Think Big for Big Goals

“This isn’t working!” is something I hear a lot. If you’re not seeing the results you should be seeing, or if it feels like you’re spinning and not moving the needle in your business…

Read on.

But first, I have a story for you. 

In 2016, I came across Amy Porterfield’s work and I was on fire! I decided to launch my first course. I began creating all the content for the course, building a community around this specific expertise, and was gearing up to launch it. 

But the imposter syndrome hit HARD before I was ever able to launch.

I started to notice that there were more people offering something similar to what I wanted to offer…

And I started to wonder if I had enough experience to even be the ‘expert’ in that space.

Turns out, I never launched it, threw in the towel on the entire venture, and went back to dabbling with everything else in my life. Meanwhile, I’m wondering why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in my life.

There was a moment where I got so tired of being tired and realized that I wasn’t ever fully committed to anything. As soon as something got hard, I resorted back to my comfort zone. 

But when I had enough of the “small” results and wasn’t able to have the things I wanted (like leaving my corporate career and starting my business) — I decided to go ALL IN.

I took bigger risks, moved through the uncomfortable feelings of fear and insecurities, and committed to the long game. 

It wasn’t too long after playing BIG that I started to see BIG results. 

I scaled my business to 6-figures in one year and never questioned whether or not I was on the “right” path. 

So my question to you is this: 

Where are you playing small in your life and in your business?

Or rather, 

Where are you getting less than desirable results?

And that will give you a place to evaluate where you’re playing small and holding back. 

Because nothing BIG comes from your comfort zone.

You can’t have steak goals on a cheeseburger diet. Big goals require bigger steps, bigger decisions.

Small game vs. big game. Which one are you playing? 

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