do it. And people are going to be like, yes, sign me up are people like No, not for me, and we have this really beautiful contrast. And when you break it up into those three components, you guys, this is helps you kind of siloed those things a little bit, but they do all sort of work together. Okay, so I want to know what is coming up for you guys. I'm gonna pause there person problem solution, does it give you something to work with, because I want to coach with you for here for a little bit, I want to really leverage the rest of this time to like, post you guys through your messages, and you are messaging and use this time to get you more clear, okay. And as we're talking about this, I want you guys to use this as you have an example section on your,

Kinsey Machos:

on your workbook. And so write this down because it will Trey will, it will like initiate some ideas potentially, and help you start to really lean into this. If you go out and look at anybody that's successful. Right? We have a client she has, she's a grief coach. And she heard me she is like she says, right, I help grieving widows. Okay. Now she and she talks about her because she lost her husband five years ago. And she talks about that experience and how she helps others go through that experience. And it's specific to widows. But guess what, she attracts people that have lost their sister, their mother, their child, right? But because she was so specific, and she continues to be consistent with her story, and how she weaves that in people are just so drawn to her. So could she help everybody in grief Yeah, and she does, but only because she decided to double down on her unique experience where she knew she could be most valuable, right and tell people that this makes sense. So I want to coach you guys on this, I want to use the rest of this time to really coach you guys on this and to answer your question, so stay on, and then we'll tell you how you can get the content kit. God, I'll come to you here in a second. But I want to pause if it's okay with you guys. Just give me like 10 minutes, if I could tell you a little bit more about 10k content collective, and how we can work with you more depth, depth really, in a more deep way, in a deeper way. There we go, is it this is my heart, and also what that looks like came in, and then we'll just give me like five to 10 minutes. And then what I'm going to do is I'm gonna spend the rest of the time coaching you guys on your message so you can feel clear. And then we're going to send you that content kit, which is going to be so powerful. Does that sound good? Give me like a an emoji or a permission or just a yes, I'll just really run through that in a way. That's good. Because here's what's the truth is you guys again, so you guys are here, because you want something different out of your life, you want something different out of your business, right? And you could you could keep kind of like, like, as you guys walk away after today, you will absolutely you will have more clarity than you had before, even though it's probably going to stir up a little bit of frustration, a little bit of moneyness. But if you let the dust settle, you at least have the knowledge to know why this is so important. And why it's worth mastering, okay, but it will be hard to do it alone, it will be hard, I'm not gonna say that you need me or you need our programs or you need my team. That's not cool. I want you I don't want you to come in out of desperation, I want you to come out in from the place of like, I am ready to go to that next level. And I'm ready to receive that help. We have a proven curriculum, we have a team that to support you, and you have me to walk alongside of you, hey, we really have two signature offers. And really what I'm going to spend today because most of you are in line with our 10k content collective grow into your first six figures. And we help you do this by getting clients online with your organic content, right, there's three steps to this. First, we package your irresistible expertise into an irresistible offer. Even if you feel like it's basic, okay? Then we show you how to really implement your marketing and create content that converts, hey, this content is going to have people running to you asking you how to hire you. And this is where a lot of people start to fall flat because it's like they try to sell them in the DMS or they send them to a sales page. But none of that actually works. Okay. So that's why we also teach you in our proven framework is part is really dialing in your sales, being able to close people on the phone in a genuine way. We have a sales coach that works with you, we help you really, like feel so confident on the phone in a way that's not salesy. We're not pushing people. We're not pushing products. We're not pushing programs, right? These sales calls alone are mind blowing. Anyways, the experiences we have people that come up in there like that, like doing sales calls, in this way, is the most empowering experience. And that's what sells is you guys selling a service comment below selling a service selling a service. Comment below selling a service I want you guys to love selling without selling people don't change their lives, right. I think