30K In 30 Days

Learn how to create 30K in revenue in 30 days with our unique method for organic content creation. No ads, no webinars, no spam bots. It’s a simple plan, but it has to start with the right belief set. In this episode, we help you unpack the thoughts that might be keeping you stuck in your business and help you understand what it looks like to create high-earning months without all the drama.

Are you willing to believe you can reach 30K in 30 days?

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Do not miss these highlights:

05:34 Honest thoughts and beliefs around the idea of making 30K in 30 days.

06:17 Let’s talk about all the negative emotions today about making 30K in 30 days.

07:09 Are you willing to believe that you can make 30K in 30 days?

09:30 The first step is reframing that for yourself. We put something on the pedestal then we create a distance and it becomes intangible.

10:20 You have released the wellness factor of 30K. Creating a different energy around it.

11:10 Realize money is a measure of your ability to create freedom for yourself, even in health.

12:45 We can look at it and we can decide where this is coming from, and yes, it’s in private coaching.

13:11 Making 30K is not crazy. So now that I know that, what do I need to do next?

14:26 Build an anchor on certain beliefs that will become more solid. But it’s not time necessarily, it’s a decision.

14:56 You decide that, create that intention, that opportunity, and that possibility.

15:34 When you can’t see that limitation, you just couldn’t continue to create the same results under that feeling that you have.

16:53 Anything that you do when you’re starting to achieve bigger things, you have to be curious to write the thoughts and feelings that you have around it, because that impacts your actions.

17:15 If a belief does not match what’s lying underneath that action, it’s not going to happen for you.

17:51 You can always choose a different mindset, your mind is such a valuable asset,

19:40 Learn how to interrupt your cycles of thought patterns because this is 99% of the work right here.

20:53 We blend this step by step strategy in leveraging content coaching and conversations.

21:13 Do you know what the fastest path to clients is? Do you know what it means?

21:51 What kind of barriers are you putting in between you and those potential clients?

22:46 What are you really afraid of in making 30k?

23:37 What should people watch for when you think about creating 30K in 30 days?

24:24 Until you can say that you are open and willing to work on It, there’s obviously a block that you still have, and that you will not get any farther.

24:11 You are not changing yourself because you’re bad. There is just something that you need to work on.

25:37 Do you believe your success is tied to going live on Instagram? It’s not.

26:46 Competence and relentlessness in the pursuit of being the best version of yourself.

27:30 Working on the uncomfortable ability takes stepping into to grow.

27:51 Business isn’t a relationship.

28:21 It is about choosing to be all in and go for it.

28:53 The fear of, “what if I can’t deliver on the result?”

29:13 You should not be judging yourself. It is about noticing it, the awareness of it and then deciding to think something differently that serves you and your goals.

30:36 When you aren’t niching down, what happens through your messaging and your marketing is you’re alienating the people that are best for you.

32:10 The 30K in 30 Days Challenge in this month of September.

32:28 In the 30K in 30 Days Challenge, what we do within this challenge is we keep you focused.

32:35 In 10K content collective, what we want to invite you in and what we’ll do, is help you with your offer and help you with your niche.

33:20 If you’re not in 10K and if you want more info, we’ll get you plugged in into the next steps.

33:48 In 30K in 30 days challenge, we have some prep work for you. First step is your belief plan.

34:11 We have an exercise for you where you get the feeling of failure and get all of that out of the way.

35:05 We want to show you what it looks like to get in now and grow at that accelerated pace without losing your mind.

35:36 What energy is that worth to you and really showing up with the attitude and the mindset that this is going to work for me.

36:04 How to move away from people that buy my tik tok program, buy my Instagram program,how to succeed using webinars on this streaming platform.

37:13 Get the entire blueprint in addition to the high converting content formula, for the clarity and the simplicity of your coaching business

37:57 Formulas that you can use every day, and really plug into this step by step blueprint to create massive momentum for yourself.

40:24 The 30K in 30 days is 100% possible for you and it’s your turn to decide what that looks like.

40:40 Come and join 10K because we make it much more simpler for you and we give you the step by step.

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s run AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers. 


Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to captivate and close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in.

Jenny Beecher:

Yay. Hey, everybody. I think you guys

Kinsey Machos:

hear me morning or afternoon. whatever time it is.

Jenny Beecher:

Whatever say hello.

