Kinsey shares her experience with the mastermind journey that elevated her and completely changed her into a new version of herself. This episode is about the key takeaways she learned from hanging out with those brilliant people who are making a great large impact, making a lot of money and have been able to navigate entrepreneurship gracefully.

“I came into this mastermind experience as somebody that felt small and felt like I don't belong. And I walked away, feeling empowered, knowing I am in the right room, knowing that my brilliance is very unique.”

Do not miss these highlights:

  • Being comfortable means being stagnant
  • Navigate through your anxieties and fears so it doesn't consume you
  • There’s a huge Return on Investment in relationships, connections, collaborations, and shared learnings
  • It is not so much about strategy as it is about mindset
  • Entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey and within that spiritual journey is your identity
  • Content is one of your most important assets as an online entrepreneur
  • Immature people let the gap consume them but mature people navigate that gap, lean in it, and let it leverage them 80% of what you know is what most people don't know. Whatever you think is basic is most likely not basic for other people.

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About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers. 


Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Danielle Rama Hoffman:

Welcome to the Seven Figure Spiritual Leader with Danielle Rama Hoffman. Your fast track to partner with source to create your legacy business without overworking. Now let's dive into today's episode.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

Having a thriving transformational business creating a positive impact making great money while having a life isn't as hard as you may think it is. Whether you're looking to grow your clients in your programs on your list, or add a key team member, or you're craving an extra day a week to spend with those you love being in nature or nourishing your body and soul. Are you wish you had an additional 20k in the bank, or perhaps a triple scoop of all three. The Magdalene Codes is where you'll get it. We're starting soon, and we always sell out. So if you'd like to be considered and explore together, if it's an align match, pm me on Facebook.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

Hey, divine leader, today's topic - receiving more without doing more from burnout to brilliant. So in the spirit of receiving more without doing more, as you are taking your seat at this council table today, for this podcast, inviting you to take a few breaths to really arrive and to give yourself the gift of being present. Give yourself the gift of receiving what is here to receive, knowing that if you found your way to this topic, it is not an accident. There have been many synchronicities and life experiences that have led you to being here together, right here right now.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

So what do I mean by receiving more without doing more? Well, let me share an example from one of our clients who had been in business for a year or two. And she was having 30k years. And she started working with us in in various programs. And within about 90 days, she was on track four and was having not only on track, she was on track for her first six figure year which in the meantime, she's had yet she was experiencing these 8k months and this leap in her income. Now the interesting thing about this story was that she actually started working less and doing less. And however she was receiving more, she had more clients in her program. So she was showing up for the same amount of time. And yet she was contributing to more individuals. So that also was fulfilling her desire to have an even bigger impact and change more individuals lives. She also was sharing her magic all along and yet, in this shift, she increased her prices. And so that meant that she also was receiving more money while helping more people and being in her brilliance being in her brilliance. So it's really a story of receiving more without doing more. It also from burnout to brilliance and I'm really passionate about this subject.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

If you are new to me or you haven't heard me share my story. I've been an entrepreneur since the early 90s. And my first business was actually a partner in a massage school. And at that time, I was doing everything. I was taking out the trash I was scheduling the sessions. I was doing the advertisement I was, I was giving massages I was teaching massage I was was a fun time to I was going and working on football players and musicians at their concerts. And it was a really exciting time. And there was this kind of imprint of entrepreneurship, that was all about doing it all, doing more working long hours. And a lot of in order to get to the next level, which at that time was to have a solvent business to have a successful business so that we could keep doing what we loved, it meant kind of running around doing everything. And, and then there, there was a lot that I learned as well, in the different trainings that I took, whether it was massage, or I became a Reiki Master in the early 90s, or just all the different trainings, I was a I my degrees in have a double major in women's studies and in psychology. So that was already an indication that I was like, looking for the balance of, of, of bringing things together that that wholeness. And, and so what I learned in a lot of these healing modalities was also to be a giver, to be a helper to, to give, to give, to give, to serve, to serve. And to, to kind of put my needs is the practitioner blast, which is crazy, these two imprints, and I'm talking about the early 90s here. One is entrepreneurship equals wearing all the hats and doing it yourself. And two, is that when you are in a service oriented business, or when you are a healer, a coach or practitioner, a leader, everyone's needs go before your own. And then if we throw in the whole kit and caboodle of perhaps the the outdated, feminine roles, and the outdated, masculine roles, because it's really kind of representative and those two facets, then there becomes this wobble, and how it is that we show up as as entrepreneurs. And that's also why I'm so passionate about the seven figure spiritual leader is that there is that coming from abundance not coming from lack. And there is using as well the the spirituality, the connection to Source. And then there's that, that leadership. And those three energies coming together are this beautiful, sacred union for receiving more without doing more and it really is a stand now, I don't tend to get on soap boxes. It's just not my nature. I'm very, in general, neutral and diplomatic and I can see all sides of things. And yet, I kind of have a couple of pet peeves going on here. So I'm gonna get on my soapbox box, which is that there there is this kind of hand me down vibration or culture in the the healer, Coach practitioner world, which is that there's a lack of energy or there's a lack of time or there's a lack of money. So a lot of healers, including myself, get into healing or helping others a lot of transformational practitioners get into it, to transform to, to to heal from to heal what's going on. And I I gave sessions and I taught for a lot of years I taught myself I taught Reiki I gave sessions and especially with practitioners. I had a certification program.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:ends and, and all of that, to:Danielle Rama Hoffman:

So back to our theme here receiving more without doing more was that I was burnout. I wasn't I wasn't brilliant, I was, I was really in this place of depletion, which are overextension, which, again, isn't loving to me or to my clients, or isn't really positioning me to be in a place of overflow and a place of surplus. And, and I'm really a stand for changing that. Within the transformational industry for those that are choosing to and so there's, there's these different times and I invite you to kind of look at your life experience. When you have received more, you've received more abundance, maybe you've received more money, and then that there was with it a an over extension or an over working or a burnout or running on fumes or really having that out of balance masculine energy of doing doing doing doing doing. And that most likely when there's some kind of a stuck place or a ceiling that doesn't get passed, or surpassed. Most likely likely it's because of that there's like how can I receive more when I'm already tapped out. Now there's other things that are involved with that, but that's the one that we're really going into into now.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

And so as I've continued on my journey and have grown as the seven figure spiritual leader, there does come this point where hustling more and doing more It just doesn't create more than actually, it's like What Got You Here Won't Get You There so often what gets you starting your business and that's also why I love so much the story about my client was that she would she's early on in her business. And she, she didn't have to wait however many years until crossing six fingers like she did it faster. And that's also the brilliance of partnering and co-creating and choosing to hire a mentor or someone that walks the path with you. And, and so at these different times, you come to this place where you recognize, okay, well, burnouts a possibility, and, and then so and then there's like a tapped out, there's only so much more action that can be taken. And that's where the receiving more without doing more starts to happen. And so on a physical plane business strategy kind of way, that can mean changing your business model, adding a premium program, these these kinds of these kinds of things. And yeah, what I want to bring forward is that one of the ways to receive more without doing more is to be more tapped into your connection with source and more connect, tapped into the different dimensions where you reside. And so it's like when you are taking action in this Now moment, and you're connected to your partnership with source and you're using the multi dimensional planes, you're using your magic, you're using your brilliance you're using, also whatever it is that you share with others, because that's a big faux pas that I see is that oftentimes we give freely what we're brilliant at others, and yet, we don't give it to ourselves. And so, when you start to be tapped into non physical energy, and your non physical energy as a way of receiving more, then then things can expand in a way that you are multiplying your results or exponentiating your results without multiplying or exponentiating your your effort.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

And so this is a lot of what we are up to in the Magdalene codes multi abundance method, which really is about also working with your field your your energy field to to receive more without doing more to to create even better results without working more hours or working less hours. That's something that we see a lot with our our Magdalene codes is that they they actually take back at least 20% of their time to be nourishing themselves and knowing that when we do that we're actually have higher contribution to to others and, and so with the Magdalene codes and multi abundance method, there also is a lot about how your field your energy field and particularly your abundance field because it really turns on your abundance body like you have your energy body or emotional body, your mental body, your physical body, it turns on your abundance body and when your abundance body is turned on, and your heart is open and and you're you've expanded your field you've expanded your receptor sites, you've expanded your capacity to to not only be connected to source in this vertical way get also very much in this horizontal way. Then there becomes this adeptness with receiving more without doing more on the higher plane level.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

So I'd love to bring in Thoth and the Magdelenes here to get their input on this topic, inviting you to reconnect to the energy of love and appreciation, which is naturally opening up your DNA and positioning you to receive more in the heart is one of the most receptive, highly receptive areas. So you may also tune in to the back in between your shoulder blades, the back of your heart. And that place where your Ascended Master wings would be, to to open up to receive more of your choosing.

