3 Hacks to Maximizing Your Time (for Bigger Results)

Want to maximize your time so you can actually move the needle in your business? Even if you’re feeling like you’ve got SO much on your plate already… #momlife

And trust me, I’ve been through ALL the phases of time hacking in my business… 

When I first launched my business,I was still working full-time in corporate — while also raising three kiddos. This meant that I had to work on my business late at night, early in the mornings and occasionally in little nooks and crannies in the day. But once I finally launched into entrepreneurship full time, I actually felt like I had TOO Much time… like, the blank space was leaving me feeling more confused.

And today, during a global pandemic, we’re back in full-time parent mode with kids home while ALSO trying to run a business full-time. 

So like I said, I know what it’s like to feel unfocused, overwhelmed, and overtasked and through building a six figure business, I’ve learned the things that actually make a difference when it comes to the management time.  

Understand How to Complete a Task

We’ve all been there. You have an hour and you sit down to work on a to-do list. But at the end of the hour, you haven’t gotten anything done. Before you sit down to work on your business, I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions:

What do I want to complete?
What is my deadline?

I want you to set the intention to wrap something up, complete something or see something through. Before you even sit your hiney in the seat, having the COMPLETION mindset is going to carry you so far. If you have an hour to complete the task, that’s your deadline to COMPLETE it. You will work more efficiently knowing that it has to be done. Too often, entrepreneurs get stuck in perfectionism and wind up spending way too much time in unfinished business. Remember, good and done is better than never done at all. As you become more efficient in completing tasks you’ll find that your “production” actually get better.

Time Blocking

I don’t like to time block my face off. I try to be more flexible and allow myself some wiggle room. But, I have four blocks of time for very specific things: creation, connection, busy work and family. I’m making sure to be intentional in each of these areas. 

I have to carve out time for creativity because I have trouble creating really important things on a whim. For social media content, I can write and create as it comes to me, but for things like programs, trainings, and promotional content, I have to create purposeful time to create these things.

Also, you should ALWAYS be carving out time to connect. Learn how to build an audience (and a business) one person at a time. Fill your calendar with a certain amount of networking activities and one-to-one connections each week. Relationships will be the foundation of your business.

Busy work includes things like coaching calls, meetings with my team, and other smaller to-do’s. 

Lastly, my family time is so important to me. I block out my evenings, mornings and frequent afternoon time so that I can be more present and spend time with my family.

Minimum Business Requirements

This is something I talk a lot about with my clients. Understanding what the minimum business requirements are for you, in whatever phase you are in, is so important. You have to think about what you can do with the time you have to make the biggest impact in your business. Trying to do all the things is going to make you feel overwhelmed if you only have an hour a day to dedicate to your business.

This is truly one of the biggest skills you will build as an entrepreneur. You have to be more productive with your time – but also more intentional with your time. You have to consider what’s moving the needle in your business, first and foremost.

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