Three Shifts for Becoming A Stellar Content Creator

We all know that in order to connect with and build an audience around our business, we need to create content that speaks to our audience. Content helps our audience to know, like, and trust us so they will hire us or buy our products. 

Creating content is a learned skill, one that’s honed over time. If creating content (emails, websites, social media) has become a grind or simply a checklist item, three key mindset shifts will help you move out of that trap. 

From consumer to creator: You’re no longer just consuming content, you’re creating it. People are now coming to YOU for inspo, advice, and hope. You are now a creator of content and how people experience that content. How cool is that? Instead of just consuming media, you’re also a creator for your audience. 

It’s not about you, it’s about them: Focus on your audience when creating content. Shift the lens you’re creating from. Imagine a client sitting across from you, describing their pain points or goals. What would you say to them? What could you offer them? 

This shift gives you the space to create under less pressure: you’re now showing up as a leader in your space, creating what your audience needs to hear. Instead of posting social content about your cute pet or your vacation, shift your focus to what your audience wants and needs.

Quality over quantity: Clients will ask me, “How often should I post content? Once a day, once a week, every day?” I hear this a lot. Instead, focus on quality, not frequency. At the same time, creating quality content does require frequent consistency. The key is to be consistent. 

Allow the time and space to create quality content.Come from a place of intention.  Do what works best for you and your schedule. For some of you, once a day might be perfect, or you may decide twice a week is fine. Most of all, be consistent. 

Content creation is a path to get known, seen, and heard online. These three shifts can help you to see content creation from a different perspective and to create quality content your audience will resonate with. 

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