In this episode Kinsey teaches us how to properly use educational content. We need to make sure we are not giving our possible clients everything they need so they don't want to hire us. Learn how to navigate your way through unique techniques to get your content shared properly.
Kinsey highlights how most business owners would truly like to play during the summer but don't always set themselves up for success to do so. We need to nail down our content strategy so we can have the summer we want. We are invited to take the Poolside Profit Strategy to help us get the results we desire. Let us help you design a 90-day Content Strategy that attracts and converts high-end clients consistently so you can grow your coaching business this summer working 10 hours per week (or less). www.poolsideprofitplan.com
The Content Lab is a challenge series that Kinsey and Jenny Beecher have been running monthly. These labs help you discover the three secrets to high converting content. On the fifth day everyone joins live in a zoom meeting for a laser-focused coaching question and answer forum.
Kinsey and Jenny interview Megan McCaleb, Daria Tavana and Jen Oknin. These woman entrepreneurs are killing it and are letting you know how they do it. Using their voice and savvy business skills these ladies teach us what do to create success.
Kinsey helps dial-in the basics to getting you where you want to be with your scalable offer in this second part of the series. You need to know without a doubt where your clients will plateau and be able to navigate them out of there. Once you have worked with your clients one on one and figured out their biggest needs, you can create an offer that works perfectly without you!
In this episode Kinsey teaches the first steps in creating a scalable offer for your clients. How can we have our offers work for us and perhaps work without us? As entrepreneurs you must always take your ideas for a test drive first before passing the torch.