Becoming a Better Decision Maker

It’s going to be OK. WE’RE going to be OK.

During this pandemic, we are faced with making multiple decisions every day: as parents, business owners and humans in general. At one time, these decisions were neatly separated or compartmentalized. 

Currently, you may find yourself facing overlapping decisions as the demands of new schooling models overlap with business time, personal time, and time with your partner. Things aren’t as neat as they used to be. 

I’m here to tell you that’s OK. 

Despite all the messiness and overwhelm, you really do have all that you need to make the right decisions. As a CEO, you’re tasked with making quick decisions, sometimes with very limited information. You can exercise this in other areas of your life. 

One mistake people will make is what my own business coach calls “farming out power” gathering opinions from friends, surveys, and parenting groups before making any key decisions. 

I want to give you permission to know that YOU have the immense power to make the right decision, no matter the circumstance. Whether it’s parenting, business, personal, marital/partnership, you’ve got the answers you need. 

Give yourself permission to lean into your gut instinct, into your family, marriage/partnership and quiet the noise from friends, the Internet and elsewhere. Nobody knows your life and family like you do, and so you’re in a perfect position to make the best decision for those circumstances. 

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s demonstrated we are collectively experiencing overwhelm together. 

Be comfortable and confident in being a decision-maker; don’t be afraid to show up. 

It’s going to be OK…really! You’ve got this!

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