In the upcoming episodes, we are excited to bring you three of our classes from Kinsey’s Signature to Seven Mastermind that was recently held. It was just too good not to share so if you were unavailable to attend, here is a little taste of what you missed.

The Signature to Seven Mastermind is designed to give you the tools, the resources, and the right mindset to create a high-end coaching program, whether that's either one-to-one or group.  In this episode, Kinsey shares the evolution of Coaching and the Pathway to Success Method. 

Do not miss these highlights:

01:41 – Information alone will not create results, It's the action that creates the results 

06:51 – Kinsey shares what has brought her into this journey of coaching and finding her calling to help others increase their own coaching ventures. 

22:27 – The first phase of the Evolution of Coaching – Solopreneur and it’s biggest challenges

26:18  – The Expert Phase is the second phase of the Evolution of Coaching. Find out what you need to keep an eye on. 

30:18  – Two things that you need to consider when you are thinking about accelerating is Implementation and Identity.

32:02 – Learn more about the Unique Pathway to Success Method and Scaling your Brilliance

35:40 – It's so important to start with some level of one to one, because you need to have insight into your pathway to success

37:47 – Your intellectual property will become the epicenter for everything else.

40:22 – The importance of having a program with evergreen enrollment.

About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers. 


Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:

Happy day one of your signature to seven, three day workshop, this is going to be so fun, I'm so excited. So hey, oh, my goodness, I am so excited to pour into you today. This is one of my favorite, favorite favorite workshops that we've designed from several over the last couple years. And I have to say, this is one of my favorites. So and it's really meant to give you the tools, the resources and the right mindset to create a high end coaching program, whether that's a one to one or group, we're going to talk about that. But also the the the give you the arsenal, right of marketing, and selling and messaging and all the things it's going to be so fun, you guys, I have so much goal to deliver for you to you over the next three days. So So let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:

We design this so that there's action items at the end of this. So what we know about what works is that information alone will not create results. In person information alone will not create results, right? It's the action, it's the action that actually creates the results comment action creates results for low, it's really important that you guys understand this, because what we find is a lot of coaches, a lot of entrepreneurs will be distracted or be thinking that they're busy with all the doing things, right of information consuming. And that's actually not going to be super beneficial for your business. Okay, so there has to be a ratio in consuming of content, right to implementation. And so when we created this, we really designed it so that each day, right, we're giving you something to take action on. And we want you to share that with us. So we'll have a homework thread, I'll give you your your action items at the end of each training. And then we ask you to share that in this specific homework that in the Facebook group came. And this allows us to really help like coach you support you, it shows off your your brilliance, your offer. So there's obviously opportunities for connection and collaboration. But again, I want you to get the most out of these next three days, okay, so that we got some fire emojis actually creates results. Good, good, good. Okay, I'm going to bring up my slide here. But what I want to first do is just take a quick roll call to really get a feel for right, the where you're at on your journey, right, we attract lots of different coaches on different journeys. And while this information will be applicable to you, in whichever phase you're in, I just love to see the difference or the the various the variety in the audience that we have. Okay, so comment below. And if you're just getting started and or you've got a few clients, okay, comment to below if you're almost fully booked or fully booked, and you're starting to pivot towards group coaching programs. Or number three, if you've already you already have a group coaching program, but you're really just ready to take that to the next level. So this just this, again, gives us insight into the variety, the flavor we have here. And also when we learn you guys individually better, it allows us to give you some coaching, right, like some individualized coaching. Because while this information again is applicable to all of you, my advice or my suggestions on next steps relative to the information that you're given right will be slightly different. Okay, we got some Ohio Awesome. Okay, we got lots of ones good, good, good. So good. So glad you guys are here. Um, and what you'll find is, um, we all start at one right and so Jen at three awesome. So you've got a converting group coaching program, tell me the name of your coaching program, I'd love to know. Um, and when we can, again apply so what happens is, if we're being super honest, is there's a lot of coaches, a lot of experts a lot of gurus in, in the industry that will coach to a specific pathway, right or specific strategy and kind of blanket, apply that to wherever you're at, but the truth is you buys, there is a time and a place for specific strategies. And I'm gonna show you what that looks like here in a little bit. But you really do have to put your filter on, like if you try to do all the things, right. But if you're just getting started and your focus is getting clients, right, but you're starting to do things that maybe somebody already has the coaching program is doing, you will stall out, that is where we will lose momentum. And so what I want to show you today is what you should be focused on in each phase, and what you need to be avoiding in each phase in order to accelerate your results. Okay, so today we're going to talk about evolution of coaching. I'm also going to talk about our unique pathway to success method that allows you to design to design a coaching program that gives your clients results, right, whether it's private or group. And then tomorrow, we're gonna talk about the messaging, the marketing, and I'm going to give you some super secret ninja tricks that we've been leveraging by our Facebook groups. Okay, so we'll talk about that tomorrow. And then day three, one of my favorite days, we're talking about our category Queen launch method. And this is the launch method that we use to fill up our coaching programs with premium clients. Okay, are you ready for that? Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to like, freaking pour all the way into you guys. After these trainings, I literally have to like, go, like sit and I pour so much here. My energy goes all into these, but I am like, dead after these. My husband's like, Oh, cool. Yep, just training to like, totally knows by my body language. So I, this is how much I love you. Okay. All right. So we've got a roll call, we've got a feel for what is going on where we're at and the different feel for right, all the expertise here.

