93: From Resisting Coaching to Changing People’s Lives with Lety Algeri

Lety is a health coach who specializes in helping busy women create a healthy & energetic lifestyle without having to starve themselves, exercise their faces off or sacrifice the things they love…

Her energy & wisdom changes the dynamic of any room (in person or online) and the results she creates for people are literally off the charts.

However, she had resisted health coaching for a long time due to some bad experiences with it awhile back…

But as a teacher by trade and a heart-centered entrepreneur, she knew she had knowledge & tools that so many women needed in order to live their fullest lives…

So she decided to give it another shot and step back into the health coaching arena… and OMG — she’s CRUSHING it.

Learn why and how it was different this time around and how she launched her first group experience ($6,000 in revenue) without funnels, advertising, or having ANYTHING built yet.


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Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thrivewithlety

Website: www.LetyAlgeri.com



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