Do I Need a Facebook Business Page?

Probably one of the most commonly asked questions out there on social today…

Should I have a Facebook Business Page and how often should I post to it?   Today I wanted to talk to you about something that I get a lot of questions about when I talk about building an audience on social media. And it’s the idea of whether or not you need a Facebook business page, how often you should be posting, and even what you should be posting.

The short answer is don’t even worry about it!

Business pages on Facebook are pay to pay. And while paid advertising can work great for you and your business, you should only start dipping into paid advertising once you have a converting offer, have nailed your messaging, and are confident in who you want to serve.

And here’s the truth —  I scaled to six figures organically and believe it’s the best way to learn your audience and create demand for your services and offers. 

You should have a Facebook business page just as a placeholder and to crosspost content from your personal profile and/or Instagram (which there’s an automatic option for). Having content on your Business Page will at least set you up for success when you ARE ready to run ads. 

Also, you can actually go to your profile and set your job as {your title} of {your business name} and if you have a business page, it will actually link your job section to your business page! Not only does this drive leads and traffic, but it really makes your business seem official. 

But other than that, I don’t want you to waste too much time creating separate content for your business page or building your marketing strategy around it because it simply won’t get seen. 

Facebook’s algorithm is very unlikely to display your content in people’s news feeds.

Again, the most effective place to push leads is going to be your Facebook profile or group, Instagram or LinkedIn. Until you have reached six-figure status and can start investing in paid Facebook ads, don’t focus too much of your energy on your Facebook page.

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