Kinsey Machos:er had it but who does at age:Kinsey Machos:

And so what I'm going to show you today is exactly how we went from right, not just from walking away from corporate and hitting our first six figures, but also how we were able to take one to two core offers, and turn that into right those big 50k months. Okay? And it's simple, it's simple, whoever has told you that is complicated. Is is is is telling you BS, it is simple, but where we get hung up, right is how easy the easiness comes from what you think about it. Okay, so I just want to know, does that story resonate with you, I want to talk about obviously, the evolution of coaching and where you want to place yourself and, and what to avoid. But I want you to be able to see parts of you right in the journey. My journey has been, quote unquote, fast success, like there, it's been very, very quick in comparison to most and I want to show you why. But most of all, I want you to feel encouraged, I want you to feel encouraged, because wherever you're at right now, as long as your decisions, right and your action align with where you're wanting to go, you have no idea what's possible for you. Let's talk about the evolution of coaching. Now, why this is important, again, is because we are very, very cognizant and aware that everybody comes into right, these workshops and our programs in different levels. And the last thing I want you to do is apply a strategy that is not in line with where you're at, right, of course, we're always going to be future pacing and working towards where we're going. But if you're spinning out on advanced strategies, when you just need to be focused on one or two core things, you're losing out on a lot, a lot of opportunity.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, now the first phase of the first phase of coaching, the evolution of coaching is the solopreneur. This is when you're just getting started, right. And if we had to put a revenue to it, again, this is not concrete. But sometimes it helps to just see four numbers. And this is this is an REO as well, it's zero to 10k months, okay, solopreneur you're just getting started getting steam in the industry, okay. Now, this might also apply to you if you've pivoted, maybe you've had a brick and mortar business and you're moving online. And you're again, it's the feeling it's the kind of thinking of the structure of that. And so again, it might feel like you're starting over. But this also could apply to you if you've had to pivot niches or whatever, like I don't want to get into the details. But the point is, when you're a solopreneur, your biggest, your biggest that your your biggest challenge is imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome, okay. It's, it's the feeling that you are not worthy enough to be teaching this. There's too many other people teaching what you're teaching or coaching, what you're coaching, doing what you're doing. You're not good enough, this isn't good enough, right? So how many of you have struggled with imposter syndrome. So why this is important to keep an eye out for because this will slow you down in this phase 100. This usually actually, unfortunately, a lot of people quit before they ever go beyond solopreneur because of imposter syndrome. And again, this manifests in different ways. But when you aren't feeling worthy enough, or you're not feeling good enough, what happens is you become distracted. You you, you trick yourself into believing you're busy by doing things that don't matter, like building website, building a funnel, doing ads, right, like creating all the content, but when you're in solopreneur phase, you guys, you your core focus is making offers and getting clients. It really is simple. The equation right for getting clients is offers made minus nose equals guesses. And if you think about the most simple formula for increasing your revenue or getting getting more clients, it boils down to making more offers. Okay? Now again, a lot of you are like well I still After like, you know, I have to be on social adequate content. Yes, those are things and we teach you how to do those things. But it gives you a better perspective of what you should and shouldn't be wasting your time on. At the end of the day. It's prioritizing, making more offers and talking to more people, okay? Now, forever told you you need ads, or you need funnels, or you need a website or whatever. In order to start out, I'm telling you right now, that is not the case, hey, I hit my first six figures with a janky website that still hasn't been updated. I know funnels, no ads, okay, it was myself, my belief, right and me giving value through conversations, content in my community, okay, and we're gonna talk about Facebook groups tomorrow, I call this community, um, but it was really, really staying focused, okay, and we don't want to get squarely brain here. Because so easily again, you'll trick yourself into thinking you're busy. But most often, it's just an avert, you're just avoiding something bigger, which is making offers, right, like how many of you will avoid having to make an offer or selling, right? Because it feels uncomfortable. Like, you guys, I tell him you, this is really, really important to key into

