Master Success Coach, Jenny Beecher, joins Kinsey today to talk about coaching and money success. Many women feel that they cannot have the success they want without a detrimental impact in other areas of their lives. This is not true. Everything you do is a choice and Jenny and Kinsey will help guide you on your journey to be a wealthy coach.  

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Do not miss these highlights:

06:43 – Some of the mistakes that women do when they're trying to set and hit their goals

17:07 – Set goals is a self-discovery journey

18:12 – Part of finding success in your business means going deeper with yourself 

21:49 – When you think about your “Why” behind your product, it becomes your marketing and your messaging

23:04 – Find what you love, because it will shift everything about you

24:20 – Hitting the goal is not an indicator of success, It’s the journey of becoming the person that achieves those goals

26:39 – When setting a goal, attach emotion and anchor it to something

27:52 – Just because you are new to coaching does not mean you're new at helping people 

29:44 – If you don't price your package high enough, it's going to seem cheap

30:50 – In order to give value, you have to receive value. 

About our Guest:

Jenny Beecher is a certified Master Success Coach, speaker and founder of The Velocity Code. She works magic with entrepreneurs of all levels to uncover their deepest greatness so they can take empowered action to overcome obstacles and fears along the road to success. As a mindset master, Jenny develops the client's best-performing, most confident self so big-dreamers can create massive success that feels great from the inside out. Jenny brings vast coaching and personal experience to the table. She is also a wife, mother to three young kids, and loves spending time in enjoying nature, her many animals and midwestern farm life.





About the Host

Kinsey Machos, Marketing Strategist, is also a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate hustler. She helps entrepreneurs create and execute magnetic marketing and build expert brands so that they can get known, seen and heard online. 

She believes that creating a business that’s 100% in alignment with SELF is one of the most important things that we can do as women — because there’s an inner magic that we all have if we commit to an infinite pursuit of discovering (and re-discovering) that. 

As a wife and a mom of three, family takes priority. And having a business that’s ran AROUND her lifestyle is a daily intention of hers. 


Instagram: @kinseymachos

Facebook: @kinsmachos

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Kinsey Machos:

Welcome to Captivate and Close. I'm Kinsey Machos, business consultant and marketing strategist. And I'm going to show you how to attract and enroll high paying clients using my break through online marketing strategies, all without having to rely on complicated funnels, disingenuous clickbait, or spammy sales tactics. These are the messaging marketing and selling secrets that virtually no one is talking about. So let's dive in.

Kinsey Machos:

Oh my gosh, guys, welcome back to another episode of captivating clothes. I'm so excited to be here with you today, as always, but super, super excited, especially today as we have one of my most favorite people ever joining me today. The one and only Jenny Beecher. Jenny say, Hey,

Jenny Beecher:

Hey everybody, I'm so excited to be here. Thank you so much for having me on. I love the podcast I love. I love these people. And I love talking to you. So I think this is gonna be really fun.

Kinsey Machos:

Yeah, I mean, I've written so many things. We were like, just before we pressed record, well, first of all, we are having like all the mic, tech difficulties. So there's that I don't know that we ever figured it out. So hopefully you can hear us right now. But we were also just like trying to crystallize our thoughts, because there's so much that we want to pour into you today. And so we're just jamming out a little bit. But if you guys don't already know, Jenny, Jenny is one of my friends, and peers, and also works as a partner inside of our programs. And she has been doing some really deep work with our clients. And we've also partnered together for something that's coming up, that we're super excited about. And so we wanted to have just an informal conversation about this idea of building wealth as a human as a woman, but also what does that look like, as a coach, right to build a thriving coaching business where you're hitting those lofty revenue goals? And you feel confident in actually hitting them? Right? So we think about setting goals. But do you have right? Are you equipped to actually hit those goals, and then all the things about money? What we know is that money is one of the money, the idea of money, the lack of money, the abundance of money, whatever that looks like, is really one of the core things that we see that gets in the way from people actually creating wealth for themselves, and growing a thriving coaching business. So we're super excited to dive in.

