If you try to replicate success without understanding the sequence behind success, you will burn out. Join Kinsey, Jenny, and Ayelet as they bring their collective genius to the table and walk you through the 3 stages of growth, how to go from zero to a 7-figure business, and what mistakes to avoid in the process.
If you’ve relied on “working hard” to get where you are today, growing to the next level of business will require you to let go of this mentality, especially if you are trying to build a business that doesn’t require more of your time each week. Listen to this episode as Kinsey and Jenny discuss the mistakes female entrepreneurs commonly make when growing their coaching business and what happens when you start to create success outside of the common belief: ‘If I just work a little harder, I know I’ll be more successful.’
In this week’s episode, Kinsey shows you how to prepare your business for the 100K milestone (and beyond). Once you understand what the next level of your business looks like, every result you create in your business won’t just be for today, it will also lay the groundwork for the months and years to come. Do not grow your business blindly. Elevate your knowledge in the industry and learn how to be a couple steps ahead of the majority of the industry.
There are many different outlooks and tactical levels of goal setting processes out there. For this week's episode, let’s not even go there because it’s actually not important what “tactic” you’re using to set goals. Instead, let’s talk about why you are or aren’t setting goals, what process to consider instead and the most important element of creating targets for yourself that will help you build a business far beyond what you ever thought was possible for you.
Are you really “all in”? We hear this a lot from our audience, but the majority of people who say they’re ALL IN usually demonstrate the behaviors of dabblers. Tune in this week as we talk about the difference between people that are 100% committed to their results and the people that aren’t.
If you want to build an impact-driven coaching business, it requires you to focus on daily impact-driven activities. How you spend your time ‘building’ your business will determine how big of an impact you’ll have with your audience, with your clients, and within your industry. Getting lost in things that do not matter will keep you stuck and prevent you from the business of your dreams.