In this episode Kinsey explains her journey of finding the perfect way to plan her content. She helps us understand and navigate through the stress of creating your own personal content and knowing when to send it out to the world. Kinsey's idea of the best way to find your content planning system will not be what you think!
Kinsey interviews Jenny Beecher, Founder of the Velocity Code and a Life Coach. They discuss owning your own business and how past traumas can affect and show up in your everyday business making decisions. Kinsey and Jenny talk about how you need to understand and dive into your past traumas in order to overcome fears that will impact your business negatively. Jenny believes there are three core fears that stop people from being whole with their power and the tools we can use to overcome them.
In this episode, Kinsey talks about how your attitude around money is directly related to your sales and your business. Growing up in a modest household with just her mother, she thought from a young age that not having money equated to not being enough. As Kinsey grew older and created her own business she realized that if you do not invest in your business, why would other people? Discover how to recreate your relationship with money and invest in yourself so that other people will too!
In this encore presentation of a Launch It Girl episode, Kinsey sits down with Ayelet Shipley, a High-Performance Mindset Coach. Ayelet shares how her life changed when she attended Russel Brunson’s mastermind while she was in school studying to become a therapist. She shares her lightbulb moment that led her to start her own business instead. If you’re looking to monetize and create a business around your story and your message, this is the episode for you.
The truth is that an identity crisis is a needed process for you to not only stay humble, but also a reminder that you are constantly evolving. In this episode, Kinsey takes you on a journey through the impact that an identity crisis can have on you, the separation of your former self, into the person that you are becoming and the overall positive effect that it will have on you.
“What do I give away for free versus what do I protect or save for paid clients?” Just asking this question can add unneeded drama to your content strategy. Listen as Kinsey delves into this question and explains where your focus would suit you better in order to move you into your next level of business and success.