Jenny Beecher:

Yes. Oh my gosh, I everything you just said I'm like this is so oh my gosh, is to be like five part pack. It's so important. And I think that we skate over money really easily. And I'm excited to dive into this with you because I know we both hear a lot of like the like Ambien like 10k a month, you know, okay, but and that's just it. And then we just want to know how to grow our business and get there and make the money because that's what is advertised to us as what we do is, as you know, boss, babes or whatever. And so I think kind of busting a little bit, a little bit of myth, a little bit of myth busting. Wow, that's a tongue twister. And then just helping people see like, it really isn't that complicated. And it's fun. It's so fun to make money.

Kinsey Machos:

Oh my gosh, it's so I love money. It's so good. So Jenny, why don't you give our listeners a quick insight into your brilliance, what you do? And just a little bit about who you are?

Jenny Beecher:

Yeah, thank you so much. Okay, so I am a coach, and I am certified in all sorts of things from health coaching to life coaching to transformational coaching. I'm a master success coach is, is how I put it today because I work on a very holistic level with entrepreneurs and big dreamers to make sure that they are hitting success on a level that is not only enjoyable, but sustainable, right. I always say anybody can hustle their butts off and make a million dollars. But if you're miserable, and you're uncomfortable, and you hate the process, that's not what it's about right bringing it back to that money. A lot of people will say like, I just need to make money to change my life situation and yet they're blocking themselves. So what I do is I work with people on that in my private practice. I work with people one on one to really go through the I have three core pillars that are the vision vessel and value that we focus on to make sure that when you're growing you're growing all of your life not growing just you as a boss babe because it is being a business owner is something that takes growth in all areas. And it's really really fun. So and I love because working with you and I have been your client, I think we were friends and then I hired you and work with you and change my life working within your programs. And now circling back to be able to be blessed to be a part of it is such a gift because I'm obsessed with the women in these programs. There are So bright, so brilliant. And what I get to do is really come in on that inner game level. And where Kinsey is you're dropping all the all the amazing strategy this, it's, it's the literally the answer to how, like, how do I get there, okay here like it's on a plate. But what people run into is, is it okay for me but but my life is a little bit harder here are this might people understand me differently and all that inner game will blow smoke out your ears every time. So what I get to do is come in and we actually a lot of the times it comes down to money because money in value, and then obviously are hand in hand, but our personal value gets tied up in a lot of that. And so what we end up talking about is, you know, why aren't you increasing your prices? Or why is it so easy for you to keep investing in more certifications and more help, but it's still hard for you to open the door to let money come back in. And so working through those things with people is just the greatest gift ever. Because when people you know, move through that, it's like, it's world changing for them and everybody around them? Yeah.

Kinsey Machos:

Oh, so good. Okay, we're gonna unpack that here in a second. So this episode, we're recording it a little bit early, or but it's going to drop, it's dropping in the new year, when all of you are hot and heavy on your goals, right? You may have already set your goals, or maybe you're a little bit of a procrastinator, and you want to hit the January, New Year to to set them. But what we know is that this is when everybody's focused on setting their goals, right? Like dreaming big and really being in the essence of what's possible. But what we also know is that tends to fade out. And so I want to talk a little bit about goal setting. How do you see this come like play out? You know, when you look at just like generally watching women entrepreneurs do this? And what are some of the mistakes that women make when they're trying to not just set goals, but hit them as well?

