Kinsey helps us understand why less is more when looking for more clients. You need to get rid of the ‘road-blocks’ that are preventing clients from reaching you. Once you simplify your strategies - the clients will come!
We learn how Kinsey has become a top business coach. It is important to always bring it back to the basics when you feel like you’re missing out on clients. You need to continually broaden your horizons and never stop learning - always mastering your craft.
Kinsey teaches us how to manage our overlooked content and make small changes to our delivery that make a huge difference. As business owners we need to narrow down who we are talking to. Make sure you are speaking your truth while being very specific!
Kinsey explains the necessity of reaching out and diving deeper into your resources. As business owners you must choose a mindset that helps you grow. You need to make opportunities for yourself, not just wait for them to come to you!
Kinsey shares from the heart a very important message. As business owners we need to speak our truth and not fear being disliked by our clients. It’s all about making healthy boundaries with yourself and your clients. After all we aren’t here to be our clients friends, we are here to provide a service for them.
Kinsey tells her listeners about the moment she was diagnosed with ADHD. She explains how the ADHD manifested in her life and her feelings of guilt and shame. Kinsey realizes she is not alone in this journey and shares how she has taken steps to accept and change her lifestyle to make ADHD work for her.