Defining Balance

I’ve had several co-workers and friends challenge the fact that I would be coming back to work after our third child. Comments like…

“Do you really think you can work full-time and be a mom to three children?” 

“What about work-life balance?” 

I was initially taken back by the questions, and even a bit offended, but when I took some time to think about it, I totally get it. In today’s complex society, it seems that having work-life balance is becoming further and further away from reasonable – especially as working mom’s. And this concept of “balance” has become sort of buzzword, without any thought behind the meaning and variation amongst the spectrum of people.

But I think the meaning of balance has morphed into a misinterpretation of DOING and BEING all things. And this has led us all into a total tailspin.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

Balance for ME should mean something totally different than it does to YOU.

Is it important for me to be able to have organic, home-cooked meals every night? No.

Is it important for me to take my kids to school and pick them up every day? No.

Do I WISH I could perfectly craft DIY valentines for my kids class every year? Well, yes, but is it super important to me? No.

But all these things that don’t fall on my top priorities, may for YOU.

… do you see where I’m going?

I don’t know that anyone can achieve THE ultimate balance, but recognizing what balance means to you is a critical place to start. 

If you pictured your dream life 1,3,5 years from now, what would that look like?

What types of things need to be done or achieved in order to reach that vision?

Take all those things, and then narrow them down to the top 3-5 priorities for THIS YEAR. 

That’s where the focus should be.

But what about the rest, you ask?

… that’s where the practice comes in. Finding the ability to LET GO of those things that may be important to you, but are not a TOP priority.

Here’s the deal – when we (especially women) try to BE all and DO all, we end up doing ourselves and our top priorities a disservice because we are spread TOO THIN. You find yourself half-assing a little bit of everything, instead of being a bad ass at the most IMPORTANT things.

I encourage you to take some time alone to define the meaning of balance for yourself and your family that ultimately aligns with your short and long-term vision. And then… take action!

Happy Balance-ing,

– Kinsey

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