about my first mentor. Right when I wanted when I was literally, you know, I so I think I told you guys a story I was I had we had our third baby. And I got a three month maternity leave. I was in the thick of my corporate career. I was making a lot of money, but I was starting to really feel burnt out. And that maternity leave really shifted me because I didn't want to go back to work. Mind you. I had been through this two times before with other kids like and I was excited to go back to work. It was not this way. But I was the breadwinner. And I didn't have any other way out or so I thought right? So I had to go back to work. And I spent that was the most miserable dark season of my life. I spent every day going to work crying, I would bring a makeup bag, I would have to reapply my makeup in the parking lot. And there came a time where I was like enough is enough. And I remember the day I remember the moment I was they didn't have a dedicated nursing room. And so I got tossed around when I needed to go pump. I got tossed around to different offices to pump. At one point they had to kick out the president out of his office so I could use his office and put my milk in his fridge. Like, is that not weird? Is that Oh, like? Right. So they guess what, though, like that they realized that that probably wasn't a good solution. And so their best next solution was to use the janitor's closet. Okay, so I remember I was pumping in the janitor's closet and I was like This is No, this cannot happen. I'm spending all this time away from my family. My baby. I'm pumping in a janitor's closet and I hate my job. And that was the moment I knew enough is enough, right? Yeah. Is it scary to go in the unknown? Yeah. But I'm going to choose my heart and it's definitely not going to be this. And so I remember a mentor, I, she, she was in, like in my ecosystem. I knew she did something. And so I linked up with her. And she was like, I can help you. Let's do this. She at the time was charging $12,000. Okay, you guys $12,000. Like, if I hadn't even I had made no money in my business. Okay, I was the breadwinner. My husband had just left a full time military to start his own business. So like, this is not right. I'd like ask him to spend $12,000 on something that's not even making money yet. But turns out it was me just like, you know, asking, not really asking for permission.

Kinsey Machos:

I did it. Guess what, she helped me walk away, like what I learned from her and me really taking those steps, right? I walked away from my career. Not too long after that, but I think of her all the day all the time, you guys, when I think of selling, if she had the drama around, like, oh, I can charge that much to somebody who is feeling so sad. I could never ask somebody to buy that. That's so much money, like, oh, I should do this for free. Or I should give her a discount because she wants to go to corporate so bad. Can you imagine if she did any of that? I mean, who knows where I would be today? You guys have a gift. And the the act of selling is an act of service. Okay? And we really help install that into with, with our coaching and our curriculum, because that is where you can have the most traction. Okay, so what I want you guys to do is, is really think about how I want like how you want to feel in your business. Okay? Do you want to keep doing what you're doing? I don't think so. Right? If it's not working, it's not working. And so this is my invitation to really invite you into 10k content collective came, this is our signature program, I'll actually just pull up my page right now, because I don't even want to write on the, I don't want to write. Okay, I'm overriding. But you guys probably have you been probably you've seen this came. But this is our live coaching program where we blend, coaching, curriculum and community came. And we really help you dial in your offer your content and your sales, okay? And what this does is it helps you have that really clear, simple plan forward so that you know where you're going, right? 100k, whatever that looks like, okay, and really dialing this down into a framework that is repeatable. That's the most important part. We're not relying on. Just what's in today, what's working today, right? This is really installing the foundations with Yes, just in time strategies. But if you don't have the foundation, if you don't know how to sell if you don't know how to market, right, none of that actually works, okay. And so we have obviously, like, bazillion elements of proof of really the quality of this program. But I want you guys to really take a look here. But what we do and how we do this is a we have On Demand training curriculum, okay. When you enroll in 10k, you get that right away, you get that right away, okay. And this is curriculum, you're going to reference as you go and grow with us. And it's teaching you everything you need to get to that first six figures came. We also have live coaching every week, okay, so we understand there's nuances, you have questions, you are not meant to do this alone. And also, we want to know your heart and your vision. And I'm going to coach differently based on who you are, where you're going and what you want. Okay, and so we have those