CATEGORY-OF-ONE PT II: How To Discover Your Unique Value

If you struggle to articulate your expertise in a way that’s unique and different from the rest of the industry, this episode will change everything for you. 

Discover the highest level of value you can provide to your best-match client, learn a simple method for identifying your unique approach, and how to highlight the tangible and intangible benefits of your solution so you can justify premium prices. 


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Do not miss these highlights: 

03:43 Today’s Topic: Your Unique Value. 

09:31 Why you need to think about your marketing as an actual strategy vs. just a tool. 

15:32 Stop thinking about you and start thinking about your people. 

18:12 Your unique value is a combination of these four things. 

23:11 Red ocean vs blue ocean strategy. 

25:14 The first step is to acknowledge the energy behind you. 

28:05 What qualifies you to be an expert on this particular topic?.

32:45 If you are already making 250k, what would you be doing differently? 

38:00 Solve the highest level problem you can solve. 

40:11 Are people going to be willing to invest to solve those problems?. 

46:00 Discovering your unique approach. 

52:14 How do you distill a life of your dreams into something that people can understand? 

55:14 How do you guarantee results? 

01:01:57 You have to be willing to take a leap of faith to try something new. 

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, a Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen, and heard online.

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that.

As a wife and a mom of three, the family takes priority. And having a business that’s run AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.

Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos 

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Kinsey Machos:

The next three episodes are snippets from our most recent live launch event we did called category of one. This content was really designed to help you discover your unique niche, drive new demand, hear offers, and really help you understand how to think about your messaging and your marketing from a more strategic lens. What we know is that most women that come to us are very heart centered, impact driven, which is really great. But I really encourage you to start to develop and build the skills underneath business strategy, so that you can operate as a true CEO. And I want you to pay attention to how I teach and what I teach over these a couple of different episodes to help you really see what you need to be thinking about in order to cut through the noise in the industry and really, really create some massive traction. The truth is what used to work even just a few years ago doesn't work anymore. And you have to be more strategic about how you position yourself in the industry, and how your marketing is impacting the types of people that are coming in coming out or not even paying attention at all. So I hope you enjoy

Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high-paying claims using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in. Hey, good. After noon, my friends, we are alive day two of category one you guys, I am having so much fun with you. I was just talking to the team yesterday and we are just loving your energy and your engagement and all the things so I'm excited to bring it in like we're gonna bring the fire today. So as you guys are joining me drop a Hey below, let me know you're here and how you're doing today. I feel so good. I didn't sleep as well last night as I wanted to. But that's okay. I kind of you know, at this point is this season of my life with our little Chileans running around all the time and you know, you just never know what you're gonna get for sleep. So I and you guys, I have the aura ring, which I love, but it can make me kind of overanalyze everything. So I like a health freak. I like I just love to feel good. And so I'm always experimenting with all the things but I digress. So hey, Catalina Good to see you. Uh, hey, Dami Good to see you. Colleen. Good to see you again. Amanda, Judy. Oh my gosh. If you guys are catching the replay, comment replay below. But as you're hopping on, let me know you're here. We're on day two. You guys. So good. If you are if you are just feeling the moment. Hey, Jody. Hey, Stacey. Good to see you. Minda. Um, today we're talking about your unique value. And I really want to start unpacking this in a way that maybe you haven't heard before. Okay. So we're going to start to bring some of this thing from what we learned yesterday and start to contextualize it in a way that can make you more money. Demonstrate your value to higher caliber clients, so that you could really, really skyrocket your cells, okay? Comment below skyrocket your cells? Does that sound amazing? Comment below skyrocket your sell, baby. That's what we want for you. We want you to help more people. Yes, but what did we talk about yesterday, right? We are not going to make more money at the sacrifice of our own needs and desires. And yes, even though you say you may say something like I'm not driven by money, or I'm not money motivated. I know that your deepest core you do desire to have beings or experiences that money buys. So again, we could spend literally hours and hours and hours talking about money mindset and how that's playing into the results you are or are not getting. But we have a very finite time today. And this week, and so I'm going to stay on topic but know that your desires are on the other side of you going all in on what you really want and being truthful with yourself. Okay. That's the first thing. Now, I loved hearing your key takeaways from yesterday. And your aha was like so many powerful nuggets that you guys were taking away, which is really huge. And you may have started to kind of sit in them a little bit Mrs. Buyers matrix yesterday was so huge eye opener. So good. We talked a lot about what how do you want to be perceived in the market? Right? Because when you think about this idea of like, I don't want a lot of times the resistance altogether around niche or niching down is feeling like you're being constricted or pigeon holed, right? It's like, well, I can help everybody. Well, this can be for this person, and that person and that person, I don't want to leave anybody out. But what we also want to consider is how others are perceiving us like, right is like will when we take on more of the Walmart strategy of like I am for everybody, and I am going to price for everybody's budget. Now we're starting to put ourselves in, we're starting to tell the market tell the industry that I'm open all the time, and you can get a bargain deal here. Right? And that's not what you guys want. A lot of you are like, No, I am not Walmart, okay. And so this has a lot to do with positioning. And this is not talked about enough, right, everybody's like, just talk about just like, finesse your eye help statement, right? And get clear on the who and the what and the how. And yes, that's important. But what we have to really start thinking about first is that positioning, and we talked about some really fun examples yesterday about, you know, in relation to Tesla, and the whole foods versus Winco. And we started are at Whole Foods and Walmart, not one go. And we also you guys gave me some of your positioning statements. And we already started to find some opportunity there, which is really exciting. And so what I want to help you unpack today is really this idea of in order to have a stronger positioning in the market, you also have to be, you have to understand your value. And most of you, I would say 90% of you actually underestimate your value. So I would love to understand, like in context to this, how many of you feel like you solve a sophisticated problem? Like you're like, so clear, maybe it's a 10 10 You're like, oh, 100% My problem is sophisticated. I could justify higher prices, one being like, there's no way give me an idea of like on the spectrum of one to 10 Where's your certainty or confidence around the level of sophistication around the problem that you solve 10 Being Oh, this is so good. I could charge whatever I want. My problem is so sophisticated that I saw one being like Not a chance, give me an idea of where you're at. For those of you that are just joining us say hey below, so fun. Ooh, dummy, says 10. I love it. So Dami remind me again, when you so tell me and maybe I need to hear it differently to for your sophisticated problem. How would you define that? Elissa seven? Good. Oh, Amanda. Ciceri. Okay, so let's, let's make that let's increase, Stacy says seven. Awesome. So for those of you that are not answering a 10, what I would love to know is what would make you feel like a time. What would make you feel like a 10. Let's start there, that would be really good. And if you guys could just take a moment, you could do me a favor, like this video. So whether you're watching on your phone or on your desktop, just like this video. And this will help us push out like the video into the algorithm of the Facebook group. So more people see it helps us spread our mission. Because we want to get this into the hands of more people. So just take a moment like the video, I would love that. And as you guys are chiming in on this spectrum of like, how sophisticated is my problem? I'm one to 10 I want to know what would help you. What do you think you need in order to get to a 10 minute sighs it's so weird because I'm excited how I can help people. Because what I solve for myself, however, then I start thinking they could probably research how to overcome this problem or read the book. So after that long I said I felt maybe three. Okay, so let's so MINDEF four, I would love for you to to identify like what would help you be a 10 when I'm really clear on my avatar, my message Awesome. Okay, so we're gonna get clarity there. Awesome. I need to be more clear on the message. Cool. All right, Stacy. We're gonna do that. And so and that is ultimately when you guys think about your message, right? That is the signage, right? We I give the boutique reference a lot around when you think about even your social media presence, right? Imagine that. It's also the front door or the front side of your building. Right? So you don't have a brick and mortar building or at least most of you don't. And so we need to really Are you thinking about because people are just spraying and praying on social media? And I haven't you guys have to stop this. Everybody has to stop this, you cannot just spray and pray, right post and pray, spray and pray. That's not cool either