Jenny Beecher:

Oh, this is such a good question. And it's so loaded, because there's a lot of emotion behind it. And I can tell you so my personal experience, why I feel like this is so passionate for me is because for a very long time, I was in a place of like, This is it. This is my year, I'm gonna do it. I got the vision board, I bought the bracelet with the word on it. I have the planner, I invested in all these things and like this is it and then I but it didn't feel like it. It felt still like what do I do now. And so I wasn't really I didn't know how to set goals number one. And then what happened is I had to go through a lot of work of realizing that the money was not really the goal that I was after. And so when I see women now coming in with this, like, perpetual, I just need a 5k a month, I just need a 10k a month, which are like the total words like everybody's everybody wants one. It's like the the puppets for adults right now. It was like the 10k a month, like everybody's gotta have it. So um, but when I hear that, and then But then I see the track record of like, try, fail, fall off the wagon, you know, perceived failure, right? Nobody ever tries the end of the bargain. Nobody ever tries and like, hits it totally the first time but it's like this, try feel, freak out over invest in myself or do the wrong thing. So what I have discovered, and I'm putting it that way, really, this is just me being a distillation of everything that I've ever learned. And the amazing people like you that have been around is that very rarely is a woman not succeeding in business because she needs more help with business. She is smart, she is so smart. She knows exactly what she needs to do. The problem is, is it okay with her? Is it safe for her, especially if you're a mother or you're somebody that's used to really over giving yourself and and always being that person that doesn't really need that much like I'm fine type of mentality, how that comes into play with your business. And the struggle there is that you're not allowing yourself to grow into the identity that you need to be to be a successful business owner. So that the biggest is you know, to tie it back to goal setting is really understanding how to set a goal and how to set a goal that is impactful to you. Because you know, you can set a 10k goal month what are you why you're fine without it now, so why would you all of a sudden be motivated to run for it? So kind of comes into like, let's look at that.

Kinsey Machos:

That's so good. Jenny, can you give I want to go back to this idea of when we think of okay, we have we really know right? We know that how and we can the women especially that we serve like they figure it out, but and also there's this there's something that comes up and you alluded to like is it okay? Write that permission maybe. But I think this may play out differently based on, you know, just how you grew up, or your specific limiting beliefs when it comes to success or money or whatever that looks like. And I think it would be so helpful to even give tangible examples of how that may show up. So whether it's, you know, they were, maybe they're afraid that success, you know, having major success in their life will change their dynamic in their marriage. And so they're, they're basically subconsciously sabotaging themselves, even though they are not aware. So that's, that's one scenario. But I would love for you to give other scenarios in which that which you

Jenny Beecher:

and I actually have a super link of my story is that and I think that that's such a great question, because so many times, we say what we want to be true. We I know, Jenny, I'm ready, I am ready for that money. I am I set it, I know it, I am it, like you're crazy. There's nothing blocking me. It's everything else that's in my way. And I thought that for a long time. So little backstory on me, when I got married, I was 20 weeks pregnant. My husband, I had been together for five years off and on, but we were really young, really immature, really insecure. And it was a pretty volatile, like, you know, like, I'm gonna break up with you forever. And then like, oh, wait, now we're gonna get married and have babies and I kind of fell into this, like should world where I should stay home. I should, you know, like, and thankfully, it gave me three beautiful, healthy, amazing kids. But what happens is like I was a lot of me was struggling. And I didn't realize that I kept starting businesses I did MLM for a long time and was really successful as in the top 2% of my company for a long time. But I didn't like it. And like, like the sale part of it, I was really uncomfortable with everything. And I just kept telling myself like, I'm ready. This is the year money will change everything, it will make everything better. But it took me years later, as I'm going through my own transformational coaching, certification, doing the work on myself first, I realized that there was a deep fear inside me that if I was making enough money, that I would not have to be with my husband, because I was a stay at home mom doing my side gig type of living. And I think there was a fear there that what if I don't want to, and that was what I love my husband, we're married still and everything, but it's a road, I'm going to be honest. Like, those times we never fight. It's a struggle. But I didn't want to look at that because I thought if I and again, like I would I couldn't have said this out loud and believed it It took really going inside and learning. I had this fear that if I'm able to stand on my own Am I gonna want to continue with this is this healthy. And so what that led me to though, was working on that out loud and and having that be something that's okay for it not to just pretend to be good. I think marriage just like everything else. Sometimes we just kind of skate over stuff because it's easier not to. And because I realized that not only has my marriage improved, but now I'm making it just like went away, you guys, it was just, it's literally I said to one of my dear coaching friends, we were boxing back and forth. And he said, I feel like something literally went away, like some block went away because I went in and I allowed myself to look at that had nothing to do with money, and everything to do with choice and freedom and like looking at what kind of freedom and I really after like being extremely honest with myself. And so a lot of women will have similar stories, they're like, you know, my marriage is great, but it's, they don't want to talk about it. I can't tell you how many coaching calls, I have started off with my own coaches. And I said don't ask me about my marriage. Like, I don't want to talk about it. But so so so marriage comes into play, and this is why it's such a big deal is because if you're not holding yourself as valuable there and really listening to yourself, you're never going to do the you can't have bigger growth than that in your business. And so as women are setting goals and things and they feel like they're up against it might not be it for you might be have like a super supportive marriage where it's like everybody's on board, but there's something else it could be your mom, it could be your sister, it could be the community that you're in the church that you had something you know, that's that's just like that little voice in the back of your head that's like Whoa, look at who started an Alexis now, you know, type of type of thought and so what we get to do through that kind of work is really look at that and make that safe because the second that it is you see a light bulb go on in somebody's eyes and it's like it's on like that unstoppable like,

