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I’m joined today by Ayelet Shipley, a high-performance mindset and anxiety coach. She’s only been on her entrepreneurial journey for a year, but what a journey it is!

Ayelet came from a long line of therapists, so it was a natural progression for her. After summer spent working with children at a therapeutic riding camp, she headed off to college to major in Psychology. 

She was a year into her Master’s program when a chance meeting at a business conference shifted the direction of her life and career path and shaped the message she shares with her coaching clients today. 

She was at a conference hosted by Russell Brunson and began chatting with another participant and his 12-year-old daughter. Ayelet shared the story of how she had struggled with anxiety and depression, and the girl realized she wasn’t alone. 

She had given herself permission to tell her story, which was out of alignment with her traditional social work/therapy training. 

It was at that conference that Ayelet learned she can share her message with many people, instead of one-on-one as a traditional therapist. 

Ayelet shares how her journey can serve as a jumping-off point for those who want to share their personal narrative. It takes a willingness to show up just as you are and sharing your expertise in a way that aligns with who you are. 

It involves breaking the traditional mold of avoiding self-disclosure and being open to new ways of experiencing other ways of doing things. 

Surround yourself with people who elevate you and whose presence makes you want to aim higher and achieve more, both in your life and in your business journey. 

Be willing to step into your story–no matter how imperfect it is–and leverage it to create an impact on peoples’ lives. 

Don’t be afraid to ask, “Why is this happening for me?” instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?”

Most of all, don’t be afraid to show up as you. 

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