Kinsey Machos:

post and pray. But we have to actually think about our marketing as an actual strategy. Okay, yes, social media is a tool for that. But you have to think broader and bigger about how you're leveraging these tools to grow your business. And so when you think about even that front door, or the front side of your building that people are walking by, what is the first thing that they're going to see? Right? So it's like your imagery, right? Your your photo, obviously, is going to be the one, one of the core things. And it's also going to be the message, that bio statement, whether you're on Instagram, you're on Facebook, or LinkedIn, that's going to be the first thing they look at, aside from your profile pic. And then potentially your your next, like three to six posts. Okay, and so if I were to go and audit any of you right now, would you be confident? Would you be able to confidently say that your perfect client would already or would automatically be like, Yes, this is a store I want to walk into? Yes or no. And if you can't confidently answer that, then we need to a we need to get more distilled down. And be it allows you to think a little bit more strategically about what you're putting out in the market. Okay. So clean says, I think for me, it's confidence in myself to help them not the importance of the problem. Okay, so remember, you guys, when we think about being business owners, right, we have to stop thinking about ourselves. And we have to really think about where like the people that we're reaching, and the fact that they're only thinking about themselves, okay, and so your responsibility as a marketer, and whether you consider yourself a marketer or not, you are wearing the marketing hat for a while you will until you have a team, and you can delegate some of this. So you're wearing the hat of a marketer, you're wearing the hat of a coach, you're really wearing the hat of your salesperson, you're wearing the hat of the operations of the fulfillment of the CEO, you're wearing all the hats right now. And you have to accept the fact that you have to grow these different skill sets within these different hats in order to elevate and most people are only ever thinking themselves as a coach. Right. And yesterday, we talked about really dropping more into that CEO level mindset. But today, I want you to start thinking about more of a marketer. Okay, and what is marketing? Do? Do you guys know the definition of marketing? What is marketing? So Amanda says, I feel like a 10 If I was precise and clear on what I stop and could express it clearly, right now, I'm still a place and stuff people get unstuck. Like the high Yep. Okay. So awesome. So we're going to speak to this and so many of you, I think, are feeling like you're just not as clear in your message, which would ultimately help you feel like you're attending. So we're going to get that clarity today. Okay. So it starts by really understanding how marketing plays into this game. So what is the purpose of marketing? There's no convincing people to buy your product or service. That's funny. Yes, although we don't want to convince people, right? This is not about we're not in the the market for making people buy. Right. And so that's something to pay attention to Colleen. And I think this is big for you. Because I think there's this feeling of like, well, like, I don't want to make people do something they don't want to do. And that is not what we're doing. The activity of business promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising love creating awareness, showing people to value love. Awesome promoting your services. Yeah, if you look up definition for marketing, it is like the promotion of goods and services. And so but now we've lost like the industry has brought in all these like gurus on social media and stories and reels, and all the things and people have sort of lost, it's gotten watered down and people misinterpret how we should be using social media. But don't forget that marketing is the promotion of your goods and services. Now, this doesn't mean you're gonna go spam and your contents just buy my shit, right? But your responsibility as a marketer is to demonstrate the value of your offering. And part of this is also being able to know that you are solving a problem that people want solved. Okay, yesterday, we talked about really that premium client, right Hi, investor, high potential, so you're starting to narrow in on her or him. But don't forget, a lot of you make your message about you what I want to say or I'm less clear, but you have to go to your people. And you have to think about what they are doing, what they want, what problems they're having. And a lot of times we say things like I'm going to help people live their best life and get unstuck. That doesn't mean jack shit and And that might have worked three to four years ago. But you guys, what's working now is not what used to work. And the noise and the crowdedness of our industry is creating a lot, a lot of confusion and so much more hesitation, right, which we talked about yesterday. And so we have to really, really dial in and be certain around the problem we solve. And so if you're not feeling confident, what do you need to do in order to drive that confidence forward, because if you don't love what you sell, nobody else will love it either. And so we need to stop thinking about you, we need to think about your people, okay. And so part of this is sort of dropping out of this, like me, and I know you guys aren't selfish people, but it's just a no, it's just, this is what we do. It's default, right? Like, I want this, or I want to say this, or I think I should do this. But that actually, none of that matters. And a lot of people also what I want you guys to avoid is this idea of like, alignment. Now I'm big on living your best life and having your best business. But when we try to always pick things that feel good, you will never grow. I hear a lot from women that say like, I think this sounds more fun, or this sounds more in alignment to me. But ultimately, it's just something that is sounds cool. And it's not actually a strategic business move. And so we have to stop kind of like looking for things that make us feel good, and start operating as a business owner, and I want you to be doing things that you love. But this idea of like, doing what you love and the money will follow is kind of a lie. And I some of you might hate me for saying that. Um, but this is really important. Now, again, when you're operating your highest zone of genius, which we're going to talk about today, you will love you will know it, you will love your work. Will you love all parts of it? No, because growing a successful business means you are fulfilling on something that you've never done before. And that success is uncomfortable. It's painful that growth is uncomfortable. It's painful. Okay, so for always looking for things that feel good, you will stay the same. Okay? Is this heady? Is this? Is this resonating with you?