Kinsey Machos:

Oh my gosh, this is so funny. I'm watching the whole it's so funny to watch the delay. Anyway. It showed up when you said shit it's it says ship. It caught your eye. Okay,

Jenny Beecher:

I love our I know I should I always love to like beginning when we go back and I'm like, like, we're all are we on? Are we on? Because as you guys may know, tech is not super streamlined. When you're doing that for a year there. You've got to make sure Kinsey's gotta go through like a checklist of things to make sure we're in the right group. So you guys get the fun nuggets.

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah. So you guys are joining us say hey, below, let us know where you're coming in from. Um, where are you? Yeah. Where are you joining us from? I feel like we always ask this question. We need to. Wow, we've been kind of creative in the past icebreaker. What's your icebreaker? Be this morning? Other than what state do you live in?

Jenny Beecher:

I know, I feel like we know the state some of these ladies they know. Let's see. Okay, what is your favorite thing about fall? Or do you hate fall? Give us what one thing you love about fall or that you look forward to in this time of the year?

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah, that's such a good question. I was just talking to my four year old about this because he's like, what's after summer and I was like, fall and he's like, what's in fall? And I was like, well, we have Halloween. He's like, and I was like, your Thanksgiving. He's like, what's that? And then, and then we have Christmas. And he's like, oh, and his face just lit up. And he's like, see, I just and I'm like, okay, hold the phone. We still like I can't talk about Christmas right now. Yeah,

Jenny Beecher:

I know. I love fall. But I unlike because on the other end of it is winter, which I don't mind winter up till Christmas. But it's in January and February when it's bitter and dark. And I'm like, There's nothing I mean, but fall I'll focus on positive I love I love the weather of the changing leaves. It's harvest season on the farm. So we're like out in the field like tailgating out the back of the car eating by the car. Like it's it's such a special season for us. And the kids are back in school.

Kinsey Machos:

Yes. Can we? Hallelujah, like, what I haven't even really experienced the joy in it yet. Like, you know, the last couple of days I've been running around anyway, so I haven't really experienced like the true freedom in, you know, a full day of no interruptions, but it feels good to just even get in that routine in the morning. Like kids out the door or learning. It's so good. We love that. So Megan, I would love to know where you live. So Megan says less tourists. So you must be somewhere where there's lots of tourists throughout the summer. So we have people coming in to live we have a lot of people coming into live here but Chris, whether that makes you go I love that. So good. Are you guys. Okay, so as you guys are dumping those down, are you you want to learn how to make 30k in 30 days? Do you want to learn? Comment below 30k in 30 days, you guys we're gonna get you in the energy today. Jimmy and I are bringing the heat comment below 30k in 30 days, do what we say Just kidding. Do what we robots and don't make money. Yeah, yeah. Or yeah, yeah, like parts of that are real. Like if you just follow our lead I promise you will be successful. But part of that which is what we're going to talk about is the belief around making 30k in 30 days, but what I want you guys to do if you could just just take a moment and like this video, that would be awesome. We love to serve you and we really love to pour into you. And I just want to make sure that you are loving what we put it down. You guys always do. So I'm bringing the fire always over delivering, but 30 came 30 days, I want to know, like what comes up for you be honest, as you guys know, it's a safe space here, right? We're all about creating safety. Jenny and I were just talking about safety and trust right before this call. And it truly is a fundamental to relationships to your own well being, to your coaching programs, to your business, right to the partnerships you have to your marriage, like that trust, safety and belonging. And so that being said, knowing that this is a community of that, I would love for you to share what comes up immediately. What's the first thought you have when you think about 30k? In 30 days, just be honest, and like don't put your filter on like, Oh, this is what I should say. Like, what comes up? If you guys are just joining us say hey, below, we are talking about 30k in 30 days, and he says this comes up for me the mind. That's my favorite emoji the mind blown emoji. So oh, wait, no. Is it Is that the one that you like the angel the Halo, but yes, Megan says how? Yeah, so how how overwhelmed. I love this. All the negative emotions, right? This is what we're here to talk about today. This is so good. Julie says, yikes. Yeah, Patti says it all fucking day. This is so good. Hey, tetra. Good to see you. Oh, I love it. Bring them up. I just want to see. Yeah, I want to see your honesty. For those of you that are just joining us. I want to know what comes up for you. What's the first thought when you think about 30k? In 30 days? Yeah. Julie says not really possible. Yeah, cool to think but won't happen to me. Yeah. Yeah, you guys, this is real. So as you guys really dump those first thoughts, right? I think it's like, this is really a good tool for you guys to see just sort of the awareness. Right. And I think this is the first step in making 30k in 30 days, we're gonna talk about that step by step strategy here in a minute. But the first step, and the most important is, do you do you even believe it's possible?

