69: Perfectly Positioning Yourself for A Transformation & Writing Your Book in 90 Days or Less with Angela Aja

This week I’m joined by Transformational Coach and Best Selling Author, Angela Aja, who will be sharing with us her own story of transformation. Angela found her world completely turned upside down one day and had to learn how to rebuild her life from almost nothing. You’ll find incredible inspiration from her store as well as the tools for framing your own narrative as a source of strength and resilience, no matter how difficult the loss. 

It was Angela’s own experience with a life coach that led her to create the transformational and author coaching business she has today. As a Book Writing Coach, she shows you how possible (and easy) it is to write a book in 90 days or less even if you feel like you’re not sure how to share your story.

Please join me for this AMAZING episode with Angela as we talk transformation!


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