Thoth; Council of Light:

Hello dear ones, this is Thoth with the Magdelenes, the midwives, past present and future, including ISIS and Ana, grandmother of Yeshua, and Naftes as well, moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. As we are gathering here, we would underscore or highlight or put in bold, what your beloved divine transmitter Danielle has shared. So, brilliantly, which is that you are expanding beyond your three dimensional experience of your body, your mind and your emotions. By opening the heart, by opening the heart, there is a lot that is possible in this new paradigm of existence, and more possibilities become available, when you are in a resourced state, when you are in a resourced state, and the energy of love, the energy of divine love, the energy of neutrality, the energy of inclusion also creates a greater capacity to be receiving in all dimensions and places and spaces where you reside. So we're taking a moment to calibrate the energies, because part of our mission with this podcast is to not only share this heart wisdom of the new paradigm, yet also to provide an experience of it for when you have an experience of non physical energy, when you have an experience of higher vibrations, when you have an experience of relaxing, and in that relaxation, things begin to change for the better, then that is where your reality of what you know to be true in the higher planes or the energy realm crosses into your life and into your business. And so it's less about the words that we are sharing at this point. And it's more about the vibration. And so while we are broadcasting this vibration, we would invite you to get clear on where are some places that you could be receiving more without doing more. Now, this may be very obvious to you for if you have been in the role of being a very active and doing and perhaps the do it alone mentality, then when you stop, when you stop overdoing, that creates a void that gets filled by others, it gets filled by others. So, if you have a team, for example, in your business, and you have been micromanaging your team, or you have been in a place of, of hyper vigilance, or controlling, and you stop that, and you focus on your brilliance, because that's also what can cause the burnout is when you are in areas that aren't really your genius, when you are trying to do the job of 18. And, and then what begins to unfold is that for you, you'll notice that others the other step up, and that they actually have most likely have been having that capacity all along. And yet, you you haven't been open to receiving from others. Now, we know the receiving can feel dangerous to your system, we know that receiving in the old paradigm of survival consciousness can feel as if you you have to watch your your Mac in order to survive in order to not get dead in order to to keep going and with your with your mission to be in the physical plane to fulfill your mission. And so we aren't saying that you are eradicate all of those coping mechanisms of the old paradigm all at once. And that's also as we are partnering with those of you who choose to partner with us on a deeper level, there there is that where it becomes natural, it becomes natural, it becomes that next natural step. So we would invite you to write down or contemplate or meditate on where are some specific areas that I meaning you could receive more without doing more. So if you, for example, are an entrepreneur, and you have a group program, and your group program hasn't been selling out, there's you you can you can contribute more to more individuals, like what Danielle was sharing in the beginning with one of her clients is that her clients, not all the seats in her program were full, and that her her investment actually wasn't needed to be to be raised for her and also for her clients to receive an even greater transformation. So that might be an example where rather than offering that program three times or eight times during the year, when you offer it, it's full. And that's something that we consistently see when when individuals partner with us is that those upper ceilings get get transcended, and more fully realize actualizaciones and manifestations begin to happen. And it's not because they start doing more actually, it often is because there's a doing less, and then there's a leveraging of the superpowers of the non physical realm. And then there also is this greater re resources. So as we're completing here, we'll leave you with an image. And this is the one of the arcade games that Danielle loved playing as a kid and was fascinated with, which was the coin pusher game and you can google it too. See it. But basically, it is where there is this bar in the middle that's going back and forth. And there are coins quarters that are on each side. And then there's this chute, that that things are, are leaning over the quarter, you're leaning over, they're almost ready to come into the chute into receiving more. So if this is on the edge, your your clients, your programs being sold out more money more time, whatever that those those energies that will support you and you're brilliant, that they're there. They're ready to to come in. And as we we partner with those that we haven't a divine appointment with. And it's it's your choice, like in the marathon codes, multi abundance method, what happens is rather than just keep putting the effort in, keep putting the other quarter in and the quarter just slides on top of the other ones. There's no leverage, that, that that that energy, that next effort is connected in a way it's positioned in a way that then when this bar goes and that little next step comes in it just it is that momentum for everything to come down the chute. And so we would invite you to just identify where are the areas that you could be receiving more without doing more? And then what would you need to stop doing or what's the different dance step that you'll take to receive more without doing so will complete here. As always, we are extending our love and appreciation for your contribution to the evolution in consciousness. All this light and love and we are all.