Jenny Beecher:

Yeah, we see a lot of people that are like, no, but I hope it is. So I'm going to just work on this and give myself a timeframe of a year. And if it doesn't happen by them, or like, maybe all maybe I don't know, like, sure, like, tell me five things to do. And then I'll see if that works. And it's this sort of like, I need it to be proven to me before I can believe it will happen. And how many of you think that that mindset ever leads to results? Only nobody? Right? Like, yes, I'm calling us all outright? Because I know what you're feeling like I've How many of you feel like you have worked your asses off to get one client? You've worked your asses off to get a handful of clients. Or maybe you have a full clientele of private clients right now. But you are like at capacity. And you aren't really sure what it looks like to be able to turn those, you know, 10 or 12k months into 30k months without like totally scrapping it right? There's a level new level new devil, right? There's always a new limiting belief waiting for you when you hit a new goal. Like absolutely prize. Yeah. So yeah, that says yeah, yeah. Yeah, can you? Well, how many of you are willing to believe that you can make 30k in 30 days? You don't have to totally on it right now. But are you willing? Yeah, it's kind of willing below. Yeah.

Kinsey Machos:

Are you willing to believe that it's possible? It's so funny, I

Jenny Beecher:

talk with my husband and Kinsey and I talk all the time, like 30k is not that much money, you guys there are people making that interest on investments in their fucking sleep? Like, our kids are at school? Wait, I don't have to, like, mute that. Okay. But there's, there's like, you know what I mean? Like, it's really not and this goes back to like it to your money mind sort of growing up what was what was too much money to have? Where where are you risk of not belonging, where you know, whereas being rich being bad, all of that, you know, you can't be a woman and be rich, or you're a gold digger or whatever your narrative is. But in reality, when you take away the emotion of meaning, parties, not that much

Kinsey Machos:

money. Yeah, I think that's the first step is like just, just like reframing that for yourself. 30 Because when we put something on the pedestal pedestal, what happens is we create distance from it and it becomes intangible, right? I talk about proximity all the time. The experience I had when I was starting to make quantum leaps in my business, I was sitting around the table with other eight nine figure business owners and just in conversation with them, I'm realized the tangibility around this person. Doesn't look much different than I maybe a little bit shorter hair, right wearing a shirt I would never wear but literally like in the flesh, doing what we're doing and there may King creating a nine figure business. And that proximity to me just exposed, it created it what happened is my brain went from unimaginable because you just hear about it from a distance to now it's sitting in front of me. It's that tangibility, the proximity. And so the first thing you have to do is just kind of like release sort of the even like, the wellness factor of 30k. I think Jenny right, is what you're saying is kind of like, oh, like creating the different energy around it.

Jenny Beecher:

Yeah, yeah, exactly. To your point. And when you say, that is so much money, guess where you put that on that pedestal like Kinsey said, and how long are you going to give yourself to reach that pedestal the rest of my life, if I spend the rest of my life trying to get to 30k That was so amazing. But you know what, with inflation the way it is, next year, 30k is gonna be 25k. So like, we gotta like, and that's just the nature of the game, right? That's how money is if you study money at all, which, if you have any type of real desire to really grow those that wealth for yourself, I highly recommend that you just start educating yourself on money in any way, right? Get to know it. But then you realize how money really, truly is a measure of your ability to create freedom for yourself, right? For example, even in health, you know, yes, you can have health insurance, I just hired a holistic practitioner to help me with some of my gut health and things I'm doing, that's not covered by insurance, I need to have a like, quite a bit of financial freedom to be able to take care of myself and have health freedom, let alone freedom, travel, all of these things, but understanding that 30k And if you want to make it a lot of money, that's fine. But you have to understand you are going to give yourself way too long to get there when you're actually very capable of creating it in 30 days, or you know, what if that sounds crazy, fine. 60? Like, would that be awful? I don't think so. But it doesn't have to take a long time. And I love how many of you said yes, I'm willing to believe that's possible.

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah. Difficult. I would love to set um, Jenny, can you speak to like, when you say like, well, I'm working on it, or I want to be willing, I know, Patti, that the guys like this, what happens? What's coming up, right for people when they still have that resistance to even the willingness of it? Or working? Yeah, what what's coming up there?