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, now, the second phase is the expert phase came. And again, if we had to play some revenue here, we'll do that, but this is like 10k to 100k months, okay? Now, the expert phases when you now you're you've got rhythm, you at least have the will a you have the belief right there, because you're getting clients, right? So it's Bill that you're able to step into more confidence as the expert, you're going a little bit deeper with your ideas, your unique pathway, right, and you're starting to scale to the point where you need another offer. Now, in solopreneurs advice. Again, this idea that group coaching is is the best way to launch your business. There's elements of that that are not okay, so what I'm going to teach you today is this concept of really thinking about working with private clients first, so that you can effectively scale that group coaching program. Okay, I'm going to talk about that here in a little bit. And I know that's very, very, contrary to what most most experts in my space teach, because group coaching is the most scalable, but group coaching will flop if you haven't mastered the few things that you need to master while working privately with clients. Okay? So the expert phase is when you're starting to scale right with another offer, probably a group model. And you've got that rhythm in getting clients, okay, now, the biggest thing you need to keep an eye on here is, is really getting distracted with complexity, okay. So a lot of times people will start to make more money, and then they start to overcomplicate it. But in the expert phase, all you're doing is you're just doing more of what is already working. More of what is already working, okay. So what you want to keep an eye here for is, right, being able to have those scalable offers in expert phase, and then turning up the volume for beats, okay. exper is a matter of just lead volume, okay, this is when we're starting to dip into ads, and we're starting to dip into cold audiences, okay. And when you can convert cold audiences, guys, that is when everything lifts, right, and we're going to get into this field. Okay, the CEO phase 100k plus months. And this is when you are truly you've started to delegate, you're, you're you're starting to build out your team, right, your team is doing things for you, your offers are scaling, you've got the volume, and now it's just a matter of again, of scaling, right, the volume of leads, and clients and team. Okay. And again, the biggest thing for the CEO to look out for is this idea of like, I need to do it all myself, and not starting to really build that high performing team. Okay. On day three, you guys will show me, um, you will show me or I will show you our launch model. And I basically, I've been able to delegate and systemize everything in our launches, right? So that I'm just showing up. And this is the power when you step into that CEO and I want you to start thinking about, right what it would mean to step into parts of a seat now, because I want you to always be future pacing yourself. Right. But if you're already there, what we need to be focusing on is building the infrastructure for sales and marketing to happen without you.Right? Yeah, so I'm gonna get into the design here in a second. So what I want you to do, again, is just place yourself in just comment below. I think we've got a lot solopreneurs and we've got some experts and CEOs, but what I want you to again, think about is what do I need to be avoiding or keying into in each of these phases, because those will become your biggest pain points and or momentum killers.

