The Best Organic Lead Generation Strategy for Entrepreneurs

We all want more clients, more members in our programs and more students in our courses. But in order to sell out our “stuff”, we’ve got to create a lead generation strategy that WORKS. 

But what is a lead generation strategy?

Lead generation is creating a “funnel” for which you’re moving someone that doesn’t even know who you are to someone that’s buying from you or hiring you. 

And the BEST and EASIEST lead generation strategy that’s working right now for myself and for so many others is having a free Facebook Group for people that are your ideal clients. 

Now, you may be thinking that it won’t work for your business because there are so many groups, or it’s too saturated. But what you may not realize is that Facebook is actually prioritizing group content right now. And now more than ever, people are really searching for community. 

The combination of people feeling isolated and lonely plus Facebook’s favoring of group content means that you need to hop on this strategy ASAP. Even if you’re pulling in people that won’t buy your programs or services, you’re making connections which is essential for business.

When you’re surrounding yourself with people who could be your ideal client, you’re able to ask them the tough questions. You can really tap into what their desires are, what they’re struggling with and what they really want out of a program or service like yours.

And launching and growing a Facebook Group is easy and fun! Let’s dive into how you can actually implement this strategy for your business. I’m sharing six steps that you can take today to implement this strategy.

Step One

The first step is to name your Facebook group. Go with your heart’s desire and don’t overthink this part. From a strategic perspective, it’s important to be clear about what your group offers. For example, mine is marketing and launch strategies for coaches and consultants. Since people are specifically looking for those results, my group becomes searchable. And I get a LOT of people that have found my group just from searching keywords. A good formula to use is who it’s for + what they should expect. 

Step Two

The second step is to really think about the purpose of your group. I want you to think beyond lead gen for this. I really wanted to create a community in my group, but I also wanted to make sure people can come there to promote their businesses and seek support growing their businesses. Think about why people would come to your group and what it has to offer them.

Step Three

The next step is to create rules and figure out ways to monitor the group so that it’s meeting your objectives. You’ll want to create rules so that everyone feels respected and safe. We’ve all been in groups where the members are rude to each other, and we do not want that for your group. Write out the rules you want your group to have so that it can meet the objectives you have set.

Step Four

The fourth step is to create your content strategy. This is the fun part for me, because I love creating content. The key here is to stay consistent. If you post once a day for a week and nothing happens, that’s okay! You have to keep going and keep giving whatever community you have that content.

Commit to a posting schedule, whether it’s a few times a week, once a day or even more than that. Think back to your group’s objective and be strategic about the kind of content you want to be posting. Make sure everything aligns with and supports your key objective. I want to encourage you to post a combination of planned content and on-the-fly content, like behind the scenes posts or updates about your life or business. Try different things and see what resonates most with your audience. 

Step Five

The next step is to start inviting people to your group. This means using the feature Facebook has to invite people to join, but it also means sharing it on your other social media networks. I want you to incorporate sharing your group into your regular content schedule. Even though it’s a free group, you’ll have to sell it. Figure out what your group’s selling points are and start promoting. Once you start to gain momentum, Facebook will start recommending your group in related groups and you’ll be able to grow even more.

Step Six

The final step in this lead generation strategy implementation is to make offers. You can’t be scared of this piece because it is truly essential. It’s so much easier to promote your offers in your group because you can have a conversation rather than just straight promoting something. You don’t have to only promote your programs. Invite your members to a challenge you’re running or a live video you’re hosting. Promote lead magnets you have so that people can get on your email list. If you’re posting once a day, you should be promoting at least once a week.

A Facebook group can be a game-changer for your business. Take these six steps and implement your Facebook group strategy today!

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