Jenny Beecher:

Yeah, that's a really good question. And a really great topic. And I'm sorry, if my internet's Jake, you guys. We just got that and crazy stuff going on around here. So. So when that's coming up? We can there's two ways you can look at this, right? You can sit down and we can look at it. And we can decide like where this is coming from which you know, if private coaching, yes, that's absolutely how you truly rewire that to be different. But in this moment, I call it it's like the dodging the train metaphor. Do you want to think differently? Okay. Thinking differently, that's in the past. And guess what, you're gonna go back and fix that screen about 16 times in the next five minutes. But every time it's like saying, Oh, no, I don't think that anymore. Now I know, making 30k is not crazy. So now that I know that, what do I need to do next? Right? But it's so yes. And then if you can, I highly recommend getting to work with somebody on your mindset around that because it's tied to like you said, the past, we all have money narratives, especially women, it's very much more triggering than men. It's not okay in a lot of ways to discuss money to want money to desire, money or habit. And so that all goes back in your past, but right now, it's a lot more uncomfortable, but it's still serving you to say, Oh, this is what I think now. That's not what I think anymore. And I'm not struggling with my past anymore because of my past and history with money. And you can even use it like you're not forgetting it. I know how important it is to make sure I'm on the extreme opposite end of that. I have a responsibility to myself, my friends, my anybody, any loved ones that I have my family, my children, whoever, to make sure that I shift that narrative, because I know how bad it was. So really, it takes a little salt, but do that repetitively?

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah, I love that. What I'm hearing from you Jenny is like it does is not time Yes. Like build the anchoring in a certain belief will become more solid, but it's not time necessarily. It's it's decisions. I'm deciding right now to believe that I am capable of creating 30k in 30 days. And again, your brain your body might not feel it. It's gonna like that feeling in your body probably will look different than after you actually achieve it. But you deciding that creates that intention, right that opportunity and that possibility. And so when you guys That fish when you and here's the other thing, because I know that the the core, the milestone around Ten k months, right, and this is why I wanted to shoot for 30 kit like, this is why I will share here in a minute around this the intent here. But like I think that most of you are not stuck, like just knowing you and your hearts, you have a limitation, we all have our own limitations and you bust through them to each new level. But when you can't see that limitation, right, you just couldn't continue to create the same results under that feeling that you have. And so Fuck Ten k months, we're going 30k Baby, and I want to stretch you so that Ten k That's like pocket change that's like in my sleep. And this is why we really want to help you like bust through sort of, because how many of you guys have set? Like, how often do you hear Ten k months? Or how often have you said it? Or how often have you thought it like? Let's like remove that. And let's work on 30k in there, you guys, it's one hundred% possible? It's one hundred% possible. And you don't need ads, right? You don't need to run a challenge. You don't need to do a webinar. I don't know what else like you don't need to spam Facebook groups. That's not That's not what this is

Jenny Beecher:

no hashtags, don't, ya know?

Kinsey Machos:

So what we when when you guys feel like that's overwhelming, ask yourself why? And it's again, it's all related to the thoughts that you have about it. Because Oh, I'm gonna have to work harder. Oh, it's, well, it's not possible for me, right? So that means I'm gonna have to try harder, right. So just be curious about what's coming up for you. And that's where we start. And it's a really good place to start. And anything that you guys do when you're starting to achieve bigger things, you have to be curious to write the thoughts and feelings that you have around it, because that impacts your action.

Jenny Beecher:

That's so good. So freaking, it's all up here. And this is where we see so many people just tell me what to do. Just tell me what to do. I'm sure we will. But if that belief does not match is not matched is not lying underneath that action. It's not going to happen for you. Right? When people say this isn't happening for me, I don't believe I can do this. Allow yourself to just play with the idea that it is possible, right? And you might be like, well, you know, reality is I this that the other Ma, whatever. Okay, you can own that as truth. We're not going to argue with you that if you want to argue with us and say it's not possible, you can sit there, and that's yours to own. But do you understand that's a choice. That's a mindset that you're choosing, you know, you can choose a different one, your mind is such a valuable asset, you guys, it is something that you can put to work for you. But it also is a crazy train that will run away with you to keep you from changing. And we talk all the time about change. As humans, you are wired not to change, right? Because I'm guessing you have food, you have water, you have shelter, you're physically safe, right? You have cell phone, like you have lots of things. So why would you change, right? There's a risk in earning 30k. If you're used to earning 2k, there is a risk in that change. And so understanding that you are going to be wired to be like, here's all my life, you don't know my people, you don't know my product. Like, this isn't how my people work. And you can own that. But that doesn't have to be truth. And I think that's what we really want to highlight for you. And then when you scrub that away, and you step into a bucket, like literally, why not? I'm gonna go for this. I believe I'm capable. And beyond that, you guys, do you believe that your clients are capable of making that transformation in their lives, which that's a whole nother conversation. But it goes to that like this is not about you creating 30k It's about you stepping into your expert level as a coach enough to generate that level of impact, which comes with that income. This is all tied to you holding out on people or not. That's so