Kinsey Machos:

And so a lot of you are in a place where you just need to go out and solve better problems for people. Don't overthink it don't don't feel like we need to like, oh, this, like I need to find what's most in alignment to me. And I want it to sound really pretty. And I want my website to look good. You guys know none of that. I grew to multiple six figures with literally a website that used to be a blog, because I used to like try to be a fashion blogger when I was in my early 20s. Okay, so my website was janky, I had less than thousands followers, all I did all I mastered and focused on mastering was selling something that people wanted, that I knew I could help them create. And so we have to start thinking from that lens, and kind of let go of sort of the shiny the shiny things that everybody else has made this about, okay. And so let's talk about though like your highest, like what this actually means to a identify your unique value, and then be how to really think about that and articulate that in a way that is compelling to others. Okay, so in your workbook, what I have there, that first section is your unique value is a combination of these four things. Okay? Are you with me? Okay, so and I want you guys to hang with me till the end, we're going to do more coaching on some of your statements and your unique value. Okay. So amazing. So hi, Angela. Good to see you. Hi, Sharon. Love it. Okay, so on your workbook, we have your unique value. Now a lot of people get wrapped up into this idea of like, my unit like this more of the expertise, but I want you to really look at your unique value is so much broader than that, first of all your values, K your values common in the chat values, okay? You have a certain value system that you live by, you may have not taking the time to identify that. And so I strongly encourage you to do that. Because this will come through your marketing or your messaging, whether you intentionally do it or not. And part of your unique value is right when you think about how we show up in their unique value, right? The values is sort of that like is the lift there. It's when so for instance, I don't say I'm helping moms live their best life and make money. Like that's not my positioning statement. However, my value system a is part of family, right and also well and so when I talk about making money when I talk about building a business, when I talk about all these different elements, you will experience that for me, because that is part of my value system is family. Right and and also wealth and health, right? I talk about all these different dynamics weave them in, because I want to attract people that also have similar value systems. Because if you guys don't value your family, right, or you don't prioritize family time, and again, there's no judgment here, there are like, you have a lot of even male, right leaders in our industry that will work, you know, you know, 80 plus hours a week, and they don't see their family as much. And that's okay for them. That is their value system, that is not my value system. And that is not how I build my business. And so I want to attract people that also have that same value system, okay. So your unique value, right? Is also driven by or really illuminates.

Kinsey Machos:

Through your values, okay? Number two, your experiences. This is a biggie, right? Your expertise is actually really a byproduct of your experiences, which is number three, your expertise, okay? So if your values, your experiences and your expertise, okay, comment below your experiences, and expertise. Okay? A lot of you really go to in my book smart enough, you guys, I was never smart. I was always like an average student. I hated it so much. I never really excelled. Any one thing, I sucked at sports, I never athletic. And, you know, a lot of those insecurities followed me to college, which it's no doubt that I dropped out of college because I was so insecure about myself, right? And then, you know, one thing led to another and I found more of that zone of genius, right? But your expertise doesn't. It's not about like being the smartest person in the room, per se. But it will be like you claiming your expertise as the best ever came. And your experiences drove you there, right? Your life experiences, even if you cannot get behind the fact that your expertise is worth the price that you want to charge. Imagine you be like, Okay, I'm 36. Okay, I'm 36, there's 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year. And I'm 36 that is 315,360 hours that I have lived on this planet. Same for all of you, whether you're younger or older, okay, I have some street cred. I absolutely have some street cred. You do too. And that's actually more valuable than your expertise. Okay. And so we don't want to think about your unique value as sort of this linear thing, what you learned out of a book, or what you learned out of school? It's also right, the combination of these things together. The last thing is your approach. Okay, your approach. So I want you to imagine that. First of all, when you think about things together, your value system, your experiences, your expertise, and your approach right there. Like, do you think there's anybody on the planet that has all four of those same things that you do? Yes, no. So no, there is nobody on the planet that has those four things in relation to you. But this is also because I think one of the things that we have to address is like it can feel like you're just saying what everybody else is saying. But you're only doing that if you're actually doing that. And you have to stop saying what everybody else is saying. Because when you bring in your value system, your experiences your expertise in your approach, right? Then there is no question that you already start to carve out your category of one. Okay. Now, how many of you have heard the blue ocean analogy that we've used the blue ocean red ocean, some of you have been with me a while and you've heard this, I'm going to explain it again. Because this is how when we think of category design, hey, this is what this means. It's a little bit more advanced, but I know you can handle it. Okay, I learned it from Russell Brunson this blue ocean red ocean, but it's like, right, we know that red ocean is we have the three most lucrative industries, right? What are those health, wealth relationships, but at the highest? Yes, good. Good news for you. If you're sitting in one of those industries, right? You have a very lucrative market. However, the downside of that is that it's very, very crowded, right? And we call this the red ocean because it's where all the shark feed on the same fish. So it's a bloody morbid mess, and it's terrible, terrible vision. But I think it really anchors into the importance, okay. Now, when we think about a blue ocean, this is where less sharks are swimming. And this is how when we think of category design, this is where we start to carve out your own space, but it's not just about who you help. How you help them, although that's what we want to highlight and bring to life in the market, it's all these combination of things that have basically lifted that out of you. Is this making sense? Yes or No? Tell me, you're with me. Yes. Cool. So now that we got that out of the way, is, first of all, really acknowledging the fact that you have so much color behind you so much life behind you so much expertise. And when we start thinking differently about it, what do you think happens when you show up without power? Right? When you show up with this energy of like, I'm so like, Oh, my God, like, there's so many layers here. I like I'm unique. I'm magnetic, right? What do you think happens when you show up in that way? Versus, oh, I don't know what to say, I'm not really good at what I do. I'm not really an expert yet, so and so's already saying this, so and so is already doing this? How do you think that plays out? Right? Is this resonating with you guys? Because most of you, even though you don't really know it, when you write your content, or you talk about your offers, you're writing, you're doing your sales calls, you have this, you're unintentionally looting this energy of like, I'm not really sure about this price, because I'm not really sure about my expertise. It's not really that great. And so what do you think Gavin's we have no sales. And so we have to really, like a I think most importantly, you have to be obsessed with yourself. And that sounds that's so counterintuitive to what we've been taught as women, it's like, if you're, if you it's like bitchy, right? If you are more confident, or you're more demanding, or it's hockey, if you you know, love yourself, you guys, the biggest you sign up for, to be an entrepreneur, and you didn't really know you're signing up to actually go on this journey to love yourself more. Because if you don't love yourself, right, if you don't know, like and trust yourself, you, right? How do you think that translate into content into your marketing into your selling in when you're trying to get others to know like, and trust you. And so this is about really, really giving yourself the permission to be obsessed with your unique value, and loving it so much. And believing 100% in it. Okay, so that's big picture. When you think about your unique value, and all the things feeding into it. Having that awareness is going to really, really help you love it so much more and allow you to show more colors. That's important. Okay, but let's talk about really unlocking your unique expertise. Okay, so when we think I want to hit on the two last things, okay, you have to identify your values, and you already know the your experiences, you just need to take more time to really bring those to the forefront and start talking about it more, start making sure that you're weaving these things in and out of your messaging and your marketing. Okay, but let's talk about the last two, which is your expertise and your approach. Okay, I want you to write down these three questions underneath how to unlock your unique expertise. Okay, because with me, I'll pause for a minute. Do you have any questions in relation to what I just coached on? Yes or no. I want to save some time. For the end, we will definitely do some just more specific coaching on your on your niches and things like that. Just want to make sure you're still with me. Cool. Let me know, as we're going through this too. If you feel like you need to drop a question, go for it. Okay, so first question is this What qualifies me to be an expert on this particular topic? Somebody could write that in the chat. That would be amazing. Hey, what qualifies me to be an expert on this particular topic? Okay. And when I say particular topic, I want you to like do any of you not know what your topic is topic meaning the problem, you solve sort of this subject matter expertise that you talk like that you talk about? Like, I think based on what a lot of you have said, you have a general idea of what this is, okay? If not, let me know. Awesome. It says my life experiences and transformations. Awesome. So I want you to on your own time, you guys, I want you to unpack a lot of these things. Okay, but that question is going to help you unlock even more clarity, because most of you think that I know just because we hear it from many of our clients is like in order to be an expert, I have to have 10 testimonials or in order to be an expert, I need to have a better website in order to be considered an expert. I need to have already have made 100k How many of you guys have a blog there about even calling yourselves an expert? Because this is huge, you guys because again, it goes back to the same concept. If you don't consider yourself an expert, then that will come out in your content. Okay. Now, one of the things that's really important is I'm going to show share my screen here, I don't want to write on a whiteboard. So I'm going to do something different here. I'm going to write on my remarkable. So this is, when you think about being an expert. It's not about externally. Right? It's more about like, what? How you see yourself. So one of the things that we train on a lot is be do have, okay? A lot of people live their life externally is like, I'm going to wait for these circumstances to validate how I think and feel or what I do.

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah, Amanda, you alluded to this, so I'll bring the why word over here. Hey, this is important. And if you guys have heard this before, you need to hear it again. Anyway, so it's great. Okay. So a lot of people are like, alright, right. It's like, I need to have these certain things, right, I need to have 100k, I need to have more testimonials. I need to have more confidence. I need to have a better website, heat, right, whatever, to be an expert, to be considered an expert. This is living from the outside. And what's happening is we're letting external circumstances drive how we feel about ourselves or who we are. And so you're not actually like, so what happening is like, whatever's happening in that day, what you have or don't have, is going to determine how you feel and what you do. And so if you're always feeling like you're lacking confidence, or you're never feeling like you have enough money to show up as an expert, right? What do you think will happen? You're just going to keep waiting? Forever. This is where the majority of people stay. It sucks. Okay. So every low the majority of America, right, is living in this way, and missing out on a huge opportunity instead, right? We need to think about living from within and be do have, okay, so you need to identify who am I as an expert, right? Who am I? I'm confident I am an expert. Right? I'm good at what I do. I'm like, Who do you want to show up as? So be to have? Okay, so who do we need to be first? Then how does that drive the decision? Or the things that we're going to do in order to create the results we want to create? Hey, there's nothing stopping you guys from feeling confident today. Nobody said there's not this law that said, you have to have 10 testimonials and a sales page to claim yourself as an expert today? Not not even Hey, so I really want you guys to think about who am I being? And how am I letting that drive the actions that I take? If you are already so a lot of you had 250k as a goal. If you are already making 250k? What would you be doing differently? What would you be doing differently? Answer that for me in the chat. This is a super fun question. Because we actually just all that is you guys is that has that result, we're just going to assume that that result has already happened. Okay. And we're going to close that gap because we're going to be more like her. Who is 250k? Sharon, who's 250k? Amanda, who has she been? How is she making decisions? Most of you are just making decisions from what you already know and what you've already done, which is going to create more of what you have already done. Okay. So yes, Sharon. Absolutely. I would have more clients. Okay, so Stacy 250k. Stacy, if she has clients, how did she know how to get clients? And how is she? How is she has clients? How is she showing up? Okay, this is so fun to do. Because anytime I'm feeling out of alignment with sort of my results, I know, it's always because I'm operating as a former version of myself. That's all. Okay. So let's talk about your so that was the first question. I went a little bit on a tangent, but that was really important. And the B do have a really ship every time you guys are feeling like icky, or you're you're letting circumstances sort of drive those results, this is a really good thing to check into. Okay, second question, what problems can I help solve? Okay, so you have your subject matter expert, and you are understanding what qualifies me when you start to answer that question, and give yourself permission to go there, you start to really see yourself in a new light. Okay, but now let's get a little bit more tangible. What problems can I help solve? Now, a lot of you are going to be able to list a lot of things here. What problems can you help solve? Can you answer that? Drop them down in the chat? What problems can you help solve? Okay. And then secondly, part of that is then okay, of all these problems, and for those of you that are already season, or you're already getting clients and you're feeling like you're maybe attracting the wrong clients or working with the wrong clients, you're not getting enough the clients. This is going to help solve that. Okay? Because, yes, you can absolutely solve people's problems. A lot of them. But are you actually solving the highest level problem that you have the potential to solve? And so of all those problems you've listed, what is the highest level problem you can solve that is of high value to somebody else?

