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Episodes - Kinsey Machos


As Thought Leaders, the biggest gift we can give to those who seek us for guidance and mentorship is to show the full picture; not just how we’ve won but how we’ve lost.
Maximize your revenue and reach with an online presence that’s undeniable. You don’t need to spend time gaining more followers, studying hashtags, or trying to go viral. All you need to do is steward the following you already have and learn how to monetize your expertise with a content strategy that converts leads into clients (even if you have a tiny audience).
You can change your entire life when you learn how to use your unique expertise to help other people. In this episode, I share the personal and professional transformation I experienced when I realized I had a unique set of skills that would allow me to create more time and financial freedom on my own terms.
Are you ready to walk into a new era together? Welcome to the new face and brand of The Category Queen Show!
Identifying your ideal client isn’t necessarily going to increase your revenue, increase your profit, or grow your business. In this episode, we discuss the difference between an “ideal client” and a “premium client” and how to identify your best-match audience for your unique brilliance.
Your relationship with money impacts how you market your coaching offers.  It also impacts how you price your programs, how…