Kinsey Machos:

good. Guys, bringing the heat the transformation, transformation below. Do not forget, do not forget right what that money is an indicator of it's the transactional occurrence that happened right for somebody investing in a transformation that you help them provide. Now watch your squirrely brain be like Oh, I could never didn't know. Right stop. My therapist used to tell me like when you're having those stops, you have to yell stop it. But truly you have to learn how to interrupt your cycles of thought patterns because this is this is 99% of the work right here. And so when you can kind of just notice it come up in regards to this idea of making 30k in 30 days creating transformation for people within that transactional An occurrence right? Somebody is investing in themselves, right? You're investing your time into them. Like it's a partnership. And there's a transformation that occurs. And that's incredible. Don't forget, that's why you do what you what you do. It's the results that you it's the value that you create in the market. Value. Okay, comment below transformation. Don't forget, that's what you do. So, what we want to talk about Jenny, anything else on that note?

Jenny Beecher:

No, I mean, there's such a big topic, but I think you guys are really getting it. Yeah, yeah. So

Kinsey Machos:

when we think about this, the strategy for making 30k in 30 days, it's how we created our first 30k month, it's how some of our clients are creating 30k a month, this is no new news. It's very simple. And we blend this this step by step strategy in leveraging content coaching and conversations. And we, again, this is what we call the fastest path to clients. So when you comment below fastest path to clients? Do you know what that is? Have you heard us say that? Have you heard us coach on it? Do you know what the fastest path to clients is? You know what it means? Do you know what it means? Because a lot of you are making it really difficult for your clients to hire you, for your potential clients to hire you. And so when you think about a pathway, right, you are here at this, on this side of the spectrum, your clients over here on this side of the spectrum, right? And like how distance are you between them? And what are you putting? What kind of barriers are you putting in between you and those potential clients?

Jenny Beecher:

Yeah. Yeah.

Kinsey Machos:

So every time what Jenny, what are some examples?

Jenny Beecher:

Like, also, I can see, and I know why you guys do this. Because if there's a bunch of barriers that people can't come in, guess what, if they can't come in, you don't be vulnerable. And actually, coach, somebody might suck at it. So you set up all these barriers, like, I'm just gonna call you guys out on it, because I did that too, when I started. But it's like, Oh, get ready. I need a website. And, you know, but the barriers are a, they serve you in that way. They're keeping you safe, right? Somebody said something about a cave, right? You're, you're in the cave, like, come work with me, but you got to get out of the cave, right? But then you're explosive, vulnerable. And I think that that goes back to looking at your patterns of like, what are you really afraid of here? What you're not afraid of making 30k? And so how do you shorten that? Right? And this is what we work with people and Ten k content collective this? How do you shorten that? To get over your own BS and get out there and actually create clients? It's not complicated, and it's actually more fun than I think you're willing to believe.

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah, but what about the people that are like, no, really, I really do want to have plants? And yet, like, how do we how do somebody know if they're subconsciously even hiding behind some of those barriers? Or how do you know if you're afraid? Is this I'm just again, asking because I'm sure some of you are asking, this has happened to me before I'm like, I'm not afraid of success. And then I found all these indicators in my life where I was like, self sabotaging, and, and so like, what should people watch for when when you think about creating 30k in 30 days, and again, we're gonna we're going to talk about what this looks like. But I would love to dive just for a few minutes here, because it's like, well, I want clients, I want money. But then what is the indicator that maybe that's not what the subconscious mind is really thinking or feeling? That is

Jenny Beecher:

such a perfect question. I'm so glad. And I hope everybody listens to this answer. that very question is the red flag. Because when we have people saying, No, I do the work I do. I've been working with therapists, like I'm good there. so I'm good there. I just need to know how is actually my content strategy, I do actually need these things. That is a huge indicator to me, as a coach, I see people all the time and tell you're willing to say you know what, I don't know what it is. But there's obviously a block that I still have and I'm open and willing to work on it until you can say that you will not get any farther. You can have frickin Mark Zuckerberg can create content and plug you into his his version of the algorithm. I don't even know of what I'm making up here. But like somebody could gift you with the grandest audience, but if you are still thinking that you're good, I don't need to work on this. I don't need to open up on you talk about it. That is really, that is something that is hard because I as coaches, we see people struggling with that and we cannot make you open up. You know, you are a hard little map. And so I think when you feel like no, I'm good. I used to have money mindset issues that I didn't have Like, you need, you need to get help with that. You need to work on that in a positive way. Right. Not changing yourself because you're bad. But you that is something that you need to work on.