Kinsey Machos:

Do you guys know how to answer that this is really important. So Angela has a great question here. If my expertise is helping women reinvent themselves, what's the sophisticated problem I solve? So think about it? What is reinvention? What it that's gonna look and feel differently for so many people? Are they Trent are they switching careers? Are they becoming speakers? Are they becoming authors like reinvention? big, broad. Okay. Sounds cool. Sounds really cool and amazing. But I'm for the women that I know you can help Angela. I don't think they're calling their best friend and being like, oh, my gosh, I I just want somebody to tell me how to reinvent myself. And again, it might come out after you talk to somebody is like, you know, maybe they're saying something like, you know, it's time for a reinvention? Maybe I don't know. But if what's keeping them up at night? What are they thinking about? What are they saying to their mom, to their husband, to their BFF? Gosh, I'm so ready for this thing. I want this thing so bad. I am so frustrated by this. So Dhami stress management work life balance, holistic, intuitive, well being amazing. So And number three, no, Sharon number that we haven't gotten to number three, yet, we're still hanging on to number two, because this is really important. So of all the problems, you can solve that you list there, I want you guys to identify the highest level problem you couldn't solve. Okay, so this is the perfect example, Angela, when you think of reinvention, somebody that just so here's the difference for if we were to break this down into high level problem versus low level problem that could translate into, I'm gonna help. Maybe it's an again, no, I don't want to it's gonna sound kind of bad. But when we think of low level problem, high level problem, I'm speaking more of like, the value that somebody would place to have that problem solved. Okay. So a reinvention for somebody that wants to prioritize themselves over their family. Maybe for years, they haven't. They haven't had they haven't done enough, like, they know self care, they put everybody else first. That would be a lower level problem, in my opinion, when you think about somebody paying for self care, versus getting to be come a paid author, which I know you do both. And we think of reinvention, that could mean one or like it can mean both. Alright, does that make sense to you guys. And I think even for you, right, like, because we have this really large skill set, it can feel really hard to be like, Well, again, I can help a lot of these different people. And I look at my old clientele, and they all love this. But if you want to take your business to the next level, you want to make more money, you want to operate your highest zone of genius, this is my biggest, most important recommendation to you is you solve the highest level problems you can solve. Now, again, you could not even go there. And let me see gain confidence and self esteem. So Stacy, again, confidence, self esteem, the level, think about the sophistication behind that confidence, nobody's buying confidence. Nobody's really buying self esteem either. But I know those related to certain things that people are buying, right? What specifically? Do they want to get competence? And is it to become a better leader so they can get paid? More money? Right. So like, this is the level of specificity you guys have to start thinking about. When you think about problem, sophistication. This is when we think of blue ocean versus red ocean right? Confidence, transform your leadership to make more money, red, blue, I help former athletes to break free from a corporate prison. Amazing. So I love that. That's a very high level sophisticated problem. So how do they go back? What do you so the next question, you guys? So let's finish out these three questions. The third one is what is unique about my solution or approach? Okay, so ILA for you, your solutions, you're helping them break free from corporate like through what by doing what? Like, do they start their own business? I would love to know more about that. Chelsea highest problem I can solve, yeah. What is that? Lana says I help clients get organized, establish routines and set boundaries So is that that's great, Lana, but I think there's like when we think of level like problems, sophistication that's on the lower level. I think yes, people want routines. Yeah, they want boundaries. But are they are people going to be willing to invest to solve those problems? You guys don't forget, yesterday, we talked a lot about the gap that is occurring in the economy, you have, right people that are getting richer and people that are getting more poor. And when you think about discretionary income, right, is like, a lot of these solutions become discretionary. If you aren't staying in that lower level, problem, sophistication, and none of you need to be there. So it's dialing in on this piece for sure. Male professional woman increased their energy, so they can be more productive work in life. So sure, if there's opportunity there to get a little bit more clear of like it, maybe it's more of the solution, like what's unique about what you do. That would probably help get more clarity there. Now, let's circle thanks for that. I think I'm stuck on this need to dig deeper. Yeah, see, see don't again, this is why you guys don't skip. So spend time on those three questions. And a lot of times when we think about kind of dt, like we devalue ourselves, or watered down our message, right, this is what's happening is we start to fall into the mainstream trap. But if you know how to if you have had, let's say, a leadership position in corporate, and you were really good at team management, right? Don't go out and sell covenants to women. Right? really goes back to like, Oh, I'm so good at this thing. Like, that is what I'm gonna help people do. It's more sophisticated. It's more specific. It's like, so good. And I think you have to get back to that origin. Yeah, so Chelsea, this is really huge. So for your people, if you are hitting too much on the pain, you're just gonna get a lot of people that don't want to invest. There's still you want people that are already, I have another client who works with people who have been in an abusive relationship, but how are we positioned her and her messaging, it's for the woman that is already through it, and now she wants something more for her life. Okay, if you are hitting the women that are really in that cycle still. And, like we have, they don't desire, necessarily, they kind of desire but they're still in that cycle, it's going to be really hard to market to them. Thank you, Madame. Okay, so this will unpack a little bit more, you guys stay with me, okay, the energy drops a little bit here, because it's so strategic, but it's going to help you, after you guys sit with this for a little bit, this is going to help you really understand this so much better for you, when you understand your unique value, and you start to articulate it in a way that is compelling to your most sophisticated client like that is the problem you guys have to solve. Okay, it's not we don't need to go out and and get better websites or do better rails, none of that. This is the problem. This is the problem that you want to solve.