containers with me and my team, okay, to help you really accelerate that, okay, so you're learning, you're also getting coached. And you're also really immersing yourself in the community. If you haven't, if you don't have a community around you to support you and grow with you guys. entrepreneurship can feel lonely, because you're different. You're a unicorn, we're unicorns, and most people around us are not that way. And it's going to feel like people don't support you, things are going to come up in your life. And it's going to feel like it's going to feel a little hard sometimes. And so you need that community lift you up. Okay, we also offer weekly content review. So I want eyes on your content to really help with that. Right? We have people that come to get their content review, they're like, I got my, I got a client the next day from that piece of content, okay, we have all the plug and play all the plug and play like formulas, okay, we have the coaches copy Bible, which is like a 50 Plus page book of all the elements of content that converts that's paired with your core curriculum, and the elements of the different elements of what that looks and feels like with our highest converting content. Okay. And every week, we host co writing clinics, so we give you a new writing prompt, and we guide you towards really getting to that state where you love to produce high converting content. So it's so fun. And this container allows you to grow and not just in your revenue but in your creativity and your confidence and your expertise. A lot of you are suppressing your brilliant which is keeping your best clients away from you. And so what we want to do is we want to give you a simple framework. We also want to give you the coaching and the container to grow that while also making money. You guys, you do not need to wait any longer to make a lot of money. Okay, that is old school thinking, okay, you don't need more education, you don't need more experience, you need to really know how to market to people that need you right now. Okay? And those are the things that we do with you, as you grow with us. Okay, this is 10k Contact live, it's the best community ever. And it's literally this is the proven method for you to get clients online. Okay, it's no fluff, it really has to be that foundational has to be from that foundational element, okay. But with that, what happens is we have all the different ways that you can use plug and play formulas and templates to help you kind of boost right, so a lot of people will come in to 10k, use one of those formulas and just get the client right away. So we want to implement some short term wins for you. But also, while you're laying the foundations of for a profitable long term business. Is this making sense? It is so good, you guys. So good. I like the level of support that we provide you is top notch. And I want to make sure that you guys feel seen and heard and support it. Give me a heart emoji if you love that. I love it. Give me a Heart to heart emoji, or a heart maybe hearts, lots of hearts, hearts on fire. Our hearts on fire. That'd be fun. That's my favorite emoji right now. So right now we have a fast action bonus. So if you joined by tonight, you will get our 30k in 30 days bundle. So we run this every year. So you get Yes, you get last year's replay. And you also get a ticket to this upcoming live program that we're going to run again, the framework for 30k in 30 days is that you're going to really work we put you in a scenario where you create your highest earning month. And it's super fun. And it's incredible. And if you joined by tonight, you guys, you will get access to last year's replay. And also your last year's bundle and also a complimentary ticket for August. Okay. And right, what we're doing is we have a $500 special, okay, so if you joined by Monday night, so let's say you like I don't want to make 30k in 30 days. But I do need to wait a couple of days, don't wait past Monday night came because the price will go up. You guys, this is literally insane. The price is insane. Before 10k content collected, I didn't we didn't have any offers under 6k. And that was actually like a low ticket we sold most 21k. So people paid us a lot of money to earn, like Learn and Earn. And we just felt like oh, we want to help more people. And we want to have create a little bit more access. Now we don't want to be again, we don't want to make be affordable for everybody. But we knew that there still had to be skin in the game. And also that we could help so many people in this regard. I had the infrastructure to do it. I have the team to support it. Right. And so that was our next move. And here we are you guys a year and a half later. And the results coming out of this program are incredible. So don't wait past Monday. We're only opening enrollment two more times this year, two more times this year. And the second time it's going to be a higher price you guys, literally. So join by Monday night. I love it. Minda says, run don't walk. Okay. And if you want to claim that fast action bonus, get on board by tonight, like 100% So if you have questions, Alicia, if you want to drop the link, that'd be great. You guys will get an email with the link to if you need to