How to Use Video to Amplify Your Business Results

I am a firm believer that video completely enhances your audience’s experience with your brand. It can really take your business to the next level if used well and consistently.

And video does NOT have to be hard… even though it might scare you a little (or a lot). So, I’m going to give you some quick (and easy) tips to improve your video presence so you can co completely change the trajectory of your business results by amplifying the connection with your audience. 

But first, I wanted to tell a quick story. Several years ago, long before I launched my own business, I was dabbling in network marketing. Public speaking terrified me, but everyone kept saying that live video was where it’s at, so I knew I needed to try.

OMG, though… I’ll never forget my first live video. I prepared for it for days.

I had an entire script written out and was practicing in front of the mirror over and over again. I even filmed myself on my phone and obsessively watched it and picked it apart. 

But when I finally had the courage to go LIVE — I totally blacked out. I remember nothing about what I did or what I said (other than what I watched from the recording). Ugh, and I remember watching that recording and feeling so embarrassed. I wished I had said things differently, I didn’t like the way I looked, and I had remembered wondering what people would think of me. 

But then something magical happened. I started getting messages from people thanking me for sharing my message and posting that video. And it was in that moment that I had a big breakthrough.

It wasn’t about ME.

It was all about THEM. 

…and the message that I wanted to share in order to change people’s lives.

As entrepreneurs, we have to have a change in mindset when it comes to “not being good” at something. And in relation to video, it really does take practice!

And one video at a time, you WILL reach more people.

That being said, here’s some hacks you can use to optimize your video experience so you can amplify your message to your audience. 

Five Tips to Increasing Your Video Presence

Do Not Script

It’s natural to want to script your entire video out. But doing so makes you inauthentic and can feel awkward for viewers. If you must have something to prompt you, I encourage you to use bullet points. I really want to push you to try training with no prompts, though. You know your material, and you are the expert. Teach from your heart, and the rest will follow.

Lighting and Backdrop

Your first impression comes from someone seeing a screengrab of your video, and the first thing they see is you against your backdrop. You can use things like a diva ring and printed backdrops off Amazon, but you can also work with what you’ve got. Angle yourself so that you are facing some natural light. Then, make sure your backdrop is professional and captures what your brand is. 

Interact with Your Audience

Depending on where you are doing this video, this can occur before, during and/or after. If you’re doing a live video and you see people joining, say “hi”. Encourage them to comment and answer their questions. If you are posting a video somewhere, be sure to interact with your audience in the days following the post. Answer questions and thank them for watching.

Use a Call to Action

This is so important. This should be done on all platforms, no matter what kind of video. We always want to give our audience a call to action. Ask them to share the video with a friend, like the video or subscribe to your channel. Invite them to comment, tag a friend or send you a message. Make sure you direct your audience to do something in EVERY video.

One Video Won’t Make You a Success

It’s easy to get discouraged when your early videos aren’t performing well. But if you stay consistent with it, it will grow over time. Try one strategy for at least 90 days consistently, then adjust and move on. Giving up too early won’t give you the results you are wanting.

Video will completely change your business and it will completely change the experience that your audience has with your brand. Lean into what makes sense for you and your audience. Don’t run away from live video because it scares you, because this is where results happen.

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