Kinsey Machos:

Oh my gosh. Well, thank you. Thank you for sharing anything I'm sure a lot of people can resonate with that. And to your point, it may not be directly really related to your marriage, and it could be from, you know, past childhood experiences. I know, you know, I didn't, I had a very interesting childhood, and it came from lack. And so even though I feel very abundant most of the time, it's very, very easy for me to be triggered by black, and feel myself go back into what it used to feel like right to not have money or not tap things or be compared to people that do. And so those triggers, well, you know, those triggers or thoughts will surface. And the point is not to suppress them, or forget them. But it's first of all, like bringing, I think, you know, the awareness that they're even there, because I think, to your point, a lot of it is happening happening subconsciously, which is where we really want to get with you all, because when you think about goal setting, and you know, a lot of you, we just ran, you know, one of our signature seven events, and I asked like, what are your your, what are your big revenue goals, right, you've got 500k and 200k 100k, like, so amazing, right? When you go to that possibility, but immediately after that, right, immediately after, that is where we kind of tend to spin out because it's like, you're, it's possible, and it feels good, and the energies there. But then, you know, what happens is that those subconscious things, the self sabotage, you know, the, the thoughts get away from you, and you can easily, easily stray off. And so it's super important to do this work. But you alluded to it earlier, too, is like, when people go out and set or to become an entrepreneur, you become a coach specifically, it's like, there's a lot of it, I think a lot of our community definitely is impact driven. But there's also, you know, just the idea of having the lifestyle freedom and, and, you know, walking away from corporate or just having more time with their family, like there's these, these connections made with, you know, being an entrepreneur. But what most people don't understand, it really becomes a self discovery journey, or like a spiritual journey. And that you have to be willing to go on that journey. If you want to have success, right? And whatever success looks like for you, if you are avoiding that. It's going to be a nightmare. Very hard during.

Jenny Beecher:

And that's when you run into a lot of the blame, like, well, this program didn't deliver, or I didn't get what I came for you. It's not my fault. Look at I'm doing all the work. And we'll hear it too when people are like, well, I already know all this. You know, to me when somebody's like, yeah, I've done that work. I've done that mindset work. Like it's complete. Listen, we're not complete until we stop breathing. So keep working. I hate to say that, but

Kinsey Machos:

like, I think it's funny when people are the ones that say I don't need mindset, right? It's like, those are the ones that needed. Again, no judgment. But we cannot, we cannot ignore the fact that it is it's a self discovery, a spiritual journey, whatever you want to call it. And part of finding success in your business means going deeper with yourself, right? What are those thoughts? What are those feelings that you need to recreate or create for yourself in order to align with where you want to go with your business, they cannot be done in silos or compartments, like men do, right? It's like compartmentalize everything, like, it sort of all flows together. And so if you want to really find that alignment, then we really have to make sure that we're doing the deeper work, which is obviously where you come in so important.

