Three Pillars to Building Momentum in Your Business

Creating a successful business isn’t about having a set destination. It’s about building a cycle of momentum and letting it expand, grow, and evolve over time. Instead of a point A to point B for our business, it’s a continuous evolution. 

And I want to drive home three pillars of business success that every entrepreneur needs to know in order to initiate and scale momentum in your business: getting clear, getting known, and getting results.. 

GETTING CLEAR comes from action/doing. I spent so many years sitting on ideas, just waiting to get clear. Make a decision now about who you want to serve (your avatar), and how you want to serve them (your offer). Be careful: it’s so easy to get caught in a cycle of over-thinking this step. 

Don’t worry, any decision you make today can be changed later down the road, so don’t put so much pressure on yourself to make the “perfect” decision. The infinite nature of this cycle of momentum means you’ll be revisiting this step anyway, and that’s OK!

GETTING KNOWN is obviously super important. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of phase which is essentially building your network. matter of putting yourself out there, building new friendships, new business connections, and leveraging your existing relationships. 

Embrace the belief that the size of your network will determine the success of your business. It’s about who you know, and who knows about you. Take action each day that will contribute to the idea of getting known. 

Are you talking with people? Are you visiting local (or virtual) networking groups? Are you reaching out on social? Are you looking at your current network? Think of it as an opportunity to give people insight into what you do. Focus on building connections and relationships. 

GETTING RESULTS is bi-directional: getting results for other people also means getting results for your business. If you are not reaching out, there’s no opportunity to give others results that can also generate results for you. Our businesses grow when we get results for other people.

All of this feeds back to the first pillar, clarity. Over time, as you help more people get results, you’ll learn more about your audience, how you want to serve your people, and how you want to scale your business. You’ll be continuously evolving and making adjustments as you move forward. 

If you dive into each pillar and think about implementing it in your own business, what scares you the most about this? Whatever that is, it’s time to move past it. You are a change agent. 

Honor that and know you CAN do hard things. 

The beauty of these steps is they can be implemented right away. In doing so, you will expand, evolve, and really get sucked into the best version of yourself and your business. 

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