4 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Your Current Reality & Your Future Desires

Do you feel like the results in your business are coming too slowly? Do you feel like your truest desires are all of a sudden so far out of reach? 

Whether you’re in a creative rut, feeling completely uninspired, or losing faith in your business altogether, this conversation will breathe new levels of inspiration into your heart and give you extra layers of clarity to transform your mind. 

Collapse time and accelerate your results with the tactics given in this episode that you’ll be able to implement right away. 

Key Highlights

  • The power your environment has on your current and future identity.
  • Questions to ask yourself when developing clarity in your business and life. 
  • How to reverse-engineer your results to bulletproof your success plan. 
  • How I’m able to access all the best answers every time I’m feeling “stuck”. 

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Do not miss these highlights: 

03:50 Today, we will discuss the concept of bridging the gap between your present circumstances and your future aspirations. 

05:10 Concrete methods to expedite the process of narrowing that gap and to begin embracing your dreams sooner rather than later, and to move closer to them instead of drifting away.

05:30 The first way to bridge the gap, which may seem quite obvious but is often underestimated, is gaining clarity. 

07:10 The morning formula exercise. 

08:10 Write it down and create visual reminders of your future desires by journaling about them, rather than just keeping them in your mind. 

09:10 You can also utilize a vision board and update it either annually or more frequently. 

11:23 The second way to bridge the gap between where you are now and those future desires involves proximity. 

16:55 The third way is to ensure that you make decisions based on your future state rather than your current circumstances, and this can be one of the most challenging aspects.  

22:20 Another beneficial practice in this context is meditation, specifically engaging in visualizations of your future self.  

26:15 The final aspect to seriously contemplate when considering bridging that gap is results mapping. 

29:37 It involves giving yourself the opportunity to see how you can begin assembling all the pieces, similar to walking through your three-year plan. 

31:20 Results mapping involves reverse engineering your desires, and gaining an understanding of the larger components required to reach your goals. 

37:45 You should embrace all four of these methods to bridge the gap toward achieving your dreams, rather than selecting just one or the other.

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, a Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen, and heard online.

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that.

As a wife and a mom of three, the family takes priority. And having a business that’s run AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers.