Kinsey Machos:

I help women fulfill their purpose as an author and coach so they can bring their message to a bigger market. Or how about you just help women become Yeah, paid authors, boom. Okay. So when we think about what I want to talk about is your unique approach. Because even when you start to really think about this idea of like, I'm helping women do this thing, one of the things that you have to be able to articulate is how you do it, okay. And I'm not talking about like, we don't need to go into the weeds here. And we're not talking about like sending them to modules or videos or anything like that. But you actually have a unique approach to what you do, you just may have not spent time seeing it for what it is and your unique approach. So even if there's other people here that help other people become paid authors, Angela, the way that you do it is going to be different than her. And when we talk about how we do it, and our unique approach, this elevates the conviction and the certainty that people have in you. If we're just saying all the time, like, I'm gonna help you get more clients, right? Like, okay, like, it's, again, it could have worked maybe a couple years ago, but people have heard that before. Right? Everybody's selling that. So we I have to do a better job of telling you how we do it in a way that is compelling. Okay, and so when we think about your unique approach, what I want you guys to do on your own workbook, is you have this start finish Hey, and my marker is Stuckey I'm so sorry, this works better start there we go start finish. Okay. So when you think about your paper sayin, okay, they're starting here with this sophisticated problem that they have. Okay? They want to get have, right, an incredible afterlife. And incredible life after, you know, midlife if you will. And they, you know, kids are gone. They're they've gave, they've given most of their life to their family. And now they're ready for more, and they want to help more people and want to become an author. Okay, so we're just talking to Angela, we're talking about your client, I'm just using her I'm just talking. They're using this as an example. Okay, so she's over here, okay, now, and for all of you, right, this is where your potential client is, with their sophisticated problem. Now, what I want you to do is really think about how do you get them to the finish line to that result? How do you help them become a paid author? How do you help them live their best life after abuse? How do you help them, you know, leave corporate. So this will give you what I want you guys to do is kind of putting these mile markers. What do they have to know? What do they have to do? What do they need to experience and learn in order to get this finish line? Okay, some of you already have that really dialed in. And you may have been really good at discovering this. And some of you may not have taken the time yet. And so don't overthink this. It's really simple, right? I think about you know, with 10k content Collective, we help you get premium clients consistently with your organic content, how do we do that we teach you how to package up an irresistible offer, right, then we help you and teach you how to implement a magnetic marketing strategy, then we help you create content that converts so that you can attract premium clients and bring them in. And then we also help you develop a strong sell strategy that is value based and authentic. So yes, I'm taking you here, right, but my unique approach to that is going to be unique and different. And when I tell you, that's how we're going to do it, it helps you and your mind really understand, okay, that's the journey we're going to take. So if you hate creating content, and you never plan to write content, what would you do? Because if you're not writing content, your business will die. But it also really, it magnetizes people to you, okay, right, somebody else might teach you. The same might get you to getting premium clients consistently, through developing a funnel, and running paid ads to it, right? Not our process. That's somebody else's. But you guys have to understand what is your unique process to getting somebody through the finish line? And I want you to think about those high level three to four core things. Okay, it's not, I'm going to onboard you, and then you're going to get your modules and then you're going to coach with me, that's not it? What do they need to learn? What do they need to do? What are they? What are these little mile markers? I use the list example all the time around the I hired a running coach a few years ago to train for a half marathon. Okay, so the end, right, is running a half marathon? Okay, well, I had to have a running schedule. Okay. So she gave me a running schedule that was designed for me, I also had to dial in my diet, so I had the stamina to run that much. And I also had to exercise, strengthen, and stretch. So it part of be like preparing your body to run a half marathon is also making sure that your muscles are supporting you so you don't get injured. And so those are sort of the core pillars of her program of what she does with me. It's not just about a running schedule, there's all these other elements. And so her content is going to speak to these things, why it's important to have this particular diet to do this thing, why it's important to stretch and what the elements and what people are doing wrong, why it's important that you can't just go grab a running schedule off of Google because you absolutely could, but how that's actually going to hurt you in the long run. Okay. Is this making sense? Yes or no. Tommy says I help CEO mom, health care practitioners acknowledge their efforts and challenges with stress management techniques, and work life balance in order to find their authentic purpose and direction in life. Kate Dami very long, and again, you're, you're losing me. So I want what is as, like, what do they get as a result of finding Are you helping them leave their job? Are you helping, like, work or, or what? So again, the it's what, oh, my brain is moving so fast. I know. It's, it feels like we want to make people feel good. But we want to be very clear. What is the problem we're solving and what are they going to get as a result of that problem being solved, and does it match up with what they actually want? Okay, work life balance is not going To sell as well, because it's a very broad problem and very red ocean. Everybody talks about work life balance. So Damiana want you to think about, okay, what it? Is this? Do you? Do they cut back on their hours? Do you help them cut back on their hours? Do you help them find solutions for spending more time with their family without quitting their job? Like, really dial that in? There's so many options. There's so much opportunity there. Chelsea says, How do I market and position my posts that way? That's exactly my problem. I've been focusing on the pain. Yeah. So you need to talk to people you need Chelsea, did you catch yesterday's training?

