How to Create Consistent Content Week After Week

I’m a content ninja. 

I create A LOT of content.

And I wanted to share how you can become a content ninja, too — without spending hours and hours on the hamster wheel. 

Most importantly, I want to show you how to create MEANINGFUL content that gets you known, seen and heard online so that you can grow your audience and gain more clients.

One of the biggest challenges I hear from entrepreneurs, especially in the early phases of their business, is content creation.

How often should I post?

What kind of stories and images should I share?

Where should I share my content?

How do I increase my engagement with my audience?

And all of these questions are often leading to frustration or confusion and create more rabbit holes in your business.

But the truth is — you have a GIFT to give your audience. And the gift is your message and your mission. 

So instead of thinking so far into the weeds of the logistics, take a step back and re-center with yourself. 

Who do you serve and how do you serve them? How do you want to make people feel when they read your content? And how can you gain the trust of your audience by the words you share?

After you get back into alignment with yourself, then we can move into the logistics of HOW. But you have to start with the WHAT and the WHY.

So, let’s talk about HOW you can create a lot of content with minimal output.

Step One

The first step is choosing a weekly or monthly theme. If you choose a monthly theme, you’ll want to be sure to break that monthly theme into four smaller themes (for each week). 

Step Two

Each week, create one piece of core content around your theme. This can be a podcast episode, a blog post, a YouTube video or even a Facebook live training. Even if you have no other platforms other than Facebook, leverage that to create your core content.

Step Three

Next, you’ll create the opposite version of that core piece of content. If you created something visual/audio (podcast episode, YouTube video) you’ll make that into a blog post. If you created something written (a blog post), you’ll turn that into a podcast episode or a Facebook live training.

Step Four

Next, you’ll create 3-4 different micro pieces of content. Take snippets of your core content to expand on and create these micro pieces of content. 

Step Five

Lastly, you’ll sift through your core content and micro content to pull out statements, phrases or even paraphrases to create quote cards. These are branded graphics that have your statement on them. I love using WordSwag for this. You can just share these quote cards, or share them with some more expanded content in the caption.

By creating these pieces of content and mixing them in with your lifestyle content, you are establishing yourself as the expert in your niche. This process allows you to get really good at taking one high-level concept and breaking it down into chunks. This will allow you to create content week after week, while establishing yourself as the expert.

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