The Biggest Gap Between You and Your Dream Business

Do you feel like there’s a GINORMOUS gap standing between you and your dream business?

This topic is super special to me, because the understanding of this VERY concept has literally changed my life.

Too often I see entrepreneurs thinking they need all the things before they can have their dream business.It’s the perfect strategies…

I need the perfect website
I need the perfect Facebook ad strategy.
I need to grow my Facebook group.

This is how I used to look at my business, too.

Until I came across the concept of ‘BE DO HAVE’.

I literally started applying it to my life the very next day. I also added it into my program content because it is that huge.

The BE DO HAVE model implies that we are living from the INSIDE out. 

…where the majority of people are living front the OUTSIDE in. 

For instance, “In order to HAVE certain things, I need to DO certain things, and that will make me BE the person I want to be.”

But this backwards, friend.

The BE DO HAVE model says instead, “I’m going to BE the person I want to be TODAY, so that I can DO the things I want to do, and which will lead me to HAVE the things I want.

This is how we need to be showing up for our businesses and our lives each day.

If you’re reaching for a six figure business, instead of focusing on which strategy to implement, think about who you need to BECOME to get there. 

Sometimes the BECOMING feels overwhelming and bring fear.

Confidence, consistency, discipline…

These are all new ways of operating, but your commitment to becoming those things will get you so much further than subscribing to new strategies and tactics. 

Don’t wait to be the person you dream of being. Be that person today.

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