80: Overcoming Money Blocks So You Can Charge Your Worth with Kari Olson

If you’re struggling in your relationship with money, you will love hearing from today’s guest. Kari Olson is a Christian Mindset & Business Strategist who helps entrepreneurs step into their purpose and heart’s desire.

Kari’s money mindset was established early on when she and her sister would tiptoe around the house when their dad would come home for lunch from a job he hated. He’d take a nap, and return to the same job and come home in the evenings after an afternoon of unsatisfying work. It paid the bills but wasn’t satisfying for him. 

It wasn’t until a financial crisis in her own life that Kari took stock of her own relationship with money. Her little girl came to her with her cheetah print suitcase full of her treasured books, rocks, and seashells to sell. Kari used that moment to begin taking charge and shifting her money mindset. 

Tap into Kari’s expertise on examining your own money story and understanding that what you have to offer is valuable. You’ll learn which actions to take to gain clarity around your true purpose, and in doing so, living in abundance. 


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