Dry Shampoo + Gratitude

Five sprays of dry shampoo,

Six conference calls,

One leaky bag of breastmilk,

Four trips to the daycare,

One visit to the doctor,

Three loads of laundry,

Twenty minutes of running (but really walking),

One backflip kick to the head,

And several curse words later (by my 5YO)..

…we conquered the day.

Not too long ago, I probably would have locked myself in the bathroom with a glass of wine and cried myself to sleep. And while that sort of still sounds pleasing, I’ve learned to embrace the chaos. And when I can’t find joy in crazy-ass days like today, I just start sorting through my gratitude.

Like how friggin’ grateful I am for quick showers, electric breastpumps, rockstar daycare providers, stellar doctors, the washer/dryer, my health + energy, band-aids, apologies, and ultimately, the opportunity to be here another day.

I KNOW it’s so cliche… to “be grateful”. But I’ve found that the more I practice this concept and understand gratitude, the less I feel overwhelmed, and the better I can serve my family and others.

And so I encourage you… to find a new perspective, find blessings in even the smallest challenges, and find peace in THIS DAY before moving onto the next, even if it means just being aware of the things we often take for granted.

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