Kinsey Machos:

I help FFA to break free from corporate prison by transforming limiting beliefs and habits and uncovering their personal sovereignty. So limiting beliefs and habits. It sounds like that's a part of your process. So you can speak to that in your messaging. But I would drop that for like that big positioning statement is like, you're just you're helping them like live a limitless life by in like, really letting them by discovering their personal sovereignty, which does your client know what that is, then? Yes, that's fine. But I still think it's it's like, okay, this is break free from so you're helping them quit? I missed it. Like, can we just say I'm helping them quit their job and get back to like, their the life that they want? So again, I want you guys to give yourself permission to like, be direct, be direct. Stacey, is weight loss a big problem? It's a generic problem. It's a very generic problem. Now think about it. It's a red ocean. Of all the health, like think about health health is a red ocean. Weight loss, very broad. Are you helping poor? Like pregnant women lose their post? Post? partum? Wait, is it women in midlife losing weight? Is it lidless? Stubborn? 10 pounds? Do you have a unique approach to this? There's so much opportunity there. So it's not about you can't just sell a weight loss solution anymore. It's not about just like, I'm going to help you lose weight. Very broad, again, might have worked four to five years ago, ILA. So create a life of their dreams? What is that? Are they starting a business? Do they get clarity of a business idea? I think you could get like, think about a more specific, sophisticated problem. So a life of their dreams is great. But how do we distill that down into something that they actually understand and want? So say it like it is if you are helping them actually kind of unlock or discover, right, their profitable business idea? Is that what you're doing? Or like at least they're an idea for business? How do they quit corporate? Like, what does it allow? What is going to fulfill that salary that they're making? So Judy asked, Could it be a proprietary system that is unique approach? It should be your So here's what's cool, you guys, this is your intellectual property. So I don't know what you necessarily mean by that question, Judy. But I think like this, you can call it your like, yes, you can call this like a thing a name. A lot of people do that. But still, people need to understand how and so when we talk about so you'll see a lot in my content, right? We're not just talking about getting clients organically, or getting premium clients organically. I'm also talking about offer mistakes, right? How to position package price and offer, I'm talking about marketing, what it is what it isn't lead generation how to get leads what you should or shouldn't have, I'm also talking about sales calls, Elene stats like this allows you to have all these different layers in your content strategy. And when you talk to when you really position this in alignment to your person, you can start to really uncover right, the challenges, the fears, the mistakes they're making in relation to these micro topics. Is this making sense? Yes, or No. This is, again, a very advanced level, I really usually don't offer this until you're like in one of our paid programs. But you guys, this is nobody's teaching this enough. And it's really, this is what's going to set you apart. And it's going to feel frustrating. And I'm sure a lot of you feel you're frustrated, right? Because it's like I'm challenging you to think differently about the problem you solve. And it can feel very constricting to call these things a little bit more direct or to niche down. But if you're here, it's likely because right you desire to create, like do something different your business, you're not liking the way something is going you don't have the results you want. You don't you're not getting the clients you want. And I would encourage you to really understand that a lot of it is because right? We're not bringing the level of specificity and sophistication here. People don't understand what you do and what you can do for them. And people only care about themselves. Yeah. And a lot of narrowing it down to you guys. The resistance is like, well, I can't guarantee do that, or I like, right? And we're not it's not about necessarily guarantees. What? How can we really pull this down into something that people can understand in a way that they know they want it or not? Okay. And it's like, oh, but I don't. Anyway, I won't go too much on that. But I really want you guys to lean in here. Really lean in. Yeah. So it but here's the thing is like, if everything was working right now, I'd say just keep doing what you're doing. But it's not. And if you if your approach, if part of that approach is helping them have an idea for a profitable business, or like, what does it mean? How are you allowing them to be corporate? Right? How do you guarantee living their best life, you're not guaranteed not either. Everybody has a different version of their best life, right? But you can show them a process to and again, I don't know exactly how you're helping them, like, leave corporate. But I'm just going off this idea, this assumption that maybe it's something related to discovering a business idea or something like that, so hang with me. But it's not that you are saying you are going to be 100% successful in becoming a, you know, a business owner, you are though, you can definitely guarantee the process of like, I'm going to show you that how to do this, and this and that, okay, I'm going to help you break free of your limitations. I saw habits in there. So create better habits, and help you distill or identify a profitable business idea, you can 100% guarantee that because you're, that's your process, okay. But when we say things like live your best life, that just is like, that's even worse, because everybody can make that mean something so different to everybody. And also, right, it's not going to resonate with anybody. And so I encourage you guys to lean in here. If if what you have now is working, by all means keep doing that. But there's no doubt that if you are here, because you're not getting clients, this is where it starts. It's not necessarily better content. It's not necessarily that you have a small audience, you guys I didn't have I still have a small audience for tweeting really well, okay. And my website is still jiggy at you just don't eat anything. I didn't have testimonials. I didn't know how to collect testimonials. Until I made probably 150k. Okay, again, it's the conviction that you have and your ability to tell people you can help solve a problem that they want solved. Okay, so let's think about so right on those examples that I gave you the running the marathon, even 10k content collective, right. That's the process that we walk you through, those are the things we help you learn and implement in order to get to that end result. Okay, good. I love that. So I'm so glad you have that hopes, and help create internal structure for life chaos using a powerful and permanent transformational coaching program, Tommy, so one of the things you can do is add a without or even in, or even if so, live chaos, again, a very big and broad problem, what kind of chaos? So again, get more specific here. What is the thing that you like, the biggest problem, you can solve? You guys have for those of you that are still stuck here, you just want to spend a little bit more time and if you haven't gotten a client yet, all you can do is go off of what you have done for yourself. Right, and how you have created that result. And don't forget, it wasn't that you did this broad thing, there was a very level of like, what you were after, right was very specific, don't forget. Okay, so let's, um, that wraps up for today. And as you guys are really starting to uncover these unique approach and your unique value, right, what we're going to do tomorrow is start to tie it all together. How do we bring this together into a way that allows you to perform like really succinctly say that so for those of you that are sharing your I hope statements and stuff like that rate, I've been coaching you on them, but tomorrow we're going to start to put the formula in place. I'm going to give you some things to work off of okay, I can tell my voice is starting to get a little crackly I'm trained. I'm like get I get so intense about this because I love it so much. But here's the thing, you guys, right? Do not reject this if you're feeling resistance or hesitation. There's a purpose for that you need to lean into that. I want you guys to really understand that the really the level of opportunity here is making sure you're operating at your highest level of value. Do not water down your message do not water down your brilliance. Do not stoop to the mainstream read markets. Okay, I guess I will continue to be stuck things anyway. Oh, two one I didn't see yours. Tell me more about Are you still feeling stuck? Okay. Um, oh, I There it is. I'm a transformation and weight loss coach. I help busy women. Of course. Efrain for antique burnout yoyodyne Overall we work with whole person inside out and create healthier habits to live their best life just flow inside out. So to one that I want you to get a little bit more clear, so that's very big. Okay, so just dialing one thing do you want to talk? What do you love to talk about the most? Do you like to talk about nutrition more? Do

