How To Get Your Dream Job

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Sometimes, we let traditional norms or ideals stop us from reaching for a dream job.
“Dream Jobs” don’t really exist.
“Dream Jobs” only happy after 20,30, 40 years of work.
..or “Dream Jobs” can only happen if you have the right experience, education and are smart AF.

Here’s what I’ve come to know.

Those are all LIES — so let’s unpack this idea of a DREAM JOB.

You know you have a dream job when…
You are EXCITED to go to work.
You get lost in time during the day.
You feel energized after the day is over.
You are able to fit your job into your life instead of you fitting into IT.

A dream job is less about an actual role, title or company and so much more about how it makes you feel and how it fits into your life.

In the corporate world, we tend to get wrapped up in targets — reaching for the Director position, breaking 100k year, growing a team, etc. — and get honed in on those so intensely, we correlate those targets to happiness. All to find out that while we’ve been in this process of climbing, we become misaligned with ourselves and lose sense for what really ignites us. While ALSO believing that because we are really good at something, we love it.

I remember walking in the door from work the majority of my days feeling so depleted. I felt emotionally and physically drained and had very little left to give to my family. I used to chalk this up to being a working mom.
“Well, of course I’m tired. I work full-time and am raising babies!”

While there will always be some sense of fatigue or exhaustion as a working mom, I believe that when you spend your days doing what you love — doing the things that energize you — you won’t feel like a dead body by the end of the day.

I know this because today, I still work 40(ish) hours a week and I feel more energized, have more clarity, and am less stressed than ever before (and I’ve got THREE kids).

What’s the difference?

I freaking love what I do.

So how can YOU get there? Let’s talk three steps.


Being aware of your current situation, how you’re feeling in it, around it, and taking an outsider’s perspective on your own life is critical. Don’t discount this part of the process either — as easy as it sounds, it’s one of the things that keeps most people from making change in their life! What you don’t know, you don’t know, so if you spend the majority of your life ignoring red flags, or being in tune to your current status, it’s possible to speed right by it and settle into a norm or become stagnant.

If you aren’t really sure you are “feeling” about your current job, check out Top 5 Warning Signs It’s Time To Find a New Job.
Now that you’re aware that you’re unhappy in your current position, it’s time to get real with yourself.


I think most people get stuck here. Once we become so hyper aware with our current unhappiness, we start to think of next steps and immediately get overwhelmed with the unknown and start to sit in fear.

What if I’m not good enough for something better?
I’ve been with this company too long, I can’t leave them?
I don’t have the credentials or the experience to work anywhere else?
And so on..

That fear ultimately stops you from doing anything else. You let those doubts and insecurities stop you from taking the next steps. But you CAN’T.
Don’t stop here, friend.
You are good enough.
You have exactly what you need right NOW to take you to that next level.
And it’s time for you to explore a new adventure.


Once you’ve made it through the hardest part, committing to making a change, you have to act on that. I’m sure all of those same fears and insecurities will remain, especially as you start looking at other companies, job titles, and opportunities, but you have to continue to step back into a space of confidence and certainty and keep moving through this process. Commit to taking time each day to understand what this next chapter looks like for you and figure out what job or career path fits into that.

Remember, it’s about pursuing things that fit into your life, not having to squeeze something in that doesn’t fit.

And lucky for you, I’ve created a complete Roadmap for this action phase — walking you through every step I took to landing my current dream job (and every other job I loved before that).

Grab it here.

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