Where To Find Friends As A Working Mom

My husband and I were just over 22 when we had our first child. Most of our friends weren’t even married at the time, let alone having babies, so it was really difficult to find friends to journey parenthood with (I was also balancing being a working mom – CRAY!). 

It felt lonely and HARD, but over time, we started to meet people that were in similar phases of life. Fortunately, I was able to become more confident as a mom, and a as a woman, which allowed me the push to put myself out there in order to actually make friends, but I realize that a lot of people in similar situations don’t even know where to LOOK to find mom friends. I mean, you’re busy working and busy mom-ing — so who has the time anyway? But it’s really, really important to make friends that can support you, lift you up, and affirm that what you are going through is normal, because it makes life a whole heck of a lot easier. 

Trust me.

So I’m breaking down the four places you can meet friends as a working mom.

Kids Birthday Parties and Sporting Events

I would make an effort to actually TALK to the parents when I attended birthday parties with my kids or dropped off/picked off. It’s really easy to just keep to yourself, but these are perfect opportunities to meet people that have guaranteed similarities (kids with same ages). Instead of sitting by yourself at your kids sporting events, park your booty next to another parent and have a conversation. You never know what that may lead to. 

Social Media

Don’t be afraid to use this platform for what’s it’s meant for – BEING SOCIAL! Instead of hiding behind the phone, connect with people that you are probably already “friends” with. Go to coffee, have a zoom call, or just strike up a conversation via FB messenger. Social media gives us the ability to connect with the masses — leverage that!

Networking Events

You don’t have to be a business owner to attend networking events. These are great for meeting people in BUSINESS who are most likely also balancing work-life and mom-life. Plug into your community’s events and get out there!


Some of our BEST friends are people we’ve lived by. Get involved in your neighborhood and meet your neighbors! If you feel like there’s a lack of community in your hood, create it. Be the connector if there already isn’t one. Have a block party, start a neighborhood FB group, etc. Take advantage of the people that live just walking distance from you!

Gym Classes

Another place where you know you have at least one similarity with someone — health and wellness journey. If you normally hit the weight room or get on a machine, attend one of the classes if your gym offers it. My absolute FAVORITE class (life-changing) is High FItness. It’s filled with rockstar women. You can find high fitness classes in your local area here: FIND A HIGH FITNESS CLASS

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