Kinsey Machos:

And we see it all the time. Okay, so would we think about accelerating from experts or sorry, solopreneurs experts to two things implementation and identity. Okay, implementation and identity implementation really is about Okay. Um, it's this idea, like, I have big picture vision, but are you taking the action that's aligned with big picture vision, okay. And I love this quote by W. Clement Stone, no matter how carefully you plan your goals, they will never be more than pipe dreams, unless you pursue with gusto. gusto. And so if you guys are here to go all in, what I'm going to ask you, of course, is, are you willing to go all in with your action, not your words, but your action, okay? And when we think about identity, it's allowing you to be in the energy of where you're going, and then allowing, right what your circumstances are to be shaped from the beam. So if you're like, Oh, I'm at 10k months, and I will, you know, I'll wait to do the things that, um, then I'll be, you know, once I hit 100k months, then I can be the CEO, then I can delegate, but you have to be constantly future pacing, your identity, because you're just going to get same thing. If you're operating. Same thing. Okay. Is this making sense? Yes. Yes. I'm good. Good. I don't have an offer because I can't decide she vicious self defeating cycle. Yeah, it's just a decision. Don't put any more attention into that other than just making a decision and going for it. Right. So the the phase one is the indecision 100%, that will keep you stuck. Okay. Now, I want to show you the model for which I want to really you guys to think about and then I think someone's asking, yes, we're going to be getting into designing a program. So I'm going to go over our success method, but this is how this works.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, when we think about scaling your brilliance, and accelerating your pathway, right to 100k months, this is what I want you to consider, okay? How many of you guys have seen this triangle of some people call it a value ladder, some people call it an ascension model. But the bottom right is done, do it yourself. So those are courses, right? The middle is done with you. So these are like group coaching programs, where there's some sort of coaching involved, it's not just buy the course and take it on your own. And the top is done for you. So done for you is more agency model, or it can even be a higher level one to one service. How many of you guys have this flushed out? Right now, maybe you have a course and a coaching program, maybe you've got to put your program and just a one to one. But this is generally this is over taught, in my opinion, in our industry. And what I want you to do is think a little bit differently about how we're going to scale your group coaching program, right, or your high end coaching program, and where to start. Okay, so what we want to do, because traditionally what people say what we see is people come to the industry, with courses, but this idea of taking, like I'm gonna hit six figures with courses, right. But if you're selling low ticket offers you guys, it's gonna be so hard to scale, especially while you're building audiences, right, and you're really dialing in your premium client, you're really nailing the messaging, the marketing, etc. And so I never want you to have a course a traditional course course, which is like, buy it online, like the client or the customer is responsible for buying the course and getting the results on their own right, they have no involvement with you as the expert. You don't learn a lot from that, like as a coach, it's there's not a lot of takeaways you can get from somebody just buying your information. And I'm taking it on their own. So at least we want to have some sort of coaching element came. And what happens is though, they like try to scale this like janky, this heavy model, of course, to maybe some group coaching, private coaching, but I want you to do is consider for those of you that have already had your one to one product or your one to one service, we're just going horizontal with that. Okay? Horizontal comment horizontal below this is really, really important. So that done for you that top pyramid is your highest level service. This is where you're doing maybe one to one, maybe one to many, but what we're doing is we're just taking what you got from right what you learn from those one to one clients, and we're just going horizontal with it and we're turning that into your group coaching program.

Kinsey Machos:

That is your done with you model Okay, and what from this right so this is from a price perspective, you guys, there is no reason why. Right? So what we see is like, Oh, I'm going to do one to one. And then I'm going to launch my group program. And it's, it's less. No, no, no, what we're doing was great. We're going horizontal with your done for you, right, your one to one. And we're turning that pathway into a done with you a group coaching program, we're either keeping the price the same or increasing it and then right, we're increasing your one to one if you choose to have a back end, one to one or mastermind, okay, but so many of you're like, what content or what do I do with you, but this is why it's so important to start with some level of one to one, because you need to have insight into your pathway to success. Okay, this is your intellectual property. Okay. Intellectual property, comment below pathway to success. This is so important, guys, this will make you millions of dollars. Okay, millions of dollars, if you're still with me. Okay, pathway to success. So what we've done is we've learned more about our clients through one service came, and we have really spotted what gets them results, what's working for them, what's not what, what, what you love, and maybe you don't love to teach certain elements of what you've been coaching on, and we take what works and that's what we scale. Okay, so the pathway to success is where your person is starting. So your ideal client, the person that you are working, one to one with, Okay, where is where are they starting, which is their undesired state, hey, comment, undesired, okay. And the end of this is the desired state case, we have point A to point B, and your group coaching, right, your program, even if you're one to one, you should be thinking about where am I taking? Where are they starting them? And where am I taking them? Because within that become the milestones, right? And the key pillars of your intellectual property.