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah. Oh, so good. So yeah, Julie says, oh my god, I'm so scared to fail. Yeah, like the failure piece is huge. So huge. I'm terrified of success rate of success was for other people. one hundred% Um, it says, how about if you don't feel comfortable live on IG? I feel held back for that reason I never feel ready. Well, there's a couple of things there first is like, Do you believe your success is tied to going live on Instagram? This is not. I of course, like we're always we're huge believers in live video in some capacity, because your audience experiences you differently. And yeah, it's gonna feel uncomfortable. It does. But it builds you it builds skills as a speaker as a coach, right, as a woman as a leader. So we'll always, like encourage it. But that's not going to be the thing that creates 30k in 30 days.

Jenny Beecher:

No, no. And we talk about the metaphor of musicians a lot Kinsey and I both love music. I'm actually wearing my Nashville shirt today. But how many of you guys know people who are so freaking talented? They are like, the best that you've heard? And you're like, why is this guy playing at a bar on a Sunday? You know, and naturally, the most talented people, and then no offense, like, Tim McGraw comes on. And the guy's great. I think he seems like a cool dude. My like, is tunes. He's really not that talented of a singer. And so it's like, what's going on? Well, he was confident enough in himself, regardless of the comparison that he may have wanted to have against himself and other people to say, I feel like I'm the best. And I'm worth this. And I can do this. And because he had that competence, and he was relentless in his pursuit. That's how he is who he is today. Right. And so you are you are your own Tim McGraw. But do you want to pick somebody? I don't know. I pick somebody I don't know. Somebody that you like. But but it's the same thing. So don't put all the emphasis on? Can I am I worthy? Am I enough? Am I you know, you probably because you're asking that is a really great sign that you are right, is a really great sign that you have more than you need right now to move out. But it takes that I've seen the word uncomfortable come up a couple times. Good. It takes that uncomfortable ability. And I think we might have made up that that confidence outward to I just love the uncomfortable ability to work on that. But it takes stepping into that to grow. Right? Can you go get better at a sport and stay in your comfort zone? Can you go get stronger without having to put a little uncomfortable feeling into your body? You know? No, can you improve a relationship in your, by the way your business isn't relationship? Right? If you're treating your business, like you better show up for me, you know, or I don't think I'm good enough for you name a relationship that like that had a good ending, you know, and so you have to show up and love your business, right? Your clients, guests, but also your bottom line and your ability to create things like 30k, in 30 days worth of impact and income and live into that, right. But it's not about being comfortable, or even, like totally fully believing in yourself right now. But it is about choosing to be all in and go for it. Because what's gonna happen is sure, you might not make 30k, but you can make 15 and one, that'd be frickin awesome thing, just what you got to try to get, and you got to try to get, and you got to try it again. And you don't have happens all of a sudden, that's your norm. You see how that works?

Kinsey Machos:

So good. Jenny, taken to church. I love it. Yes. Oh, I love this. So Julie says, scared that I really won't be able to coach Well, yeah. And so that and I think a lot of people, we see this a lot in Ten k content related this fear of like, what if I can't deliver on the result? What if they don't like me, etc. And so you're essentially, you are keeping yourself from your best claims with that thought? Mm hmm. Yeah. So good. And Julie, it's so normal. And I'm so thankful that you shared that because I'm sure so many can resonate with that. But just notice, right, this is no judgment and you should not be judging yourself. for that. It is about noticing it, the awareness of it and then deciding to think something differently that serves you and your goals. Yeah. Um, Linda says, I'm scared to be tied to messenger. Yeah, then don't be tied to messenger. Notice how like you guys, I think this is fun. This is so fun, right? Because the industry is so noisy. It's like you have to do this in order to be successful. And notice when you think about creating those high revenue mines, what you think you have to do in order to do that, which is so fascinating. Mm hmm. Yeah,

Jenny Beecher:

it's always the little things too. And this is what I like in Ten k when we have our coaching calls, so people will come like with these things that feel like roadblocks. I can't understand how to be successful. If I don't want to have to be DMing people. I just like they can't See it? Because it's so convenient to have that block because it protects you from what's uncomfortable on the other side. So when you can open up your mind be like, Oh, am I willing to believe that I can be successful and not have to be on Messenger? Or not have to like, I don't know, whatever it is that you're feeling like you have to do. What would that look like?