Jenny Beecher:

Yeah. And I think an easy place for people to start is when you you know, Simon Sinek start with why, which is, is wonderful, but to really narrow that down. And we all I think what we hear that we all tend to think why is my life gonna be better when I make more money when I'm more successful, and that's good, but that still feels really dream Landy, to me, it gets really like, okay, but in reality, I got a sink full of dishes. It's, you know, whatever's going on. And life is crazy. And I'll get to that later. And so there's not it's like, it makes you feel good that you have the dream, but achieving, it never becomes an actual plan. And so really diving down into the tangible like, why does that matter? Okay, when travel were more with my kids, why does that matter to you? Well, because it's important to me to see them experience the world. Well, why does that matter to you? Well, because they feel like the world's kind of like, full of amazing, you know, whatever it is, I want to develop those. Ask yourself until your time and then that's one side of it. But the other side of it is, as a business owner, you can't just create a business because you want to have a business because you don't want to have a boss and like make something up. This has to be driven from your heart. And that's why if you're listening to this, like, you have that right, you're you're listening to this because you're trying to call that out Trying to find that special place that you were called to be. I heard another man ask a question. I'm forgetting his name. But he said he likes to ask people, What promise did God make to the world when you were born. And thinking is not powerful, like, what promises you've got to make to the world when you were born. And it's like, I don't think he made the promise that you're just kind of going to sit around and make everybody else happy. So that there's, you know, keeping the peace and just barely getting by a status quo. Like, there's something there. And so what change do you want to see in the world? Why is it important for you to help these people you are service based entrepreneur, even if you have a product? Like why is it important to you to make these candles what's so important to you about it? What change happens for your people? And why is that important? It the core of the core really getting down to because you have to wise, I think we get stuck on the one a lot about like, me and I which for women and mothers that can charge with selfishness, guilt, real fast, and you put those with your dream and your vision. And it's like, I mean, never happening, you know? So really understanding what's in it for the world. What's in it for your family? Who do your kids get, you know, who do your who do your friends get who's whoever got and, and deciding for yourself which route you want to take, because time is not infinite, you know? And it's not like, we can just keep procrastinating, getting out there getting outside of our comfort zone. Because what you're not doing today, you don't get add that day later at the end of your life and be like, I'm ready to do that now. Like, it's gone. It's gone. So take, you know, take initiative, what action can you take today to really discover what it's going to take for you to get outside your box, but also into your lane? I don't know if that makes sense. I feel like that was a really long answer. Oh,

Kinsey Machos:

good. Well, and I think that I mean, at the at the tactical level, even when you think about your why behind your program, your product, your service, like that becomes your marketing and your messaging, right. And when you can be so deep in that like that is so magnetic, when it's potent, and it's convicted, like people are drawn to that. But if you're just trying to stay above surface, and you're selling something, or you're working towards something that has no meaning to you, that even at the marketing level, right, that's where we start to fall flat. And when we start to, you know, question ourselves or doubt ourselves, when we're not connected to write the mission of what we do. So I'm super glad you said that.

