Becoming A Category-of-One #4: The Key To Amplifying Your Impact

Let’s go back to basics and talk about what it really means to create an impact-driven coaching business. With the added noise on social media and the influx of experts coming into the online marketing space, the majority of the industry has become out of touch with the basic fundamentals of impact; demonstrating how you help people and giving those people an opportunity to hire you. 

Tune into this conversation to simplify your marketing approach so you can make it easy for your best-match clients to find you. When you remove the extra layers between you and them, you create more opportunities to help the people you’re been called to serve. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The definition of impact and how this can create new motivation for you and your life. 
  • How to gain more recognition using the most basic relationship-building principles. 
  • The importance of consistently demonstrating how you can help others through valuable content and compelling communication.
  • The “fastest path to clients” and how to install it into your coaching business.

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About the Host

Kinsey Machos is the host and founder of The Category Queen, a podcast and community for coaches, consultants, and course creators. 

She left her six-figure corporate salary to pursue her passion for helping women unlock their unique brilliance and achieve success in their businesses. 

Kinsey’s mission is to help entrepreneurs gain recognition, reach more people, and make more money while balancing success with motherhood and marriage.

Kinsey Machos:

I'm Kinsey Machos your host and founder of the category queen. Welcome to the podcast for coaches, consultants, and course creators who don't just want to dominate their niche, but they desire to play in their own way. My mission is to help you unlock the power of your unique brilliance, and use it as a vehicle to gain recognition, reach more people and make more money. Not too long ago, I took a bold leap, leaving behind a six figure corporate salary, with nothing more than a US MacBook, and a burning desire for more freedom. Today, our brand has become globally recognized helping 1000s of female founders to become industry leading experts join us each week as we go on a journey together to discuss mindset, marketing, and money. More importantly, the real life discussions about balancing success with motherhood and marriage. Because we're a community of women who build and scale impact driven businesses, but do it without sacrificing the things that matter most to us. Welcome to the category Queen show. Hello,

Kinsey Machos:

my category queens, I am so excited to be here with you today, I hope you are having an amazing week so far. At the time of this recording, it's actually Friday. So we're coming up on another really amazing week, it has been so incredible behind the scenes of the category queen, we have been doing a lot of optimization and improvement on the client success side. So I have invested a lot of time and money and resources into really improving our client and student experiences. And one of the things that we discovered in some of the additional choices that we made in the big shift of the category Queen school was that there was a platform that we had decided to go all in on that actually didn't have the depth of capabilities that we needed to really ensure that our students and our clients are getting what they need. And this was totally an oversight on my end, you know, at the highest level, you know, these companies will say they can do these things, but you actually don't know the details of that until you kind of get in it. And we realized that we couldn't get what we really, really needed. So we had to go through this whole migration, literally right after launching. And so it feels like we have been in the building phase for several months now. But it's so worth it, it's really, really important to us that at this season of the company in this season of my business, right? It's it's about the client, it's about you, it's about the student, and really, really making sure that experiences really elevated in alignment to the category clean brand. And I'm so proud of what we have created. And we're just about to release it. So that feels really good. We've been really just in the weeds this month and feels like we're all we're tying that up in a big bow. And I feel so spacious and amazing. So that's what we've been up to. And it I have so many lessons learned and that just really, really thinking like a CEO and getting the information you need before you make big decisions. Because when you have a team and when you have like profit margins, and you need to keep an eye on projected revenue and things like that these types of decisions are much bigger, right, they have a bigger impact. So I had to learn this lesson the hard way, just like every other lesson that I've had to learn. And I'm totally here for it. So all that to say let's continue on our category of one series, in helping you understand this idea of amplifying your impact. So what we've covered so far, and if you are just joining us, there's a couple episodes before this, but you can, you can either stop now and go back and start at the at the first episode in this series or you can finish this episode, it will not necessarily you know, listening to those episodes prior to this isn't necessarily going to hinder your experience in this audio listening. So but what we are doing, I've been taking you on a journey of what it looks and feels like to really become a category of one and start to consider yourself as that go to expert in your industry getting known as that dream option that dream coach for your best match clients. And I've covered a lot of ground so far just in the last handful of episodes and really just going deeper on the core pillars of what I believe are going to lead you to not just short term success, but long term success as well. And in this episode, I want to unpack this idea of quote, unquote, amplifying your impact. Because ultimately, I think that we could all agree that this is the biggest reason we do what we do in helping more people. But also, it's helping ourselves. I think that I want to also be clear in that when I went out and started my coaching business, actually, and this is gonna sound really terrible, but it wasn't necessarily to help more people, it was to also help myself, I read that quote by Zig Ziglar, that said, help people get what they want. So you can get what you want. And so selfishly is like, I just want to also help more people. So then I can also help myself get what I want. And that was like the big why, because at the time, I just wanted to get out of corporate. And I wanted more time freedom with my family, I wanted to lift the lid on my, you know, capped salary in how much I could earn. And yes, I love helping people. But in all honesty, it was really through the lens of like, seeing a bigger picture for my life, and really working towards that, knowing that I could help other people and also help myself. And so that is, obviously something first for you to look at is, what is your why, and this idea of amplifying your impact, I think Ken is very cliche, obviously, it gets, you know, impact gets thrown around in our coaching industry, but you have to define what that looks like for you. If you're not driven by the idea of like helping a hunt, you know, hundreds or 1000s of people, there's no shame or guilt in that. But sometimes we have to kind of reframe it for ourselves. Because ultimately, the way that you're going to grow in demand, you know, profitable, legit coaching business is obviously helping people get what they want. And so we have to connect to that if you don't really connect with the impact of other people, right? Connect to what that is going to do for you. And again, this is really just being honest. And we have to figure out what drives us now. Now, obviously, my wi has evolved. And once I got a taste of like what that feels like when your clients and your students are like crushing it, and they're changing their own lives with what they learned from you. I was like, Oh, my heavens, this is really, really amazing, right? It was just sort of like the floodgates open for me. And I was like, Oh my gosh, like, I want more of that. And so it shifted, but I had to just be honest with myself and leverage the my own motivators, because you have to do things that are hard, you're going to have to keep going when you want to quit, and you're going to have to find that thing that's going to keep that fire burning, so that you don't give up too soon. Or that even when it's hard, you have that thing inside of you that's still driving you forward. And so that's the first note that I want to make about this idea of amplifying your impact is what does that look like for you define that for you and connect to it, really, really feel into it, build that connection with it, so you can feel excited. And you can feel so empowered by what you are about to create or what you're creating and who you're becoming. But then we get into the actual impact, how do we actually help more people. And this is where a lot of people get stuck, especially coaches is because it's like, I hear this will I go in, I'm going to go into business, because likely you experienced a transformation for yourself or result yourself for yourself, and you want to help other people experienced that result. Or in some instances, you've learned, you've acquired a certain set of skills, whether that's through school, or college or certifications, you've acquired a certain set of skills, and you have the ability to help other people, we get a lot of even clinicians that transfer their businesses online, right. So they've acquired a set of skills, they've worked with people in other settings, and they have this ability to write help other people. But what happens is that we lose sight of what actually is going to get us in that space of helping more people. And so we go out, right, we decide we're going to help people, and then we kind of get swept up with the social media landscape, because that's where we all build our businesses, right as like a starting point. And we get swept up with that. And before you know it, you're spending all your time searching hashtags, creating reels, you know, designing a website, building out a funnel, creating a nurture sequence. And at the end of the day, this idea of impact really doesn't have any depth to it. It has it's it's empty. You've just spent spend most of your time and energy, just building things. And this is really, really, really just such a interesting landscape right now. Because yes, as the influx of noise grows on social media, and you have all these experts, as soon as like a new platform comes out or a new feature, now you have all these more and more experts, like new treads expert or reals expert, right or LinkedIn expert. And everybody's telling you what you should or shouldn't be doing in order to beat the algorithm and get seen and get noticed and get clients make money. But we lose sight of really the fundamentals of that impact, which is helping people. So we have to ask ourselves the question, how do we help more people? And yes, I'm obviously one of the My biggest, most favorite strategies and our core strategy within the category Queen school and how I've gotten where I've gotten is to create content that creates demand for your offer, and, and get people right reaching out to you having conversations, right, we're always going to use content on social as a really large strategy for building visibility and getting clients. But you have to if you don't have a ton to leverage, right, if you don't have a big audience, or if you don't have even a lot of social proof yet, or testimonials, we need to make sure we're leveraging the fastest path to clients, the fastest path to help you more people. And while you're building, and you're creating content, right, a lot of people that come in the category Queen school, what we teach them is like let's build and build in their in the terms of like, let's develop your mastery for communication, better communication, compelling communication through your content, right. So we can get clients that way. But also, let's get clients now. And that might look like coming directly from your content. But it's also about asking yourself better questions regarding how can I have a conversation with somebody? How can I tell someone that I can help them, that is literally the fastest path to clients is just having conversations with people. Now it's not scalable, it's not fun, and it's a lot of work. That's why nobody wants to do it. And that's why we tend to rely on these things that allow us to avoid the hard work, right, like creating a bunch of reels or trying to research algorithm hacks, because it's in avoidance to doing something that's new or scary or putting yourself out there. But what I want you to consider is that what is it right? What is it? What's going to be the thing that helps you to help more people? Right? Is it focusing on getting more followers? Is it focusing on doing a better real? Is it? Is it changing your social media platform? I would argue that no, it's none of those things. So when I was building really, in my first six months of business, I had a small following on Facebook. And I was able to get clients that way. But I also knew I needed to grow my network, I needed to establish more connections and relationships, because my only circle was my family. And then people in corporate and like a few friends. And I needed to a be in proximity to other people that were doing what I was doing. And I also needed to extend my network so that I could also gain that recognition. And again, tell more people what I do. So that they can also tell people what I do refer me etc. But it just comes back to the relationships, building relationships. So while I was consistently showing up online, I was also I had my you know, what did they say the boots on the ground, right? I was in my community networking, having conversations, meeting people in my community, because don't forget your local community has a literal pocket full of your best claims, right? We assume that the only place to get clients is online, because that's the it's, it's what's being sold to us and in Yes, it's true. We can get clients there. But let's not forget the fastest path which is having a coffee conversation with somebody in your community and getting to know them and then being able to share what you do. And there goes the ripple effect. Okay, so I want to stress especially if you're going to your first you know, six figures, multiple six figures that you cannot shortcut this piece. We teach you inside of the category Queen school, how to really gain that notoriety through consistent content that converts and getting clients right you people will be reaching out to you. But if you want to accelerate that it's also about having With these meaningful conversations and not forgetting that your responsibility, whether it is creating content or having conversations is to be in service to help people.