Kinsey Machos:

you love to talk about sleep? Do you love to talk about overwhelmed, like I want you guys to think about so I have a I work with a holistic practitioner, I have a couple, a holistic dietitian though. And her she does a lot she her knowledge is so so wide. She talks a lot about nutrition and exercise in hormones. But her positioning, she comes in it from the bloat. She helps you get rid of the Bloat through simplify nutrition. Why? Right, so again, she could say things like I help you have better more energy and stop dieting and feel better in your body. Right. But she narrowed in so much and she is crushing it she has over a she grew her audience to over hundred k 100,000 followers on Instagram, she's booked out like six months, right? And even though it could feel constricting to just talk about blow, or it's like why do so much more than blow, she knows that her person that is a huge pain point for them. The blow and she knows her sophisticated person is and she knows what they want. Okay, and so I want you guys to give yourselves permission to really lean in their sound good. Okay, so for those of you tomorrow, we're going to talk about your message, we're going to put it all together, I'm gonna give you a formula to operate under, but I don't want you to leave behind this, these trainings. Because automatically, it's already gonna feel like oh my gosh, this feels like you're gonna start like suppressing your most potent form of brilliance. And I don't want that for you. Okay, so we're going to bring in the formula. But we're also going to bring in really this creative energy that you guys have and your brilliance. And I want you to walk away with a very clear message. Now, I can't be the one that does that for you, okay, but I can give you the tools, and you have to be willing to do something different, you have to be willing to take that leap of faith to like, try something new, and to allow yourself to think differently about who you are, what you do, and who you want to work with. So you just want to like preface that now. I will also tomorrow, talk more about our signature program 10k content collective, which you guys have heard me talk about, and a lot of you already are aware of it, I'm sure. So we'll talk more about that tomorrow. But here's the thing, you guys, we will introduce a fast action bonus. So 10k is where we go deeper on this. Okay, so you're going to walk away tomorrow with a hopefully you'll feel clear message that's aligned with you and also a premium client. And also you have an offer that people want. Okay, I want you to feel clear on that. Now, in 10k, though, we do this alongside of you, okay, we teach you how to package up your irresistible offer that's aligned with a premium buyer, we teach you how to set up your lead generation strategies, so you can attract new leads, right? So you're not always marketing to the same people and you're growing your audience. We also teach you how to write content that is compelling, and also converting, and we teach you how to convert those leads into clients with a value based selling system. We do this all for practically free, you guys, we introduced 10k. Last year as a way before then I had never introduced offers lower than $10,000. Right? I am I practice what I preach, right? I know that I really want to stay in my highest zone of genius. And I didn't, I was so afraid to scale. And we knew that our next level was making sure that more people had access to this. And so we really came strong with this offer. And you guys this program, the results that it delivers at the price point that you can get in is ridiculous. Okay, we'll talk more about it tomorrow. But some of you have already reached out. And so we do want to introduce that fast action bonus for the next 24 hours. If you join, you will get our 30k in 30 days bundle. And it's a framework for a really exciting way to create a cash infusion in your business. We have the old recording that we did, we did it live last year. And so people go in there, they take it and they have crazy cash infusions, but we're running it live again this year. So you get the recorded version from last year and you get a free ticket to be in that live program again this year. And so if you join 10k, by tomorrow night, you will get access to that fast action bonus, which is super fun. So this is for you. If you already know you want to work with us and go deeper with me and really link arms to experience a business that feels exciting and also challenging and also taking yourself to the next level. And this is where it's at, right this is where it's at. So well we could spend all day every day coaching on these things. Right? There's limited amount of things that I can do with You hear on Facebook? And so obviously, I'm going to invite you into one of our most secret. Containers sound good? So if you have questions, let us know you can reach out to Alicia, you can email us all the ways, but do not forget tomorrow, my friends, we're going to put it all together. So if you're feeling frustrated, this is normal. That's okay. It's okay for frustrated. Okay, because now what's happening is right, this your brain is wigging out, you're trying to do new things, you're trying to think differently. And your brain is like, oh my gosh, that's not safe. And your brains job is to protect you. And so naturally, it's going to feed you things. Like this is not good. This is not okay. Don't go there. And so just notice it, notice it come up and honor it. So okay, this is okay. I'm here. I'm, we're here to support you. Okay. And I wouldn't be delivering this if I didn't know that it would will 100% transform your messaging, your marketing and your business. Okay. I don't want to just take up your time for nothing. So good. Okay. This is so funny. So spend time you guys in your workbook tonight. Those questions are meant to give you prompts for you to actually brain dump. It's not just to again, waste your time it the more that you study yourself, the more that you really understand your frameworks and why you do what you do and how you do it. And the actual problem that you're solving. Oh my gosh, you guys, this is where everything unlocks for you, I promise. So stay with me. All right, girls, so fun today. We'll see you tomorrow. Bye. Hey, you, thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like minded entrepreneurs all over the world. But my most favorite part is being able to connect with you in real life. If you liked what you heard here, head over to the community where thousands of female CEOs, just like you are changing the world one human at a time. We go deeper into the topics we discuss here and give away tangible roadmaps to help you crush your revenue goals to join this high caliber free community head over to I'll see you there

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