Jenny Beecher:

Yeah, I know you love, I love that you're wrapping it into the like, content and actual business strategy of it. Because, you know, the neuro linguistic side of me is like, I watch for words in people. And when people say things, like, I'm trying to do all the things, I have to do this, and it's coming out with energy of like, somebody just tell me when the client is gonna come, that lets me know that they're not in that space, yet. They haven't found their sweet spot, they're just trying to niche down to get to the next section of what comes later. Because I just want to success like, I just want the end of it, I don't want the journey, and finding what you love. Finding that thing is so important, because it shifts everything about you. It really does. You know, I tried for years to kind of figure out if I was gonna double down on the health coaching and or business or whatever in it. And it took me forever to figure out my thing, my thing, and the second I did went from having to post on social media, trying to create content to oh my gosh, this is such a good idea. I gotta get this out right now, to where I have weeks think because I just have these things that I really think are valuable to people. And you know what happened, my engagement goes up, people want to get on the phone with me, people want to talk to me, like, I'm not out there, like, hoping to make it you know, and so as soon as you get to that point, it's really you'll feel it. But it's about, like you said, doing that inner inner work to get there because we have to have that permission from ourselves, you know, to be able to grow and change. And that comes with a lot of fear. Am I going to change and lose something, you know, so good.

Kinsey Machos:

I love that. Okay, so we talked a little, we hit a little bit on goal setting. And I think if anything, you know, the key takeaway there is, make sure you're anchored in something, right? So we have to have measure something, but it's never about like, hitting the goal is not the thing that's going to determine it's not an indicator of success or not. Right. It's the journey of becoming the person that achieves those goals. Right. And so it's making sure you're understanding what are the thoughts feelings and actions of somebody that achieves those things? Right? Let's so let's say you have a 500k goal. You know, what is 500k? Jenny doing today? Right? What are what thoughts is she having what feelings is she I'm creating for herself and how does that drive her you know, actions which then create her results. And so it's really important you think of your goal. Yes, you need to have a revenue goal, but there has to be something anchored in why why hand payments, right? Wi Fi, Wi Fi 100k a year, what's driving you to feel inspired by that, and then go to work to becoming right we go back and forth from being doing so many people are focused on the doing of things, when you need to take a step back and, and ask yourself like, who am I? Am I acting as a 500k? Coach right now? Or not? Right, which I think people can easily check in with themselves with that question. I want to go a little I want to touch on this idea of, you know, money, and how money mindset comes into play. At the even a tactical level, this comes up a lot when we are working with our clients is pricing, pricing their programs or services, and there's so much resistance there. But I'd love for you to just kind of hum you know, describe what you're seeing as far as price, how that correlates to money mindset and some of the mistakes that you see coaches making in regards to that.

Jenny Beecher:, I have a financial goal for:Kinsey Machos:

Thanks so much here. Price. So when? Yes, yes.

Jenny Beecher:

Okay. So pricing. When we're stuck on women, especially we do this right, we are connectors, we're empaths. And we know how money feels either way sometimes. And so what we'll do is we'll mix our value with the value of our program, especially when people are just starting out, they're trying to figure out what they're doing. And they think that that means that they're new to their profession. Just because you are new to coaching does not mean you're new at helping people with this. I bet you if I asked you, you would tell me that you talk to people about this topic all the time. It's your favorite thing to read about. It's your circle of friends, it's your history in life, you have something big that has happened to you. Okay, so however old you are, that's how much experience you have with this topic. You are not new to it. But

Kinsey Machos:

yeah, and I'm going to reflect on that we even have this comes up even with seasoned women I found, you know, we have a client, she has a book, she she's been a coach for, I don't know, over five years, building her empire. And these new feelings have surfaced for her as far as, like, she realized she was still operating at the beginner level. And so it's really making sure that you are like, to your point, you're not a newbie, nobody's a newbie, and really claiming your expert status. So I just wanted to insert that there. Yeah,