just spend the next hour to thinking about it. But there's it's it's just such a phenomenal experience. You guys the thing is is like you have to be willing to take that first step. Okay. Oh, Alicia, you missed the the one. I was like patient not found. That's so weird. Here, I'll delete that for you. But if you have questions, email, Alicia or sorry, email, Alicia, we'll drop our email, you can reach out to her you can email us there's even a chat function on the sales page. You guys do not if you have question S the worst thing you could do, again is walk away in indecision. Just know that we're here to support you. We're here to support you. But you have to take that first step. Okay. I don't want you to come in out of desperation. Most people right will say things like oh, I can figure it out on my own but that is not I don't want you to do that. I don't want you to delay more time or delay your success. Trying to figure it out on your own you guys for the people that come in. These are people that are ready to grow. Okay, and you guys have lofty goals. You shared them with me on Monday. That is going to require mastery and we can help you master okay. They very week you get a coaching schedule. So as you guys come in, you get your coaching schedule, your life coaching schedule, we have I have different levels of coaching. So we have, again, we have Coding Clinic, we have coaching with me and you have coaching with cells. And so those vary. So you know ahead of time what your coaching calendar looks like. That's one of the first things you get when you enroll, you get your onboarding, you get your onboarding call, you get instant access to your curriculum, so you can start right away. And then also all your marketing kits, your 30k in 30 days bundle if you joined by tonight, you get all the like people binge those coaching replays, because we give you all the replays in your members portal and also a private podcast. So you can plug in right away and people just leave that they do to get inspired. Oh, I love that Judy, love it. So good one on one coaching. So we coach you one on one in a group environment, there's no need for you to be one on one coaching with me you would have to pay like 50k for so Addie, I don't know the question behind that maybe is like, am I going to get my specific questions answered or my needs met? And the answer is yes. So I am you come on to coaching calls, you have your questions, and I answer them. So yes, I am one to one coaching you. Okay, so if you have questions, drop them below. And if not like you guys go there now and sign it like don't even wait, hey, this is literally a pony up a tiny fee. It's two thousand five hundred There's a for Pay option. And on Monday night it goes up to Three Thousand. Okay, so don't wait. I love you guys too much for you to wait. Okay, so let's talk about some message coaching. And then we can also drop if you guys want that fastest path to clients content kit, which is so amazing, we'd love to give it to you just the just comment fastest path to clients in the chat and reach a reach a I just combined Alicia with reach, Alicia will reach out and send you that PDF. It's a golden thing. So we don't want it like out on the the interwebs. It's like a really valuable resource. So just comment fastest path to clients. And Alicia will send you that PDF. It's amazing if you want it. Okay, so if you want to hang for some coaching, I'm here. I can hear it be here for the next 10 to 15 minutes. And let's Let's rock and roll. Yes claim you have it already. Yep. Awesome. Okay, what questions do you guys have? Let's talk about let's circle back to your message. We talked about person problems solution came. Hopefully this gives you some clarity on where to dial in. Right? If you silo those things that can help. But then when you put them back together, right, you may have to adjust a little bit. So tell me what's coming up for you? What questions do you have? Where are you getting stuck? If you have your core message, drop it below. But here's the thing, this is the first step you guys, once you have your message, even if you don't, and you come in at 10k, I help you solidify that, okay, then we put up the message, okay, we update our bio, we make that very known. It's in our calls to action, it's weavin, we then it's woven throughout our messaging and our content, you guys. Content is very like content is king. You cannot go another day, not learning how to create compelling content. This is where the industry is going. I have brick and mortar businesses that want to hire me to get them online because they have no online presence. And they're like, save us, right? Like the people that are not online and do not know how to have that really powerful online presence will die in business not die. That sounds more but they will fizzle out. So you cannot go another day, you guys without being able to have that compelling message that compelling content. Okay. The first step is the message in 10k. Right? We help you dial in more. Okay, what's the content and the messaging around this? What is the marketing strategy look like? Do I need to be build my email list? How do I get people in my DMs? What are the calls to action that I use? So I need