Kinsey Machos:

Okay, are you guys with me, just give me some, some emojis below if you guys are still with me, again, this is a little advanced. And not this isn't kosher enough. But this is really, really important to walk away with because your program, your intellectual property will become the epicenter for everything else, your messaging, your marketing, your selling your team, your structure, right? And when you can really solidify this pathway to success, right? You know, what creates results for your clients? Can we scale it, okay? And what this looks like is simply creating that core content. Okay, so I'm going to go back to here. So on top of that pathway to success, all we're doing is we're implementing coaching content and community on top of that, that becomes the container where they're going to create success. Okay, the content, the curriculum, we like to use curriculum, it sounds so corny, but it truly is the content is the curriculum, right. So if you think about when you join a program, the first thing you're going to do, right is binge on the content, but we want to do is make sure that that content is really dialed in, right from taking them from point A to point B, and nothing more. Now, a lot of you will think I need to over deliver, I need to give more. But if you have more than five to six key pillars, you might have too much in your offer, you might have too much in your program. And we love for this front end offer. So where we're designing this program, this front end offer, we'd love to have a front end, where we're just getting those quick wins, right? We'd love to keep it shorter, 14 weeks, 16 weeks, and then you can offer them an extension, right? Once they have the win, then we offer the back end, okay, I'm not gonna talk about much about back end. But that's something to consider how long want to work with them?

Kinsey Machos:

A year, in my opinion, too long, six months, maybe too long, too. But if you find that you're shoving too much in there where you need more time with them, then you have too much info. Okay, cut some out and save that for a back end offer. Okay, so going back to this idea of the trifecta, okay. So you have your, your your, your core pathway, your pathway to success, which is going to inform the content, right? It's going to inform how you coach them, right and you're going to create a community around it, which is again, the ultimate trifecta for them to create results. So instead of creating it on their own right you have they have the coaching support, they and they also have, right the community that they get to plug into which takes weight off of you as a coach, okay? Now, there's so many different ways that we can design this. But we always want you guys to be signing clients. So if you feel like you have to do cohorts, we want you to have at least one offer that you can have clients all the time. Our we help you design a program that you can have evergreen enrollment, right, which means you have the core curriculum, and they have a coaching schedule where it's like, they just show up with the questions. But this is how we take right this, this group coaching model this pathway to success, and it couldn't scale because you can plug anybody into it at any time, and they're going to create better results for themselves. is so good. Okay, I'm gonna pause there, like what, uh, tell me some some takeaways here. I sped through that very, very fast, but I want to make sure you guys have, I want to make sure you anchor in something. So share takeaway, what I want to go back to, again, this pathway to success. This will inform again, content messaging marketing, okay. So if you think about, for instance, we take right, we help our we help our clients get to 10k months through organic marketing. And so that's right, that's the end point where they're starting, right, obviously, there's going to be very varied portions where they start, we have a program for beginners, right? But then we have a more advanced program for more seasoned coaches, right. But in between them is like this step. It's the milestones, right? So it's like, it's validating your high ticket offer, right? It's designing your evergreen launch method. It's having your sales team. So those are many milestones to the endpoint. And so when we think about, again, talking our content or messaging, our when we think about building awareness, to our grander theme, we pull from this pathway to success, and we're able to demonstrate how we create, create results for our clients in several different ways. Good.

Kinsey Machos:o the space, right because of: