Creating Content That Sparks Desire With Your Audience

The market is jammed with how-tos for getting to know your ideal client and articulating a solution to their problem. The traditional approach of understanding your ideal client’s demographics (age, profession, season of life, goals, hangouts, favorite books/podcasts, etc.) is no longer enough. 

There are so many messages in today’s online marketplace. People are distracted and confused by the massive influx of tactics and strategies. There is so much noise online, and people literally take seconds to scroll through content. 

You need to rise above the rest and get to know your ideal client at their core. Understanding their desires, beliefs and pain points will instantly create a bigger and more authentic connection.  

In reality, we should know them better than they know themselves. Especially in knowing what they need in order to solve their biggest problems. 

The biggest challenge is people are not solution aware. Your goal is to first create problem awareness and then be able to present a solution to that problem. What “symptoms” do they have? What challenges are they facing? What are their pain points?

This approach-understanding your ideal client at their core-will give you a leg up tenfold. You’ll rise above the “noise” and stand out above those who just scrape the surface. You’ll create trust, build loyalty, and reach your ideal client. 

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