to run a masterclass? Do I have to have a sales page all these things? No, you do not have to have a sales page do not our sales page, right? Should I have a free call, like all these things are going to come up for you. And those are the things that we help you dial in. But know that the message is the starting point. Okay? It's that signage, but you have to fill the boutique, you have to put stuff in the boutique that people want to buy, you have to create an element within the boutique that people can test, right? Because people aren't just gonna go buy something from you without really getting some sort of test or test drive. Okay? It's just like when anytime I go and buy clothes at my favorite ever boutique, and I'm in a rush, and I don't take the time to try it on. I always regret it. I'm like, I hate this on right. So you have to give people a fitting room to try you on. Okay, and these are the elements we want to build out with you in 10k These are all the things you need to think about not just like oh do I need like which hashtags to use you guys hashtags are not going to make or break you I promise. Okay, doing reels is not gonna make it. None of that shit matters. I promise. When you have these foundations of what an effective marketing content strategy looks like and how to sell people. That is all you need. You have a seven figure Business for life, I promise you. Okay, so do not go another day not really knowing that. So Stacy is the problem the moms or the daughters in my message? Yeah. So it's a great question. So you are out. Yeah, it's moms with teenage daughters who have eating disorders. Now you could have like, if you think about sort of that signage, your bio, you could put like, helping teenage teenage girls with eating disorders. But when you're marketing, you have to align to the buyer, so the mom, so because we have to assume that even if

Kinsey Machos:

you had a bunch of teenage girls following you, they're not going to be the ultimate purchaser. But we would just also assume that like your teammate, like, I don't know that teenage girls would follow you. So we want to build the audience more around the moms, does this make sense? And so your marketing needs to be geared towards that the pain they're having the pain that they know, their daughters are having? We need to enroll them into that larger problem solution, so that they will buy? Awesome. It's such a great question. Such a great question, Addy, I help wives save their marriage, wondering if I shouldn't reach deeper. Yeah, so we don't want to be like a savior. So that's what and we've talked a little bit about this for people that are targeting like people that have been in abusive relationships or after divorce, we really want to, like, especially in that scenario, want to hit more of the pleasure points. So maybe not even save. But can we think of different words and like, what particular like, what has you doing this? Is it something that you experienced in your marriage, this is where you guys, if you're confused, or you don't work with enough clients go back to why you do what you do, it's likely because you yourself had a result and think about who you were, what the problem was, and what like who you were in that scenario. So an example of this would be like, If a woman wants to save her marriage by her husband isn't support, like, I think there's so many dynamics there. So it I definitely would niche down. I help those who want to take responsibility for their well being learn Pilates posture, breath, core control principles. So I would package that up. And Linda, I don't know, if you are trying to still sell into your studio. I think you have to well, you don't have to. And maybe you could remind me as I think you have a studio, but are you also trying to sell online curriculum or online programs? Let me know. Let me make sure I'm gonna scroll back here. We have it online studio. Okay. So I would not, then you need to think about so this. So for you where you're coming in is you need to define more of a solution. Pilates posture, breath, poor control and principles. That's five things that's going to overwhelm people. Okay, so it sounds like a framework of such. And you could call it something but also like responsibility for their well being. Again, check in with yourself, is that what your person is saying? Is she calling her friend and saying, oh, Joanna, I want to take I'm so frustrated, I want to I want to finally take responsibility for my well being? Again, maybe she is, but it's just a good check in? Is she saying that? What is the actual problem that you're solving? And then the solution, really packaging it with? You know, maybe it's more of like, you're calling it like a method of some sort. But what when we kind of like throw all these things out of like, we do all these things together. That will feel very overwhelming. So that's something that Yeah, I know, you've kind of been, I think you've been kind of working on this for a while. So for you're just like, make a decision and go. I hope that was helpful. What else? What else? Are you guys coming up with? I want to make sure you guys have some of your questions answered. When you think about your signage, you guys also consider the