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Episodes - Kinsey Machos


Ready to turn your expertise into a revenue-generating machine? In this final episode of The Category of One series, I talk about the last pillar to creating a profitable, in-demand coaching business, which is also the most important — sales.
Let’s go back to basics and talk about what it really means to create an impact-driven coaching business. With the added noise on social media and the influx of experts coming into the online marketing space, the majority of the industry has become out of touch with the basic fundamentals of impact; demonstrating how you help people and giving those people an opportunity to hire you.
What’s the secret to a marketing message that sticks and resonates with a premium audience?
Do you desire to get recognized as a Thought Leader in your industry but don’t consider yourself qualified enough?
In this electrifying series, I'll be unveiling the game-changing strategies of ascending to the coveted status of a "Category of One" and elevating your game to an entirely new league.
Are you ready to supercharge your revenue with a predictable, simple sales strategy that consistently brings in leads and clients? Join me in this conversation as I unravel the secret behind the 100K sales funnel that I used to grow to 6-figures in my first year as a coach and the same sales strategy our students use to expand their impact and accelerate their earnings.