Jenny Beecher:

awesome. It's, and that's exactly like testament to like, stepping into just for a minute, right? You don't have to say I'm always gonna be this confident person who feels like it's so great to, to charge this much. But just like, can I borrow that piece of me for a minute to write this email to make this pitch to get on this phone call and practicing that is so powerful, and allowing yourself to remove any money value from you and your worthiness because a lot of times people will say like, oh, I want to charge $600 for this session for this package. And they're getting, this is what they get. And then they jump into like the phone call. And then like, they think that's what people want, but people are listening to you because they want to feel better in the area that you can help. They are magnetized to you for a reason. They don't care if you're gonna you know, give them 12 handouts if you're going to work with them. I think they want to know what's in it for them. It's not you, it's what's in it for them. And so understanding that if you don't price that package high enough, if it's going to seem cheap, it's going to seem like not that big of a deal, even when they invest in it which they will at a lower level short. They're not going to show up my worst clients have been when I First startups, like, I just need practice, I'm going to take free clients and like, didn't finish not that they did. They didn't like it or anything, but it was just like, there was no value there. You know, I could tell they were like on the phone driving when we're trying to have these powerful sessions. And so it's because there's no value, they're not invested or coming in, you know, I only paid $200 for this. And so number one, having that conversation with yourself, what do I want people to get out of this. And number two, really knowing that it's not about you, if you are stuck raising your prices, this might be hard for some people to hear, you have an ego problem, we all have an ego problem, we all do, I do, I do about a million things, I catch myself on it. But that is completely ego driven, because it's about you, and how you feel people are going to feel about you saying that. But this is, you know, this is what business is. And in order to give value, you have to receive value. Abundance is not just things coming in, is things going out and coming in. And so that means you have to be able to make offers that sometimes land with people sometimes don't, not adjusting your price, because you feel like one person can afford it and another person can't. I feel like I could riff on this for a long time.

Kinsey Machos:

No, yeah. Because it's simple. Like, if if it's like, if you want to have 100k a year, heck, sell 10 people a 10k product, right? Or sell 20 people a 5k product, like when we we put so much drama into goal setting, that at the end of the day, you know, it becomes a lot about you know, if you think of like logistically, it's just a numbers game. But what what happens is right, people say I could never sell 10k, I could never sell 5k. Or even, I could never have a 2k product. That's irrelevant. What I'm saying here is when you think about your goals, right, it's like, reverse engineer that right. And then but and then it comes down to price, which again, there's so much drama around, it's really important to touch on that.

Jenny Beecher:

Yeah, and we, we we talk about that a lot. You and I both do from two really important angles, because there's the outer game of price and like money is such a vulnerable thing for people to talk about. But understanding that the more that you just see your money stories, see your you know, your money, mindset, whatever the word is that you like to look at that. That how prone you are to success, you know, when you can just see it, right, we don't have to change, you will fix you make you anything or not. But there's so much power in just seeing that and be like, Oh, isn't that interesting that I'm so desperate, I will take anybody and work my butt off for $200 a month, you know, and I think a lot of that goes back to a lot of people being raised, I live in the Midwest, and the harder you work, the more money you make. So if all of a sudden I have a $5,000 package, and it's for three months, that doesn't feel like a lot of work to me and my inner self is gonna start freaking out like you can't show them that you're not working hard enough for that, like, probably make it less and take a lot more clients, you know, and that you'll start to self sabotage to make it feel like the right amount of work. So those are other things that come up for people to

Kinsey Machos:we're doing our wealthy Coach:Jenny Beecher:

No, I know, I feel like it's this conversation times, like, all the things you want out of it and really to it's gonna be awesome because you get to kind of be in a space with us to really talk about this and how what's it gonna look like for you? Like, I don't know about you, but I feel like 22 is a lot of people's here, you know, like, it's just the energy is right where they are. There's so much good stuff out there. And so really having a strategy having a clear goal for yourself to generate wealth, no more of this just like, I just want some going on. Like if you want to move from that, to like, this type of awareness that Kinsey and I are talking about now, totally free and it's free. So come on in. I

Kinsey Machos:e juicy stuff for wealthy go.:Jenny Beecher:

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for having me. This is so fun. And I can't wait to see everybody inside this challenge because it's really going to be one of the times.