On today’s episode, Kinsey dives into one of the three core elements of scalable offers: curriculum. This is how your clients are learning what they need to learn in order to get the results they desire. If designed well, the curriculum can accelerate your clients’ results and take pressure off of you to coach on the same things over and over again. However, curriculum can be an art and a science. Tune into this episode so you can avoid the most common mistakes, create an exception experience for your group coaching clients, and scale your impact.
If you’ve added a Facebook Group or some sort of community as part of your paid coaching program, this episode is for you. Kinsey dives into the most common mistakes that are made in this regard, but also shared why this is one of the most important elements to your offer as you grow.
Tune in this week to discover the thoughts and actions that allowed Carol Trotter to amplify her impact and finally attract and enroll her dream clients after enrolling in 10K Content Collective. She’s sharing how powerful it is when you finally shift from selling your program to selling the solution and how to align your sales process with your unique expertise to create a powerful enrollment experience for your potential clients.
As a heart-centered coach, you’re likely on a journey to help others heal but are noticing that you are on a healing journey yourself. There’s a lot to be aware of as you navigate the experiences you’ll have as things surface for you at each new level of growth. Kinsey shares a real and raw conversation around her personal journey of healing and how you might be able to lean into this next season of yours with an open heart and an open mind in order to prepare for greater experiences in your business and in your life.
One of the fastest ways to accelerate your income and impact is by having a high-ticket coaching program in your…
Picking up blanket pieces of advice like “niching down” without any context can really slow you down as a coach trying to get traction in the online space. In this episode, Kinsey discusses when it’s appropriate to niche down and when it might actually be a detrimant to you finding your voice, growing an audience, and getting clients. Listen to find what where you should focus in your niche and how to get accelerated results.