visual experience. What is your photo? Hey, what are you calling yourself? Right? We're again, we don't want to be clear and creative. We want to be professional, we want to be elevated, and we want to be very specific. Hey, these are all the elements that come into play. When you think about are people going to enter your store or not. Then the content, the marketing and the assets to support that will allow people to further their journey with you. So that they say yes, right. All these things can work together to bring more yeses into your life. Because you guys are too brilliant to be wasting, studying algorithm like posting your face off for no results. Like that is not what we want for you. Okay, it's just time to take marketing more serious and we don't need to be chasing Band Aid solutions anymore. It's just not useful. It's not a good use of your time. You can make money now today. It's simple. It's very simple. Who do you need to be? And What decisions do you need to make in order to do that? A lot of you are still operating. And it's it's, I'm the same way by human nature. It's comfortable to keep doing what we're doing. And it's easy to get stuck in those traps. I only know what I know. Today, in this very moment, all I know is everything before me and all the decisions and all the actions that I've taken have led me to the results that I've gotten here. But to create 10 million, I have no fucking idea how to create them. And I kind of do, I can crunch out the numbers. But like that journey feels very unknown. And so I have to learn how to think and behave differently, I have to step into somebody who makes $10 million every day, I have to make decisions in alignment to that otherwise, I you can easily get keep getting stuck in making decisions from current state current circumstances, right? Which creates the same same circumstances. Is that, like, is that resonating with you guys? And it's gonna show up as like, oh, I can't take like, I could never do that. I can't do like, I can't say that I can't spend that, like it's going to show up is like all these limitations. But those are the exact limitations you have to move through. In order to operate as that higher version of yourself who does things that you haven't done before. I hope that's really resonate. That's the biggest thing I can offer you and it feels probably more squishy to you because it's a little bit less tangible. But it's that is the key to success by really making decisions in alignment to your future. Even if it's uncomfortable, even if it feels risky. You can not create big things or attain the unimaginable if you stay in your comfort zone if you keep making decisions from your today's scenario. Yes, awesome. And death. Okay, any last minute questions before we wrap up, you guys? We crushed it. You guys. These three days were so good. Don't forget, I want you to go if you guys are ready to rock and roll. Let's roll rock and roll. Okay, go get that 30k in 30 days bundle sign up to 10k. Today, if you have questions, let us know we're here. But I just want to honor you guys for showing up. You guys showed up so big today. So big yesterday, so big Monday for committing and being consistent. I know that you have it in you to at least do that. But what is next for you? Where do you want to be three months from now four months from now? Do you want to be where you're at? I don't think so. You guys are innovators. You see things differently. You're visionaries, you see things for your future. And it can feel like it's not attainable. But trust me, don't keep doing what you're doing. It's time to make a change. Okay, I don't want you four months from now to wonder to be in the same spot. So whatever you need to do to really drop into that and to create change in your business in your life. Let's do it together. Let's do it together. Don't stay here. Don't stay stuck. You're too brilliant. You're too brilliant. To stay where you are. You have lives to change. You have movements to move. And you have money to make you have money to make you guys your desires are yours to claim. Right. But you do have to take the action. You have to take the risk, unfortunately, but not unfortunately. Because it is the most beautiful journey you could ever take with yourself. I promise you that. Okay, I promise you that. You're so welcome Catalina so we're gonna wrap up strong. You guys. I love you. If you have questions, let us know don't go at this alone, I would love to see you in 10k. If you guys are have your eye on 200k. Plus, let us know we have another option for you in a way that we work with you to grow to that six to seven Mark too. So I love you guys. I hope you have such a great day. And I just honor you for letting me spend time with you over the last three days and letting me share my heart and my gifts with you. It's really truly a pleasure. It's crazy. I have to pinch myself like this is what I get to do every day. And I don't take that for granted. So I love you guys. Have a good day. Hey, you, thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like minded entrepreneurs all over the world. But my most favorite part is being able to connect with you in real life. 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