Kinsey Machos:

This is how impactful businesses are built. Impact is not created through building out funnels, it's not created by, you know, posting your stories more often, it's not those things, will those boost your visibility a little bit? Maybe? Right? Will it help you, you know, if you run a master class will help you get in front of more people, maybe, and you know, me, I love master classes, I love conversion events. But if you want to simplify and you are not getting clients, keep it simple. Keep it keep it simple. And go back to the question, How can I tell more people that I can help them? How can I demonstrate how I help people. And this is important to consider in your content and messaging strategy, right, because should always be demonstrating how you help people. I am not, I'm really really not a firm believer, I am a firm believer in the fact that you should always in your content, be selling, we teach the always selling principle in the school. But it's not what you think it is. Because most people think that it's about spamming people or saying buy my thing, hire me, etc, etc. It's none of those things. It's demonstrating value, it's giving value in your content, and also leading people closer to your offer, so that you can truly help the people that are ready. Because even when you can impact through valuable content, you know that the biggest impact you can have is when they're actually working with you, when they're going through your programs or when they're getting privately coached by you. That is the biggest impact. So why would we not make it so easy for people to hire us when we know that that is the key to helping more people and help people get out of their own suffering? So we create these complexities within marketing. And meanwhile, we're just making it harder and harder for our best clients to hire us. So what I want you to consider is this idea of impact. A, what does it mean to you? And how can you emotionally connect to it? So you feel excited about it? So what's driving you? And then be how can you make it easier for your best potential clients to hire you? And then see, are you every day telling people that you can help them? Are you meeting new people? Are you building relationships, from genuine conversations, this isn't about like, just having, you know, striking up conversations with random people and pitching them your offer. This is just building relationships. This is where I really really saw the fruition of the consistency come in. Because what was happening was through me showing up online consistently demonstrating how I could help people, while also building relationships, I started to get referred by people that I had never worked with some in some instances had never even met. And it was because this consistency in me demonstrating my expertise and just sharing how I could help people. That is the ticket to impact. It's not this the surface level Band Aid strategies that a lot of you are spending a lot of your time in. And really, it's just keeping you stuck. As you grow and build. Yes, we can add in those layers, we can add in those funnels, we can add in a better content strategy, you can hire a videographer, right? But all of those things will just cost you more time and money and keep you from helping more people because here's the other component. The more people you help, the better you build your efficiencies as a coach, as a marketer, and really, as a leader. And so you're delaying your impact even further, if you are not focusing on getting clients, because that's going to be the very thing that quantum leaps your efficiency in all areas of your coaching business. But it can't happen. If you're not getting clients. How do we get clients? How do we help people, we tell people, we can help them? Right? It sounds so simple. And yet, nobody, most people aren't doing this. So I want you to really sink into these questions today. And ask yourself, are you really focused on only the things that are going to amplify your impact? And does it really really align with the season of business you're in? If claims is getting hard for you right now and you're not making the revenue that you want? That's an indicator that you're overcomplicating your marketing or your ad or you're spending time doing things that are not moving the needle or that are not aligned? Do with this season of business. And that's totally okay. And obviously, it's so normal. But now let's go back to fundamentals. Let's go back to amplifying your impact and making it super easy for your best clients to hire you and or refer you. So, I hope that was a really good power punch for you to just get back into the groove of like, okay, what are the very, very minimal things that I need to be doing today and tomorrow and the next day to drive my impact? And what is impact actually mean to me in a way that's even going to fuel me further. And then in the next last episode of this series, I'm going to talk about accelerating your sales. Right? So what does that look like to actually build on top of an in demand, impact driven coaching business and then accelerating yourselves into scalability? So we're going to end on that note, but do not skip the questions that I've offered you today. This is really, really important. And I know I'm confident that it can give you a lot of clarity and unlock some more confidence for you to really grow in where you are. All right, my friend, I will talk to you next week. Hey, if you're ready to stand up online and get paying clients consistently, without having to fumble your way through tag, run ads or create complicated funnels. I want to invite you to join us in the category Clean School, where you're going to learn my simple, proven formula for getting clients online. It's risk free, you either make your money back or we'll give you a refund, jJust head over to and join today to get instant access. We will see you inside

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