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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high-paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in. Hello, my friends. Welcome back to another episode. I am so happy to be here with you. Although I must say I'm a little frozen, I just got back from a walk. And we went from 80 degree weather to like 40 degree weather and it's officially winter here. And I completely underestimated that feeling. And I'm not willing to give up my walks. But I will have to redesign my schedule because now I'm like, numb, I had to wait a little bit to record this because my mouth was numb, and I wanted to be able to pronounce my words. But here we are, I am feeling good. Aside from my body, feeling a little chilly, but we will get warm. I've got my heated blanket here, I have the fireplace running and I'm ready to rock and roll. I'm really excited about this topic today because it is inspired by our two day strategic workshop, where we have our claims come into town. And we spend two and a half days with them really going beyond the launch phase and helping them see their scale plan. This was so exciting. So fun. It was such divine timing for me, because I really was feeling a little I don't want to say burnt out. But I think that we could all resonate with this, this idea of just getting kind of stuck or bored with Zoom calls. I'm like, I just want to get out from zoom and hug all my people and have real life conversations and real life experiences with them. And it had been too long it felt like and so it was just so amazing. It was just so re energizing, I walked away feeling activated and charged. And it was just such a surreal experience to be able to guide these women through a transformation that I actually didn't anticipate. You know, I absolutely deliver strategy. But there was a lot of work being done in that room together around the reframe of what's possible for them, which is what is really inspiring me to bring this conversation here to the podcast, because it was a reminder for me that most women don't have these rooms, they don't have these rooms where they have permission to dream bigger. And it is becoming so important as you grow to new heights and do these things that literally most people could never imagine doing it, you're going to become more of an outsider, you're an anomaly compared to the 99% of population. And so it can be really easy to get sucked up into that. And so it's going to become more and more important for you to make sure you're sitting in the right rooms having the right conversations. And we're going to talk about that today. I want to talk about this idea of bridging the gap between where you are now. So your current circumstances to your future desires. We kicked off our two day experience by really talking about like, where are you going. And a lot of times, it can feel very overwhelming to a have a vision that feels so far out of reach that it actually just overwhelms you. And so you don't do anything or you feel stuck, or be or it could be a little bit of both, but be what I also see is having the vision, creating a plan, but then feeling like nothing is really working in your favor. And so again, it creates the same results basically which is just feeling stuck and overwhelmed. So for the visionaries for the for those of you that have a big vision for your life in your business, or maybe you maybe you don't yet, but there's something there that is pulling you. This conversation is for you. Especially if you feel like the gap between here and there is so big and it's So far out of reach, it can feel discouraging, because I don't want you to feel discouraged about your future desires, I actually want you to feel inspired by them and activated by them. And so I'm going to give you four tangible ways that you can start to close that gap faster, so that you can really sit into those dreams earlier versus later, and start to move towards them versus away from them. So let's talk about the first way to bridge the gap, which is probably going to sound the most obvious, but also the most overlooked, which is getting clear. You would be surprised how many people I talk to that say they want these things, or they have big goals, but our the context of the standard, like revenue goal or sort of conceptual vision, there's really no clarity of what that looks like in their life, I find that there's two camps here, when it comes to lacking clarity, which is either having no details beyond the concept of the big goal, or having the details, but it's not your truth. I think that we adopt along the way, things that we should want, or we think we should want, or that we've wanted in the past, but didn't take the time to realize that it's not what we want anymore. You are a growing human, and you have evolving desires. And so this clarity is a moving target. But whether you think about 10 years from now, five years from now, three years from now, it's really important to get clear on what you are working towards. It's not just about a revenue goal, it's not just about a bigger house, it's not just about a bigger business. This is literally getting into the details of designing your perfect day, designing your perfect year, designing your perfect life, I have an exercise for my clients called the the morning formula, which I adopted from my men term. And it helps you literally basically write a book on your future. And every day, you read that book, it's not really a full book, but you are reading into your future life. And it's so detailed, that you start to really sit into that, when we are vague, it creates confusion. And confusion really, really creates overwhelm, and feelings of stuck. So if you think about at the highest level, but also at the micro level, what do you want. And sometimes it means just asking better questions more frequently. And it's not just about doing it in your mind, it's also about writing it down, and creating visual reminders for yourself of that future desire. So a couple things here is journaling about this, and keeping a place where you have really thoughtfully and intentionally walked yourself through a perfect day for yourself five years from now, 10 years from now, whatever that looks like for you. It's also going to include where your business is that what are Where are you living, what you're doing. And it's really lifting the limitations off of that and ensuring that you are 100% speaking your truth. And it's not about again, being rational, or

Kinsey Machos:

wanting the things you think you should want. It's just speaking your truth and what you want to breed into this life. And then also, you can use the idea of a vision board here. So I love to have updated vision boards. I used to do them once a year, but now I do them a lot more frequently. And I I have a printed out version of that in my closet. But I also have one on my phone. And so now I'm not only just reading into what I desire, but I have the visual representation of that like literally looking at me every day. This is going to sound a little bit WUI but it is 100% if you read any literature on the mind and the reality and what your what creates results, right it's shards in the mind, and we have to develop that story in the mind first before it can come reality. And the more that you think it right, the more that it becomes a real thing but I, again, a lot of people don't give themselves the space to actually think it, to speak it and then create it. Right? It's more of the focus of what's not there, what's not working, or even worse, kind of quieting the desires, because there's fear of judgment. So you have to create the space every day to dream into that vision. And being honest with yourself, clarity drives and breeds results. Right, and clarity does not come from, it doesn't happen on its own, you have to create that intention to breed that clarity that's going to breed those results. So that's the first way. And I think, again, probably the most obvious, but I just ask that you invite yourself to experiment with this. If you think you're clear, maybe question that maybe use this time to get your journal out and start writing down. What do you want? What does that perfect day look like? Where do you want to go? What is that vision, the vision in your business is obviously going to be the main driver for the decisions you make, but it's no different in your life. And again, sometimes we just move through the day to day without even giving ourselves that permission to ask ourselves what we want. Now, the second way to bridge the gap between where you are now and those future desires is proximity. Talk about this a lot, because I had such a profound experience in this regard, a couple years back, when I went to my first mastermind in person experience, and it was so incredible, the way that these interactions had an impact on me. And it was in those moments that I realized that I was really allowing my environment to drive results, but I wasn't curating my environment. You know, it goes back to the same that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with right? Now I spend the most time with my family. And so which is great, I love them. But also they're not building multimillion dollar businesses. So I have to put myself in rooms, right where that is occurring. But I had this experience a couple years back when I actually sat across the room with people that were doing like 50 million plus. Now I know of people that do this, I know wealthy people. But I have never come into that close of a proximity to people and actually had peer to peer conversations with them. And that alone was just bringing more reality intangibility around what was possible for me, because I remember thinking, oh my gosh, like, I mean, not to be rude. But and I would never say this at all. But it's like, you're like you're not that much smarter than me. Right? All you you just have, you know, a little bit more knowledge and a little bit more time in the game. And if you can do it, I can do it. Now, if you don't have that reaction, when you are talking to people that are doing that are a couple steps ahead of you and you're more intimidated by them. That is 100%. Okay, I am too. And I think that's a good thing. It's going back to this idea of that comfort zone versus getting out of that comfort zone. And if you are not in proximity, meaning close, like you're having conversations with people that are doing the things that you desire to do or creating the results you desire to create, you're doing yourself a huge disservice, bringing that realness into your day to day is so transformative. I had those conversations at that in person mass where I literally had the next month, the biggest revenue month we've ever had, and I didn't really do anything different. It was more of me and my identity totally shifting. Every time you hit a threshold in your growth and what you think is possible for you and you bust through that you are creating a new threshold. It's it's this constant floors and ceilings, right? You're going through life creating a new ceiling, you're always going to have a new ceiling. But the idea is that ceiling gets higher and higher and higher. And in order to move through those limitations, the best way to do it, yes, obviously visualizing it and sitting into it, but the way that we convince ourselves that it's possible and that it's actually truth is just sitting next to somebody that's doing it. It's crazy. So I want to make sure that you are in rooms, whether that's virtually or literally physically where other people are doing what you want to do and they intimidate you. I had this on Another reminder of this when in our our in person experience just last week, I realized that these women haven't had that outside of this room that we've created for them. And when they were sharing their three year revenue goals, they just saying 2 million or 5 million, and not having the judgment of like, oh, you're crazy. And in fact, people were like, oh, that's low. I think you go higher, right? That is not normal. I forget that sometimes, because I have curated the rooms I'm in and it is very normal to have those types of conversations. But but it is not normal outside in your average setting. If you're, you know, having conversations with your kids, parent, your, your kids, friends, parents are at a soccer game, like you don't have the sideline chats about making multiple million dollars or, or optimizing a funnel or changing an offer to increase the conversion rate by 5%. Or what that's like to create $100 million plan, right? Those are not normal conversations, but they should be normal for you. And the more that you can normalize making way more money that you imagined ever to be making, or the or doing the things that you ever thought was possible for you, the more that you normalize it, the more that it becomes reality. And again, it's going back to that proximity. It just creates a level of realness that you don't get by just having it in your mind or knowing that it can exist. So that's the second way is really making sure you're around the right people in the right rooms that are further along than you and bringing that realness and possibility in a closer proximity to you. It really, really helps with the the belief and the brain and the wiring of that.

Kinsey Machos:

Now the third way is to make sure that you are making decisions based on your future state and not your current circumstances. This is one of the hardest ones. When we think about bridging that gap of like where you are now and where you want to go, right we we are clear, now we're clear on what we want. We're around people that are doing those types of things, right. So we're we're making it more real to our brains. But when it comes to putting yourself into action and making decisions in alignment to that vision, what happens is, we start to waffle a little bit. So it's really, really hard when you think about doing things you've never done before it requires a different version of you. What Got You Here Won't Get You There and others elements to that that aren't true. I think even when we think about the three year plan that I helped my clients put into place and the offers and the marketing, I don't necessarily think that you have to throw the baby out with the bathwater when you're taking a quantum leap in your business. But you how you evolve how you think how you behave, will Quantum Leap, it will need to because that version of you doesn't, you haven't met that version of you yet. Or else you would have already created the result you want. And so it goes back to the thoughts and the feelings and the actions that are in alignment to what you're creating, versus letting your circumstances dictate that. So a very common and basic example of this would be to say that you can't afford to hire an assistant because your current revenue doesn't align with that. Now, again, I won't get into the details of like, profit and loss and things like that. But this is a perfect example of like, well, we know that in we just did an episode of this. So it's perfect timing. But in order to get to your next level, you will hit a capacity you cannot grow to a certain extent, by only leveraging your own time and your own brain, right, we have to get help. But if we're looking at our current revenue versus okay, this is where I'm going. And I know that in order to get there, I do need the help. Right? That's a perfect example. The other thing too, and this is more conceptually, is looking around you and looking at your circumstances and letting that dictate what is or isn't possible for you. You have to constantly tap into that future state, that future version of yourself and make decisions from that place. And again, it's a very, very hard thing to exercise and it's something that you will exercise infinitely. But when you think about all the results you've created up until this point, that version of you is here, it's today. But if we keep making those same decisions and taking those same actions are just going to continue to create the same results. And so we have to really embody that newer, different version of ourselves. It's not somebody else, it's just a different version, somebody that's more wiser, right and more aligned and closer to those future goals. So the thing that I love to do is to have conversations with myself in that future scenario. And it is so powerful, what you can create from those conversations, right? This came up, even when we were in the room. At this event, last week, we had a woman who had expressed this really overwhelming feeling of not knowing how to show up in this current state, given the the world, the hurting, and the emotional heaviness of the circumstances of where the world is at today. And she was asking some, you know, guidance and feedback there. And I simply put it back on her and I said, What would she, what would that future version of you, what would she tell you to do, and it immediately came out, it immediately came out of like, This is who I am, this is the type of leader I desire to be. And from that space, this is the decision I would make. And guess what you can be her today, you can make that decision today. And so it, I have really, really practiced more of this in my own decision making, because I do tend to get into decision fatigue really, really easily. But it's only when it's only when I am making decisions from current circumstances. Now, again, there's always going to be things that we have to really, you know, make decisions on around us that are literally just, you know, getting us through the day to day or moving into sort of that next season. But when you want to close the gap, and you want to close it faster between where you are today, and where you want to go, the best possible way is to learn how that future version of you is behaving, what she's thinking and how she's acting. And you can tap into her at any moment and meet her and have conversations with her. The other thing that helps in this regard is meditation. I love doing future self visualizations. And really just meeting myself in those scenarios. We actually did one of these, one of the days together in our event and a tears, women were crying in meeting themselves. And it's so cool to hear these experiences, because they're all different. Some women are like I met me like it was me, it wasn't really another person, it was just me, or some women express just meaning like a light and the love and the feeling that came with but you have to know that, that your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings for your actions. And so the quicker we can really get ourselves into the right frame of mind that then produce those feelings, that is what is going to drive that action. And so I love meditation to allow did to even have those exercises of just meeting yourself in that space, while also meditation in the sense of just grounding. I went from meditating a couple of days a week to many saving a couple of days, a couple times a day. And it has been so profound. I use it to set the stage for the day, I use it to call my body and my nervous system. And now I realize I had this realization when one of our coaches actually guided us through an intuitive meditation at the event. And we did it at the end of the day before we transitioned into the evening. And, you know, we're all buzzing like spending all day together, strategizing, and brainstorming and pouring into these women. By the end of it, you're just buzzing, you're just like on a high but you're definitely your energy is definitely like limited. And I feel this way at the end of just my normal day, right? You are doing the things in your business you're giving, you're serving, you're creating. And so transitioning into the evening for me with my family, it can feel kind of

Kinsey Machos:

as intentional as I tried to make it there were definitely something missing. And I realized that a simple meditation do basically like tie this part of my day in a bow and put that away and transition into that next part of my day more intentionally as just be so much more powerful. And so I had that realization to have where meditation could also serve you in the day to day so it's setting the stage it's setting the intention. It's giving yourself that that place where you can be Become more aware of your thoughts and have more, just create more mindfulness. But also more of these guided experiences where you are learning how to meet yourself in that future and how to create that future faster and how to stay grounded in now, but but also what you're working towards. So that's been really, really profound. And those are, again, really, really simple things you can do in your day to day that are going to help you move the needle faster. So that's the third thing, which I think is absolutely the hardest, when you aren't letting current circumstances drive those decisions that are going to align with your, your future, because again, when we're creating things we've never created before, we have to access a different version of ourselves. And we're going to do that over and over and over again. So it's just reminding that what you see today isn't a result of what you're creating tomorrow. And that alone is just mind blowing. So sit with that. But I hope, Billy, even within that context, I've given you some some pieces you can take away to start exercising that part of you. Now the last thing to really consider when we think about bridging that gap is results mapping. This is the exercise that I do for myself, I do it with our clients, and it's becoming more and more necessary, the more that we grow and the more decisions that we're faced with. And also the more pressure that we have with that growth and with that success. But results mapping actually brings more the analytical piece to all of this. So while a lot of these things that we've just talked about are more of like I think of them as more conceptual and woo and clarity and future based. The results mapping helps you then calm your nervous system by bringing a little bit more tangibility to this and giving you some really, really clear direction. So an example of this is the three year plan that we just walked our clients through that I love to do, and it's one of my most favorite exercises. When I think about kind of like pacing myself out a few years and getting either more clear, are we gaining new clarity for the vision of my life or the vision of my company. And I like to look three years out in in the context of this piece, to start to feel like I have some control over the results of we're going to create now I haven't even talked about in this conversation about the spiritual component in regards to what you think is the plan is likely not the plan. And there's a whole piece, which is probably the most important piece to this in relation to the spiritual being of the you know, your purpose and your mission. And you were put on this planet to serve a very specific purpose. And sometimes we think we know what it is, but But even though the plan is set, and whether you use God language or universe language, there's a higher source a higher power at play here and the plan is done. The plan of your life is is already complete. But it's our responsibility to really move through that and, and really discover what that is and bring that into reality. But like 99.9% of the time, I mean, I've never met anybody that's like, Oh, this is exactly how I imagined my life to be or how I imagined going through it. Right. I've never met anybody that has said that. There's always the what we think the plan is going to be versus how it actually unfolds. And it's the surrendering in that. So that is a whole other conversation. But I'll just kind of put that in there as a reminder that there's only so much we can control. And I want you to really allow yourself to give yourself control where you can. And in this results mapping, this is what this is doing for you. But then surrendering to the journey and allowing things to unfold and knowing when it's time to pivot. But when it's usually time to just let yourself be led. So when it comes to results mapping, this is allowing you to just see how you can start to put all the pieces together. So with our clients, we walk them through this three year plan. This is actually what brought women so much more clarity and that permission to actually say yes, this is possible. My dreams are not just a dream. It's an actual reality that I'm working to create, and that's what I want for your brain. And I want when we see the results and how they're mapped out and how we're going to get there, it just softens it a little bit, sometimes things can feel so big, or we make them out to be so big in our mind that, again, we kind of like spiral a little bit or spin in confusion or overwhelm, or worse discouragement. So this three year plan basically walks women through this exercise where they have the plan the numbers, it's like, this is where I want to be three years from now. And this is how I'm going to get there. And it's a really simple exercise, but so profound in the sense that when women are done with it, they look at it and they're like, oh, my gosh, this is so much easier than I thought. And when we can map our results to, again, how we think this is all going to play out and where we're going, it just softens that a little bit. It gives you direction, it gives you focus. And now you can move into aligned action, with that super, super clear direction, and at least what you know, you can control. And when you exercise this in so many ways, this is really, really powerful results mapping. It's just reverse engineering what you want, and understanding the bigger components to getting there, right? I think of my lake house, I manifesting a lake house a secondary piece of property as a cabin up in the mountains. And this is a very, very active piece of this is a very active manifestation for me right now. And it's so fascinating to see how I can, I'm starting to see how this is becoming more and more of a reality. Even in the sense that the other day, a random notification popped up on my phone, which again, I don't I'm not subscribed to any real estate things, or anything like that, right now. It's just kind of like paying attention to what's out there and planning for it. But I had this notification pop up of this new property that was listed on the lake in the cabin or in the mountains. And it was the most perfect place. And it was not exactly what I have been visualizing, visualizing. But it was very similar. And so no, that's probably not the piece of property we're going to buy. But I can see how I'm moving closer to making this a reality. And it started with reverse engineering. I know this is what I want getting clear on what that is very, very specific, I have a an image of the cabin, where it's at what it looks and feels like. And then knowing that these are the steps to get there, right, we have to have a certain amount to be able to put down this is the price range. Like that's how specific I'm getting. And when we reverse engineer that, again, what does it do, it creates clarity in our minds. And it gives us a path so that we're not just sitting in confusion. And just that alone will just create a completely different result for yourself.

Kinsey Machos:

I'll give you another example of this. When it comes to results mapping again, this is from the the the idea that we're taking a result, we're reverse engineering that result and mapping out the plan. And seeing giving your brain that visual component of that roadmap, even though again, not everything goes according to plan, but allows you to move in a direction. So we have a client who has been working part time in busy building her business part time. And she's had incredible success, but there's been something that has been holding her back and leaving her job was something in the distance. It'll always been something in the distance. But until this this moment when we were doing some coaching in the room, in in this at this in person experience. Just last week, we had a coach that really shared her own story of this idea of a job bringing security. So our client had built in her mind that her job was the security that she needed to grow her business. But Chelsea are our coach who's really supporting these women in really adopting more of their CEO mindset and transforming them as leaders. She just offered her own story of what it was like to believe that her job was security and safety and her own personal transformation. And by sharing that story, something really clicked for this other woman, this client of ours that's working part time still. And all of a sudden, she realized that she needed to quit her job and it wasn't later but it was soon and by kind of listening to that instead and verbally saying it out loud, and then starting to put the pieces in play of like, okay, I know I need I desire to quit soon. I feel excited about it, it doesn't feel out, it's not out. It's not just like this thing that's like hanging around here, I'm actually bringing it closer to my awareness. And I'm starting to reverse engineer what that might look like. And guess what she did, she actually had a conversation with her husband, and her husband was like, Oh, okay. And then there's these little synchronicities that happened over the course of the next 24 hours, that basically favored and supported her in this verbal commitment. And this goes back to this idea of it starts in the mind first, and getting clear there and giving ourselves permission, and then really moving that vision into your awareness and speaking it and getting clear on it. And then reverse engineering what that might look like for you, that creates a new level of intention for you, it then creates new action, which then creates new results. And so those are a couple of examples of results back being in the context of really just taking something that you know, you want and reverse engineering it and designing a plan, a very simple plan of what you think it might look like. Although, again, sometimes that most often, it never actually pans out that way. But it gives you the direction and the clarity, you need to take that next step forward versus Stay where you are, or perpetuate on the results you're already creating. So I hope that was helpful. Results mapping is something that is actually the first thing I do with anything, any, anytime I think of something I want, I start to just connect the dots, I'm naturally wired that way. But I realized, actually a lot of people are not. And so this is the most simple thing you can do. Another really great example is just even if you have a revenue goal, get really tangible with that, what is the exact revenue goal and then divide that by four, and then divide that number by the price of your one signature offer. Like what right, that is the most basic math you can give yourself. But again, what that's going to do, it's going to break down these, this big thing into little things that give you that it's just that soft, it softens it. And then it gives you that encouragement and the activation to move towards it. So my friend just gave you four ways to bridge the gap. And it's not even just one or the other, I want you to adopt all of these things, I want you to get more clear. And I want you to bring that clarity into your reality by getting it on paper, getting it into visuals. And using it as a daily reminder, I want you to get in the rooms, get into conversations with people that are further ahead than you so that you can actually start to create that proximity in your life at the right people and build more tangibility around the things that you used to think were impossible or just existed. And then I want you to make decisions from that future version of yourself. And I want you to wear her more I want you to know what it feels like to be her and step into her more often. And then lastly, mapping those results. So again, you can build yourself a plan and do something rather than stay in overwhelm. I love this conversation so much I could totally jam on this literally all day long. And although people come to us for strategy, and I love talking about strategy, I love it so much. I love business. I love all parts of it. This is where you will create the bigger results for yourself when we learn how to train ourselves, to think in a new way to behave in a new way and to stay the course and hold the space for the vision and never let it go. Never let it go. So I cannot wait for you to put these things into action. And I hope that you will find encouragement in that you can create whatever you want to create, because you were designed to really serve a certain purpose in this world. And if it's in your heart it's in it's it's for you. And we don't want to ignore that. So I hope you have an amazing day. And I'll talk to you next time. Hey, you, thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like minded entrepreneurs all over the world. 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