74: Leading by Example As A Mother, Teacher, and Entrepreneur with Nellie Harden

Today’s guest Nellie Harden is no stranger to the homeschooling/virtual learning space. In the wake of her husband’s health crisis six years ago, Nellie decided to homeschool their four children. After some trial and error, she created a homeschooling environment that not only enriched her relationships with her children, but also allowed them to flourish as well. 

It was a chance encounter at the nail salon that prompted Nellie to offer her wisdom to a wider audience, and now she wants to share it with all of you. 

If you’re a parent who is new to homeschooling/virtual learning, or if you’re a veteran homeschooling/virtual learning parent, Nellie can help you shift from the traditional education mindset and into one that focuses on creating connections with your kids while in the homeschool/virtual learning space. 

Learn how you can be the most effective architect of the first (18-20) years of your child’s life. 


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