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah, so good, Jenny. I love this. Guys. It is possible. So what we're doing this is so fun. Oh, Abby says I struggle niching down. I want to help too many women. Yeah. Again, normal. And what is cool about this is when you start to niche down or when you aren't niching down. What happens through your messaging and your marketing is you're alienating the people that are best for you. Right? So it's like you are kind of like the umbrella of like everybody, but nobody's resonating with that. Because nobody can see themselves in that mass message. And so it alienates your best clients to you. So maybe you flip that and use that analogy, Addy, but also decide on a niche and just go, like, no nice drama, no more nice drama, you're just gonna decide and you're gonna go. Right. So that's really, that's really important, though. I know a lot of you guys or a lot of women get. So so hung up on their niche. And yes, it's important. It's important to be specific, right? But what at the end of the day, you just have to decide and go all in, especially up into that Hundred k. Guys, it's like, it's just a matter of like, Are you committed to that niche or not? Yeah, yeah. Okay. So what we're doing is really, in Insight Ten k content collective this month for September, and I, we have a lot of Ten cares here, which is so fun. You guys will see this in your email tomorrow morning, the marketing kit is gonna drop. It's the 30k in 30 Days Challenge K comment below challenge. This is what we're doing for you guys. Okay, so we the month of September, we have built a step by step blueprint for you to follow each day each week for the entire month, that will create 30k In three days for you. Again, it may not be this month or this that month, or but it does, we have the proof of it not just from ourselves, but from some of our clients and, and what we do it within this challenge is we keep you focused, we keep you focused. Now if you're 910 K content collective, what we want to invite you in and what we'll do is help you with your offer help you with your niche, we'll help you map out like what is the result you want to help somebody create, and then we go to work on the challenge. It's very specific what you should be doing each day. And what and clearing the clutter, you guys clear the clutter, most of what you're doing right now does not need to be done. I promise. It's simple. Getting clients is simple comment below getting clients is so simple. So when we a part of this part of this challenge is we have some prep work for you to do and it's all listed out, it's going to drop for you tomorrow morning, if you're in Ten k. If you're not in Ten k Comment Ten k below if you want more info, we'll get you plugged in into next steps. This is our signature coaching program, where we help you create that fastest path to clients. fast path to clients without being weird. I mean, being a genuine person helping more people really simplifying your business so you're not working harder. Okay. And this is where within the 30k in 30 days challenge, we have some prep work for you. Okay, first step is your belief plan, we have to build that belief plan, we have an exercise for you. And then we have a failed plan, which is looks kind of opposite of that. But a lot of you avoid failure. Or a lot of you avoid a lot of you know a lot of you the hesitation and the resistance in your business because of that feeling of failure. So we have an exercise for you where you get to get all of that out of the way. So the rest of the month, you're just focused on the activities that are going to create the most momentum in your business. Like what this is, you guys, it's gonna be such a good month. Here's why you need to know about some tuber. Huge, huge month in the industry. People are settling back into the routines. They feel free to how many of you guys feel free after the kids go back to school, like everybody's in again in the rhythm of their lives again, and now more than ever, you guys people are hiring people like you. They're moving away from traditional education. They're moving away from traditional medicine. That industry is blowing up but the gap is getting bigger, right between those that stay stuck and those that are growing fast and we want you guys we want to show you what it looks like to get in now and grow at that accelerated pace. without losing your mind,

Jenny Beecher:

yes, without losing your mind without having to be Gary Vee and having like, all the things on all the places or, you know, working your ass off, you know, we truly believe that when you when you're asking, you know, like how much time what I'm really hearing you say is, is it going to be worth it for me? Can I fit this into my schedule? And if you were going to create $30,000 months for yourself, what would tie you know, what energy is that worth to you and really showing up with the the attitude and the mindset that like, this is going to work for me. And like I said, I might not get that client today. But everything I'm doing is stepping in that direction. And that's why I'm taking contact, like, why we're rolling this out there because you have the foundation's right, you have the offer in place with the right people that you're talking to. And what it teaches, is how to move away from people that are like, by my tick tock program, by my Instagram program, how to succeed using webinars on, you know, this streaming platform, this is what you do to prevent yourself from having to learn new things over and over again, because what we teach in Ten k is all that you need, regardless of where you're showing up, regardless of what technology company buys, what platform, this is how you get your message out, if you're talking to people in person, if you're talking to people online, all of that. And so taking that and making that easy as possible for you to generate massive amounts of money because you don't have time not to how many of you are burnt out, right? Gotta get to work, but not in the way that's like working harder. Right? It's in permitting yourself, feel the things that are in your way and be like, Alright, fine. Yeah, I'm successful now.

Kinsey Machos:

So good, you guys. So good. So what we have in this marketing kit, it's your step by step plan. Again, if you're in Ten k, yes, tetra, you have to be in Ten k to get the full Blueprint. But just not like even what we delivered today. I hope you guys see like, this is the this is the start of it really just sitting in the belief, but come into Ten k. And you'll get this entire blueprint in addition to the high converting content formulas, right, the plug and play as you guys are growing in your voice and learning your voice, you just having something to plug into that you know will work, right. And also the clarity and the simplicity of your coaching business. You guys, what happens is high end clients, your potential clients, the ones that will invest in one k two k Three k Five k investments aren't the ones that are going to go through several email sequences or webinars or that they just want your thing. And you just seem to tell them that you have a thing. But we have a unique content creation method for this. And so we have formulas that you can use every day, and really plug into this step by step blueprint to create massive momentum for yourself. We have tool setup throughout the month for you to just elevate how you think how you feel how you act, right, and to really plug into the Ten k community as a support system to completely blow your business out of the water. Like I'm so excited for this. I've been dreaming about this challenge for like months. months. Yeah, yeah, yes. So good. So if you guys want more info, if you're not in Ten k, comment Ten k below, we'll get you more info which the next steps Alicia will drop in and get you going so we can get you plugged in right away. Not only that, but we'll offer a special $1,000 off throughout throughout the end of the week. And also you get in in time to come be with us in Dallas, Texas this fall, which is super funny. Got to be in the room. So comment Ten k below for those of you that are in Ten k this will be so fun. You will you will see your email drop in the morning with your marketing kit. And we'll have next steps. We have some special trainings coming up for you. We're just like, oh my gosh, we're so excited. It's so good. Jenny, any last words?

Jenny Beecher:

No, I just really hope to see you guys get ready to crush it like Kinsey said, you guys. industry wide. September is when you want to be out there offering something. This is a fantastic fantastic time to reach for those big goals. And to make it easy for yourself. You know we truly have it set up so like here you go put yourself out there let's do this. So we'd love to see you guys raking it in.

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, making just come Yeah, we can get you next steps. So you can get rolling in. This will be good. I had a thought and it lost me. I thought I don't know something that

Jenny Beecher:

My mind is on Dallas. I'm very unlike it. It's like not even part of this conversation. But I just got excited thinking about having all this amazing energy in the room. You've never been in person. Oh,

Kinsey Machos:

that was Doximity been around dreamers and believers and the wit the Like the women, oh my gosh, and you guys, it's just it's transforming. I just can't even handle it like what's going on? Um, for those of you that are in Tempe drop some fire emojis below. Oh, yes. Shall we'll see you there. Give us some heat. Did you guys love today? Again, comment Ten k below if you want more info, but whatever you do, we'd love you. And we believe in you and 30k in 30 days is one hundred% possible for you. And it's your turn to decide what that looks like. And then take the necessary action to create that, right. And of course, we make it much more simpler for you and we give you the step by step. So why wouldn't you come and join Ten k But regardless, again, you guys really just sort of borrowing our belief in you because you know, it's possible. For solid in that. So good. Alright girls. Do we cover everything? I think so.

Jenny Beecher:

Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. I could go on for days about this topic, but leaving yourself?

Kinsey Machos:

Yes. All right. You guys have a great Thursday, and we're so excited for September, it's going to be so good. The momentum is huge, that I can feel the abundant energy. It's coming for all of you and we just we can't wait to be a part of that with you. Bye, girl. Bye.

Kinsey Machos:

Hey, you, thank you so much for listening. It's an honor to be able to pour into the hearts and minds of like minded entrepreneurs all over the world. But my most favorite part is being able to connect with you in real life. If you love what you heard here, head over to the community where Thousands of female CEOs just like you are changing the world one human at a time. We go deeper into the topics we discuss here and giveaway tangible roadmaps to help you crush your revenue goals to join this high caliber free community head over to https://kinseymachos.com/community. A see you there

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