3 Reasons Why FB Live Will Change Your Business

Live Video is here to stay, and whether you think you’re “camera-ready” or not, it’s time to put yourself in the position to GET READY.

Here’s why doing LIVE video is so important to your online marketing strategy and your business growth:

The algorithm favors live videos over recorded videos

If you want to grow your audience and capture new leads in your business, you’ve got to get in front of new eyeballs. Facebook will show more people your live video than it will a recorded video (or even a typical post). And generally, people stop to pay attention to videos — especially if you have a compelling headline and a stand-out message to share.

People can connect you with you in a more personal, authentic way

Video captures you in such a bigger way than words. Even if you’re an incredible content creator, written words will never do you justice like a video interaction will. It allows people to see your coaching style, gives your audience a flavor of your personality, and will attract your ideal clients faster. Authenticity will always win, and video displays your heart in a much more genuine way.

It’s a quick and easy way to position yourself as the expert

Your role as a business owner is to get your audience to see you as the expert in your industry. It’s critical to be creating “expert status” content that captures people’s attention. Video does this quicker than written posts because you’ll stand out as a leader just by way of DOING live videos. Make sure to be INTENTIONAL with your FB live videos. Do NOT just pop in and chat. This is primarily meant to grow an audience around your expertise so that you can convert those to eager clients.

If you aren’t sure what to say, grab three of my favorite scripts for FB Live here.

So, now that I’ve fully convinced you that FB Live needs to be a part of your strategy, you might be wondering what you need in order to get started. Most of my clients get stuck into thinking they need the perfect set up to get going, and while it’s awesome to have polished videos, don’t let that hold you back from starting TODAY.

But if you’re ready to invest a little into your business, hop over here to see the EXACT tools I’ve been using for live video for YEARS.

Lastly, I want you to know it’s going to feel messy at first. But that’s where we ALL started. Heck, watching my old live videos almost make me cringe.

But make the commitment to do this on a regular basis and you WILL become an expert. Not only that, but you’ll become so much more skilled in speaking and training which is a MUST for coaches and consultants.

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