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work with me - Kinsey Machos

Looking for an Experienced Mentor?

I help coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs build their influence, impact and income by maximizing their visibility online so that they can get known as an expert in their industry, stand out in the noise, and attract high-quality clients.

As a recovering perfectionist, people pleaser and self-sabotager, I’ve been able to break the mold of what others think I need to be and have stepped into the most powerful version of myself. This has enabled me to help others uncover their magic, solidify their messaging, and step into the expert their meant to be. Using my methods and frameworks, clients have launched their dream businesses, tripled their income, become published authors, stepped away from corporate america to pursue their dreams, and so much more..

You’re totally in good hands, my friend.


This is my signature program where I personally work with you in a mastermind container to magnetize your marketing, create your irresistible offer, and build a lead generation strategy that feels fun and easy. If you are ready to capture the attention of your dream clients, get known as the go-to coach in your industry, and sell out your programs & services, apply now!

6 Month Private Coaching for Mindset, Marketing & Sales

This experience is for you if you’re hitting consistent 4-figure months but want to scale to 5-figure months with ease and flow. I personally work with you to create your unique positioning in the industry, create a marketing and content strategy that maximizes your visibility to attract high-quality leads, and build a lead generation system that keeps people knocking at your door month after month.

I’ll do a complete overview of your current marketing and content material, review all offers and services for streamlining opportunities, and map out your multiple six-figure/seven-figure business plan.

VIP Intensive

This is for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs that are ready to fast track their success and gain massive clarity in how to take their business and brand to the next level. We spend 2-3 hour blocks together with a 60 and 90 day follow-up plan with ongoing access to me during implementation. This is customized to meet your business and revenue goals.